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  1. GWMinUS


    WOW!! So hot!! I will watch this every night here in the USA... Thanks for the URL!!!
  2. SURE I was in Phuket and offed a hot guy from Tangmo. But when I go to my hotel they checked his ID and told me he was underage. This even though I had asked at the bar before taking him off. So back to the bar we went and I told the Mamasan the problem. He apologized and refunded my Off Fee. Do not know what happened to the guy???
  3. So nice to be LOVED...
  4. GWMinUS


    I guess Mr. Jack dropped out of the show?? Any info from our Reporters on the ground???
  5. And their costumes do not even fit well!! Anyway, he bought the name and we will see when it goes...
  6. I also do not like all the Empty or Skipped Lines. Like a terrible Word Document... Asked about this but have not gotten a reply...
  7. Glad I am flying to Bali, Indonesia that week...
  8. Could this be DrimVoiz's Mr. Wonderful???
  9. When I first visited Bangkok I went to the Tomahawk Go-Go opposite Tawan. It was TINY!! Just a raised ledge along one wall and a bank of seating with several levels opposite. Probably only 5-6 feet across from the dancers. But it worked!! Great memories...
  10. Yes, and Wirat was a Mamasan there. That is where I meet my First Go Go Guy and fell in LOVE!!! And I also enjoyed going to Solid. Met many wonderful young men there. But never encountered the Owner...
  11. HAHAHA For 10,000 Baht you should get MORE than a Dance...
  12. Two comments... The new bar appears to have many windows. Maybe it will be more like the new Music Bar in Pattaya? Also when you guys Quote try to only pick up the text. No need to have the Pics included many times... Koop khun krub
  13. GWMinUS


    What is the URL for the Video? I do not find it on their Facebook or Twitter Pages.
  14. Maybe he was just hired to photo shoot the Ad?? And with all those Bhat around his neck as a Come On...
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