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  1. I think that's how it works.I usually stay between 3 weeks to one month every trip and somehow wasting my time on cleaning, laundry and cooking isn't appealing to me. I know some prefer service apartments or Airbnb but I never understood what is the adventage of it in a country where the hotels have an excellent value for money .
  2. You probably broke all time Thai record for the shortest motorsai ever made
  3. Thai boys don't like to walk at all even very short walks they will take some kind of transportation. They also don't like explosion to sun and sitting in the beach isn't attractive thing .
  4. The Boys Bangkok bring back so many wonderful memories it was for me the best all time ever gogo bar in Thailand so many amazing boys to choose from and the best fucking shows I ever saw . Yes you are right most boys were happy with 1000 ST only the star boys expect to receive more than that back then.
  5. Yes I agree every side has its own expectations so it's better to negotiate the rates in advance to avoid unnecessary arguments later on. Back to my first visits at the early 2000's it was a bit different I don't remember any negotiatiations with boys they were happy to receive 1000-1500 BHT for ST and 1500-2000 LT and nobody complained but things changed since then living cost raised up and the Thai economy improved dramatically so boys demand much more now and closing fee in advance is a must nowadays.
  6. Do you mean they exchange regular messages or via apps like WhatsApp?
  7. Yes I agree sadly Screwboys weren't doing great business even before the Covid started.
  8. Exactly positive experience in my last stay in 2020. It's my favourite in Silom/Surawong area.
  9. It's very rude and ungretul behaviour, he could just give you a false excuse why he can't stay for the night.
  10. I did consider this hotel too in the past but due the inconvenience location and many poor reviews I never stayed there, however due your good experience at the Baiyoke I will consider staying there on my next visit for night or two for its panoramic BKK view.
  11. To tip 50 to 100 percent of the listed price seems very exessive to me , of course everyone can do with their money whatever they want but first workers do get part of the fee from the shop and do not rely on tips only second the Thai culture do not obligated to the tips practice as we know in the west so for regular massage I tend to tip 100 Bht for one hour service regardless the price of it ,if I am taking 2 hours massage I will give 200 Bht , if the service is poor I won't give any tip but luckily it never happened to me.sometimes I tend to do the massages with the same masseur if I like him/her the whole stay of my visit in this case at the last session as farewell present I do give 500 to 1000 Bht . For happy ending/ sex massage it's different (I did only once or twice because I don't like it if I want massage I am taking professional masseur and if I want sex I take a boy from a bar or one of the of the apps to my room ) I see it as a sex service and not a massage so tips and costs should be higher of course and depends on the shop rates and the negotiation between the masseurs and their clients.
  12. I like to stay at Furama Silom although it's a bit far from the action its only ten minutes walk from the bars , great roof swimming pool , spacious rooms, very good breakfast and direct entrance to the elevator bypass the reception. Did you stay there ?
  13. I like your approach to write a report on the spot not only after arriving home ad most of the forum members are doing. Keep us update .
  14. The only interaction I have with mamasans is a polite small talk if they approach me but no more than that. if I want a boy I am just waving him to come and sit with me and if I like him I off the boy. I never used a mamasan as mediator between me and the boys because I know they tend to raise the prices,asked for tips, recommend the boys whom give them bigger share of the fee and smirch the boys they don't like so I really don't need their 'services'.
  15. I am doing traditional massage (no sex or 'happy ending') almost every day when I am in Thailand and most of the masseurs/ masseuses are paid what agreed and not expecting tip but of course will be happy if you tip them, in my whole more than twenty years traveling to Thailand I don't recall any requests in advance or any pressure for tip but I do tend to tip between 50 to 100 Bht. if I would have a bad experience like the OP I won't give any tip but luckily I really don't recall having a bad massage ever .
  16. Boy69


    It's beyond my understanding to chase straight guys whom are not interested in dating gay falang and even if they finally agree they are clearly playing 'gay for pay' role and are not enjoying it.
  17. I used to like Hollywood too but my last visit six years ago was horrible experience the air-conditioning too cold the music too loud not too many good bannds as used to be and most of the time one beat music like a racket to my ears. It was the last time went there .
  18. I will take z909 good advice and not to book anything in advance and be flexible I can recommend Krabi ,Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi and Sukothai (the most lovely people I ever met in Thailand).
  19. It happened to me 2 years ago I invited to my room a boy from Grinder who worked at at one of the massage places in Pattaya he was nice with attractive body but a very strange odor from his skin spoiled all the fun I just praied that the massage will end as soon as possible. Great report Vinapu you are becoming an icon here. lol. My impression is that you had more adventurous and fun in Pattaya then Bangkok ?
  20. The main problem is if I and the boy staying with me have different time routine 4 years ago I had very beautiful 19 yo boy I met in Pattaya we planned to stay together all my vacation about a month but we have some issues and the main problem was that he didn't go to sleep before 3 am and won't get up before 4 pm I am not used to sleep so long hours ( max 7 hours) and wake up so late ( max 8 am) it didn't work between us and our ways separated after less then a week.
  21. I was exactly as you 20 years ago but those days are gone wake up early and eating breakfast around 9 am like to visit beaches, sightseeing and shopping malls during the day and going to bars at nights come back to my room no later then 1 am. We are getting older what we did when we were young can't do anymore unfortunately
  22. I just ignore those greedy boys unlike some members here willing to pay overpriced fees.
  23. Yes Thailand is very safe country but that doesn't mean that you have to be carefree, It's better to secure all your valuable things at the safe box . I am traveling in Thailand more then 20 years all I can say is that the Thai people are wonderful and never had any problems there.
  24. The time conception in East Asia is completely different then the west, If you take a boy for ST it can be less than half an hour "you come I go" or few hours if there is good chemistry with the boy so there is no definitive time frame for ST. For example I took very beautiful Vietnamese from Screw Boys bar in BKK he was amazing in bed but all the session was about half hour he took a shower we do our business and he left . In Pattaya I took a boy from Grinder he came to my amazing suite in East Suites at Jomtien complex after we done he was so antusiasted from the apartment and wanted to try the Jacuzzi and we have a talk and drink and he stayed for almost 3 hours with no extra fee then agreed. I personally never understood the overnight long term concept unless a client wants multiple sex sessions with the boy all night what is the point to have a boy just for sleeping with you , maybe some are feeling so lonely in their life so staying overnight with a boy compensate their loneliness?
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