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  1. I don't think I have ever heard a single Thai say "la gorn" The semi westernised will say bye-bye or good night. Issan folk will simply walk away saying nothing. Same way they end their phone calls without saying goodbye!
  2. John and Pikky from cupidol have opened Pikky bar. It is a beer bar (not Gogo) in between Copa and serene and has many ex cupidol and Toyboys boys
  3. Unfortunately TNI is now completely gutted and just 4 walls. Of course there is still TNI in Bangkok on Rama 3 if you fancy a night out. For me Sinlapin is about the same as TNI. But has the advantage if being over to south Pattaya and closer to the boys homes and workplaces
  4. There was a bar called Khun Sweet Cigar?
  5. Doesn't look particularly fancy in the day time. But very brightly lit at night! The old entrance to lucky boys is also still operating
  6. They were open in the new premises last night (Saturday) There is a fancy new main entrance on the side street that runs between patpong soi 1 and 2
  7. At that time BKK is only getting going! Silom soi 2 is open for at least another hour. GOD for 2-3 hours. Plus the club in. Banana club is still welcoming customers, so don't go home to early! As others have posted there are also plenty of guys around the 7-11 at wall Street and silom road at 1am also
  8. He's still here alive and well aren't you Billy!
  9. colmx


    Dusit and Royal Garden were definitely cruising spots back in the day but no longer Buddha mountain still has an active crusing spot across the street and slightly uphill from the police box it's not the kind of place to bring a fat wallet!
  10. I find that Khmer guys tend to spin more elaborate stories than the Thais. Thai: can you help me pay my rent Khmer: my mother is in hospital, my boss never paid me for the last 3 months and my passport was stolen by a farang, can you help me pay my rent Neither are scams, just more elaborate stories to pull at our heartstrings in the hope of a helping hand
  11. I think all of the above can be condensed to: There is a very small minority of farang that try to manipulate the boys and treat them badly, we all know that. There is also a very small minority of boys that try to manipulate farang to do their bidding. I see this day in day out on Facebook where the same guys try to guilt trip some unlucky guy into doing what ever it is they require. Similarly I have seen them play mind games on the gay apps and throw a hissy fit when they don't get their way. Either was both camps are best avoided!
  12. Bar boys from the South East Asian neighbors of Thailand
  13. So many crazy boys on hornet that try to manipulate farang customers using this technique. In my experience it's something that the non-Thais tend to do more than the Thais. Just ignore him, especially when he starts threatening self harm as you don't love him etc etc. I had it twice in April
  14. Sorry this won't help your social anxiety. But they probably are judging, it's what gay queens do!
  15. My mate from HK is visiting BKK at the moment. Has to do 3 days quarantine on his return, which is not too bad
  16. colmx


    I caught Mono/EBV around 10 years ago and had similar symptoms to yourself. My doc didn't think that it was possible for a guy in his 30s to catch it as most "normal" people catch "kissing disease" when they are in their teens but that's what the blood tests showed up. Perhaps (like me?) you were too busy being a nerd or closet boy when in your teens to get caught with mono. Also back on their subject of poppers, they do tear the throat out of you when huffed persistently so it could have helped cause damage that helped the infection get hold Finally it seems that the gay Thailand forums have an obsession with bacterial infections due to rimming. Completely unlike other similar forums, where this is never mentioned, I grant that the SEA diet is different to most countries, but it does seem like rimming gets an unfair deal on the gay Thailand forums!
  17. Dragon Man Club is in North Pattaya near Hollywood Disco and the old Tumnan Issan premises It was previously G-Star and prior to that Muze and Idol and probably a few other incarnations. It is similar to NAB and other gay clubs with a DJ interspersed with Coyotes, a floor show and "models" most nights Dragon lounge is in Jomtien Complex, next door to Sun Bar. They are supposed to be opening a new club on the upper floors of that premises in the coming months
  18. Guilty as charged. Unless he is referring to his BF!
  19. I am with my guy 20 years this November At time he was just gone 18 and I was 10 years older than him (and had a lot more hair!) We are in an open relationship and have had a lot of 3somes, 4somes and room relays (him and his boy, then me and my boy, then perhaps the 2 of us and one of the boys or another pick up) These days we have settled down a lot more, but I would never dream of trading him in!
  20. Remind me to never become your wingman!! (Before anyone downvotes me, I do know Vessey, so this is an in joke!)
  21. My understanding is that LMTU died of cancer caused by the HPV virus. Friend of mine had to decide recently as to whether his 12yo son should get the HPV vaccine. Seems crazy to me not to take it when it's available and causes such horrible death
  22. Farang friend and I both got Descovy at the pulse prep clinic in Silom back in January Made us both nauseous as hell and both had to discontinue (I caught Covid at the same time so this was another reason to discontinue) I tried it again in April and has the exact same effect. After 7 days I was forced to give up.
  23. Anyone stayed in Raya recently and know whether they are still making guests take the tradesman/freight elevator at night? It put me off staying there completely on my last visit in Jan, they were doing work at time, but have read since that they have kept the practise up
  24. Quite a number of my Pattaya friends that used to work as Gogo boys don't want to go back to wearing their pants again after such a long hiatus. Seems that they are happy to be fully dressed host boys and to use their charm to snare customers
  25. colmx


    I am one of the longest surviving members of Sawatdee that has refrained from posting recently due to the vicious bile posted by the owner.
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