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  1. So what about those "pearls" inserted under the foreskin?? When I first visited Bangkok in 2003 I encountered a very hot guy at BBB, or was it Screw Boys?? Anyway we went back to the Tarntawan Hotel, the guy showered, and brought his sexy body to bed. Then I started to explore the goods and found all these Bumps along his cock!! He told me they where to give extra pleasure to the Ladies he fucked! WOW!! I decided I did not want to experience that up my ass. But we had a happy ending! I later found out they are called manoks and the medical term is pearling. It was also prominent in the Philippines, but I have never encountered it there...
  2. Sounds like an Opportunity!! Crowd-Funding anyone??? But who will be the Owner???
  3. YES YES Vinapu! As I said times have changed!! My Nokia did not take good pics. So I had to use my Canon EOS. But we did have Yahoo Messenger. So it was possible to share Pics when I got home...
  4. AHHHH the times have really changed. When I first visited Thailand in 2003 I always asked for Souvenir Pics of my Offs. And most all said yes. Such fond memories!!!
  5. GWMinUS


    Wonder how this Topic wondered off into DreamBoys??
  6. GWMinUS


    Hey Guys!! Let's get this Topic going again!! Must be something happening at Moonlight? Us Guys sitting back home want to have a vicarious experience!!!
  7. OH Michael, great Post. But can we see You in your PJs??? And more seriously, do you wear your PJs in Coach or in Business???
  8. But as I understand, it is Not Legal for the bars to even employ workers what are not Thai. Seems many of the bars just ignore the laws...
  9. Great video, too bad I do not understand any Thai. But clearly he is showing off all the Bottles and Drinks you can order. Better if he was showing off some of the Guys!!!
  10. OH!! Tried to access the web site and go this Notification... Video unavailable This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Looks like those of us in the US at out of luck!!! who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
  11. Jasper can you provide the URL or Facebook location for the video? I looked at the FB Page can could not find anything...
  12. So is having two stops over usual with Chinese Airlines. I have often considered China Southern to fly from Los Angeles to the Philippines. But end up booking EVA with one stop over in Taiwan. Needled to say I cannot afford Business Class on EVA...
  13. Just to clarify, Southwest Airlines allows TWO Checked Bags and ONE Carry-on Bag. And their fares are consistently lower than the Big Three.
  14. GWMinUS


    Actually I rather like Babe's new hair. Or maybe it is just the Body???
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