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  1. Noted Witty, thanks a lot again!!!
  2. Okay, got it, opposite from SB, been there once or twice (or thrice, can't remember), I think, not yet familiar with the place, tnk u!!!
  3. It seems Patpong 2 may be the new Soi Twilight, just kidding!
  4. Lucky 4 some, you can still enjoy Soi Twilight and still see it, but 4 others like me, we can no longer do that and on our next trip, its already gone...but @ least we can visit the new bars. Looking 4ward 4 it!!!
  5. All I can say is @ least the bars in Soi Twilight are relocating and we can still visit their new place!
  6. No, I think its on the same side since I know Foodland was on the same side of FB2 and SB, from what I remember on my last trip...
  7. This may be our last glimpse @ Soi Twilight, sigh
  8. Hello Kev, I think Dream Boy and Boys Bangkok is still open, its only close for the election day.
  9. Wow, thank you very, very much for this Witty!!!
  10. I think they want 2 create a franchise of Fresh Boys, he he. The one above Screwboys is Fresh Boys 2...and the one that will open will probably be Fresh Boys 1 since the original from Soi Twilight will relocate there, just a wild guess, ha ha
  11. Actually I created that thread since Dream Boy is my fave bcoz my best off was from there, lol
  12. Of course full report and review coming soon when I visit this new place on my next BKK trip!!! I also invite all of you to share your experience (when it opened) and any info in Dream Boys Paradiso on this thread. Many thanks!!!
  13. Dream Boy and Boys Bangkok will be relocated to Patpong 2 and will now be called Dreamboy Paradiso which will open on April 1, 2019, here's the pics of the new bar, location map and Available drinks soon...according to their FB page they will have a new show, new style and new prices for the drinks.
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