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  1. Absolutely. He is not a boy to be trusted with private information. He has no pictures of me...I hope.
  2. This is exactly what I experience with one repeat of mine. I like that he is very chatty and tells me all kinds of trade "secrets", secret to me at least. He's only too happy to go into great detail about encounters of his, porn he's done, online brokers of his (I had no idea that existed) said broker gets him 6 tricks a day when he's in Bangkok (at 1500B a pop, interestingly enough). Yes, the boy has stamina. Anyway, this boy gleefully shows me pics of his customers! I want him to give me tips on boys, who is nice, etc. and show me boy pics. He wants to show me his customers, including dick size, sexual perversity. Ick. So, we need to be careful.
  3. Yes. I am very aware of this. Certainly I do nothing overt to lead him on. I don't tell him I love him or that there are any future plans for us. Nothing. But of course I can see how hard he is trying to ensnare me and how happily he is constantly on Facebook with his EIGHT siblings and mother, proudly showing them what we are doing... I suppose I have a natural tendency to unwittingly encourage the boys I really like. As a previous semi LT squeeze once sized me up: you're the type of farang who is kind to the boys, you're sweet to us. My friend from my bar already told me and that's why I wanted you.
  4. Dragon: The same type boys, but FAR fewer in number. As in one or two.
  5. Now the boy has begun buying me gifts. I go off gallivanting to massage places and whatnot in the afternoon. When we meet up in the evening he's bringing gifts now. Clothing. I suspect this speaks volumes about the dire state of my wardrobe. I start to overthink and wonder; but then I stop and remember what Reader said: carpe diem. So I'll just go with the flow and hope I don't end up like some beached whale or something. I sure am a long way from Kansas. I love it.
  6. Much to my chagrin, I have to agree. I'm seeing a fair few families. I kind of enjoy shocking them, although they don't really react at all. I never, ever initiate any PDA, but my current, part time, squeeze LOVES public displays of affection, so he can carry it off with great confidence. I get the feeling he's proud to parade me around, like a prize cow at the local farm fair (or a prize stallion, I would like to think, haha). Mind you, the PDA we are talking about is very low key, as in he leads me around by the hand or puts his hand and my shoulder, showing he owns me, I suppose.
  7. Oh sure, not taking anything personally. I can certainly see for myself how quiet things are. But this summer calm in Pattaya is certainly not keeping me from enjoying myself. Thanks for the kind words.
  8. I often think their window of opportunity is so brief. Your post is so true, we must also consider their situation.
  9. More times than not, I realize at some point very early morning that the boy I offed for LT the night before is lying quietly, patiently next to me, with his eyes closed, waiting for me to wake up. I guess, sometimes, not having slept at all, or only fitfully, since their schedule is the opposite of mine. I also notice, if the waiting goes on too long after dawn, they use various subtle, or not-so-subtle, tricks to wake me up. I don't ask them how they slept. I do admire their patience, usually, depending on how long they wait to prod me, or cough, or drop something
  10. This I have found an essential policy. If I organize a rotation and never the same boy on two consecutive nights, things go more smoothly. They don't start taking me for granted and they can't gain the upper hand they often seek.
  11. Yes. That makes sense. But what confuses me is sometimes I hear "my friend you" and I realize they mean "your friend". I guess they just mix up the possessive pronouns mine and yours sometimes. But of course, I'm always grateful when they speak English at all. And I have to confess I melt when I hear their pronunciation difficulties. A boy recently said to me: We go together send box mangoes to sister me. Several pitfalls for him.
  12. I find this one often confusing. Doesn't Thai make this distinction? Is this another context dependent item?
  13. Thanks for that. I've often seen the Google "girlfriend" and figured more context was needed to translate. But now with, your reference to some English examples, it makes perfect sense.
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