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  1. That's not been my experience during my current stay in Pattaya.
  2. The usual expressions in straight bar girl culture are ST, LT and LLT. Having a Thai bar "girlfriend" experience becomes LLLT.
  3. What is the difference? How is it viewed in Thai culture? Kissing is fairly important to me during an encounter with a boy, so I'm interested in understanding.
  4. I agree. This is also the route I fly. The AF hard product to Bangkok is often dreadful. Whereas most of their aircraft now flying the transatlantic route, to the US, are excellent. That's a recent, vast improvement. The AF, business class, soft product (service) I always find outstanding, either direction, Paris Bangkok or Paris US. Especially compared to the business "service" to be found on the US carriers, in my experience.
  5. I had heard they were straight, but hadn't heard they aren't offable. That's disappointing. Why are they there then? Just as eye candy? I don't get it. I guess I'll not go there during my upcoming trip.
  6. I believe I'm quoting the correct rate. It's also on their website. I might have been unclear. My quote is from BKK (Swampy airport) to Jomtien. The 1300 B you mention, I believe is from downtown Bangkok (Surawong) to Jomtien. Which means we're both right. And, as you say, the important thing is it's an excellent and safe car service.
  7. I agree. NamsTaxi is excellent and they've even reduced prices a bit, apparently. I just booked them from BKK to Jomtien for 1000 Baht (small sedan). https://www.namstaxiladydrivers.com/
  8. Yes, it was Dui. He’s definitely got what it takes... and he’s talkative and friendly. I can see why he’s top of your list.
  9. Recently, one of them even told me as much. I asked how many times he cums in one day. He said average 3 times at NB and 2 times with girlfriend. Odds are good, you're right to be worried, assuming he's telling the truth.
  10. I’ve stayed at both and like them both, for different reasons. But, for the same price, my choice would most definitely be for Amara. More upscale, especially friendly and efficient front desk staff, excellent bedding, rooftop pool, executive floor lounge for afternoon drinks and breakfast (currently closed, I think). I always stay on a high floor on the side with view of the Mahanakhon tower. That’s the one thing I dislike about the Raya, not only no view but the windows are tiny. Once they put me in a room 1 floor beneath reception and it was quite dreadful. I think it was under a steam room or something. Quite dark and dank. All other times I was on an upper floor, that was ok.
  11. Where is Paradise Spa? I'd be interested in your experience there. Always interested in Pattaya massage shops.
  12. JimmyJoe


    Add my vote for Nam's, too. They are excellent, safe, female, drivers. I've used them also about 6 times. Their prices are competitive.
  13. Recently, I got my pre-flight rapid test at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya Email: inquiry@bph.co.th http://www.bangkokpattayahospital.com I think there are also options at BKK airport. But I don't know the specifics.
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