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  1. Wow, I like that, lol...
  2. Yup, so exciting to see Patpong 2 transformed, felt the same when I saw it!!! In due time, it will soon be the new Soi Twilight!!!
  3. Who knows there may be Maxi's in Patpong 2 in the future...with Bangkok Massage I was surprised it opened there so anything is possible.
  4. What do you call the beer bar? Just curious, if ever, lol
  5. I admit Bangkok G Story is hotter than this series, and its free in YT, he he
  6. DrimVoiz


    From the new boys, I think I like this one, but he still needs 2 develop his muscles, lol...but I still go 4 Baby Twink or Hot Twink, haa haa
  7. Yes, that's a possibility to have in Patpong 2, but some go go bar got seats outside where you can view the people and even the boys parading (like in-between New Dreamboys and Paradiso where you can also see their boys parade with numbers as they transfer from these two bars).
  8. Patpong 2 4 me is the new Soi Twilight from the look of it!!!
  9. DrimVoiz


    Wow Babe got a new look, hot!!!
  10. Yup, yup...Vinapu is right, he's charging 2,500 but of course I give additional 500 bcoz he's the best muscle worship I ever had, though I got hurt with his SIZE, u know what I mean, lol...he's straight and he can do anything as a TOP, with his muscles alone and gigantic m*nh**d, he's sooo worth it, highly recommended for me. But he's not as romantic as Mr. Perfect Guy, haa haa...and yeah, Vinapu is also right, he is very friendly and no (negative) attitude. Thanks a lot!!!
  11. Google Map is still pointing 2 Dreamboy Soi Twilight, I think... Yes, I hope there's a report from Cooler, lol...
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