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  1. @AlexThompson were taxi prices as ridiculous n 2018 as I remember it from several years earlier? I was an Uber and scooter guy only.
  2. I spent one month on Samui in 2018 I spent two weeks in Phuket in 2019. I hated Phuket. I still think about Samui every single day. Samui is beautiful, chill, has $15 hotels and gorgeous resorts. Plenty of guys on Grindr.
  3. Cruising is alive and well... https://sniffies.com/map
  4. I bet you're the type of guy who walks into a new supermarket and goes directly to an employee for help, rather than searching for an item. There are 15 years' worth of posts, extensively researched and reported by forum members, with all the information you need for a memorable trip.
  5. Thanks for the thoughtful, honest reporting. Those images are sobering. Glitz and Babylon were where I spent all my time on my last trip to Bangkok. 😪
  6. I absolutely love your trip reports, especially all the small details you share. The reviews of the guys at Moonlight sound spot-on. I think they need to do a hard-reset on their models -- almost like the old studio system where whey plucked talent from obscurity and groomed them to be stars.
  7. @MinWhat are the differences you have noticed between a pre- and post-Covid Bangkok?
  8. This is the CUTEST THING I have ever read on this forum!
  9. Any reason why Goldmember's captivating trip report is being hijacked by a torrent of judgmental posts? This is a forum dedicated to men who visit a third world country, in order to solicit young guys who would be out of their league back home and/or to purchase prostitutes at bargain basement prices. There is no room for judgement here.
  10. @GoldMember Your trip reports are one of the top ten things I missed most during Covid! Welcome back and thanks for sharing your incredible stories!
  11. I went to the Chakran sauna, pre-Covid, and as a late 40's white guy, I definitely felt like I didn't belong. It's an amazing space, with a rooftop sex-filled deck that overlooks the skyline, but it was definitely all young Thais looking for other young Thais. I miss Babylon. 😪
  12. Before Covid, I visited two fitness camps in Thailand -- one on Koh Samui for a month (KohFit, highly recommended) and one on Phuket for two weeks. It was fantastic. I ate healthy food, worked out multiple times a day, met a great group of friends, and then got to have fun on nights and weekends. I'd love to have the same experience somewhere else. Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks, gents. I appreciate your perspectives. Has anyone ever stayed in the "barracks" next door. I stayed once, and loved the 1970's YMCA-vibe, but never saw any action in the communal bathroom/showers. Anybody have any hookup stories from these areas?
  14. @Londoner, Babylon is one of my favorite places on earth. What did you prefer about the old location? Howe else was it different?
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