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  1. sglad


    How tall is Jack Maitree? He is one sexy fuck.
  2. There's another issue here which no one seems to have picked up on. Thai notes bear the image of the king and any form of disrespect towards that image can be construed as lese majeste. People have been arrested for accidentally stepping on his image and there was one incident where a drunken farang threw his change on the bar floor and stepped on it because he was upset about one thing or other and was sent to prison for it. I know these are extreme cases but it doesn't hurt to be mindful of these things especially in the current political climate.
  3. Oh dear. This is not the first time you've made a scathing, reprehensible and grossly exaggerated generalisation about "most Thais". For someone who claims to be a scientist, your assertions are ironically unscientific and not based on solid empirical evidence that would justify its application on "most Thais". From reading your posts, I gather that your interactions with Thai people have been limited in scope and diversity. You judge the people you meet in terms of how they would fit in your mold of how they should be instead of taking them as they are. You seem to lack empathy for people and their circumstances and are quick to judge them based on some biased, singular yardstick and fail to acknowledge that every individual is made up of many parts with their own gifts and flaws. On Sawatdee Network, you described 95% of the gay Thais you've had contact with as "stupid, lazy, greedy creatures". I've told you this before and I will tell you again: you should ask yourself why you seem to have an inordinate amount of negative encounters with Thai boys when the experiences of others have been quite the opposite. After all, you are the common denominator in these encounters. And lastly, be careful what you wish for - if your average Thai guy turns into your average Singaporean, Hong Konger or Japanese, it's unlikely that he'll give you the time of day.
  4. sglad


    It's his body and mind so he gets to set the boundaries but what a shame because with his compact size and cute face, he would make a great cuddly, muscly bottom.
  5. sglad


    Babe is a lot more cut up and defined in the above pic than in his more recent pics and videos. The blonde hair doesn't do it for me though.
  6. Hi paborn, how are you?
  7. Hank75, For reviews of restaurants, interesting places to visit around Pattaya, bars, boys, etc, search for arsenal's posts in the Sawatdee Gay Thailand forum of Sawatdee Network. As Pattaya's self-appointed Secretary of State, he reviews both familiar and unfamiliar venues and places and he's been faithfully doing them over the last couple of years, often with pics. I personally find them interesting reading (although I don't really care for Pattaya).
  8. sglad


    Actually, not being raised by foreigners can be a blessing in some cases, seeing some of the riff raff that float onto Thailand's shores. Out of curiosity, how tall is York?
  9. sglad


    Vinapu, Google "Babe Bang Magazine". It's all there and I give him a 9. But I really really hope the shoot was worthwhile for him financially and doesn't damage his prospects because with his face and body he can have a very lucrative, long-term career as a companion of a wealthy Asian man or woman. Now that I've seen his face more clearly (and just about everything else!), I wouldn't be surprised if he was hill tribe or Tai-yai. Hot.
  10. sglad


    Haha, I think spoon's type is what my Malay friends call abang sado. Am I right spoon?
  11. I remember this guy from our trip last November. Very pleasant guy who showed us to our seats and who came by from time to time to chit chat and to ask us whether we needed any help.
  12. sglad


    Hard to do when your mouth is full...
  13. Any break in Pattaya would certainly be indecent, hank75.
  14. Thanks for the pithy reports, paborn. I had wondered on SN how you had got on in Thailand after your extensive research and am happy to see you back.
  15. Just out of curiosity, why aren't people using Whatsapp, Line or FaceTime video call to verify their potential dates? All it takes is five seconds to verify their face and body.
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