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  1. Great Stuff! Almost feels exactly the same as my first night in Bkk! Except that was in 2000 and Galaxy boys was probably gone then... Instead your tout (and it undoubtedly was!) took me to BoyZone on Silom Soi 3
  2. Don Muang still has that same distinctive smell, so you can always go back there for it! Speaking of Don Muang, I flew from its domestic terminal recently and I was very impressed, the selection of reasonably priced relevant shops and eateries was great Similarly the revamped toilets and waiting areas with charging points puts Suvanabhumi to shame... its only when you get into the hallways before the airbridges or arrivals that you realize that you are in the same old smelly Don Muang!
  3. I presume you mean the 5 cl bottles. as 5ml is around the same size as a teaspoon! Then again with some of the weak drinks I have had around Sunee and the Bkk gogo bars I would not be surprised if 5ml was the standard measure in some of those joints!
  4. We ended up staying in the D'varee Pula express at Songkran... Lets just say we won't be back! The 150B beers in the (nice but exorbitant) beer yard were ridiculously overpriced.... But the staff demanding that we gave back the additional 2 towels that we "stole" from them at checkout takes the biscuit. One b*tch stood there and absolutely swore that she gave us 2 extra towels at 17.00 the previous night It was only when I pointed out the fact their hotel was well known for doing this to guests on TripAdvisor that the manager called off the Rottweiler's who were attempting to strip search us! I would rather stay at the Tarntawan in the future!
  5. https://rent.men/EMofficialSydney - this guy charges 250AUD In call or 300AUD out call Can also check the rates of the other Sydney hookers on rent men and get an idea of the going rates
  6. They were most definitely aggressively soliciting tips in for what for me was a protracted time period. The boys in BBB do not hang around so long
  7. TBH i found that they outstayed their welcome begging for tips at the end of the show, it was a bit tiresome On the other hand agree entirely with the rest of your post, all good fun, and some spectacular members on display!
  8. I met the manager of a-bomb (Pat) out and about over Songkran He says they have a new Japanese owner and plan to re-open around mid may, currently work is ongoing to remodel the bar (lower the stage, new toilet, new tiling etc)
  9. Thaksin came into power in 2001 and started the "social order campaign" Purachai the interior minister, forced bars and nightclubs to shut by 1am, banned anyone under 20 from entry, prohibited the sale of alcohol after midnight, and corralled nightspots into a restricted number of areas in each town and city. These new laws lead to months of police raids on bars and saunas, extra judicial killings and were the start of the decline in Thailand nightlife As for the jobs that were previously unavailable.... in 2001 there was no family mart and the 7-11s were usually 500 meters apart (unlike todays 50), there were no mega malls or cinema multiplexes. SF cinema pays 14000 a month with decent working conditions (and free movies!) That sure beats selling your ass on a gogo floor with no guarantee of an off (or even a drink tip) at the end of the night. As Bucknaways guide friend points out the buys can still freelance on the apps when rent us due or there is a birthday party or morlam coming up
  10. For those that like the body painting show (not me) it can still be found in Dream Boys Pattaya, along with the old candle show, soda water show etc
  11. Don't think so. At same time upstairs there was 50+ boys in Lucky boys and at least 40 in Fresh Boys 2 (who seem to have stolen a lot of the screw boys crew) and similar numbers in Bannna boys
  12. I was in DBP last Thursday night and they only had 3 boys and maybe 9 customers The waiter kept promising that there would be more boys coming soon. But none arrived The show started after 20 mins of the same 3 guys dancing and it was the usual over the hill faded muscle guy dancing to "sex bomb" or a similar shit song Next act was a fat Ladyboy that stripped off her clothes to reveal an average sized erection and then started to pull a kilometre of pink ribbon out of her ass... Naturally I left at that point and doubt I will be back
  13. colmx

    Translate app

    as Vinapu and Witty post above, body and sign language are often enough If the boy can speak a small bit of English, then only ask him closed questions e.g. "Would you like short time or long time?" "Are you top or bottom?" are both BAD as the answer will inevitable be an ambiguous YES or NO Better to as them "We go long time, ok?" "I fuck you, ok?" work much better as there is on ambiguity about the answer
  14. Is the hotmale directly opposite DB open already? Gogo bar or beer bar? I see it reported here that lucky boys is an amalgamation of XB and Classic or that it's a re-imagination or either. Anyone comment on which it actually is? Has anyone been to Banana boys on Soi 4 yet (the new Fresh boys?) I'm looking forward to seeing all and reporting real life when I arrive on Thursday!
  15. Does anyone know what the price of drinks in the new Dreamboys is?
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