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  1. Yes, and Wirat was a Mamasan there. That is where I meet my First Go Go Guy and fell in LOVE!!! And I also enjoyed going to Solid. Met many wonderful young men there. But never encountered the Owner...
  2. HAHAHA For 10,000 Baht you should get MORE than a Dance...
  3. We are thinking of phones in a completely different way that the "boys" there. For them it is not the utility but the status of having the latest and greatest. I have been there before. But the last phone I bought a guy in Thailand was a Nokia and cost USD75! HAHAHA Now I am looking at my friends in the Philippines needing a NEW phone because theirs has a broken screen, or dead battery, or it was lost. The last one I bought for a good friend cost USD300. But that is something I cannot do often. Like Christian, I resent feeling I must buy a phone for a guy I have only just met. But never easy to say "No". GUILT!!!
  4. Two comments... The new bar appears to have many windows. Maybe it will be more like the new Music Bar in Pattaya? Also when you guys Quote try to only pick up the text. No need to have the Pics included many times... Koop khun krub
  5. GWMinUS


    What is the URL for the Video? I do not find it on their Facebook or Twitter Pages.
  6. Maybe he was just hired to photo shoot the Ad?? And with all those Bhat around his neck as a Come On...
  7. This is a wonderful movie. I did not understand much of the Thai Spirits subplot but the two men were great!! If you want to download it using a Torrent App, it is available on the Gay Torrents web site. You must register to use the site but there is no fee. Just please continue to seed and do not repost with any mention of Gay Torrents.
  8. WOW how did this thread get so far off Pre-paid Cards??? I am more a visitor to the Philippines but I was interested in how I could help a long time Filipino friend buy things to start a small business. It seemed better to send him a Pre-Paid Debit Card than have him carry around Cash. I could load it up and he could make purchases as needed. So based on this discussion I read up on Pre-Paid Cards in the Philippines. What I found out is there are a several but they all are limited by Fees. Either a Monthly fee, a fee to put money on the Card, a fee to withdraw money from the Card. So I quickly saw no advantage. It is on to sending Money Transfers... Take Care!!
  9. GWMinUS


    DrimVoiz, we are all waiting for you to Find Out!!
  10. OH you guys!! The foods in the Philippines are excellent!! Of course you must try the lechon baboy (roasted pork) and the plentiful seafoods (shrimp, crab, lapu-lapu). I do not do the Street Foods there. It is not at all like Thailand. But fly to Cebu City and go to Ayala Mall. Many great local restaurants to enjoy. And never got food poisoning. HAHAHA INGAT!!
  11. Using a Credit Card is OK for purchases overseas. So long at the CC Co. is not charging you Fee!! I use my CapitalOne Card that has no foreign currency fee and a good exchange rate. But I would never use a CC to withdraw money. That is a Cash Advance and gets charged a hugh fee, something like USD50. So it is to the ATM with my Trusty Debit Card. The ATM fee from the foreign bank is reimbursed by my Bank. And the transaction is protected by VISA. CHEERS!!!
  12. GWMinUS


    Yes, I think we should start a GoFundMe Account for DrimVoiz to have a Go at Babe!!
  13. I just had my Prostate checkup this month. Got an Rx for Cialis and asked about Testo treatments to enhance my libito. The Doc said NO WAY. It would feed the small amount of cancer in my prostate. Not what I want to do... PS Filled the Rx for Cialis at CVS Pharmacy and they gave me generic Tadalafil made by Tava. So it is now available in the USA.
  14. DrimVoiz, I agree completely!! Thanks for the hot pics...
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