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  1. Seriously ignorant... Let's discuss how others often smell when they get wet or the hygiene practices of some European countries.... This ignorant person has got to be a TROLL
  2. You are exactly the type that I would ignore...Hopefully the boys that you are paying just don't care about your ignorance...
  3. Maybe you should go to a country that has more of the type of men you are looking for... Like Portugal or Spain...
  4. Does anybody have anything positive to add here?
  5. Im fully vaccinated so that isnt something I am worried about but thanks..
  6. Trip booked for next month to hang out in Rio for a week.... We haven't been there since May, whats new there? Things were back open, masks weren't mandatory anywhere and the weather was great then I miss Rio and can't wait.... Also booked for right after Christmas until New Years!
  7. To you....I dont find the vast majority of them attractive and that is OK
  8. All my travel is not delegated to sex....Im not attracted to most Thais but I love everything else about the city and country....
  9. Just came back from Bangkok and it has definitely changed due to Covid... Patpong night market is GONE Went by Khaoson Rd on Sunday night...the club side was great....the other street with all the restaurants and massage parlors...super quiet and slow My favorite massage spot in the area didn't make it nor did the one I frequented near Patpong Great shopping as always, Chatuchak Market was lively and very busy on Sunday Malls are still amazing although MBK has also changed dramatically... I have about 8 massages in the span of 6 days including the first night that I had to wait for my test results... Overall a great trip... Looking to go back soon... No hot sex, as usual since I am not attracted to Thais and NO happy endings...Im sure I could have got that...
  10. How about you update it...I know which dates and the saunas to attend..
  11. This list is inaccurate and out of date....
  12. Stay in your own city in your own country... Based on the question asked, you are either not very well traveled, naive or fragile...Maybe all three (All shade) It is hard to convert $100 because most people will assume they are fake since they are the easiest bills to counterfeit...Good luck with that...$20s are easiest to exchange Why would you need to carry a thick wad of bills in your money belt....Not sure what that is....you dont have to carry ALL of your money on your at one time...the same way you wouldnt in your own city Keep carrying in your shoe or wherever you feel wont be found in the case you get robbed... The last question is the silliest....Again, maybe not well traveled...They would not be able to get into your safe UNLESS you gave them the code....Its not in the majority of peoples interest to steal from hotel guests if they want to keep their jobs...
  13. First floor in the airport....all the way at the end of the airport, terminal 2 near the ATM machines The results are what you need to get on the flights back to whatever country you live in
  14. Was in Rio last week....great trip as always Amazing weather..I got in early Monday morning and left out on Friday... The beaches were packed and amazing on all of the days especially Monday and Tuesday.... Tons of gays in town for Carnival....great eye candy! Monday at Pointe was just so so...there was something going on at 117 so I think the crowd may have been there OR just out in the streets celebrating Tuesday at 117 was super packed...tons of new eye candy, tons of clients talking, drinking, hanging out...def met some new eye candy Decided to check out Pointe on Wednesday and it was decent....crowded...festive...didnt find anything of interest that day but made up for it on Thursday Back to 117 for my last full day in Rio....great decision...met a new guy, new to the scene, had a great time and exchanged Whatsapp info... Overall the trip was a success...plenty of sun, sand, sex....relaxation....I did some work while I was there as well Also learned that in a pinch, instead of getting Covid tested at the site at the airport, the little pharmacy will test you for less money and you get your results back immediately! Oh, Latam airlines has really good food! Would love to travel to Rio and Salvador again before winter there/summer here but may not happen.... Definitely planning to go back in September/October
  15. The beaches and the historical part of Salvador Bahia are not that far away....a short uber ride... Please stop making it sound like is hours away... There are buses as well as uber that will take you from the beach front area to the historical downtown area minutes away
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