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  1. Thank you very much for the feed back.
  2. Any information about the gay beaches of the island? Recommendations for accomodation?
  3. Thank you Vinapu for an informative and entertaining report.
  4. Is it true that since the pandemic started boarders are closed and Cambodians cannot return home?
  5. I had quite a few good meals there too.
  6. Thank you Z. I will pass the message, and probably guide him step by step.
  7. Thank you. Michael. I think he has it set up because I got a confirmation with his name and photo. Probably he has done it before but cannot remember. If he goes to the Bank they can guide him how to link it?
  8. I have sent a friend some money with PayPal. Apparently he has a PayPal Account because I see the Transfer confirmed, but he does not know how to claim it. Can somebody please advise?
  9. I think at least some of them could not go back because the boarder was closed.
  10. Based on my last visit lucky boys and screw boys for go go Outside hot male for beer.
  11. It has already been mentioned that there are two Zing Hotels in Jomtien. The one one in Jomtien Complex, and commented above is called Zing Resort and Spa. I stayed there many times and never had any problems.
  12. At Zing I usually have the guys checking their ID/Passport with reception, but on one or two occasions that I had guys I knew we passed reception without checking without any problem.
  13. Almost thee weeks now I am in Pattaya I have seen very few Chinese around, both in the streets, and the bars. Non in Dondtan beach.
  14. When travelling I always use bottle water both for drinking and making tea/coffee. Even if the water as supplied by the water is drinkable I am not sure if it is drinkable when coming to the room tab.
  15. No need to tolerate background music. You can turn sound off o the device you are watching the video.
  16. Thank you for both daily and the summary reports. A lot of useful information for my next trip, particularly about Bangkok, which I plan to visit this time, after some years.
  17. I was impressed with the Hanoi Cathedral. A friend familiar with Vietnam told me tonight that 10% of Population are Christians.
  18. I have been using "The Weather Channel" on Android and before on Windows 7 lap top for several years and it proved reliable. The lap top version is not that good now. It gives hourly forecast for the next 48 hours and daily rates for the next two weeks. It proved reliable both at home and in Pattaya, but then am there in January February when the weather is steady.
  19. So do I When I stayed there, last time was 4 years ago rooms were very good.
  20. True Zing has a very good swimming pool, but why bother with the pool when the beach is only a short walk from the hotel. Breakfast is served until 2:00 pm but is not included in the room fee. There is no microwave oven in the room there are coffee and tea making facilities and stuff. If you want to have a snack in your room you can get it at the seven eleven across the road where they will heat/cook it for you. I have stayed there four times already and I am coming again in January/February.
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