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  1. I had the same thought. Both the nickname and the image were used by ShamelessMack, who also run his own blog. Much-missed indeed.
  2. Actually I had very nice massages at Prince. Clearly above average. But it obviously depends very much on the individual masseur.
  3. Great advice by DivineMadman. Based on my own experience, I agree with every word he says.
  4. Thanks for sharing the Spartacus maps! They bring up a lot of memories. Some numbers in the maps seem to be misplaced though. In Bangkok, I regularly visited Rome Club (the gay discotheque of that time) and Harrie's Bar (late night place, in full swing when all other bars were closed). Both places were amazing! From the bars, I preferred Barbiery (right on Surawong Road, with very explicit shows every night) and Golden Cock. Both bars were on the second floor, if I remember correctly, to give some 'warning time' in case the BIB would pay a visit. In Pattaya, Nautilus (boys swimming behind glas in a large water tank) and Adam & Eve were the most spectacular bars. Both had a large number of massage rooms for body-to-body (soapy) massage. Among others I also visited Memory and Homex Inn (further in the north) and Cockpit and Gentlemen (in todays Boyz Town). Not mentioned in the map are some more bars at the south end of todays walking street (Men's club 69 and Garden Boys, if I remember correctly). A late night meeting place was Marine Bar on walking street, which still exists today.
  5. Michael, I would like to thank you for saving and maintaining this site! I didn't contribute much so far, but I always felt very comfortable being here. Oh, and the software upgrade is really great!
  6. 30 years ago I enjoyed to visit the famous Adam & Eve club in North Pattaya. There was a large stage for shows and several additional platforms with go-go dancers. Part of the audience were well off members of the local (Thai) gay population of Pattaya, usually sitting in groups and sharing a bottle of whiskey. The facilities included a number of well appointed rooms with a massage table and an extra large bath room, that was used for the world famous body-to-body (soapy) massage. If I remember correctly, there were at least ten of these massage rooms. Go-go dancers and staff were all male, of course. Women were permitted in the audience (hence the name Adam & Eve), but they had to sit on the upper floor, where they could observe the stage from a balcony. Unfortunately I have no idea how many of them were sitting there (if any), as they were not visible from the main floor!
  7. My advice would be to just try it out Then, as an interesting alternative to Royal House, I would recommend Helios (the former Blue House). It is just around the corner from Royal House. From the outside it may look closed as well, so just walk in and see what's on offer. The rooms at Helios are basic, but come with en suite shower facilities. Hence the prices are a bit higher then at other massage places in Pattaya. Their website gives a good impression of the boys and the prices you can expect. The suggested minimum tip for the boy (in addition to the treatment fee) obviously includes basic sex. http://www.bluehousepattaya.com
  8. Tintinx


    Thanks for the info. Good to know there's a technical reason.
  9. Not digressing at all - as this was the very reason to spend the afternoon on the Dongtan Beach in those days! Sad to hear that you found no sign of life when you were visiting.
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