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  1. The rates I paid in July was around 50 USD/night - even cheaper if you prepay with an OTA (but obviously no IHG points then); just look up the hotel in Google map to find the OTAs with lowest rates. I don't like the exchange rates applied by the hotel when converting from USD to COB and then again by my credit card when converting COB to my my currency, hence, I found the OTA rates considerably cheaper.
  2. Yes, both hotels allow visitors. Guests can be registered at the reception; if you don't want to bother with this just walk your quests in and nobody will bat an eye. Both are located on cra. 7 just to the north of central Chapinero (within walking distance) including Gigolo Erotic House bar. Good and safe location.
  3. Sounds like the Mercure hotel. The nearby Holiday Inn Express has become much cheaper and is a better choice IMO.
  4. Call again! Obviously, LH can rebook also the MDE-BOG segment. If is def. not overbooked this far out. The issue might be that you are booked on the LH code share flight No. for MDE-BOG. LH can rebook you to an AV flight No. which should make all AV flights between MDE and BOG available for rebooking. You can inform the agent that unless also MDE-BOG is rebooked, LH is obliged to reimburse hotel, meals etc during the BOG layover.
  5. Fares to Asia are in general much higher now than pre-Covid. Strong demand as travel are recovering but still limited seats available. As for Colombia or other countries in S. America, the fares are also quite high. EUR 1536 for a C/J class ticket with LH is a steal! This summer fares to Colombia with LH was EUR 2.000 + for economy. In general AMS is one of the cheapest points of departure in Europe.
  6. A 100 EUR/USD for a sex in Turkey? 🙄 No thanks. That is a lot given the weak currency; in Lira it would be a small fortune.
  7. Did you search the various threads on Columbia/Bogota? There is plenty of info there.
  8. Easyfly is also useful between Pereira and Armenia to Medellin (Olaya Herrera airport in the city) Although the distance Medellin to Pereira or Armenia is short, don't be tempted by the cheap bus fares (60 mil) vs Easyfly air fares (around 300 mil and upwards as I recall it) as the bus takes at least 7 hours (often 8+ hours) to drive between Medellin and Pereira due to road construction works which forces the bus to make several stops of 30min and more enroute (the road is restricted to one-way traffic)
  9. Viva Air, Avianca and LATAM also have flights between Cali and Medellin, but to the large airport outside Medellin (MDE). The air fares are usually very reasonable; From 150 mil if purchased a few days in advance. After the opening of the road tunnel east of El Poblado (tunel de oriente) it has become less time consuming to travel between MDE and the city.
  10. Until the symptoms are gone/rash and blisters are healed etc.
  11. Guys, there is nothing deceptive about his profile; his body is like in the pics. I have met him for real in Club 117 in Rio (read my post above). The only thing that put me off was his attitude. Rushing to finish everything quickly and eventually aborting the session (because he was waiting for a regular client to arrive at the sauna; later I saw them leaving together). However, I agree with the previous poster that he should work on his online profile.
  12. young drama guy! better ignore than keep msg bcoz it will only get worse.
  13. OK. I found his profile online so I guess it is okay that I post here: https://garotocomlocal.com.br/acompanhante-masculino/reyzinho-santos/
  14. Your experience mirrors mine. Grindr guys/scorts are 120-150 mil in Medellin and Bgta. Elsewhere (not Cartagena) it is a bit cheaper, e.g. Cali and Pereira you will find guys in Grindt provding rates of 70-80 mil. Often the rate is lower if you come to their room (easier and more convenient for the guys). If you find the published rate a bit on the high side, make a reasonable counter offer; it will most likely be accepted. I have no experience with female prostitutes in Plaza Botero but the street guys in nearby Parque Bolivar will charge 50-80 mil for a quick session (of course their asking price will be higher, but again it is negotiable) + 15-20 mil for a nearby "ocasional" hotel room; see my recent report on Parque Bolivar lads in a different Medellin thread.
  15. You should. I would consider Cali as a pleasant alternative to Medellin. Less established for people working remotely and notably less tourists/foreigners in Cali with no Gringo area like El Poblado. Many things are notably cheaper too, including accommodation and local guys (you will hardly never get quoted 200 mil/hour which guys in Medellin easily command). Cali feels more authentic. An example is Siloe (pronounced Silo-ee), the equivalent of Communa 13 in Medellin (which IMO has become a commercial/ tourist trap; I was shocked when I revisited in July and left quite quickly); the local people looked at me with horror when I explained that I had been sightseeing in Siloe, and asked me if I still had my cellphone and money Certainly some eye candy in Siloe (if you are into more rough guys, hustlers/street trade etc )
  16. The host will often give you a discount for booking several weeks to encourage booking longer stays (sometimes discount is offered already from staying 1 week a more). It is not Airbnb offering you a discount on the booking fee.
  17. Airbnb is the obvious choice, however, for a stay of 1-2 months you will end up paying excessive booking fees to Airbnb. Look for alternative booking platforms or look around/inquiring during the first days when you get there.
  18. I stayed almost a week in Cali in July so that is easy. - Granada (North of the river/around Parque Simon Bolivar). Close the centro and the main sights. Several gay bars and saunas (Phisicus 21 and Relax Men) - El Penon (the latter is a bit further to the West of centro, but still within walking distance). The IC hotel is located there. Several nice restaurants. - Santa Teresita (upscale residential area south of the river but a bit further out than El Penon). I don't have much experience with the barrios south of the centro, but supposedly Jardin should be nice as well (but is quite far to the south). The area immediately south of the centro is to avoided (at night). DM me for any questions or further info.
  19. Nice report; thanks. I think you may have arrived a bit late. If earlier/late afternoon there might have been more guys and action. Just my presumption based on multible sauna visits in CO.
  20. Parque Bolivar /the area around the Cathedral in Medellin was extensively discussed a few weeks ago (despite the headline of this thead and the initial posts about a certain scort; it is worth to make a separate thread about Parque Bolivar with all the observations/comments from here?) Anyway, here are my observations from my visit in Medellin last month: Parque Bolivar and the square in front of the Cathedral is perfectly safe during daytime; actually quite pleasant IMO. Indeed, there are drug/glue addicts and hustlers/prostitutes but they will not interfear or do you any harme. I suggest to walk and look around in the park. You will be noticed, and some of the guys will wave or try to make contact if you look at them. If you want to interact with the guys, sit down somewhere a bit private and be patient. The are many guys in the parque and some will eventually approach you; they will know why you are there. Have a chat (most will not speak English) and see what happens. The guys know where to take you for fun; nearby hotels have “ocasional room” for 15 mil. Bring condoms and lube. Expect to pay the guy 50-75 mil for sex; to be negotiated of course. The guys that hang around Parque Bolivar are young but not models/have muscle or gym fit bodies, and appearance wise a bit on the rough side, but if you are into such guys, you will have a good time there; some of them are cute/good looking IMO and most have nice lean bodies. Enjoy!
  21. To answer my own question. The small street (calle) with the (gay) bars east of the Cathedral, calle 57a wakes up on Saturday evenings (and presumably Fridays). There are a few bars with guests; I didn't watch any freelancers looking for customers; you would probably have to go the Parque Bolivar for that. I enjoyed the small Kanahan bar (which is actually a lesbian bar if I understand it correctly) which will allow you to sit at a table in front/outside and watch the street life in/around calle 57a (not that it is that exciting) while you drink your Club Colombian beer or sip your drink; nice ambience. If you are in the area on Fridays or Saturdays from 8-9PM and onwards, calle 57a is worth a visit.
  22. I know it is a bit late but to answer your question, older and less fit men are more than welcome in the saunas in Colombia, including Club 55. There will be other similar men there. However, if you go there and expect young handsome gym fit guys to line up to have sex with you, you will be disappointed. The saunas work as in most other countries. The young guys and muscle/gym fit models will be looking for fun with similar guys; that is my experience based on visits to several saunas in Cali, Pereira and Meddelin last month, including Club 55. I'm not saying that older or less fit guys will not have any luck (I noticed some younger lean and obvious bottom guys interested in manly daddy types) or can't have a good time there, but it is important to understand that the guys don't go there for work/to earn a salary and if there are attractive young or fit guys prepared to join them in the cabins for fun why bother with older and less fit guys (or in general less attractive guys)? Of course, you can try to strike up a conversation (but most will only speak Spanish) and discreetly suggest some kind of remuneration to see if that yields what you are looking for; but there is def. no guarantee for a postive outcome (most likely many guys will decline such offer). Alternatively, ask for their Instagram or Whatsapp and approach them afterwards (in Spanish) to see if there is a mutual interest. If there is no luck you can always look for a massage guy of your liking in the sauna; guaranteed sex if that is what you are looking for. I had a nice massage with extras (sex) with a nice young lad in Phisicus 21 sauna in Cali for 100 mil; 50 mil for the massage and add. 50 mil for sex seems to the standard price in saunas in Cali and Pereira; I have no experience in Medellin but it might be slightly higher). Regardless of the above, I suggest to visit the saunas (in particular on weekends where they are busy) as it is a nice experience (even if you don't have sex there) and reasonably priced (entry in Cali and Pereira is 15 mil and sligthly more Medellin, around 20-25 mil as I recall it).
  23. I visited Club 55 3 years ago where massage guys were waiting for customers/soliciting their services in the yellow room next to the entrance and the reception. This time I didn't notice any. I can't rule out that I was just unlucky, i.e. there were none that day or they were busy/occupied.
  24. Would anyone be able to share pics of this famous Reinaldo? I met a GP at 117 in Rio in April by the name Rey (at least that is what he named himself) which fits the description above, including his impatience to finish the session (in favor of a regular client he apparently waited for); however, the age (mid 30s by now) is much older than I assumed to the age of Rey to be.
  25. Here are my observations based on 2 visits last month (Friday and a Saturday a few weeks later). Both nights were busy. Full house/all tables busy from around 11 PM (Saturday a bit later). Entry is 15 mil until 11PM; 20 mil after 11 PM. Drinks/beverages are reasonably priced, e.g. a Club Colombia beer is 10 mil. The price for a "private show" behind the curtain is advertised at 60 mil but no first hand experience on what is actually included. The dancers/strippers vary on each night but many seem to come on a regular basis/each night. The guys will approach you for a hand shake/to say hi and small talk; in general they try to interact with the guests and are friendly and encourage touching/light groping, which should be appreaciated with small tips (2 or 5 mil note). Very few speak English so try to get by in Spanish. The guys vary in appearance from very masculine muscle guys to younger lean/fit boys with more boyish bodies (so there should be someone for every taste). In general, I find the strippers hot/looking great and sexy in their small speedos/briefs (although certainly not all of them are of my taste). The guys advertised on the webpage have not been updated, so don't expect to find the guys you have seen online to actually be there on a given night As stated above there will be a fuck show on Fridays around/after midnight (but it was nothing spectacular IMO; I enjoyed the guys dancing on the stage more); I didn't see any fuck show on Saturday (but I might have left too early). As suggested above many of the guys will open to share their Whatsapp details, so just ask if you fancy a guy and would like to connect. From personal experience, the guys I interacted with in Whatsapp subsequently were prepared to meet for private sessions at your hotel/apartment or their room (at a price of course; to be negotiated so don't accept their initial 200-300 mil offer!) In general, I enjoyed my time there (as I did in the past) and would love to go back. The ambience is very nice and the staff/guys are friendly. If you dislike loud music bring earplugs. The area (a little North of the main parts of Gaychapi) is in general safe and walkable at night, but make sure you don't cross the nearby main through road (Ave Caracas, with Transmilenio bus lanes) by accident at night.
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