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  1. Don't tell anyone but Bulgaria is the new Albania.
  2. Go enjoy reading all the great posts from @macdaddi. He's a wealth of info.
  3. Perfect ! That's my new opening line !
  4. Is that parity with the US requirement for Brazilians?
  5. Luckily, most hasty or bad decisions in life don't last forever.
  6. Eventually the human species will poison the earth. It's been gradual yet inevitable for centuries. But how we allow even the existence of something so devastating that can and WILL dramatically expedite that timeline baffles me.
  7. Sao Paulo has 12.3MM population and a huge gay presence. Why?? oh Why?? can it only support ONE decent GP Sauna???
  8. Quality isn't a high criteria for some guys... as long as it's a bargain.
  9. thanks for the update, Xclay. I too enjoy off the beaten path environs and Porto Alegre along with Salvador often provide some less jaded working boys... beautiful, built, sexy, eager and just plain nice.
  10. delete.... I was gonna say something snarky, but since it's the holidays and all...🙂
  11. You're asking for trouble. ONLY go to the well discussed saunas and rent your 'straight' guys there. Especially for a newbie, it is the safest and easiest way to enjoy the men of Brazil.
  12. It's disgusting that Thailand values the ruble over the blood of innocent Ukrainians.
  13. I've not read much info about Salvador this year as Brazil eases it's way back out of the pandemic. My last trip was full of mischief with beautiful guys at Sauna Fox, Club 11 and even at Clube Rio's. But that was back in 2019. What has survived? And can anyone provide any info on what has thrived? Thx
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