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  1. A few posts on the other threads have said that the new DB is on same side of Patong Soi 2 as SB and FB2 Looks to me by the pics and the map, that they are on the opposite side of Patong 2?
  2. One key exception to this rule is that customers from some ethnic backgrounds are often charged the tip in advance before they leave the bar, although this is only usually true on their first off. If you are a newbie, don't feel insulted if the mamasan tries to do this, they are just taking care of the boy as oftentimes new customers think (claim!) that they thought the off fee was the only payment due for the boy. An upfront tip means less hassle when the off is over and the customer refuses to pay any tip. Of course this is not for all ethnicities, just those that have garnered a bad reputation from past behaviour of previous visitors
  3. Could you explain it for us so instead of being so belittling to the OP?
  4. colmx


    Thanks Hank, now that I have seen him in more pics I revert to my original choice of Babe and will leave Koon for Vinapu!
  5. colmx


    I will take back left! Anyone know his name and if he's gay or straight?
  6. Love TransferWise here too I send Money from my Irish AIB account to BFs Kasikorn just after midnight... by the time I wake up its already after arriving to his account (and usually spent already!)
  7. colmx


    Agreed! I can only remember 1 visit where my bag was out before I cleared immigration Even when flying Biz the bags are no quicker, so all the fast track will do is give you more time sitting and waiting in front of the baggage carousel BTW Screw Boys is open till at least 2am... So worst case land at 23.00, Clear Immigration and Collect baggage by 00.00, Taxi, check-in and quick wash completed by 1am Still gives you an hour in SB Best case you are in by 00.30 and have time for a quick peak in another bar before hitting SB!
  8. colmx

    BKK newbie

    I guess that the guys barely discussing the punters must be a BKK thing I know that BenG1000 is not going to Pattaya (this trip)...But for sure in Pattaya every boy in the bar will know exactly what you did in bed, how big your cock is, how much you paid, where your hotel is and if you have any peculiarities within 30 mins of the boy leaving your room!
  9. Yes it continues on for 12 months Just be sure that you cancel the sub renewal before it's due (e.g. 360 days) as it may renew at the full rate if you are not in Thailand at the time
  10. The subscription rate for Hornet and Planet Romeo whilst your GPS location shows you are in Thailand costs a fraction of what it costs in farangland E.g. I paid €26 for a year of hornet and $15 for a year of Planet Romeo during my stay last July. Have been to Thailand 3 times since and the subs are still going well and worth investing in In hornet it blocks the advertisments and gives much better filters to show you who is actually online at that very moment On PR it has the hide visit option. Especially useful if you are trying to hide from a stalker type guy (or like to stalk and view a profile multiple times!) It's a pity that it's impossible to block anyone on PR without them clearly seeing that you have blocked them! Blued is quickly becoming the 2nd most active app in Pattaya these days.... Whilst hornet is still the busiest But all things above considered, I still met more guys from Grindr on last months visit!
  11. Don't forget Fridae.com! If there was was ever a study on how to destroy a niche website, then it would surely be the best candidate for a thesis. From the best site for GAM & GWM hookups to nothing in the space of a year!
  12. colmx

    BKK newbie

    @DivineMadman I didn't try and piss in anyone's punchbowl. I was simply pointing out: 1. There is much better value in Bkk away from the international chains, I never mentioned projection or anything else, that YOU are projecting onto what I said! 2. Expectations change when the boy arrives in a hotel, suddenly the 2500 ST that he agreed with you at the bar feels cheap when he arrives at the 8000B a night hotel (W being 8000, Raya being the 3000 option), this in turn may lead to a lesser performance as they are feeling short changed. Of course this is not every boy, but with some it happens 3. On the bar point I simply pointed out that as the OP has already stated he is a bottom he would have better luck in Screw boys for finding a top twink type guy Seems you are very tetchy this morning, the OP is a newbie and I think its only fair that he receives balanced advice of all our combined experiences
  13. The difference is that most punters will want to visit 4-5 bars in a night and see going on in each place before choosing an off, so its not an occasional luxury, its multiple luxuries in the same night....nobody wants 5 steak dinners in the same night! And lets face it Jupiter is merely a gourmet burger, and should cost no more than that!
  14. colmx

    BKK newbie

    Can't disagree with most the comments above except for the idea of staying in overpriced hotels like Le Meridian, Sofitel, W etc. A night in this type of hotel can be 5-8000B a night and in my experience leads to an inflated expectation of a higher tip And lets face it in bkk the difference between a 3000 and 8000 a night hotel is pretty negligible, unless of course you are precious and need to feel extra special or have points to spend Also you state above that you are a bottom, but are seeking a "twink" - most of the twinky boys in the bars are (raging) bottoms... I a guessing that you are looking for "manly" or gay tops? if so I don't think Classic boys is the best place for you. Perhaps Screw boys would be better?
  15. colmx

    Info on X Boys

    Yes unfortunately some of the mamasans are useless! one of the mamasans in Nice Boys (Pattaya) told my farang friend that the "straight" boy he liked would do "nothing" in bed Another farang friend (and also his friend) had the same boy and he bottomed for both! So definitely some mamasans can not be trusted at all Perhaps we should have a mamasan rating site like tripadvisor!
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