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  1. Im sorry to hear this and I hope you recover soon. I had a similar experience years ago and it shattered my confidence for a while after the bruises and aches were gone. Take care
  2. Bars in Dublin still not open to customers but some are doing takeaway pints or home deliveries. I cant wait to walk into a bar order a nice pint of guinness and read the paper sometimes it's the simple things you miss. I think they will probably reopen in June
  3. Lord David Coffeeton of Timberland
  4. Today in Ireland we celebrate our national holiday so a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. If you are near an Irish Bar somewhere in the world thats open drop in and have a nice pint of Guinness. Unfortunately this will not be possible in Dublin as all the bars are closed in Ireland this year due to our lockdown so it will probably be a few cans of guinness in front of the TV watching the horse racing from Cheltenham and hopefully some Irish winners.......cheers!!
  5. wow that must have been a wonderful wake up call I think when this pandemic has moved on, a trip to Brazil would be interesting
  6. Go to a nice restaurant with friends and have a great meal. Im so tired of takeaways and cooking. Then plan a nice holiday for a month, somewhere warm and dry
  7. I agree Guinness is a heavy drink an takes a while to get used to its taste. The older I get I tend to opt more for the larger beers which are an easier drink particularly on holidays in warmer climates.
  8. Its been a long year and my interaction with people is saying Hi when I go walking or grocery shopping, other than phone calls and zoom with family it can really get you down at times. Cant wait to get vaccinated and maybe then start to get some normality back and perhaps a holiday towards the end of the year.
  9. 1. Guinness 2. Heineken 3. Peroni 4. San Miguel 5. Estrella and after one of each... any beer will do
  10. My first book was a birthday present cant remember which birthday but I was very young, Mark Twain's The adventures of Tom Sawyer which I just loved reading. I revisited it a few times over the years.
  11. In Ireland we are still in lockdown since just before Christmas. No bars, clubs, restaurants and restricted to 5km from your house for exercise or shopping. There are some exemptions for work, essential services, or emergency's. Some activity on the apps but not many meeting up, hopefully things will improve after Easter. Another dry St Patrick's Day this year
  12. Thanks for that ggobkk it is helpful
  13. Has anyone stayed at the Amara hotel or know if they allow joiners?
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