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  1. Because "face" is not a zero-sum game, and calling someone out is not a winning strategy in Thai culture. If you make someone lose face, you are inviting trouble. You are also perceived to lose face on your own account because of your inappropriate (as they see it) behaviour. Moreover, if you make a scene, that embarrasses the onlookers and can make them lose face too. On the other hand by discreetly signalling that you have already heard all the BS (true or not) you enable everyone to save face.
  2. I think you mean "jai yen" (ใจเย็น). "jen yai" would be "Big Jane", and you really don't want to meet her 😀
  3. It was several years ago, so my recollection isn't going to be exact. I suspect some of us first came to LoS expecting to find skilled oriental courtesans tending to our every exotic need, only to find that mostly we're dealing with obliging but unskilled farmboys. If so, this might be the other side of the coin 😀. "Very modest shop" - that's the street door in the picture. More "discreet" than "modest", I think. Inside, it's as you might imagine from the pictures on the website. Lots of wood panelling, crisp linen, elegant decorations, very spa-like. How long it lasts? probably 45 minutes for each part. I imagine if you book just the tantric massage it would be an hour or more. Earth-shattering treatment? yes and no, the therapist deliberately doesn't deliver that, which is sort of the point. The aim is for you to lie back, close your eyes, relax in a meditative sort of way, and think of England while he edges you just to this side of the earthquake, and you're supposed to tell him if he's going too far (no need, he was pretty good at judging it.) After that, you get a few minutes to relax before the conventional masseur takes over, and from there on you are in control again and the earth shatters (or not) as you wish. Did I enjoy it? Yes. If you like skilled delayed gratification and the sensation of having somebody else taking care of everything, that's what you'll get. Would I go again? Not often, but I wouldn't say "never": it is expensive, and it is an impersonal sort of experience compared with the usual massage, but I don't regret having tried it. If you don't try it, you'll never know.
  4. Qatar. Two airlines, but is it one ticket? If so the delay is their responsibility and they should make some effort to get you on another flight. If not, ☹️
  5. I said "the atmosphere they are trying to create". Didn't say they succeeded 😀 BTW membership and dress code were not required.
  6. I think Macaroni21 is correct. Regardless of how long they stay, each person arrives exactly once. Number of arriving people per day, divided by number of people on a flight, gives number of arriving flights. 30,000 divided by 200 is 150.
  7. Yes, once, because if you don't try you'll never know. I went for the package with tantric followed by a regular (HE) "aroma" massage. The etiquette is interesting: You choose the regular masseur from a lineup and are expected to tip him, but you don't get to choose the tantric therapist (I think that's the most appropriate word - he dresses more like a doctor than a masseur) and you don't tip him, so the atmosphere they are trying to create is that the tantric part is more like a medical procedure than a sexual service.
  8. Two minutes on Google would tell you what's in them. They are alkyl nitrites. Used medicinally they are a treatment for angina. Some are safer than others, but when they are mislabelled as leather cleaner, who knows what's in them? The "leather cleaner" nonsense is part of the pretence that they are not for human consumption and therefore not subject to medicines legislation.
  9. On a lighter note re. poppers: Recently I was walking past a piece of waste ground near my home and saw evidence of a party of some kind. Among the discarded beer cans and laughing-gas cylinders was one solitary party popper 🎉. I wonder if someone had heard that you can get high by inhaling them? 🤣
  10. The alcohol warning should be taken seriously, because It has similar effects to disulfiram aka antabuse: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metronidazole#Adverse_effects It can also interact unpleasantly with many other substances, so make sure you come clean with the doctor about anything else you might be taking.
  11. Hot air balloons (mostly - solar-powered ones are possible) rely on fossil fuels too.
  12. Agreed. Except that "crime of any kind" includes dangerous driving, of course...
  13. Is 70 the threshold "senior" age? There doesn't seem to be a consensus in other parts of LOS (TiT, after all). For example, on MRT (quoting from memory) the wording is something like "persons over 65 are entitled to discounted travel; persons over 60 have the privilege ..." regardless of nationality. On BTS the discount is for Thai nationals only.
  14. I see. But that's only half the question. According to Immanuel Kant, is a closed bar still a bar? 😕
  15. So even by your reckoning that's at least four or five functioning bars, empty or not. I hope you'll agree that a bar with no customers is still a bar? How big is "many", and is a bar that's closed still a bar? 😵
  16. 1. *Where* are they defined as Jomtien? Nice Boys and Winner are both in Sunee (ok, NB is technically just outside, but it's at the entrance) 4. Sunee Plaza contains many bars. Not all are shown on Google. Some are closed, permanently or otherwise, but not all.
  17. Just for the record and as a matter of public interest, which bar was that, please? and which year? 😀
  18. I don't entirely agree 🙃. It has probably mutated (I tuned out after a hundred or so pages) but the earlier part of the thread did indeed contain a good deal of pro-Putin DARVO, though it is diluted by all the usual suspects trying to score points off one another.
  19. The propaganda is mostly confined to one (200 pages and rising) thread entitled "The Brink of War?" in the Everything Else forum.
  20. You could take the "sprinter" train all the way to Ubon Ratchathani and make that your base for exploring eastern Isaan. Soutbound, take a train to Phetchaburi for a few days. There are temples and caves (surprise!) and a hilltop palace/observatory. The Mae Hong Son loop from Chiang Mai is worth doing, too. Public transport is probably not adequate so you will need wheels of some description (I did it in a hire car.)
  21. Going with an airline that has lots of flights also helps in case an aircraft is grounded for technical issues. If they only run a few flights a week they are unlikely to have a spare aircraft at the departure airport, nor the spare capacity to carry you on another flight. If they have several flights a day there's a better chance that they can find either replacement aircraft or seats on another flight.
  22. I second the recommendations for Blue Elephant (the Bangkok one) Baan Chiang (on Th. Sri Wiang near BTS Surasak) is another restaurant similar to Mango Tree. I haven't been there for a while but it used to be pretty good.
  23. thaiophilus

    Thai Pass

    The nearest I've been to having anything checked was when checking in, the airline staff noticed that the dates of my arrival and departure flights were more than 30 days apart but I had no visa. I explained that I was planning to visit a neighbouring country (using a different airline) so I would be making two visits of less than 30 days. They took my word without proof and that was the end of the matter.
  24. What you want and what they will do are not always the same thing. It's a race with only one winner. As soon as he has won, they can all go back to their phones 🙄
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