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  1. If he is practicing, shouldve not done it 6th floor up the building.... I guess stupid and dangerous is fitting
  2. Sad story indeed. However, it seems like the guy fell due to walking on the wall, so height of balcony seems irrelevant here.
  3. Its actually rock thrown to the bear, hitting his head lol how it was used im not sure as i dont recall anyone use it before. Most of the time, the boys use sticker to indicate love, miss, hugs etc lol Sometimes they use the sad stickers when the money requests is impending lol
  4. Stickers help bridge the language barrier hahahaha.
  5. Thank you @vinapu for another fun-filled trip reports! Im enjoying thailand through your trips reports for now hehe. Hope when i do visit thailand whenever, things will be more of the same or better. Not just thailand, guys here are also increasing their tips/rate citing inflation as the reason. Some guys will drop down their rate quite quickly though while some sticks to their initial price. As im staying here, i can always find a diff guy other days and wait it out while taking my regulars meanwhile. But if im travelling, as long as it wont break my bank, i would be more lenient and follow my heart haha. 1 month in dec, and 3 weeks in may/june, id say u have contributed significantly to thailand economy haha.
  6. Careful with this answer, the mamasan might offer himself lol
  7. I think the guide is new. At the very least, u got yourself a young cute gay translator who will enter gay places with you, even the naked sauna hehe. I wish the guide will improve his knowledge on the scene, especially the opening and closing times as it seems that OP always seems to arrive at places near to closing or already closed.
  8. Just to add to OP initial question, i bet there will be different show times between weekdays and weekends as well as availability of boys. But do boys generally will be at the bar earlier during weekend nights?
  9. Neither. Stuck at work, so cant plan ahead too far out.
  10. spoon


    This can be hot and messy lol shows can include mashed potatoes and gravy, with ketchup. Previously, some bars do invite customers to join their shows, so of course vinapu will get honor for this event!
  11. I wish i can tell u when, but for now, still cant make that purchase yet.
  12. Damn hot video and cant believe its on youtube.
  13. Good, then its just a curious newbie who wants "guaranteed" fun with tried and tested masseur? But i agree, unless the information u had is already on public sites like rentmen, itll be weird to share it with a total strangers. I hope it will not become a trend.
  14. Its probably the spillover from the fiasco from Latin forum. Apparently there is a troll that has been asking GP contact and went on to harrass the GP using your name as the friend... That troll has been registering new account multiple times after being caught. @Slvkguy @Latbear4blk and @SolaceSoul has been in a crusade to catch these trolls hahaha. I find it amusing but if i were in their shoes, id be fuming mad too. That guy has been unsuccessful in Latin forum, and now is trying to infect thailand forum as well it seems. Im not too sure how, but if Moderator/admin/owner of the website can verify members IP, maybe it can finally shed light to whether its really same person trolling or not. But then again, this could be easily masked too.
  15. That pic on the bed is obvious photoshopped i.e. he pasted his image on that photo. So id be very cautious especially if he asked for deposit. U might not see that the deposit ever again. Very common scamming tactic. So id verify the legitimacy before anything hehe.
  16. Perils of having boys wearing jeans in bars lol. Luckily 1000 baht fee were not collected, but if its mentioned at booking, i steered away as it is not worth the hassle.
  17. Once a guy did that to me too, but it wasnt as direct. I told the guy im going to a bar, and asked if he want to join me or ill come back to pick him up so he can still earn tips/drinks etc back at the bar. He said he will follow me coz he knows someone at that bar. I, happy to have someone to tag along with me, is more than happy to pay for his drink at that bar. Of course, he introduce me his friend there, luckily already doing good with a customer of his own. So i dont need to dispense another boy's drink but tips the boy still. At that time though, i see that he is just doing his part to help out his friends/brothers who might not do as well, of course not using his own money but ours haha. I recalled one other guy did tips the waiter and guys at door when he went out with me after i off him. To his credit, he used his own money, but of course seeing this, i added his tips accordingly. Of course all these antics wont matter if their service back at hotel doesnt measure up. In the end, as long as im happy and these antics didnt really hurt my wallet that much, i rarely let it ruin my day. Sometimes i also forget that some of those who work in the bars rarely gets much tips from any customers (door guy for example) and i appreciate it when boys show me that sharing some of the wealth with the people around you is a good thing especially when we are more fortunate than them. Having said this, i wouldnt appreciate a guy who is my regulars, who shouldve have know my way of tippings etc, to treat me like ATM. Its not really the money but the feeling it made me, somehow feels a little disrespect, as if i wont tip myself. Though i am guilty of forgiving this if i like the guy enough hahahaha.
  18. I like the term coined here, revenge travelling. I am itchy myself but work makes it harder to plan around those unexpected restriction and change of plan. Seeing this despite china still limiting travelling, i wonder how things will get when china finally remove their restriction. Itll be revenge travelling multiply by 1000?
  19. Ive seen some of his videos then lol. I didnt realize he is khoa from rhoneeandkhoa OF lol
  20. What club? Am i missing something? I want a lot of khmer guys too lol
  21. Way out of my league lol although is he legit? I dont even dare to try to verify and i doubt many would either lol
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