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  1. True, I wouldn't know. But as I take PrEP it wouldn't be the end of the day if he is lying. Even if HIV infected the risk of me getting infected to is close to zero when I take PrEP as prescribed; much more dangerous to move around in the traffic. I dont stop flying just because there is a risk of the aircraft crashing
  2. Yeah, I suppose we are talking on average. I suppose in that trade there can be good and less good days. Sorry, but I made a mistake about the rates I mentioned y-day. I just read our recent chat again; it is AUD 150-200 per session
  3. As I recall the results from the study you refer to, the 3 persons all stopped taking PrEP during the test period. None of the persons taking PrEP as prescribed got infected by HIV. The conclusion from the various tests/studies is that PrEP is very effective protection against HIV regardless of which of the 4 dosing methods used - but only if you remember to take the pill. It will not protect against other STI
  4. I follow that strategy - start taking the daily pill 5-7 days before traveling and keep taking daily pills for some days after getting back. I have also used the "on-demand" dosing some times. And before you ask: in general with condom but without happens occasionally if we are both on PrEP.
  5. The guy reported back that he would earn 100-150 AUD per session. 2 customers a day.
  6. Sorry it came out contradicting. Yes, if I know I will be in need to accommodation, when walking the streets of HCMC I will look out for hotels that appeal to me (sometimes I will even walk in and have a look at the lobby/reception) but I don't bother to ask at the reception for rates - I just check rates online (usually Agoda for VN) and book. The likelihood that I could have gotten a better rate by walking in and booking a room at the reception is small.
  7. It is very likely that you will be asked to go find an ATM and come back with cash. As stated above cash is king in Thailand and anyone trying to pay an off-fee by credit card will cause some suspicion I guess. As already advised above: bring cash (GBP) and change as you go. There are currency exchange booths everywhere but if you want the best rates, find the Super Rich or Superrich Thailand branch offices (both have really competitive rates). When you go there, bring your passport! (at least that was required in the past at the Superrich Thailand offices, but it may have changed now).
  8. speedoo1


    A younger and less muscular Mr Nakkii? https://www.xnxx.com/video-offppc9/hot_asian_male
  9. Thanks, I should have thought about rentmen and Hunqz. My only concern is if the asking prices in rentment, huntz reflect actual price levels? It is my experience that the asking rates of rentmen, hungz etc gúys are heavily inflated and often the guys will settle for far less. Obviously, this doesn't apply to rentmen guys only (e.g. in Vietnam, this guy and many other guys on the apps will ask for USD 100 from foreigners but settle for around 50% or less). However, I have also come across some guys telling me that they have sufficient customers and are not prepared to budge - recent experience was Cape Town where many blk online guys refused to budge. Admittedly, without any knowledge about price levels in Sydney, asking for AUS 200 for fun seem a bit steep?
  10. From a friend in HCMC who works as a MB on the apps (with frequent trips to Hongkong, SG, Malaysia etc) I got a rather difficult Q yesterday. The guy announced that he will make a trip to Sydney next month and upon my question confirmed that he will try to make some money as MB there (freelance/on the apps). Most likely he will be there for a couple of weeks (based on his earlier travel patterns). He question to me was - how much to charge for "services" in Sydney? (I believe he meant short time - either in his hotel room or outcall). As I have absolutely no experience with MB rates in Australia I need to pass on the Q in there: anyone able to shed some lights on this? For your information I estimate him to be around 26-28y (admittedly I never asked him about age) with a firm muscle body. In particular his chest muscles stand out but he is not shredded/sixpack - anything else than a twink. He is gay but straight acting/amanly and top only with a nice large c*ck (certainly bigger than the average asian size). I wouldn't call him handsome (but not unattractive either). Height: around 175cm.
  11. I have tried the same on earlier visits to HCMC but my experience was - with only 1 exception that the "walk in" rates were higher than the rates available on Agoda. So I have given up on that/don't want to waste time chasing a possible but small discount by asking for rates directly from the hotel reception.
  12. speedoo1


    From his IG profile it appears that Mr Nakkii is in the navy
  13. In general male visitors to your room is not a problem in hotels in Vietnam (unless at late evening/at night). Local guys may be required to leave their ID at the reception (in particular if the purpose of the visit to the room is quite clear) and once the guy picks up his ID the reception may call you in the room to hear if you are OK. SGN hotels: There are plenty of good mid level hotels in HCMC, e.g. on Ly Tu Trong street near Ben Thanh market. The Silverland hotels are recommended and reasonably priced. Plenty a cheaper but still good hotels around in that area - I suggest to look around once you get there. My recent experience is that last minute rates are cheaper than if you book long time in advance and that weekend rates are higher than weekday rates. Gay bar: Try Thi bar or Republic Club on Durong de Tham near the famous Bui Vien street (both are gay venues very busy on Friday/Saturday nights). I can't help you with sauna/massage venues. You will find plenty of massage guys or MB in the apps - if the massage part is important to you make sure to make that very clear - most "massage guys" coming to your room will engage directly in the fun part of the deal skipping the massage part - despite their marketing online the reality is that most are MB rather than massage guys.
  14. I was in Dalat earlier this month. A charming destination for a few days - somewhat cooler than the soaring heat in Nha Trang and HCMC, what a relief! There are plenty of fine very good value hotels there. The several Tulip chain hotels seem like a good deal. The Iris hotel is more expensive but also a more posh (the entrance/lobby - the rooms are quite basic though). I used Agoda exclusively to book hotels there. In general the price level is lower in than HCMC, Hanoi etc. I had a perfect hair cut for 60,000 Dong! As for boys, the apps (Grindr, Blued and Hornet) were quite busy. Plenty of interest from what appeared to be next-door VN boys but I can imagine that if you are a mature "daddy" with a body everything else than fit there may be less takers in Dalat compared to what you are used to in Thailand (this applies in Vietnam in general) Some guys have limited English skills though and may be too shy to connect with a foreigner. Some massage/MB guys online - very reasonable rates offered once you interact with the boys. Maybe it goes without saying but often their initial quotes are very much negotiable. In HCMC expect to pay around 1,000,000 Dong for hot gym fit/muscle guys - in Dalat around half to 2/3 of that (admittedly, I didn't take any offers in Dalat). If you are offered rates very much lower than this there is a high risk that the boy will turn out to be much less fit or attractive than seen from his profile pic and the hot pics he sent to you when chatting online, so watch out! Nha Trang: Nice city with great beaches and night life (I didn't find any gay bars though) but everything geared towards Russian and Chinese tourists - they are everywhere and most signs etc are in Russian! I was approached several times in Russian language (by other tourists or street vendors) because apparently the assumption is that all foreigners (western) speak Russian. I doubt I will return to Nha Trang and fail to see that Thai tourists will find Nha Trang attractive as a tourist destination even with direct flights - it's marketed towards completely different tourist types (Chinese and Russian). I didn't look for any M2M massage venues so can't comment on that.
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