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  1. @ 8k for a night, no wonder the boy offerred a repeat of 2-3 days - that would make almost 2x monthly salary for average Thai blue collar worker.
  2. speedoo1


    Anything beyond refund of the off fee will most likely just get you a stare (aka I don't know what you are talking about) and if understood then "I'm sorry, Sir but we can't do that. Sorry". The concept of compensation for wasted time and inconvenience/annoyance does not exist in Thailand (or in fact most countries beyond the US).
  3. speedoo1


    Whilst certainly possible that Mr Babe is on vacation on his own or with his GF, it is much more likely that he is traveling with a sponsor/customer. I don't want to sound rude, but Silom guys taking the initiative to and organising on their own a trip like to Japan with the activities/sights seen in Mr Babe's IG pics, is hardly likely.
  4. Well, I wouldn't get my expectations too high from a stroll in Lumpini Park. There is a small outdoor gym but sort of fenced off (you pay a small fee to use the gym) and it will be difficult to get in touch with the guys. Whilst some guys may be gay and looking for more than just the exercise, my impression is that the majority of guys there are straight and are there to work out; not to hook up with a farang. But Lumpini Park is a very nice place and a lot of things to be seen there, so I recommend that you try it out - but a man-to-man session with a muscle guy is unlikely there. You will be able to sit on bench outside the gym and admire the guys from a distance. The outdoor gym may be a bit difficult to find as the park is huge (I always have to walk a bit back and forth to find it). Admittedly, I have never entered the gym area to get closer to guys there - I would feel somewhat intimidated to work out there among the thai muscle guys there, let alone to enter with the only purpose to glance at the guys working out. I'm not sure how well a "spectator only" will be welcome inside the gym area but give it a try and report back.
  5. You mean the thai guys performing on stage and interacting/drinking with guests between shows? I know a thai guy who has been a "model" at Zag Club for some time (currently he is not). He will label himself "model" rather than coyote dancer or even worse go-go boy (they are not go-go boys). They get paid to appear on stage and perform shows - first show will be fully dressed (often jeans and boots) or shirtless - second show will be in speedos or other sexy outfit. During the shows they will accept tips or quick drink shots from the audience and between shows they will mingle with guests on the floor, join their tables to drink and chat with guests (you are of course required to buy drinks for them or to "open bottle" with them). Some will be gay - some are obviously straight guys. Most have fit/lean/gym bodies of course. So you could label the guys "hot and friendly hosts or entertainers" encouraging you to spent money in the bar/club. It is the same concept that you find in other Thai gay clubs like Fake or RCA in BKK I'm not sure the models can be "offed" but I guess if they like you and you make a generous offer exceptions can be made - after all this is Thailand...
  6. ? Surely you paid for his "services" in the room - or do you mean that he threw in a HJ or even more for free/without any additional payment to his massage fee?
  7. I agree with the previous poster. Highly unlikely you will be asked to show a return ticket by thai immigration or airline staff (at check-in). No need to do any of your 1-4 strategies above.
  8. speedoo1


    Rumours will that Mr Babe is in Macau/Hong Kong now. Source: Instagram. Hopefully he will return to BKK/Moonlight soon so the Moonlight videos in Facebook will be worth watching again.
  9. speedoo1


    Haha, expecting that Mr Tam will still be a Moonligt model in 2020 is very optimistic. Certainly not impossible but not likely IMO, sorry.
  10. speedoo1


    Yes, you will be subject to the local taxi/tuk-tuk mafia - expect at least 600 THB from Karon to Patong o/w. There are a few nice and friendly bars in Paradise complex. Time, Connect bar, Sundowners come to mind (these are not go-go bars). I'm quite sure you will feel welcome there - some of the bar hosts are very friendly and creates a friendly/good vibe. Friday and Saturdays are best to visit Paradise complex as otherwise it can be a little dull as the numbers of guests are low, in particular in low season. I wouldn't say that there is a younger crowd - perhaps at Zag Club (seems to attract younger Chinese customers) and to some extent Boat Bar, but the bars I mentioned certainly also cater for the more mature crowd. No need to worry about that. All venues are conveniently located in the same soi so easy to spot where the action is and visit several venues as many guests seem to do).
  11. No.8 (Watt from Surat) is the cutest guy there, but unlikely to have the most beautiful body you have ever seen. Don't get me wrong - his body is very nice but not outstanding (his face on the other hand...OMG) so it is likely to be one of the other guys there. And surely the models (muscle guys) parading on stage, including the famous Mr Babe, will charge you much more than 2000 B for fun. So also to me it remains a mystery who you actually offed?
  12. Just to follow up on my inquiry above regarding the Airbnb condos in the Klass building in Silom soi 3. I had a great 8night/9day stay in a 1 bdr apartment there (late check-out was generously granted; perfect!). Although not big (32sqm) the condo served its purpose. The bedroom was quite small but the bathroom was well sized with a shower (rather than a bathtub). The bed mattress was the way I like it; not too soft. Bedlinen and towels were obviously provided (but not changed during my stay; I suppose I could have washed them in the washing machine but I was too lazy to do it). Aircondition was quiet and fully functional. Fully equipped with fridge, washing machine, microwave oven, toaster, cups, glasses, plates and kitchen utensils, etc it was very easy to stay there. Great view of the Sathon skyline from the small balcony outside the room (I was on the top floor). Very quiet at all times; I had no noise issues at all. Perfect. You have to use the keycard to activate the lift so any quests will have to be picked-up at the lobby (I found the lobby area very nice with chairs, couches etc) and similarly you need to follow them to lift in order for them to take the lift to 1st floor (ground floor lobby). There is a guard 24/7, however, not in lobby but at a small booth opposite the main entrance to the building. There was no issue taking guests to the room. In fact, my impression was that many of the condos are short term leased to tourists of whom many a gay travelers - I saw several couples (farang or asian tourists together with what seemed to be a local guy) entering or leaving the building. The location is great - 5 min walking from Silom soi 4, soi 2, and Sala Daeng BTS station. On weekdays there is great and small inexpensive lunch market right across the street. There is a convenience store (7/11) very close to the property. Pricing was fair for short term rental (but on the high side compared to the rates for monthly rentals in the area) but considering the cheap hotel options in the area you shouldn't do a Airbnb booking to save on the accommodation costs. The excessive Airbnb booking fee is annoying and so is the inflexibility of changing or cancelling your reservation (without costs). Next time I will consider the Baan Silom soi 3 property across the street which has cheaper options and the rooms seems a bit larger; these condos seem also widely available on Airbnb. Lastly, no smell issues at all when entering the building; luckily this seems to have been an issue of the past.
  13. No. 8 is indeed very cute/handsome. Not the most lean body or muscle guy type on stage but the face and smile outshines the other guys at Moonlight (he seems to be one of the most popular guys there). He is from the south (Surat/Krabi area) but I forgot his name.
  14. speedoo1


    Obviously, the boys get a cut when a customer orders a drink for them - otherwise there would be no incentive on the boys to ask for drink /encourage the customers to order drinks.
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