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    BL8gPt reacted to Tartegogo in First day in Bangkok   
    I just spent my first day in Bkk as a single man.
    6 orgasms, and I am spent.
    Twice with a freebee from grinder, a cute but a little 32 yo chubby Pinoy.
    1 massage from a place on Siloam rd.
    Another Pinoy on grinder which I paid 3000 (he was soooo cute!)
    1 hot male guy  
    1 tawan guy.
    On top of that I tipped 2 guys to let me fondle them, 1  in freshmen and 1 in dreamboys. 
    Not a cheap day, but I have to say, between hotmale , freshmen and dreamboys. I would probably have all my need met for 6 months. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to hojacat in Babylon-like Sauna?   
    This one, I think, was the main problem with the old Babylon. I know that sauna had a long history and went through several iterations but I only frequented it in its last 5-7 years of existence when I was a slim guy in my mid-to-late 20s. Yes, the facilities were good but the crowd much less so. I feel that once Babylon got to be known as the place to-go for old farangs, it's decline started. Old Western guys made up most of the customers and those few younger Thai twinks that went there were mostly after them (for one reason or another) than after a younger guy. At Babylon, I mostly hooked up with other Asian tourists visiting the place because of its reputation. I honestly preferred going to the Rama 9 saunas, like R3 and Underground, which even though geared more  towards a Thai-to-Thai type of action, had a  much younger local crowd who didn't mind messing around with farangs. The only time I enjoyed Babylon was during their Songran foam parties, but even then the  ones at R3 were better.
    As for Krubb, i have been twice, in August and December. As I said in some other posts, there is definitely a big "sticky rice" vibe in the crowd, but Westerners are definitely welcomed, both young and old. You hear a lot of English around but it's usually spoken by other in-shape and young Asian tourists instead of older farangs (Koreans but also lots of Singaporeans, Taiwanese and honkongese). Maybe the owner of Krubb are not trying to be the next Babylon after all. I think they aim more to be the Soi13 or the Hutong of Bangkok. Places known for attracting a big crowd of young and in-shape local guys and a destination for visitors wanting to meet them.
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    BL8gPt reacted to bkkmfj2648 in Reopening of the Boyz Music bar / disco in Pattaya in BoyzTown   
    Taking one for the team - I visited the Boyz Music show bar (part time disco) last night - as I had the occassion to visit Boyztown with the partner of @AndyUK, who are here on vacation and we were hanging out in the Jomtien Complex.  
    Here is a picture of their new stage, DJ booth, and upfront seating area.

    Here is a picture of the bar and the main seating area.

    Here are 2 pictures of the various drink price lists.  Note that drinks for the staff are 350 baht - whereas a beer for you is 200 baht.
    I had a chance to make a very brief interview with one of the workers there.
    What time does this place open?  1am
    What time does this place close? - he would not say it verbally but showed me with his fingers to be 3am.  As we know the curfew is 2am.  Rumor says that it stays open until 4am.
    Is there dancing?  He replied yes.
    What kind of music does the DJ play?  Techno, house, pop-techno.  I said, what about retro music for us falangs?  He replied, "can can..."
    Andy's partner and I, our real mission was to go to X-boys to see their lovely and VERY sexy show.  If you want to see big cocks, touch them, fucking, etc. then this is your place.  The X-Boys show is MUCH more participatory than the BoyzBoyzBoyz show - which is more industrialized and less hands on.  And the BIGGEST plus is the music at X-Boys is loud but tolerable, whereas, the last time I stepped foot in BoyzBoyzBoyz, with visiting member, @spoon was intolerable as they seated us underneath one of their humungous speakers - and I was nauseous, felt pain in my heart as my heart beats were in conflict with the base beats coming from the speaker and I could not hear properly for 3 days afterwards.
    After our X-Boys fun - we passed by again at the NEW Boyz Music place, and it was about 1:15am and their show was about to show and the go-go guys were up on the stage and 90% were fully clothed and looked like the SAME guys who parade on the BoyzBoyzBoyz stage.  We did not stay for the show and we did not stay to see if after the show there was truly the possibility to dance.  The music was that techno trash that I do not care much for - as I am more into retro music where there are real people singing and pouring their hearts out - like the great divas - that is mixed well with a nice dance beat.
    Ok, I took one for the team (this readership) - now it is your turn for one of you night owls who can resist until 4am to tell us what really unveils during the night at the newly reopened Boyz Music show bar / disco - located on the left when entering Boyztown from Second Road.
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    BL8gPt reacted to hojacat in Babylon-like Sauna?   
    I would suggest Krubb sauna. I guess it can be considered the legitimate heir of Babylon (you will even find a plaque outside given to Krubb by the owner of Babylon). The facilities are quite modern and there is a nice bar (with a very cute bartender) + jacuzzi on the rooftop. However, there is no space outdoors like Babylon used to have. You can also try Chakran. I have heard the facilities are quite nice.
    The issue I have with saunas in Thailand right now is that guys are still wearing masks indoors, though fewer that when I went in May. Sauna Mania in Silom, a place I usually don't go to, had a very fun and crowded foam party/orgy during the white party days. Looked like lots of the guys went there before heading to the party. Never seen that place so crowded. Even there though, you could tell who was local and who was visiting cause even guys from other Asian visitors (Taiwan, HK, Singapore, Malaysia, etc) were not wearing masks but Thais were, including some of the performers the sauna hired.
    I definitely saw way fewer masks (usually just one or two usually) when I went to saunas in Kaohsiung and Taipei this month.
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    BL8gPt reacted to spoon in Post Covid first trip back to Thailand - Bangkok and Pattaya December 2022   
    Next - Day 2 - Getting into a routine.
    Since my LT from Tawan left early, I continued my beauty sleep and woke up much later, skipping breakfast. I checked my line and saw that the forum member J finally replied to my text apologizing for not replying sooner since he was sleeping. I replied back saying it's ok, I went out with A and we had fun. I asked about his plan for the day and he told me he already has a boy coming to his hotel now! I told him, at this rate, he might not leave his hotel at all lol.
    I told him I will go to Prime for my opening ritual massage and then head for lunch. We then agreed to meet tonight for bar visits. I showered and made my way down Surawong road to Soi Than Tawan aka Silom Soi 6 to Prime Massage. Immediately noticed that one of their buildings at the corner is now part of the Quarter Silom hotel.
    I went inside and there were few customers already there. I was asked to sit down and wait for my turn. Once it was my turn, I chose my massage, a two-hour oil massage for 900 (100 baht higher than before) and was reminded of the minimum tip of 100. I asked if I could choose my masseur and she immediately took her Ipad and started choosing pics of the masseur. She showed me 4 pics. I chose one guy, quite handsome and with a nice body. After a few seconds, she told me that the masseur is not available and asked me to choose again, now only 3 choices.
    I look at it again, this time quite a bit harder to choose lol. Anyway, I settled with a masseur that has a slightly smaller frame. After I paid for my massage, I was asked to sit and wait for the masseur to come. I was then brought upstairs for my massage session. No happy ending but the massage this time was extra good, and the masseur skills are definitely unique. I would rate it one of the best i had so far from prime. Upon leaving, I confirmed with the reception of his name in case I would like to book him for another session.
    I can't remember where I had my lunch afterwards, but it was uneventful. Most likely a bit further down Silom road to a Malaysian restaurant there, as well as checking the exchange rate at the huge orange Supperich office. Went back to my hotel for my disco nap and at about 7pm I contacted forum members A and J about meeting tonight. A actually thinking of visiting the onsen since the weather in Bangkok was indeed quite cold, and I barely sweat walking during the day, but since J is also joining me tonight, A decided to join and maybe visit the onsen another time. None of us had dinner yet so we decided to meet at 8pm for dinner. A suggested an Issan dinner place behind Silom Complex.
    I arrived at T Rungroj Shop around 8 and J was already there. Not long after A also arrived. We took a table and A, with his Thai skills, made the order for the table. Good selection of seafood dishes and somtam/larb, but poor selection of drinks (beer, coke and water) The food was exceptional, and price was reasonable, plus we will be drinking during our bar visits, so nothing to complain about. We talked about a bunch of topics seeing that this is the first time we three meet again after covid, and towards the end, we decided on which bar to visit tonight, and it will be Jupiter.
    We arrived at Jupiter a bit early, but J decided to book a table with a bottle, so he did, saving us cover charge. We then went into Pride to drink and listen to the live singer, which we recognized used to work at Jupiter before as their midnight singer. Close to 10.30pm, we made our way to Jupiter and were seated near the stage corner on the right side. Couldn't ask for a better seat as it gives us a full unobstructed view of the stage.
    The shows start with all the boys in underwear doing a catwalk on the stage, then the boy will go down to the floor, towards the back, to the right side and back to the left side before going up the stairs. Pre-covid, the catwalk only on the stage then boys go str8 to the left for the stairs. From our seats, we can see the boys changing their clothes too. The shows were also great. mostly sexy shirtless boys dancing, and even when there is a ladyboy/drag show, there will be 2-3 sexy shirtless hot guys accompanying the ladyboy. 
    After a few shows, the boys will come down again for another catwalk, this time with jeans, but shirtless. Then more shows, with the famous dancing with towels number that I really enjoy. In a few numbers, the boys actually are showing their dicks, mostly covered by see-through underwear or just peeking through tight underwear. But there was one guy who actually shows his dick full on, without wearing any condom. Too bad he isn't the hottest guy there, a tad bit older too.
    There are at least 3 guys I would consider off, and that's a good amount seeing that I have very low expectations of Jupiter boys will give me good service, so those 3 are worth it for me to take a chance, Happy to report the famous Arm and Boom are still there. Considering that we actually had a bottle, we could've called any boys for a drink but since I didn't feel I'd waste my night offing a potentially non-performer, and my resolve on getting an LT, I didn't bother to call any boy for a drink. J had one boy he liked but too bad the boy was already seated with a customer. A also didn't get any boy for a drink and he excused himself once the show was over, with the last catwalk of boys, whoever was still around.
    At midnight, the singers take over and start singing a mix of English, Thai and Chinese songs. Some customers and boys go on the stage to dance. One lady customer was celebrating her birthday and clearly too drunk to a point that she might pass out or worse, vomit. But she powers through, and still keeps drinking by the time J and I leave, which is around 1am. Customer wise, not full, but not bad for a weekday night. Mixed with Asian, farangs, old, young, mostly with friends. I didn't see any big spenders this time though.
    The guy who showed his dick on stage is with a lady customer who was lucky enough to be invited to be on stage when Arm and Boom were giving her lap dance on stage for one of their numbers. Too bad the hula hoop dance by Mr. Boom wasn't on offer tonight. Right before we left, I asked the singer if he knew a Thai song that I like, showed him the youtube, but unfortunately, he didn't know the song. Anyway, I did tip Mr. Boom as he is the only one that smiles at me when he walks down one of the 3 catwalks.
    Thinking that tonight was a bust, me and J left Jupiter at 1am, when most of the boys are allowed to leave the bars as well, unless they are with customers drinking. As we walked out the Soi 4, Banana club staff told us that they still have a show on and asked if we wanted to come in. I looked at J and without much words exchanged, we agreed to at least have a look.
    The bar is average size, not as big as say dreamboys, but not as small as the new Tawan. When we entered, there was still a show, but it was about to end, and it was the drag lip-sync show. I have to admit that the drag show here is better, and I usually judge it by how "believable" it is. Shortly after, the boys go on the stage, around 20+ boys, most aren't my type. However, there is one guy, who is typically not my type but he does have very defined six-pack abs, only on a smaller frame, much smaller than I used to. J saw a few guys he liked as well and told me some of them he used to offed from fresh boys. 
    Anyway, I guess the six-pack guy noticed that I've shown some interest and started to try quite hard to get my attention. We were seated very close to the stage, and since I'm already considering him, I asked him if he would go LT and he said yes. That's pretty much all I need to bring him down and start the negotiation. Since it's already late, I don't bother with boy drinks, called over a mamasan that is not mama lucy, and paid my drink and off fee, and I excuse myself while J is still thinking on who to pick. Later I found out he took off two boys!
    Again, my off deliver all I expected of him and little more. Hiring the guy who isn't the model or popular has its advantages. Almost always, the service is much better, eager to please and no issues such as asking to leave early. In fact, he stays with me way past noon, and even accompanies me for lunch at Icon Siam ground floor. He stays nearby the mall, so that works out great for both of us. I'm 2 for 2 now lol. 
    Next - Day 3 -  My First Repeat. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to spoon in Post Covid first trip back to Thailand - Bangkok and Pattaya December 2022   
    Actually, half way through our conversation, when he is still considering if he will go LT with me, I already regretting my decision asking LT from him. Very minor reason, which isnt his fault but just me being picky. So when he said he couldnt, i didnt even bother considering ST and find that this is a good opportunity to send him away without him losing face.
    One side note, there is another tawan guy who were chatting nearby told the first guy off for not going with me LT, saying he just missed an off. When he asked the guy how much was my offer, he got even more disappointed with the guy lol. Well, they were talking in thai, but in my head, thats what i thought how the conversation goes lol
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Post Covid first trip back to Thailand - Bangkok and Pattaya December 2022   
    the same like us, boys sometimes got too emotional and reject otherwise reasonable offer regretting it soon after. I had cases , including Tawan when initial rejection was re-considered and after while boy approached me again saying "ok, ok" . At times it pays to stand firm.
    We are not any better, few times I felt stupid by missing somebody I like  over 500 baht but generally I like ' be firm "  approach as it helps to keep finances in check, specially when hot body is right beside guiding helpfully my hand THERE.
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    BL8gPt reacted to spoon in Post Covid first trip back to Thailand - Bangkok and Pattaya December 2022   
    I dont think they were reorganizing. Perhaps i should be clearer, when i wrote not fully open, they are actually open, with staff at door and boys inside, but they dont have any shows and none of the boys (4 or 5?) are on stage. As all of them fully clothed, hard to tell if all of them were boys or mixed with staff. When we asked the staff at the door, they says they are not fully open, and told us that they might have shows during the weekend.
    Exactly. I think the reason they are not yet fully open is due to lack of boys/staff/performers. It is sad affairs indeed as it seems like the bar is bleeding money without any plan on how they might recover their investment. Hopefully those currently in bangkok can investigate what really happen with this club and report back.
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    BL8gPt reacted to spoon in Post Covid first trip back to Thailand - Bangkok and Pattaya December 2022   
    Day 1 - The arrival
    My flight arrived at DMK around 6.30pm on a weekday, so immigration was smooth and minimal wait for my luggage. I am always guilty of overpacking, and this time around, I had to use my bigger luggage since the carry-on size cannot fit all my stuff, thus I decided to use a taxi. My flight did delay by about 1 hour, nothing too bad, but had I arrived on time, I could have shared a taxi with a forum member who just arrived from a trip an hour earlier. Arrived at the hotel around 8pm and arranged to meet with the forum member for dinner at G around 9pm after I unpacked and showered for the night out.
    I decided to first visit the lesser known bars for tonight, so we went to smaller bars on Soi 6, Golden Cock/Nature Boy, Super A and New Twilight (Queen). Queen unfortunately is not fully open yet, and told us they might have a show on the weekend, so we decided to not waste time there. We passed by Nature, which seems to have some boys not my type, and Super A, which has their door closed and no one outside, so we decided to skip. It is still quite early though. I also  peeked through Tawan to see how small their new location is and indeed it is really small, but they had quite a good number of boys there. Since I've yet to visit dreamboy since they moved to patpong, and now they have moved to the old Lucky boy location, I decided to finally give dreamboy a proper visit and see their shows.
    As mentioned by many threads previously, dreamboy moved to lucky boy's location, upstairs. When you go up the stairs, even on the outside, you will see several boys, some shirtless sitting there, quite a feast to the eyes if you like the kind of boys on offer. Previously, the two huge pillars in the middle obstructed the view of the stage if you were unlucky enough to be seated behind them. Dreamboy decided to put the DJ table right there in between the two pillars thus it solved that part quite efficiently. We were seated in the second row which was fine for me, but yes, the music was way too loud to have any decent conversation.
    Decent numbers of boys, continuing the tradition of lucky boys, easily more than 40 boys of many sizes and ages, but no one is my type. I tend to be very picky body wise but more tolerant with the face, and I couldn't find one I wanted to off. Their infamous macho straight dancer who only goes with girls is still there, doing a few dance numbers as well as being the DJ there. He would've been the only one I might consider offing but too bad he is not available. Anyway, the show was just ok for me, the big cock show was there, the fake jerking off show was there, the drag shows were still there too but they seemed to do away with the funny slapstick comedy show by the katoeys. Since I didn't find anyone I like, we decided to leave. 
    After I said goodbye to the forum member, I went back to Tawan and sat down. Ordered my drink and the boys were rotating on stage 3 at a time and yes all of them were wearing underwear with one of them, the obviously gay one who isn't as muscular as others, wearing a jockstrap. I saw one guy I like, an older type, but with a nice manly exotic face, with beautiful darker skin and a perfect muscular body, not too big, not too small. Asked him to sit with me and bought him a drink. The usual question of introduction, how long in Thailand etc, and then down to business. Asked if he is willing to go with me, yes. Asked if he will do LT, he paused, then said he is tired and asked if we can do ST. Told him, no. It is my first night here and I'm not compromising what I want haha. I asked him a second time, and said my offer, and he still hesitates. In the meantime, my eyes are already eyeing another guy, and through our conversation, I sort of felt like he doesn't really fit the kind of guy I want personality wise. 
    So when he still says he can only do ST, I told him I am looking for LT and asked the guy I'm eyeing to come down as well to sit on my other side. Seeing this, he got the point and asked if he could leave and I said yes. This new guy, better looking than the guy before, bigger in size, typical thai skin complexion, body builder type body that looks like he is ready for competition. Bought him a drink as well and the usual conversation ensued. He is Issan, and will go with me for LT but asked for a higher tip but still within the range I'd pay for that quality. So I said yes, I'll off him. and he can get dressed. He went to get dressed, I paid the off fee and drinks, and off we went back to my hotel. Everything went well, I liked the chemistry with this guy and of course I enjoyed his body more lol. 
    He woke me up a bit earlier than expected saying he needed to leave early though, something I usually don't have big issues with but certainly will impact my decision for a repeat. As in, he will not be my first choice but will still be in the running. Anyway, I went back to sleep after he left, and he asked me if I was ok with him leaving early and I said I understood. He seems glad that I didn't make any issue of this and yes, it's not a big issue for me. 
    Side note, one forum member who I met before did reply to my thread and asked when we could meet. However, he didn't reply to my DM and line, but more on that for next update. 
    Next - Day 2 - Getting into a routine
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    BL8gPt reacted to spoon in Post Covid first trip back to Thailand - Bangkok and Pattaya December 2022   
    This trip is my first with a much longer period of unbooked hotel. Previously, only unbooked hotel was for vientienne as im not sure if a boy might join me, so i book the room only after confirming with the boy. Since he smokes, i choose a room with balcony. If im alone, i will have more choices of room/hotel. But i already booked my flight though.
    I actually thinking of a side trip to either chiang mai or phuket if my indonesian guy decided to join me, hence another reason to make my trip and booking more flexible. This time, i didnt book any flight, as if i dont have anyone going with me, id rather stay in either bangkok or pattaya. 
    Lion dances can be seen in many places here, especially in big malls. But my plan mostly just to stay at my parents' and visit my grandma place on CNY. No other plans hehe.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Gaybutton in Gaybutton board hacked   
    This morning my board apparently has been hacked.  Please do not go to my board until we have the problem fixed.
    I will post another message once it is safe to use my board again.
    If you try to go to my board now, you will see a message similar to this:
    Website blocked due to a suspicious download
    Download blocked: LINK Removed by Admin
    Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks downloads that either come from websites that see relatively light traffic or may contain potentially malicious content. This is intended to protect you from new scams. However, if you trust content from this site and would like to proceed, click "Continue".
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    BL8gPt reacted to TotallyOz in Site is Slow   
    We have used up all the space on a massive server (photos and videos forum) and we have to upgrade SSD Drive. The hosting company will do this and the server may be down for a bit while this is happening. Sorry for the inconvenience. The server has been slow for a few days as the space was slowly eating away the memory.  Thanks to those that reached out to tell me this was happening to them as well. Now, we will apply some fixes.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Gaybutton in Wanna do a 3 way but all massage shops say no   
    I think you're trying to go about this the wrong way.  I advise not trying at massage shops at all.  The massage shops aren't looking for unusual requests.
    Instead, try the apps.  Plenty of boys on the apps advertise themselves as massage boys.  Send one of the boys a message explaining what you want and ask him if he can bring along a couple of willing boys with him.  If he says no, move on to the next boy.  If he says no, try the next.
    Eventually you'll find what you want, especially if you dangle a money carrot.  I wouldn't recommend trying to be a cheapskate about it, especially since you are looking for a "special service."  And if you get any takers, I advise tipping all three of them very well.  VERY well.  Then they'll want to come back next time you want a "special service", even if it's something totally different from this one.
    Don't be impatient during your search.  You never know.  Many may turn you down or, who knows, you might get lucky on the first try.  Think of it as similar to fishing.  It may take some time before you get any bites, but sooner or later you'll reel one in . . .
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    BL8gPt reacted to spoon in Post Covid first trip back to Thailand - Bangkok and Pattaya December 2022   
    Day 0 - Pre-trip preparation
    I have been too lazy to start writing my report, mainly due to being busy at work but partially due to recent trolls that have been infesting the forum lately. Nevertheless, I shall treat this trip report as me reminiscing all the good times I had during my recent post covid trips and I'm sure it will benefit many others who are genuinely interested in reading my escapade. I used to write my report almost on real time but decided to not do that this time for obvious reasons. Perhaps it is just my own paranoia but it doesn't hurt to be on the safe side.
    My trip this time is 18 days long, the longest trip I have had so far in thailand. In fact, it ties to my longest trip ever, and that was a road trip across the US during my university year. Why 18 days? It is exactly the amount of days I have from the last day I am needed at the office, as well as the day I needed to return home to attend a family event. I actually have been taking my leave of absence since last week of November, but there are several meetings and events I had committed to attend so I've been to the office on and off. I did manage to do a shorter trip to Medan, Indonesia in November though. If anyone is interested to read a trip report on that, do let me know as the trip is mostly tourist trip but there is a guy involved lol.
    This trip has been very last minute in terms of planning, but going to a place that I've been numerous times before, I felt quite confident that everything will be smooth. After my return from Indonesia I started surveying the flight ticket to Thailand and booked my ticket. It wasn't cheap but it wasn't astronomically high either, comparable to peak season price pre-covid if one booked a ticket last minute like I did. Previously, Airasia was my go to for last minute booking as they usually have a last minute promotion pre-covid, but that kind of promotion did not make a return, so I settled with another airline which is called Batik Air, previously known as Malindo. I did invite my Indonesian guy to accompany me for part of my trip, but I have left some flexibility in my trip in case he decided he wanted to join. Alas this plan did not materialize.
    As for hotel bookings, I am using the trusted Agoda booking site, and first booked my first 3 nights, suite room at Raya Surawong. Many posters had reviewed this hotel multiple times. Great location, great spacious room, comfortable bed and the suite comes with a full kitchen with microwave, full size fridge, electric stoves, pans, pots, dining ware etcs. Price was very reasonable even when I booked quite at the last minute. I also proceeded to book my last 3 nights as well, seeing that Raya hotel has already fully booked on those dates, and settled with a Furama Silom Deluxe room. Booking for the other nights was done much later when I was already there, offering me quite a good flexibility to change my plans if and when I wanted to. However, I did search for hotel availability on the dates in between to ensure there are ample choices for me when I need to book. I can honestly report that this has worked wonders for me for this trip.
    As this is my first return trip to Thailand post covid, I want to make sure I don't need to skimp on budget when it comes to hiring boys and having fun, and the best way to tackle this is to ensure I did my budget right. I have a few scenarios in mind that allow me to have a min case, a maximum case and mid case for budget and fun. Without going into too much detail on my spending, I can say this has worked great for my peace of mind and I still have leftovers which can be used for future trips hehe. Lets just say I didn't manage to hit my maximum case but I leave Thailand with no regret.
    As for boys, usually pre-trip, I would contact some of the boys I've taken before and see if they are still around, and let them know that I am coming to Thailand. But this trip, I already know several guys I like are still in the business thanks to the reports from fellow forum members and my friend who had been to Thailand earlier. Needless to say, I still contacted two boys, very special boys, and told them of my pending arrival to ensure that I will meet them when I'm there. One is a masseur from Arena, and another is a beach chair attendant in Pattaya. I leave the rest of my daily rosters up to what Thailand has to offer but I do have several guys that I am aiming to try this time, thanks to the abundance of sharing by fellow members, Line accounts of massage centers and social media of some gogo bars.
    One last smaller detail I wanted to share is on exchanging money. I did a google search as well as asking a forum member who is staying in Bangkok to check on the exchange rate to see if it is better for me to change Thai Baht in Thailand or back home, and found out that changing in Thailand is much better, especially if you compare the rate offered by Superrich or XOne, both published their live rates online. So I decided to only change partly back home so I can immediately enjoy Thailand for a few days but bring most of the cash in my own currency and change only in Thailand.
    Lastly, I posted a thread here to announce my arrival and asked if there are any members who are interested to meet me, either for coffee, lunch, dinner or better, bar hopping together. While I consider myself an introvert who enjoys my solitude, I also appreciate the company of like-minded members here where exchange of notes and experience is greatly enhanced with a face to face engagement lol. 
    Next - Day 1 - The arrival
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    BL8gPt reacted to Ryanqqq in Naturist in Thailand   
    My go to winter vacation has always been Thailand. However, last year when there were still so many rules, and closures in most of Asia, I kinda looked for the easiest to go to, with warmest EU enclave accessible from the continent. I learned about Gran Canaria and the gay lifestyle here. I’m back this year as I was looking at airfares to Thailand and it was still way over the norm. 
    it’s still a fun place here in maspalomas, and what you mentioned still holds true. Btw, kiosk 7 bar and transats were closed last year even if there are a lot of bathers in the area. it is open now, so quite back to normal now. Lots of eye candies, then and now. Also, the gay exclusive bungalows is so nice where you can hang everything out 😂
    However, I love Asian lads so, definitely coming this year to Thailand again.
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    BL8gPt reacted to NIrishGuy in Naturist in Thailand   
    Hmm I wonder was that me !    This as I was visiting Sunsuk on a very warm late afternoon / early evening for some fun ( and so was only wearing a towel of course as is the norm there). 
    So, after a while lying on the chairs downstairs and as it WAS so warm I fancied a dip in the pool, so got up and quietly slipped into the water for a while without any fuss.  On leaving the water and returning to my sunbed I was aware of being on the end of multiple dirty looks from two old guys lying on sunbeds quite a distance away from me and after a while it became annoying so I shouted down  'WHAT, what seems to be your problem?" to which I got lectured about how "you weren't allowed to be naked in the pool or at the chairs" and how it was unacceptable and I should stop it etc.  
    Being that we WERE sitting in a gay sauna and we all knew why we were there ( and it wasn't to sunbathe) I thought "no, fuck you mate" and called the manager over who rolled his eyes  in the direction of the complainers and confirmed loud enough that they could hear and "no sir, it's absolutely fine here, enjoy your swim".
    Needless to say I carried on until they left, never failing to be amazed how some gays are SO repressed that they seem to forget where they are and what they are usually doing there, meanwhile my swim and early evening dip was lovely !  
    I would add before i get commended as uncaring rude and obviously unaware of social rules of society that I literally was slipping in and out of the water for a quick dip, nothing more.  Not like I was running about the place flailing my arms and swinging my dick in the hope of some action !  ( that was later upstairs probably lol) 
    PS to the OP - should you ever find yourself in mainland Spain and close to Barcelona etc, there's a quite small but lovely gay nudist beach to be found in Sitges, whilst not 100% "gay" being Sitges it might as well be of course and has many handsome guys in attendance usually!
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    Reading your reply to my post about visiting Maspalomas. It makes me think about making another visit next rather than going to Pattaya again. I’ve not been there for 21 years but you say that on the excellent beach, Kiosk 7 is still attracting gays as are numerous hotels and apartments near the yumbo centre.  The beach at Kiosk 7 was my favorite daytime rendezvous for meeting others. Sometimes more than meeting, I enjoyed flirting and occasionally going into the dunes for sex, although you had to watch out for the cops. Commercial sex like in Thailand did not happen, as far as I remember ie no gogos / host bars and of course then, there were no apps. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to Pyrrhus in Trip report Bangkok, Pattaya January 2023   
    Day 6
    Started off with a coconut water on my way to see U for the daily foot massage. Found out it was his day off, and he had come in just for me. Very thoughtful. It was, as always, delightful. Since I haven't yet had a Thai massage, I decided to walk over to Prime and make an appointment. Went over to Silom Edge for lunch then quick stop at hotel. Back to Prime for my appointment. 90 minutes of Thai massage is basically paying a guy to beat you up. They really do manage to put their hands, feet, elbows, and knees in every conceivable muscle. I was sore afterwards, so I decided to get a relaxing massage. Conveniently, a very sexy and muscular guy hit me up on Grindr. Works in a shop but also freelances, apparently. He's been mentioned on the forum previously, so I had planned to go to his shop to visit him anyway. But lucky me, he does hotel calls. He was at the hotel in 30 minutes, and gave me a very relaxing massage. After, he asked "anything else?" Well- yes actually. He also bottoms like a champ! I will definitely see him again.
    Decided to go to Hotmale Beer Bar for a beer and to bring the guys there some cookies- they have been great to hang out with on this trip. Then over to Circus for the show. Back to Hotmale where I had to take a call. S, from the other day, spotted me from the balcony of Hotmale and made heart gestures to me so I went up to say hello. We had a beer and I decided to off him again. So we went back to Soi 4 for a couple beers at Connections. Watched the people go by until it was time to head back to the hotel. S was just as accommodating as the last time, and we slept in each others arms. He is a very sweet guy and also works at a restaurant in the daytime. I was headed to Pattaya in the morning so we woke up, had a quickie, showered and he left to go to the restaurant. I packed and got my car to Pattaya. More later...
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    Days 4 and 5
    Catching up now, as I was too busy being in Bangkok to write about being in Bangkok! So day 4 started alone at my hotel having asked Banana Room guy to leave. I got up and had coffee, then went for my usual foot rub with U. Every day, U asks "full body today?" and I reply "no- just foot". Well, today when he asked, i said- why not? So we went up seemingly endless stairs to a room for the massage. I showered and got on the table and U came in. He knows exactly how to trail his fingers in all the right places to create a very erotic experience. Mid massage he asks if he should take his clothes off- of course he should! So now we are both naked and he continues teasing me with his hands. As I said- he is not really my type, so I do not take things further. But I am very satisfied with the massage and a handy J. He even sneaks his finger down below which I do not usually care for, but he's so sensual, I actually liked it. Showered and tipped, then went down to Soi Convent for Papaya Salad.
    I had a date set up with P for that afternoon. P is a Thai guy I met on a previous trip. He's smart, driven, and super sexy. Totally boyfriend material, if only we lived in the same hemisphere. I haven't seen him since BC, so it has been a while and I am excited to catch up. I took the BTS to meet him, and he spotted me on the street and gave me a big hug. He suggested we walk to a restaurant and go early since it will be crowded. The walk to the place was an adventure in itself. Not someplace a Farang would normally find, I think. It is called Phet Chao Phraya- right along the river in a residential area. P was right- it quickly filled with locals as we sat and had dinner. Issan style food with commensurate spice- absolutely delicious. After dinner we drop into Shenanigans for a drink as it is still early. The tension between us is almost too much to take, so we come back to the hotel and have amazing, mind-blowing sex. If there is a position known to gaydom we didn't try, I'd be shocked. He shoots with me deep inside him, and then we hit the shower. After, we went to Coco Walk for some more drinks and live music. We take the train back to Silom and say goodbye- I went to Hotmale Beer Bar for a last pint, and call it a night. P wore me out!
    Started Day 5 with some work emails and then went to meet a grindr guy for coffee. Had a great hour long talk and we decide to meet up again soon. I go for another heavenly foot massage with U. While there, another guy working at the hop had a stroke of good luck and won big money in the Thai lottery. He screamed and started jumping ip and down! I felt it tacky to ask how much, but it was enough that he was shaking and crying while making phone calls to tell his friends/family. A truly awesome moment to see- I hope it was millions! After the massage I went for a Papaya salad at the traditionally-Thai named Happy Beer Garden, then went to the hotel to shower and get ready for the evening.
    I made a plan with Texas from Day 3 to hit some of the bars. We started at Connections while I figured out what he wanted to see. He likes twinky guys, so we went over to Fresh Boys. After being seated I explained he could call a guy down and within minutes he has a little guy for Laos by his side. Texas wanted to see a show, so he tipped the boy and we went over to Dream Boys. The show was pretty good, except for the very untalented drag performer. She must be related to the owner, because man oh man is she terrible. Anyway, while we are there, Texas grindrs a nearby guy, so we go to Hotmale Beer bar so they can meet. I leave them there to make a connection, as third wheels are not the look. I decided to go over to Banana Room and see if the guy from the other night is there. He is, and so I off him for short time. We got back to the hotel, and I made sure he knew that the other night was just me being tired. Great sexy bottom boy- worthy of a repeat. After we showered, he left and I finally, exhausted, fall into bed. I am only in Bangkok one more day before I travel to Pattaya for the first time. More later...
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    yes, and before that I met that guy in bar I mistook  for you but primary because after we parted ways  I took a walk i advised and met that Tawan hunk whom I took home to help me unpack luggage. Never mind that luggage did not arrive  until following day late afternoon and having nothing to do we went right to exercises.
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    Day 3
    Day 3 began with a morning session with my sexy Filipino J. After, we walked to Silom soi 26, but were too late forthe morning vendors and too early for the afternoon vendors. I thought we may end up at Unesco World Heritage, but J suggested we try Silom Edge fool court. There are about 12-15 options and we had a nice lunch there. Open 24 hours too, for that late night snack. After lunch we said goodbye as I had plans for the afternoon.
    Went back to the hotel and showered, did some work, then walked over to Senso. Greeted by about 15 guys, each cuter than the next, but one guy, J, was wearing glasses and so cute, so he was my pick. Let's just say, I picked well. The massage started with my feet and legs, then back and shoulders. J was named from the beginning and feeling his body against mine was exceptional. When it came time to turn over, he asked what I like- I told him I am a top. He took a moment then went and got his supply pouch. He slapped a condom on me and lubed up and began to sit on my cock. It wasn't going well at first. I could tell he didn't bottom a lot. So, he pulled out some poppers and with a few whiffs of that he managed to get all the way down. We stayed in that position for a while as he got used to it but once he was comfortable, it was off to the races. His sexy abs and pecs were amazing to see and feel while we fucked. An absolute delight and highly recommended.  Tipped him, well, in the room then went down to pay. The ugly mamasan at the counter tried to quote me a higher price than on the menu. I refused and showed her the menu price. Shame on her- anf I remmerb that happening there once before. I do not mind paying a premium price for a premium service, but don't overcharge from the price list. 
    Went back to hotel and showered. A quick pint with the boys of Hotmale Beer Bar, then off to Circus for dinner and part of the drag show. After, I bought some of the knock-off underwear on Silom and took it back to the hotel. I was feeling kind of tired, but decided to go out anyway. Ended up at Banana Room where I was seated next to a very drunk Chinese customer with a bottle of Bacardi (gross) and multiple shot glasses generally making a spectacle of himself by giving shots and tips to the staff. Not my style so I moved down and was seated in the front. There were a couple cuties, but I thought I might have an early night. Just then, an American from Texas came in and was seated right behind me. We started chatting and it turns out to be his first time night in Bangkok ever, and he was amazed. I explained how it all works, and he said "So they're all prostitutes" I replied "Well, that's a rather unartful word, but yes". I called down a cute guy that had been making eyes at me during the show to demonstrate to Texas how it works. Shortly, Texas left as his Grindr was blowing up, and I ended up offing the guy. We got back to my hotel, but I was really tired so I paid the tip to the boy, and asked him to leave. He apologized profusely, but I assured him he did nothing wrong- I was just totally zonked. So day three ended alone, but that was perfectly fine, as J had worn me out that afternoon. And, I had a date with P the next night anyway, so a good night sleep seemed like a good idea. I will explain P in the next post. More later...
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    I had the same experience there, made worse by arriving with lad 1, who ordered many dishes, while we were waiting for his friend, lad 2, to join us. Lad 2 was not really hungry. As well as 'face' (order expensive dishes), there can also be the assumption that we must be really wealthy. One reason I can be generous to the lads is by being careful in my usual expenditure so I dislike seeing my money wasted.
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    Day 2-
    Day 2 began with a morning session with the sexy Cambodian S, from Hotmale. We showered and he left. I decided I wanted a coffee, so went out to the street and got a coffee from a street stall, and fresh watermelon. Where else can you get a giant iced coffee and watermelon for less than 2 bucks? Walked around and found a shady spot to eat and sip my coffee. It was early so it was still cool so I just explored a little bit. Soon it was time for my daily foot massage with the amazing U at Relax Thai Massage. It was pure bliss as always. Afterward, I decided to have lunch at the traditionally Thai-named Happy Beer Garden. I was pleasantly surprised by the food quality, and the service was efficient and friendly. Maybe too friendly- more on that later.
    After lunch I put in a couple hours of work, then got showered and dressed to go meet J. I have been chatting with J for a few months on Grindr. He's not a MB, just a sexy 25 year-old Filipino living and working in Bangkok. I hit him up in October, thinking I would be in Bangkok soon. Work had other plans for me, so we have kept in touch these last several months. We planned to meet at Shenanigan's, then head off to the night market for dinner and to have a look around. He was about 20 minutes late, but when he arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. Exactly my type- a little shorter than me, smooth brown skin, and muscular legs. Perfection! We took the MRT to the Jodd Fairs night market which seems to be the newest one. Not sure what I was expecting on a Saturday night, but it was SUPER packed and busy. We walked around for a bit looking for a place to eat, when J suggested Spaghetti Seafood. I looked at the menu (but not the tables of other diners) and agreed. Once we were seated, I realized what we were in for. 
    Essentially, you choose which seafood you like (we chose mixed) and they then lay down wax paper. A bucket of seafood with a tomato based sauce is then dumped in front of you. We also ordered the "cheese burn" because hot cheese. Well, they drop shredded cheese all over the seafood then burn it with a torch right on the table. We both watched this process unfold with our eyes growing larger and larger! You then don plastic gloves and eat with your hands. Whomever said you shouldn't order anything messy on a "first date" would be horrified, but we had a great time talking and laughing and being messy. After, we had a couple beers at the open area and listened to a woman screech out some Thai hits. She wasn't very good, but it added to the overall experience, for sure.
    Time to head back to Silom, so we check Grab and see 250 Baht, so we approach tuk-tuk driver number 1. He says 500. J is not having this. We got to the next driver as driver 1 holds up his hand (5) in an attempt at price fixing. Second driver immediately undercuts him and says 400. J, still not satisfied, approaches tuk-tuk 3. Driver one holds up hand-5. Driver 3 says 400. The process repeats until we are several more tuk-tuks down the line. Eventually we get a driver for 200. J is satisfied with this and we hop in. As we ride past driver 1, J waves at him and holds up 2 fingers. I decide I like this guy! When we get back, I pay the driver 300 Baht- we still got a deal, and he made a little more money. Everyone wins!
    We settle into some seats at Unicorn to watch the gays pass by. Laughing and chatting and beer- soon we are feeling good and J wants to go to GOD. I do not love crowds, but I agree and we go. It was actually fun, so long as you stay on the balcony level. We dance for a while, but it is soon time to head back to the hotel as the bars are closing. J wants another couple beers for the room, but it's late. We pass by Happy Beer Garden and he asks if we can get a couple to go. The waitress says yes, and calls me by my name! She must have read it on my credit card earlier in the day, and remembered- I was surprised, to be sure. So we get back in the room and J goes to set the bottles on the table and they roll off the table onto the tile floor and CRASH. Now we have broken glass beery mess- I take one look at it and at J, who is shirtless and super embarrassed and say fuck it- this can wait. I throw a towel over the mess, move the coffee table on top so we don't step on it in the middle of the night, and roll into bed. He is a very passionate kisser and an excellent bottom. We have an athletic session and finally pass out after-
    He fits in my arms perfectly, so we snuggle most of the night. In the morning, I wake up to him pressing his cock up against me, so it's time for round 2. Even better than the night before. So that's how day 3 started! More later...
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Trip report Bangkok, Pattaya January 2023   
    thank you for interesting , fast paced and very dynamic report.
    I like when people are not wasting precious vacation time.
    Like everybody else waiting for next chapter impatiently.
    Drivers may not know Raya but everybody knows Thainya, Suriwong and Patpong so that may serve as a lead in case of them getting lost in urban jungle.
    After 18past19 and I petitioned UNESCO, they agreed to up Foodland to 7.5 stars.
    One thing I don't like is your misplaced generosity , buy drink to boy but Lucy ?
    Yes , very please check on status of New Twilight / Queens Club. That will count as community service in case you run into troubles.
    and finally and I  will scream it loudly : YOU CLEARLY PAY ATTENTION TO GOOD SIDE OF THINGS INSTAED OF COMPLAING THAT IT'S NOTHING LIKE GOOD OLD DAYS. Bravo  and very thank you again !
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    BL8gPt reacted to Londoner in Trip report Bangkok, Pattaya January 2023   
    Thanks! It always cheers me to hear of posters' happy returns to Thailand! Happy and eager to follow.
    I was amused by your "lost" taxi driver. Recently, I took a taxi from the airport to the Jomtien Complex and we ended -up exploring parts of that fair city ( in the dark) which I didn't know existed after the driver got lost. Heaven knows where we ended-up, a frustration after twelve hours in the plane. "Jomtien Complex!"  I repeatedly cried which , when he    used his google sounded like....well, I don't know what but it certainly had nothing to with Jomtien. Or Complex.
    Eventually, I said to him "Talay! Talay"  (the sea), and even though my Thai pronunciation is worse than his English, we arrived. 
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