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  1. Many working married guys still work the scene to provide for their wife and kids hehe
  2. Go to prime massage in silom 6. Mixed gender center, low chance of extra, take oil massage and enjoy. They have plenty of male masseurs and use rotation. Always had great massage there.
  3. Str8 friend in bkk, hot and tawan material. He probably can get free fun if he goes to str8 clubs or bar, or through tinder. Since u said he is shy and reserved, str8 massage place is a great place to break the ice.
  4. Or is it another planted tipping garlands someone mentioned before? Left one guy in hope other customer feel the need to tip that poor guy? Hehe.
  5. The word thai boy understand is butterfly, meaning u are not looking for a bf, but rather one night stand.
  6. spoon

    First Visit

    Ive never noticed this rules before and have been wearing my flipflops all the time. I do know no footwears inside some of the temple buildings though, so you will need to remove your shoes or flipflops. Makasan-silom would be less people but longer walk at makasan interchange. Phaya thai is a much shorter walk but expect train to be full at rush hour. If you are not rushing, taxi wont be that bad, as u can fully relax in the comfort of the car. If u travel light, train is cheaper and faster indeed
  7. spoon

    First Visit

    Makasan-silom would be less people but longer walk at makasan interchange. Phaya thai is a much shorter walk but expect train to be full at rush hour. If you are not rushing, taxi wont be that bad, as u can fully relax in the comfort of the car. If u travel light, train is cheaper and faster indeed
  8. So freshboys now have hunks? On the waiter, u can always try a diff day.
  9. For HIV, prep is there. Thais can get then for free from their gov, though in not sure what the criteria. The few boys i asked that were on prep got them for free. I wish my government do this for high risk individuals but even right now, private insurance wont cover hiv treatment, let alone preventative treatment. We can still get prep here though, so thats a relief compared to certain country like brunei or indonesia. But yes, prep alone wont take care of other STDs. Condom is still the way to go. Regular testing is a way to detect, cure, and prevent spread as well. Another part that is very lacking here and maybe in thailand also, is contact tracing. We have seen the disaster being amplify during covid but all communicable disease needs rigorous and effective contact tracing to contain the spread. STD stigma made it much harder to do this. Casual ONS without keeping contacts also the culprit. This might be one good reason to keep contacts of your debauchry. If u had something, it is our obligation to let our sexual partner knows about it so they can get checked asap.
  10. Lisa Kudrow will always be Phoebe
  11. https://m.facebook.com/triple888massage/
  12. True in my case on my pre-covid trip. To use the shuttle from bkk to dmk, i were asked to show my flight booking before allowed boarding the shuttle
  13. Im pretty sure flowers or any gesture really for a gay boy, feminine or not, coming from someone he loves or respect, will be appreciated. I totally support that gifts should be something useful and thoughtful. But nothing stops us to give them both, flowers and food for example lol
  14. I didnt get that impression at all during my visits. Maybe you got that reputation of generous farang who will tips everyone?
  15. I want to be introduced too lol
  16. My first time bar visit was old Tawan. Nothing beats the fear and nervous feeling than the desire to fulfill my fantasy of seeing muscular guys who are willing to be with me. Yet, it took me a while before i summon the courage to enter the bar, with me going back and forth of that soi, and walking on the opposite side of the soi from the bar entrance, not even looking at the bar lol so, my advice is, based on all that youve read here, choose the bar that fits your taste the most, regardless of the bar's reputation for first timers. If your first visit isnt satisfactory, u can go to the next bar that fits your taste, and dont forget to revisit that first bar on a diff day, as your experience might change. I only summon the courage to off a boy from a bar on my second or third visit. And i did had the boy for overnight, as itll gives me time to calm my nerves and just enjoy the company without feeling rushed. I recalled not really asking him many questions in the bar as im really shy, so the only questions i asked were did he do long time and how much. The rest, ill find out in the room. Having said this, some bars do have pesky mamasan that might scare first timer. On this, you will have to stood your ground and just shoo them away. Ignoring will do too but usually will take time before they gay up so being upfront works best to avoid them ruining your experience. I usually will say im just here to see the show, but other members would use things like i like girls, or i like older guys etc lol. Either way, dont let them ruin your night. Just a short guide but dont hold on this as things might have change as last i went were pre-covid, tawan and jupiter mamasan/papasan/waiter are the least to disturb you. Moonlight mamasan are friendly and will check with you from time to time but i dont feel annoyed. Those are 3 bars that i always go to as they have the type of guys i like. Like i said before, boys move bars often, so does mamasan so best to just be there yourself. On the massage part, im a prime fan as well. Chances of getting extra is minute but it does happens occasionally. Ive reported before in one of my trip, out of 4 session i had, i was offered in 1 by the cutest but that session massage wasnt as good lol. U cant have it all i guess. Pre-covid, during low season, u can ask to choose masseur from the ipad, but not sure if thats still allowed. Though when i can choose, they will only show 4-5 masseurs, since i usually just walk in, thus those are masseurs who is available and in the next queue for customers. Im also arena fan. Though im not a fan of their mamasan, he just rubs me the wrong way. But pre-covid, i have fews masseurs there thats i like. I love massages but when in bkk, prices for massage arent really cheap when compared back home, so my priority is getting overnight or long time. For outcall, yes, even pre-covid, u can have that arranged with some boys or massage center, but i believe post covid, this option is readily available at more places than before. U can simply ask the center either through line or at counter. Lastly, sauna. Im not a sauna goer myself, but if u are ready to explore, this is something you would probably want to visit at least once so u can see if its really your thing or not. Ive been to sauna of few occassions and while i dont think its my place, im glad i did went there, or ill be forever wondering what its like. Despite saying sauna is not my thing, i thoroughly enjoyed sauna in japan though. So, if u want to explore, please go at least once. In silom, sauna mania is the closest and they do have O party on weekends, and it was definitely crazy pre-covid. Go and explore and dont sweat on the details.
  17. There is vacccine for hpv though. I dont think hpv testing is available except for cervical cancer pap smears.
  18. Who is this mr studio from nyc? I know itll be hard to ignore when you are a target of a bully, but i believe being ignored is what hurt them the most. So simply ignore them as much as u can.
  19. Straight old guy seeing with a young girl are also frowned upon in many places. Disparity of age will always gets the stares. Life is too short to bother about them though. In the end, what did they do to even deserve our attention?
  20. Only if taken the medication as prescribed and have been tested with undetectable few times (cant recall how many times in a row) that you would be clasify as undetectable, U. Then, yes, u wont be able to infect others with HIV. Many here have been on prep and my own experience, i started with daily prep and the first week, i got mild chills/fever, but thats it. The more serious side effect i believe is bone density and kidney impact, making every 3 month screening crucial on top of other STIs. Since covid, ive switched to on demand prep though, which save me some money, and if u are having side effects, this would be a better option, granted that your sexual activity isnt as active. Going this route wont force u to do the screening every 3 month though, as your supply will last longer, so u will need self motivation to go for your routine screening hehe.
  21. spoon


    21 days incubation is the high end. The range ive read froma quick google is 5-21 days, while it is usually within 6-13 days.
  22. I prefer hole in the table, it relax my neck from strain.
  23. Just a thought. Retiring in thailand or pattaya specifically doesnt mean u are stuck there. The same way u are travelling for few months now to thailand, u could very well do the opposite when u make thailand your base. If this is the case, would anyone here feel changing your base to thailand easier?
  24. My last night, i will usually invite the guy i like the most for an overnight, and no bar visit at all. I rarely take early morning flight so i usually have the room until check out. So i also either have another massage in the morning, or go to massage place for my last massage before heading to airport.
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