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  1. I'm in the process of having some shirts and a jacket made by this tailor in Jomtien. I had shirts made on a previous visit and I was very happy with the quality and the fit. I am getting some heavy cotton shirts for 850 bath and some light ones for 750 baht, all long-sleeved. The jacket will cost 2,800 baht. He has a reputation for being a bit more expensive than some others in Pattaya, however the price is just a fraction of what it would be at home and he's very conveniently located if you are staying in Jomtien. I agree with ggobkk that it is hard to bargain with the owner, Mr Singh?, due to his exceptionally straitened circumstances, the expense of running a business, pressure from suppliers etc. However you should still be able to get at least 10% off. The shop is called Siam Next Fashion. It is right beside the entrance to the Jomtien Complex at 413/30-31 Tappraya Rd.
  2. This has been a very interesting topic to follow. But getting back to the OP - if people are going bareback on the basis of being "safe" because they're on PrEP, then what's to stop someone just saying they're on Prep in order to persuade their sex partner that it's safe to have unprotected sex with them? This puts the partner in a dilemma - is it safe or not? This use of PrEP could lead to more unprotected sex and consequently more infection by HIV if it becomes the norm for guys to agree to go bareback just because someone says they're on PrEP, when in reality they may not be. There is a lot of unprotected sex going on in Thailand. A guy I was with in August told me the four previous times he had sex were with other Thais and they all insisted on going bareback. Food for thought.
  3. Thanks for that CurtisD. I have a question about your use of cumulative risk to determine the probability of transmission. If I flip a coin the chance of it being heads is 50%. If I flip 100 coins and then flip another the chance of it being heads is still 50%. The results of the previous coin tosses do not affect the probability of the outcome of a new coin toss. Therefore if the risk of PrEP failing in one encounter is 8%, as you say, then why would it be any greater for subsequent encounters?
  4. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback, much appreciated
  5. Hey guys, please indulge a brief trip report from a recent diversion from Thailand to Nepal... After spending June in Pattaya I left for Nepal to spend a month with my boyfriend Adhik exploring this incredible country. Kathmandu is as crazy and as mystical as ever. Real hippies may still be found roaming the streets of Thamel. I emerge from the airport terminal building to be pounced upon Adhik and his cousin Shabby, two of the best looking gay guys you could ever hope to meet. It is a tolerant place for gay people, but the locals are conservative and the scene is largely underground. Four star hotels are cheap here and we check in downtown, happily accepting an upgrade to an executive suite. Later we are joined by another good friend Chang, a stunner from the mongolian side of the ethnic divide, whose excellent English leads to many rambling conversations. English is like a second language here. An impromptu party, alcohol is consumed and its four in a bed until morning. Sore heads try to remember who sucked who but it doesn't matter, no-one was left out. Adhik is busy during the day so I connect with a nineteen year old football player on Grindr. Bang is slim, handsome and full of energy, he fast becomes a bedtime favourite. He is inexperienced, having been with just one guy previously, and happy to play sub to my dom. We connect well and meet again and again. I didn't spot the emotional attachment coming. There are tears and I feel like a crass insensitive foreigner. I am not proud of myself. Adhik is finally free to holiday so we pull up our tent and move to the beautiful city of Pokhara, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Our balcony provides breathtaking views of the Annapurna range and Lake Phewa nearby. We are entertained by a group of traditional musicians in the hotel restaurant. A cute and very athletic dancer turns pirouettes and captivates his audience. He is nineteen and he joins us in our room for afters. We each top him in turn. There just aren't enough bottoms in Nepal. Adhik's mother and sister arrive to join us for a few days holiday. They are gracious and warm in the Nepalese way and I feel as if I have gained a family. The days are taken up with the standard tourist fare - boating on the lake, clubing in Lakeside, jumping off Sarangkot mountain on a paraglider. Great memories are created together. Then Chang makes the journey from Kathmandu to join us. We continue our rambling conversations on the meaning of life and everything over coffee on the roof terrace of the hotel. I return to the room from a swim in the pool to find the two guys taking naked pics of each other with my mobile phone. I am surprised when Chang presents the phone to me - 'it is our gift to you' - I accept their gift. Next we take to the trekking trails in the nearby Anapurnas. However the combination of monsoon rain and an army of leeches turns it into an ordeal. I take a tumble while descending wet steps and suffer some minor abrasions. The mountains remain stubbornly hidden behind a veil of cloud. It is a relief to get back to Pokhara. The weather lifts and we get back out to the countryside where the countless waterfalls provide us with opportunities to cool off from the midday heat. One evening we are socialising with two of Adhik's gay friends in the Busy Bee nightclub in Lakeside. They have excellent English and are considerate to include me in the conversation. Pen is 23 and shares some of his experiences as a young gay guy growing up in Nepal. As the evening draws to a close he opens his shirt to show a bandage on his neck which he peels off. A jagged scar marks an attempt by his ex-boyfriend to cut his throat. He is single now. After twelve days in Pokhara we fly back to Kathmandu on Yeti Air. Time flies by as the bustle and hassle of city life keeps us busy but there's still time to kick back with friends in Pink Tiffany, the friendliest of the gay-friendly bars in Kathmandu. Nepal always beats me up a bit. As I sit typing this report my heading is swimming with the mother of all colds. The scabs on my knees and hands from the fall on the trekking trail are healing well. My feet and ankles are pock marked with the welts left by leech bites - I know from experience they will still be visible in a year's time - however I am grateful that they didn't succeed in feeding any higher up. I have heard the horror stories of those who were not so lucky. It is my last day here before returning to the incomparable delights of Pattaya to finish out my Asian Summer. There will be a small room party with Adhik and Shabby later but I have some unfinished business, I am not happy with how Bang and I parted company. After a week of evasive chats online he has agreed to meet over a coffee. I hope at least to be able to part as friends. I have learned that a friend made in Nepal is a friend for life.
  6. You are right of course Christian, it was Nice Boys on Soi VC and not Dream Boys. I went back to edit the post but couldn't figure out how to do it. My mistake.
  7. Last night I went shopping in Tukcom, the first floor is a treasure trove for electronic gifts and gadgets. Finishing early I made a short diversion to Sunnee Plaza - I was in the neighbourhood after all. I decided to just visit Power Boys and Nice Boys on Soi VC as I was carrying limited funds. The cute doorboy outside Powerboys made short work of steering me into the premises where there were eight twink types on stage and just a couple of customers. I explained to the Mamasan that the doorboy floated my boat and he quickly abandoned his post to join me. While not as busy as Nice Boys there was a good vibe in the place and the boys were having fun on stage. They all looked great, though I found the boy with boobs a bit distracting. The very sexy #1 arrived for work and was hardly on stage before he was called by a customer with whom he disappeared from sight. Time flew by but my drink glass was emptied and I was ready to move on. Drink 150, boy drink 200, I tipped the doorboy 200 for his attentions. On to Dreamboys. The stage was packed with a blush of about sixteen boys, some more with the half a dozen customers present. The very handsome and well proportioned #12 had spotted my arrival and was soon sitting beside me with his briefs around his knees. #8 had long given up any attempt to fit his cucumber inside his shorts and was offering it for everyone's consideration. Most of the boys on stage were engaged in frantic attempts at penile enlargement by watching porn on their mobiles. Some were unsuccessful - gay boys pretending to be straight boys pretending to be gay boys perhaps. Others were much more successful. #2 proudly displayed the results of his labours, a beautiful straight cock that could have got him a job as a cock model. I was so impressed that I extracted myself from #12 and tipped his cock directly, much to his appreciation. The dark-skinned toussle haired #38 then returned to the stage from the company of a customer, he wasn't wearing his number but I remember it from a previous encounter. Recognising me he comes down to present himself and is rewarded accordingly. The cute beanpole #30 then follows suit for a touch and go, however he is not impressed with the barman who takes some liberties in the spanking department. #12 wants to know if I will tip him too and offers to come for 300. I tell him not to bother," just keep doing what you're doing and you will be tipped handsomely". The pushy mamasan was not there but the barman is alive to my ability to stretch a drink to an hour and is hovering beside my table. I have the better of him though. A can of Sprite and a glass full of ice can go a long way. He openly encourages #12 to finish his drink, which he does, and then asks me for another. I happily oblige, refilling his glass from the Sprite can. The barman gives up and walks away. The drink glasses are finally empty, it is time to go. I consider offing #12 but the list of things you can do with a boy in your room that you can't do in a bar is a short one. In Eros it hardly exists at all. So I settle my bill - drink 150, boy drink 200, tip for #12 300, other tips 100. I take a motorbike taxi back to my condo in Jomtien. After a quick refresh I make the short walk into the Jomtien Complex. First I have a drink with a boy I chatted to on Grindr in Kiss Bar. He is as good looking as his profile but physically a big guy and not my type. I do the Jomtien walk and after a few diversions settle with a cute Thai boy in the Sun Bar. He speaks English and is very attentive. After drinks we re-locate to my condo to end the evening in the nicest way possible.
  8. Sorry nuckyt77, You left it too late, The boys are all gone, There are none left Even the massage boys are gone...
  9. Finnseventy


    Just back from Sunnee Plaza. Great atmosphere in Winner Boys and numerous stunning boys as posted by halfhandsome. Nice Boys was hopping with a stage full of boys and the bar busy with customers. Big surprise was Power Boys next door, which I found disappointing in the past. Not so many boys as Nice Boys but some very good looking guys. Well worth a visit.
  10. Great to hear that Nice Boys is going strong. My favourite go-go bar in Pattaya. Always a great atmosphere and plenty of fun to be had. I'm very much looking forward to paying a visit when I arrive next week for the summer.
  11. Hi Abang, Belated but sincere best wishes on your 55th birthday and likewise for your upcoming 56th! You look great and you are setting a very high standard for the rest of us in the same age bracket. I have just read this topic for the first time and I really enjoyed the positive attitude to aging in many of the posts. They reflect the "you're as young as the ass you're feeling" outlook of many of the contributors here. I also will turn 55 in August and now I am actually looking forward to it! I may even book another trip to Thailand just to celebrate. Finally, in the spirit of Abang's photo logs, here are a couple of pics of a somewhat paler 54 year old and travelling companion taken at Chicken Head Island in Krabi just a month ago.
  12. I was curious about this on my last visit and asked one of the bar owners in the Jomtien Complex. His explanation was that the complex was zoned residential. This meant it was OK to have bars and restaurants but to have a go-go style bar it would have to be re-zoned as an entertainment area. He expressed the hope that this would happen sooner rather than later!
  13. Did you go into the sea at Dongtan beach? My partner and I both got a dose of the runs after swimming there last July.
  14. Yes spoon- it confused me too. The more I think of it his behaviour was neither normal nor predictable. Me neither! Not really NIrishGuy. There wasn't much of a conversation and I was just keen to get him out of the apartment tbh. If I ever cross paths with him again I will be sure to ask.
  15. Great to hear how you guys would have handled the situation - though the 6 lashes may be pushing it z909! Nice one Uranus. I reckon I would have responded in similar form had anyone asked me in advance, but I behaved differently when the situation arose. I guess that's why I posted the story - to find out how you guys might have handled things differently. I enjoy reading ChristianPFC's blog and had previously read his account of the triple thief Bom Minburi, whom he mentions above also. At the time I was puzzled that the theft was ignored but get it that it was out of greater considerations than just the loss of a few hundred baht. Perhaps that influenced me with the naked thief and softened my response. I agree reader, it may encourage him to try it again on another "soft" farang, and that would be unfortunate. But he'd be sure to come a cropper sooner or later I feel. Maybe steveboy, but I generally only turn the other cheek in Soda massage!
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