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  1. I think the guy is okay, nice smile, ha ha
  2. Also, there are bodybuilder type and gym-fit guys in Babylon in all race, shapes and sizes...when I've been there, I saw one in the gym working-out and he's European, I peek on his muscles from time-to-time while trying the machines and weights, haa haa. Another one in the maze area who is Arabian, really huge body frame and I believe the most good-looking there with a moustache...but when I saw his gigantic m*nh**d, I panic and hurriedly search for the exit...and its not yet hard, lol. There are also in the dark room but I could not clearly saw their face that's why I just left, but one of them grab my hand, but I'm not interested. Then in the shower room who is African-American, I think, who opens the shower curtain while I shower but said sorry, he thought the shower stall is available, also beefy but again when I saw how gigantic his p*n*s is, I got scared again, immediately said okay and close the shower curtain, its still soft btw...
  3. You can also grab a free copy of Thaipuan magazine which lists all go go bars and massage places as well as location map in Bangkok and Pattaya!!! Free copies are available at the entrance of Moonlight and Tawan & inside Prince and Telephone Bar.
  4. DrimVoiz


    I hope Babe is available 2 off on my next trip!!!
  5. As mentioned, the closest is Patpong 2, but according 2 other members here there are girlie bars in there, so its still not solely for go go boy bars like Soi Twilight, but a least there's a lot in there...actually I'm excited 2 go there on my next trip!!!
  6. ...and that place used to have very lively music, filled with lights, aggressive barker, excited customers and hot boys...but now its all dark, oh well, let's move on 2 Patpong 2 and other places...
  7. ...and Jupiter2018 of course, haa haa... ...that pic was sooo sad 2 look at though...so many good (very good actually) memories of that place anyway...but its a good thing most bars moved 2 Patpong 2!!!
  8. Ur most welcome...if u really want a ripped fitness model type boy, I highly recommend my regular #65 from Dreamboy Paradiso, I call him Mr. Perfect Guy and see for yourself why, lol...and also Prince Massage, almost all of their masseurs fall in that category...enjoy!!!
  9. Yeah, ur absolutely right Vinapu, though twinks really excites me, lol...
  10. DrimVoiz


    I think in Tawan its anything goes, yup I saw a boy initiate such move and he's more than willing, haa haa I believe customers and boys from Moonlight and Jupiter2018 are more reserved, he he Wow, I really want 2 go 2 Pattaya, but with the new bars in Patpong 2, I'll resched going there again, and focus on BKK 1st...
  11. Tawan is really ur fave Vinapu, its understandable bcoz aside from the muscular boys they've got the most explicit show I've ever seen, haa haa, also try Sun Massage beside Tawan, some of their boys are masseurs in there (though most are twinks)...I had a massage with a Tawan boy there and I really like it, very pleasurable!!!
  12. DrimVoiz


    That's a very good suggestion (gym shorts)...btw I'll try searching hands next time, never done it b4, too shy 2 do it, haa haa
  13. The closest, I can say is Arena Massage, but they're not as big as the Tawan boys, just gym fit. If you want a real bodybuilder, I highly recommend Mr. Musclegod himself, Mekhin...he's previously from Tawan but now at Jupiter2018...enjoy!
  14. DrimVoiz


    Wow, its a good thing I never experienced that with my offs, I'm not fully aware of that, lol...tnk u Vinapu 4 d info!!!
  15. DrimVoiz


    And also boys in beach shorts, its also sexy...but the advantage of boys in undies is that you can already has an idea on the boy's size based on their bulge, haa haa
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