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  1. Ummm.... as opposed to predicting the past?
  2. bucky13


    You are so wrong.
  3. bucky13


    Go on Grindr a couple days before arrival. Find a boy. Venmo an advance. He'll be right there at Swampy to meet you and run interference. Make out with hands down each other's pants for the hour's cab drive into town. Shower together after a quick LeMeridien check in. Walk hand in hand to ScrewBoys where you'll say thanks and goodbye. EaszyPeazy. (one can dream, right? - yeah, yeah, I know all the "that can't work" obstacles so please, do NOT reply)
  4. I'm curious, vinapu.. Your reports describe all the various fun you encounter on your holidays but do you actually budget $4000 per trip??
  5. What's still amazing, however, is that all this "luxury" still costs a fraction of the same delights in the West !!
  6. What has happened to Numazu? He rarely takes this long of a break from his stories !
  7. One reason that updated gay maps are becoming a thing of the past is that Google Maps allows you to search for almost anything - even directions to Golden Cock or Nature Boy (yes, they're there) from Mango Tree!!
  8. Oops, if I had simply read the entire thread, most of these woulda been answered. Never mind...
  9. That youtube video is great. Thanks. Some questions:::: Of those 6 guys... a) are all of them straight by your guess? b) do you think all are tops and only tops? c) are any considered "twinks" based on your definition? d) what would you expect a short time fee to be?
  10. bucky13

    Eros Boy Bar

    Question about the "type" of guys in Pattaya vs Bangkok: In general, are the boys in those pictures at the top of this thread indicative of the cute, adorable twink types that are prevalent in Pattaya versus those in Bangkok where there are more lean, jock types that have slightly more muscle? I've been in BKK a few times, but am looking forward to a Pattaya adventure and wondering what to expect.
  11. I need some advice ! I've been craving some money boy attention! So twice this past week I booked a flight to BKK (reasonable RT rates for less than $500) to spend 10 days (pre-Songkran) in Pattaya and Bangkok ..But then immediately cancelled (within the 24hour grace period) due to WEATHER ! I hate the heat and I hate the humidity even more and April is notoriously high for both. BUT is it really that much different than the other months in the first half of the year? Is sitting early evening in BoyzTown or Jomtien or Twilight hot, sultry and sticky or is it realtively comfortable and bearable? For you locals or those guys that have been here during this time of year, am I being way too sensitive?
  12. Could I ask this same question EXCEPT for a flight arriving from Hong Kong on a Sunday night at midnight? I assume the SkyTrains stop at some point. But even tho taxis seem the most efficient, are there any other options at that late hour after clearing customs? Thanks
  13. bucky13


    Y'all are assuming the OP is an athletic, attractive, "fine" specimen of a 20 year old. He may be, but what if he leans more on the opposite end of the looks, weight, hunkiness spectrum? He's asking about money boys, so I'm doubting he can get all he wants for free...
  14. There's obviously a motivation surrounding this strange crackdown. From those of you that know something about Thai politics, tourism issues, culture, religion and otherwise, WHAT are those motivations? I'm curious to know some of the reasoning behind the core intent.
  15. I'll be in BBK from the 25th until Feb 1. If someone wants to grab a beer and survey the scene on Soi 4 or another, let me know.
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