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  1. Farang friend and I both got Descovy at the pulse prep clinic in Silom back in January Made us both nauseous as hell and both had to discontinue (I caught Covid at the same time so this was another reason to discontinue) I tried it again in April and has the exact same effect. After 7 days I was forced to give up.
  2. Anyone stayed in Raya recently and know whether they are still making guests take the tradesman/freight elevator at night? It put me off staying there completely on my last visit in Jan, they were doing work at time, but have read since that they have kept the practise up
  3. Quite a number of my Pattaya friends that used to work as Gogo boys don't want to go back to wearing their pants again after such a long hiatus. Seems that they are happy to be fully dressed host boys and to use their charm to snare customers
  4. colmx


    I am one of the longest surviving members of Sawatdee that has refrained from posting recently due to the vicious bile posted by the owner.
  5. NAB (when it was still open), Dragon, Sinlapin Issan and the early morning after hours joints like Version (or what ever was in fashion at the time)
  6. I find asking at the check in desk or even the gate for a paid upgrade is often fruitful to pick up bargain biz upgrades. Of course there is no lounge access permitted on these tickets or extra baggage allowance etc. But a good nights sleep on the flight helps me hit the ground running on arrival in BKK and avoid any sleep catch ups
  7. Mena is a good friend of mine and always steered me right. He would never deliberately not recommend a boy, but would simply say "I think you can do better" when it came to the ones that had bad feedback from customers. He also introduced me to a lot of Khmer guys in the club's that I would not have met through the bar... The good old days!
  8. In TB pre-covid Mena from Cambodia and Aof from Thailand were the official mamasans Pat/Puk was the manager (short 50s)and the owner was from Taiwan and rarely present, when present he was usually on the terrace (tall, fit with light beard early 40s) All the other floor staff were considered to be waiters, the Chinese speaking guy was often run off his feet doing the negotiations with Chinese customers. I have seen Mena requesting tips up front from middle Eastern or South Asian customers, but usually only on their first visit to ensure that they know the customs when it comes to tipping
  9. In a traditional massage or foot massage shop I have always worked off the premise that the tip is commensurate with the shop fee So 200b oil/foot/traditional massage should result in a 200b tip. Same for 300 etc. As for bad service, BF says pay in coins, that's what's given to beggars and can cause a face loss for them.... That's of course if you are prepared to face the consequences of said face loss!
  10. Slept at 4am and woke at 13.00 when I first started coming to Thailand in the early 2000s Now still sleep at 4am and sleep till 14.00! Always a party to be found in Pattaya, even when closing time was allegedly 21.00!
  11. colmx

    Silom bars

    I didn't say it was a Gogo bar during lockdown. I said it operated as an after hours club, and enquired if that aspect was still going now that the Gogo bar had reopened
  12. colmx

    Silom bars

    A friend has sent me several clips from a nightclub operating in Bannna bar well into the late late hours, not sure if that was something that was just operating when the Gogo bars were closed or if it's something that still continues post relaxation of rules
  13. Quite a few of the Cupidol and Toyboys boys are now working as freelancers in Pikky bar on Boystown, also some to be found in JoJo and home bar in Jomtien
  14. Stayed in the Pullman Bangkok hotel G in silom in late December on T&G. Test was done on a dedicated suite in the hotel on my arrival at ~08.30 at 15.00 they called to tell me I was released and shoved the release papers under my fort minutes later
  15. colmx

    Silom laundry

    I am the opposite. When I miss Thailand I take out some of my neatly starched clothes from my last trip and savour the smell of freshly laundered holiday clothes! Reminds me of getting ready to go out on the town!
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