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  1. Problem with the Silicon operation is that is usually looks pretty decent first time around. Think of it being like a sausage turning into a sausage roll The boys see their friends with one and then they copy it Of course 12 months later gravity has been pulling the silicon down into their "bell end" and they end up looking like a gigantic Chupa Chups lolly! https://images.vat19.com/giant-chupa-chup/giant-chupa-chups-lollipop-eating.jpg
  2. Taksins pockets also ran pretty deep, those "damn peasants" were pretty happy to pick up 3-500 baht every time they voted for Thai Rak Thai and its analogs... they hand the villager a camera phone on the way into the polling station and when they came out with a pic of the polling card marked in the right places they received their bounty!
  3. colmx

    Boystown noise

    good news for their admirers is that most boys pics above are still available and on the scene Bad news is that they have all put up 10KG since the original pics!
  4. It certainly is not. Have you seen the prices in those Asian import supermarkets that we have in Europe? When BF is in Ireland he easily spends €20+ per day on produce that he then has to bring home, prepare, cook and clean up after (3 times a day!) Similarly he can spent €10-15 on fast food/pub grub and then want to cook again when he gets home as that food was "just a snack" You washing machine will be running at least 3 times as much as normal, as will your dishwasher and oven. Giving you a much higher electrical and water bill. Then there is the cost of a night out. Drinks, shots, night club entry, fast food after club, taxi home. We easily spend €200 a night (and remember he will want at least 2 nights out a week, with you or his newly found Thai friends). Plus a night or 2 in cinema, another €50 per trip Finally return flights from Europe to Thailand are much cheaper than Thailand to Europe. Travel insurance is much cheaper for a European and there is no need for expensive trips to the embassy to get visas processed BF used to come here for a month every Aug/Sept, till we realized that it was cheaper for me to go there for 2 weeks and party every night!
  5. Great report so far Jason, looking forward to the rest Some questions about the 4000B bottle of JD... any responses can wait until after you return! Were unlimited mixers & ice included or was it a set amount e.g. 8 cokes? Were the boys allowed to drink for free or were you charged for drinks? (Some bars allow staff (waiters, mamasans etc) to drink for free but insist that you must buy at least 1 boy drink for every gogo boy that comes to your table. If they have a subsequent drink then that can be from the bottle without additional charge) Also did you spot the price of Johnnie Walker Red Label? Thanks in Advance!
  6. colmx


    Monks also shave their eyebrows so doubt he was ordained When I see a Pattaya gogo boy with a recently shaven head and intact eyebrows, I usually assume that they have just spent a few days in a remand prison for a minor offence and not the monks In Babes case however I think he's too clean cut to have been caught up in some petty crime (and he's about as far removed as possible from a Sunee Gogo boy!)
  7. I know of "Big Eye" in North Pattaya that has such shows.... Perhaps it has been renamed? Tickets wee in the 1500B bracket last time I asked.... and it mostly fills with Chinese tour groups
  8. My friend you(aka your friend) CentraN shopping mall NAP club (instead of NAB) I have no idea what the manager of Dave club was thinking when he renamed it to Dave Club Erra-root-shun (Evolution) Friend of mine had an Austrian BF Heinz. In the end he used to just call him Hi or Heineken as he just couldn't get his tongue around that inz On the Blue'd app I frequently get asked to send a pic of my chicken (cock!) My favourite error in translation was when my BF told me he had leprosy... turns out he had a rash!
  9. I always thought that the manager in TB was called Puk (that's certainly his FB name) AFAIK The owner of TB is from Taiwan and can sometimes be seen on the terrace?
  10. Great Stuff! Almost feels exactly the same as my first night in Bkk! Except that was in 2000 and Galaxy boys was probably gone then... Instead your tout (and it undoubtedly was!) took me to BoyZone on Silom Soi 3
  11. Don Muang still has that same distinctive smell, so you can always go back there for it! Speaking of Don Muang, I flew from its domestic terminal recently and I was very impressed, the selection of reasonably priced relevant shops and eateries was great Similarly the revamped toilets and waiting areas with charging points puts Suvanabhumi to shame... its only when you get into the hallways before the airbridges or arrivals that you realize that you are in the same old smelly Don Muang!
  12. I presume you mean the 5 cl bottles. as 5ml is around the same size as a teaspoon! Then again with some of the weak drinks I have had around Sunee and the Bkk gogo bars I would not be surprised if 5ml was the standard measure in some of those joints!
  13. We ended up staying in the D'varee Pula express at Songkran... Lets just say we won't be back! The 150B beers in the (nice but exorbitant) beer yard were ridiculously overpriced.... But the staff demanding that we gave back the additional 2 towels that we "stole" from them at checkout takes the biscuit. One b*tch stood there and absolutely swore that she gave us 2 extra towels at 17.00 the previous night It was only when I pointed out the fact their hotel was well known for doing this to guests on TripAdvisor that the manager called off the Rottweiler's who were attempting to strip search us! I would rather stay at the Tarntawan in the future!
  14. https://rent.men/EMofficialSydney - this guy charges 250AUD In call or 300AUD out call Can also check the rates of the other Sydney hookers on rent men and get an idea of the going rates
  15. They were most definitely aggressively soliciting tips in for what for me was a protracted time period. The boys in BBB do not hang around so long
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