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  1. Thanks so much for the update with such great news and optimism. So nice to read after all the concern many have voiced. It would be great if PaulSF might chime in with details. I would love to know a precise program to follow to hit several bars and avoid all the shows. The shows don't interest me in the least and I try to time things, but I think PaulSF has it down to an art ! My system is really hit or miss.
  2. Exactly my view of the Amara, too. I have stayed there a few times and always liked it very much. It is good value for money. The infinity pool is very nice and the staff is always polite and helpful. Unsurprisingly, the summer season rates can be much lower than in high season. I've also found Agoda quotes better rates for the Amara than the hotel's own website. Haven't had a guest there yet.
  3. I'm in Pattaya now and would love to meet up with other forum members. previous profile JimmyJoe
  4. I’m wondering how much people tip waiters at gogo bars. I’ve often found the check bin process unnerving with people, I hadn’t ever noticed before, hovering around and hoping for tips. One thing I have learned from this forum: from now on I will pay with exact change so I can easily keep track of my change and who and how much gets tipped. Usually, I will have bought two or three drinks (one for me). I usually tip the waiter 20B per drink or a straight 50B. Is this amount ok? Should I place this on top of the book that arrives containing the check? Nothing inside? Now on to the highly controversial part. Usually I do not seek advice from mamasans, But they always hover around, much as I try to shoo them away, to no avail. I almost never even consider tipping them. When they are too pushy, I sometimes want to just jump up and leave the bar, cock-blocked, so to speak. But sometimes I do end up asking them about the boys and some of them (e.g. in Toy Boys) I actually like, a little bit. So, in that case, how much should I tip? Somehow 100B seems like too much and 20B insulting, though I remember one at Power Boys standing by the door as I was leaving with her hand out saying, “20B”…which I did not give her, BTW. Most of my experience is in Pattaya. How much do you guys tip waiters and, if ever, mamasans? I’ve talked a lot about mamasans but I’m especially interested in waiter tips.
  5. Thanks for the reading tip. Just bought Bangkok Boy B from Amazon. Looks like an interesting read.
  6. I agree completely that it is essential to take the boys feelings into account. I also agree, the situation is very different if you are in your forties or in your seventies, in terms of the outside world's reaction to the age difference. I'll soon be sixty, so midway between the two situations. Like I said in my post, several boys have asked for these trips. So I guess their feelings would be ok. Of course, if they've never traveled abroad with an older customer they might not yet know what to expect. One boy who's been angling for a trip to Malaysia has already traveled there with a customer, albeit an Asian one. That probably changes the equation too, although I don't know.
  7. What a long rant full of contradictions. You claim not to care what others think of you with YOUR young looking boy, and voice disdain for other board members who do care. And then say I should feel uncomfortable and you would too, if you were me... As the French saying goes: You've missed a great opportunity to keep quiet.
  8. Sometimes board members mention taking boys to cities outside of Thailand as a treat for them/us. How do you guys deal with the negative reactions, cold stares from the locals and especially the tourists? I often sometimes feel uncomfortable out and about with a boy in even in Thailand. No one assumes he’s my son/grandson. I’ve had boys hint at and ask me to take them to various SE Asian destinations and it’s sometimes tempting. But I’m not so sure how uncomfortable we might be made to feel. Do others have positive trip experiences?
  9. I know. It's weird. Not to mention they have little key chain sort of thing they hang outside the door when the room is occupied at the shop we're talking about. But it happened. She was looking for the A/C remote control. I certainly won't forget it anytime soon. The boy really took it in his stride, though. The whole shop was giggling when we went downstairs. I was embarrassed and afraid he would be too, so I said something or other to him. He said to me, mai pen rai. The next day he was Lining me to come back. Yes, I'm a regular of his. But I had to wait a while before showing my face there again.
  10. I agree completely. Male only staff is also my preference. But I do like to get a good massage from a qualified masseur. I have found that never really happens in the all male massage places that specialize in extras. Not that I don't also enjoy those shops, but it's not the same experience. If I want a "real"massage I want it to be done by a male in a "legit" shop. More times than not, extras are also offered, but that is not what I'm primarily looking for. In essence, what I would like to find in Pattaya is an equivalent to Bangkok Prime massage: all male, no hanky panky and a professional massage.
  11. Thanks for the great report. I just wanted to chime in about Chivarome on 2nd Rd. I go there regularly when I'm in Pattaya. I think it's the only massage place I've been to where I've never had a disappointing experience. I find the guys are good looking and very good masseurs. I agree with the OP, the session usually ends up transitioning very naturally to a close up experience with the guy. Though, once I did have a bit of a startling experience, when one of the massage girls walked in on us while we were in a very compromising position. She let out a bit of a shriek. That was kind of a buzz kill. Anyway, the place definitely gets my vote.
  12. I’ve been a frequent visitor of Good Boys Pattaya. I had many good times there this July. Lots of boys there then. I was there last night after a week or so absence and note the boys are really complaining of no customers. They had some quite substantial pent-up loads to prove it, and fewer boys than usual. They consistently have very cute, young, fit straight boys available there. They are always polite and eager to please. They really are often a more friendly bunch than I find in gogo or most host bars, though clearly not boyfriend material-to put it mildly. It’s the most amazing combination of rough trade guys who are sweet and sometimes even kissable. I realize it’s not the kind of bar that would appeal to everyone, but If you’re into this kind of fun, you should look in there. They are hurting for business, as are so many bars this low season. But if this one-of-a kind place goes south, it really would a loss, I know of no other place like it, anywhere.
  13. This reminds me of some unexpected experiences I had a couple of years ago at a Chiang Mai male massage shop. I went twice, both times the mamasan assured me all his boys were straight, top only, no negotiating. I went with the cutest, smiling twink from the line up. After massaging for a while, and with no prompting whatsoever on my part, he made it very clear he would accept to bottom for me. He did so, valiantly, since I think it was a somewhat uncomfortable experience for him, which is also why I cut it pretty short. Anyway, I enjoyed thoroughly and went back a couple of days later. I then experienced a repeat of this exact same scenario with another "totally straight, totally top boy". So as you've both said, just need to see for myself and go with the flow. As always in LOS.
  14. Thanks guys, for all this helpful information. Abomb sounds well worth a visit. Of course, from what I read here, I suspect I'll leave empty handed since the guys sound like they are all tops. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky.
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