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  1. Again, try Romeo and set your Location to Cebu City. Several hairy hunks show up there. Most are selling Massage Services.
  2. One fun thing to do on Cebu Island is to go down south and go Canyoneering... Unfortunately Deo does not live on Cebu so he cannot be your Guide...
  3. Again, my recommendation is Cebu City. Not as crowded as Manila so easier to get around. And many Guys on Grinder or Romeo. Just sign up there and say what you are looking for... I also enjoy going outside the City. Like to Bantayan Island or over to Palawan. Both have beautiful beaches. Take a new friend with you to enjoy all there is to do. The Philippines is not just for Sex. Many sweet and fun guys or men there to go out, drink, disco, eat, and of course shop!! ENJOY
  4. MORE PLEASE, SIR!! How did the 3-Some work out??
  5. Anyone watching 2 Moons 3 - The Ambassador?? It is the spin off from the Original 2 Moons.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Yes I watched "Love in the Air". Enjoyed it... Any comments on "Young Royals S2". I thought it ended much to soon...
  7. Any recommendations for hot new BL Series showing now? I enjoyed "Big Dragon" even if it was not KinnPorsche. Enjoying "War of Y". But the twists and turns of "To Sir, with Love" are getting old. So point me to some better Vids!! Thanks
  8. Continue please!! Great to read your recollections... And yes the Super Lex I went to was at the very end of the Soi from Super A. You could also enter from the Soi off Soi 6.
  9. Yes that was Super Lek. It was a larger Show Bar with a stage. And many handsome young guys!! I was taken there on my first trip back in 2003 by a German friend. We both found dates for the Night and several days after... AHHHH the Memories.
  10. Started watching Big Dragon, from Thailand. Two handsome guys but no Kinn and Porsche. The "RICH" young man drives a Mercedes Convertible!! Beautiful Ride! But the young Architect is hotter.
  11. Sorry, I named the wrong Thai Series. It is "Oh! My Sunshine Night". Yes, it seems most of these BL stories have VERY RICH guys and VERY POOR guys. I guess the female viewers find that part of the fantasy. Even the Students live in beautiful condos, rather than dorms. OH and the cars they drive!! BWM, Mercedes, Maserati... 🙄
  12. I am watching the Thai Series "My Only 12%" It makes me consider the question I have regarding Thailand. What is the difference between a Servant and a Slave?? The Houseman likes to say "It is a Duty..." And he wants his Son to follow that with regard to the Hi-So Thai family. We have a House Cleaner. But she is not a Servant. She only comes to clean one morning a week. So is that the difference?
  13. I use VPN to watch Episodes on GagaOOLala that are available in Singapore, but not in the USA. My Subscription is in the USA, but I can watch from "other locations around the World". PayPal is also able to spoof your payments. You give PayPal your Credit Card and that is used through your PayPal Account. To get shows over the Internet to you TV you need a Smart TV, Roku, or Google Chromecast. CHEERS
  14. YEAH, so HOT and loves to pump his hard cock!! 😛
  15. POGOs have been a problem for years in the PH. Glad to see the new President is taking this action. INGAT
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