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    BL8gPt reacted to Boy69 in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    Well build yes but never so even one handsome faced there . well we have different taste you're into hunks and I prefer slim smooth young twinks so this massage shop isn't relevant for me anyway. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    rough, yes to  a degree but unattractive? what it really means ? Some of them are quite well built and handsome faced. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to gayinpattaya in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    There is a new white door to the left of Paradise Massage, before 69 Bar. It's being used by Sunee Bar also. It's outside, not inside. When I asked I was told there are not actually any boys in there. The impression I was given is it's currently being used as a short time room for those small bars at the bottom of Jomtien Complex. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to bkkmfj2648 in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    There is a new Paradise Massage in the Jomtien Complex - I have not been there nor heard about any massage reviews.
    However, there have been some rumblings about a bad bathroom that can be accessed via the Paradise Massage for the customers in the nearby bars where there are NO bathroom facilities.  I cannot comment on this hearsay NOR do I know if this new Paradise Massage place is affiliated with the one in Bangkok.
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    BL8gPt reacted to thaiophilus in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    Yes, I'd recommend Gun, but I have no recent experience of any of the other Scandic staff so can't comment on them.
    He was formerly at Narcissus, then moved to Ambiance when Narcissus closed. Good to know he still enjoys his work.
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    BL8gPt reacted to kokopelli3 in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    There is one nice lad at Scandic by the name of Gun.  He is about 35 yo and has a great personality and speaks good English. He gives a good massage and does everything except bottom. His fee for off premise massage was 1500; not sure what the tip is at Scandic.
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    it's called Scandic
    answer is yes, but it's now new at that location , it was there already pre-covid in 2019.
    It's well appointed  and quality of  both boys and massage itself is good. Wit, one of their boys calls me ' my Casanova" and I can recommend him with clear conscience.
    I think it was him who told me that they will open new branch in Jomtien and if that's the case,  this will be likely now location Paradise in soi 6 is advertising. Perhaps bkkmfj can confirm. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to forrestreid in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    Thanks for the reviews.
    I see that Paradise Massage in Silom Soi 6 Bangkok are advertising that they have opened a new place in Pattaya.
    Going by the picture, it is beside the old Happy Place Bar in the soi next to the main Boystown lane (Soi 13/3 or 13/4?).
    Wonder if anyone tried that out?
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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Austrian man dies after falling from Bangkok hotel   
    From The Nation

    An Austrian man fell to his death from the fourth floor of his hotel room in Bangkok’s Khlong Toei district on Tuesday night (January 10).
    The deceased, identified as Mario Fruhwirt, 49, an Austrian national, suffered fatal injuries to his head after he fell from his room on to the hotel’s awning and landed on the ground, Lumpini Police Station officials said.
    Police found several empty cans of beer and a broken glass window panel in his room on the top floor of the four-storey hotel. Investigators speculated that the deceased might have been drunk and jumped through the window, breaking the panel.
    A hotel staffer said Fruhwirt had checked into the hotel alone on January 3 and was scheduled to check out on Saturday.
    Police are reviewing CCTV footage within the hotel to see if anyone had made contact with the deceased before his death. The Austrian Embassy has been informed to contact the deceased’s relatives to identify and take custody of the body.
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    BL8gPt reacted to young11 in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    Relax massage in Pattaya
    This place is close to the Boystown in Pattaya, on the main road, close to the intersection where the baht bus to Jomtien starts. It is right next to the turkish restaurant on that corner. You can find it on google map as well. 
    Boys quality: I wanted to try the Sea massage, again from a recommendation here somewhere. But I didn't like the guys who were sitting in the front. I passed the Sea massage multiple times and also at the closing when almost all of the guys were outside chatting before heading home. So I was quite certain that I didn't have anyone of my type. I was a bit disappointed but when I passed the Sea massage, I saw some decent looking guys sitting in front of a place called Relax massage. They are dressed in black (pants) and white (t-shirt) and all looked quite nice. Most looked quite straight and that was actually the case after talking to them. I think the owner (a lady in the picture on the google map) has a good taste in men so she got some decent looking guys. Either way, oil massage is also 300 baht only so I thought I won't lose much so I decided to try it out. I was shy to choose the guy but one of the guys was very active and came up to me immediately as I approached the place. He had a decent look and body so I accepted the offer.
    Ambience: The first floor is for foot massage, so if you are unsure of which boy to choose, you can have a foot massage and check who is available. Everyone will come and go through the first floor so you will see everyone after one hour haha. The second floor is for thai massage where each bed is separated by curtains, so less privacy. I am guessing it is hard to do anything extra there. The third floor is for oil massage and you have cubicles. No shower in the cubicle but the third floor has the shower and toilet together. I find this place clean overall. 
    Massage quality: The usual (high) quality you get in Thailand, so I was happy with the pressure. The guy touches literally everywhere and was very thorough, so I liked the massage itself. 
    The rest: He obviously wanted to offer extra but he couldn't get hard. He said he just finished before me but I said then why did you take me so actively. He said he can take a pill and get ready in 20 min if I book another session. I was not going to waste time and money for him anymore, so I thanked him and told him next time. On my way out there was a good looking guy setting another room. I asked his line secretly before heading down to the reception. At reception I paid and gave the masseur 200 baht as a tip because nothing happened. I usually give 100 or 200 at normal places depending on the mood, but was not sure if this sort of places expect higher. He seemed quite happy that he got a tip. 
    Next day, I texted on line that guy I chatted briefly on my way out. He has a really sexy face, slightly slimmer than I would like but some slim guys have a nice shape, and he was one of them. But the face was the highlight. I booked him next day by asking him when he is available. And when I arrived at the set time, I texted him via line to make sure he would welcome me without the awkward stuff. He welcomed me and asked which massage I wanted, I chose the oil massage, we went up the room. His massage skill was pretty good as well and we was very thorough like the guy before. When i turned around, of course he made me hard and I started touching him. He asked for 3k as a tip, I just refused and offered 1500. He countered me with 2000 but I kept the same amount. I think 1500 as a tip in Pattaya is more than enough as I had many guys on the app offering 1000-1500 for full service visiting me. Even in BKK, I think the min tips are usually less than 1000, so I wasn't interested in paying more than 1500. He accepted immediately without fuzzing around and we had quite a bit of fun. The main issue was that he didn't kiss, which is a big turn off for me. It is usually the problem of straight guys and I was worried about it when I learned that the guys here mostly straight from Cambodia. Either way, for his face, I was happy to tip 1500 for once. Once only and if he came up with a better offer, I could have hired him again but without kissing, how much I was willing to pay went down dramatically. From the next day onward, he kept messaging me every day and asking me to come but it was not a good value for me anymore, so I kindly asked him to find someone else after a few days. He still texted me even after that
    A side note: At the end of the boyztown when you get to the main street, there is a massage place as well. I don't know the name but it is on the same area where the bars are. The guys were quite aggressive to lure me in but they looked quite old and worn out? I don't know how to describe them but I just dont feel the same energy that I felt from the young guys at Relax massage. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to young11 in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    Soda Massage Jomtien review
    I went there following a recent review by a member (sorry i cannot locate it here). The place is located in the jomtien complex where all the bars and massage shops are. It is on the corner and one can locate it on google maps. 
    Boys quality: Boys were sitting in front but many of them are flamboyant (more of?) bottoms, who are not my type. I do like more masculine and muscular guys so keep that in mind when you read my reviews. Many of them were not my type, some decent looking faces but the body is slim...But the oil massage is only 300 baht, so I wanted to try it. In my opinion, the boys quality is quite low (for my likings). I passed this place three times to check the boys, I would say in all three times, I had hard time finding the guy to hire. 
    Ambience: Overall it was not the cleanest place I have been to in Thailand. The toilet had a poo smell, probably because the guys were cleaning before I came. It is that smell. The toilet and shower are together but I didn't use them because of the smell. The room is basic, no place to leave your phone or stuff. Usually the bed has a basket under but nothing in the rooms. The ac was not working, the fan was not working, so overall it was hot. 
    Massage Quality: The guy I chose was probably new, so the massage was not good. Very soft touch, no pressure, no tension. Not getting close to my groin area etc. Overall, I was really disappointed
    The rest: Of course, you know what happens toward the end. The guy took off his clothes as soon as I touched him but the body was slim. He was not very active but let me touch him without any limit. I gave me a head but it was a beginner's head. Yet, I enjoyed it because he didn't know what he was doing. Anyway tipped him 500 and he seemed quite happy about it. 
    a side note: there is a place on the other side of the street. I don't know the name. When I passed through it three times. there was a guy who was semi-muscular only one time but didn't hire him because I was on my way back from a massage at a private place I found on grindr.
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    BL8gPt reacted to young11 in Pattaya Massage shops review 2023   
    There are a lot of questions from beginners because the information on massage shops and other places are all over the forum and sometimes the topic changes and covers too many things not directly related to the topic so it is very hard for newbies to find the right information unless we read so many pages here and there. So i want to collect all the massage shop reviews here, but only in Pattaya and in 2023 so that the information is new and useful. So please try to keep this thread only about reviews and not deviate from the topic (with other things like your sweet old memory from the pre-covid times...) Strictly about massage shops in Pattaya by people who visited in 2023. I will put a sample review after this. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Hunt for gunman who killed British ex-pat in Pattaya   
    From Pattaya News
    Chonburi Police Region 2 is hunting down a mysterious murderer who shot and killed a retired British engineer yesterday, January 5th.
    The gruesome shooting occurred while the victim, Mr. Neil Lewis Roger, was traveling home on his red Scoopy I motorbike in Soi Khao Makok 1 in the Huai Yai subdistrict of Banglamung district, Chonburi. The 70-year-old was shot four times and passed away instantly on the spot.
    Pol. Lt. Col. Ittipon told The Pattaya News the motive behind the murder still cannot be disclosed, but he assured the media that the case is progressing well. He said authorities are gathering all types of evidence including three gun shells found at the scene and CCTV recordings around the area.
    Police met the victim’s wife, Ms. Thitiphan Kamlas, at the incident scene. As she mourned her beloved’s death, the 38-year-old Thai said the victim was a British engineer who chose to retire in Pattaya. He just returned to Thailand from England on January 4th after visiting his ill older sister.
    On the day of the shooting, the victim reportedly went to a party with friends in Pattaya and did not come back home. The wife said she grew worried and was heartbroken when the authorities called her about his loss. Ms. Thitiphan stated she did not know if the victim had any enemies.
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    BL8gPt reacted to TotallyOz in College Lads on Hornet   
    "Energy and persistence conquer all things." -Benjamin Franklin
    I have seen him about 5 or 6 more times. He is a nice guy and not looking for BF but just enjoys the English conversations and dinners. Sex is always excellent with him. He bought me a Xmas present which I found sweet (nothing expensive but a box of cookies).
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    BL8gPt reacted to spoon in Tour guide   
    Just curious. To those that says tour guides seeking business in gayguides forum must be willing to have sex as well... Where do these guides want to advertised their gay friendly businesses if not here in a gay forum? If a tour guides is gay, and wanted to find gay customers so he can show all the gay friendly places such as sauna and bars on top of the regular tourists site, i think it is very appropriate place to advertise here. Lets not forget siamroad is happily advertising their excellent tour guides in this forum too. While he did show pics of the guides, it is still strictly no sex involved. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to KYTOP in Tour guide   
    Yes, I had hired a guide on your recommendation, and he become my guide on every trip I made to Brazil. He even took me to a birthday party at his family's house, met his Grandmother, and I learned much about Brazilian culture I never would have seen or known. He became a friend and was definitely a reason for great memories and good times. He was a guide and no sex with him was involved. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Tour guide   
    Pravit , don't be put off but not particularly friendly welcome here and always  look  at bright side , your post was noticed, commented on  and hope will bear some fruits
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    BL8gPt reacted to reader in Thai King's eldest daughter hospitalised for a cardiac condition   
    From Thai PBS World
    Princess Bajrakitiyabha remains unconscious and under treatment in hospital
    Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati has been and remains unconscious, and doctors are still treating her with medications. She is also on a life support system, to support the function of her heart, lungs and kidneys, and to enable close monitoring of her condition, the Bureau of the Royal Household said on Sunday.
    The Princess fell unconscious due to a heart problem and was admitted to King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital on December 15th.
    Doctors at the hospital have attributed the initial collapse to an extremely irregular heart beat, induced by Mycoplasma infection, resulting in unconsciousness.
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in The Excellent Snooker Players Facing Long Bans   
    handsome but bit overdressed
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    BL8gPt reacted to Friendly tour guide in Tour guide   
    Sawadee khub. I can offer my friendly services to you to show you around my exciting city of Bangkok. I can guide you to the well known tourist attractions and also those out of the way places that are no so well known. Shopping malls, markets, temples, observation decks, coffee shops, local food cafes or entertainment places. My tours are based on your ideas of what you would like to see and do. I can be with you either in the morning, afternoon, evening, or all day. Please let me know how I can help you have a good time in Bangkok. Pravit. 

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    BL8gPt reacted to bkkmfj2648 in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    I am glad that you met the charming Paul over at the Coqtale bar.
    I also have noticed that sometimes Paul's guys are taking off their shirts - perhaps it is a result of the "stiff" competition emanating from the shirtless (after 10pm) Double Shot guys.
    Hopefully I will see you soon at the Coqtale bar!
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    BL8gPt reacted to bkkmfj2648 in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    It is actually pretty amazing.  The "top" carries around the "bottom" to various parts of the bar and continues to fuck him during each stop.  I did not notice if he continued to fuck him while they were in-transit.  The fucking became more intense once he placed the bottom onto a chair, customer's lap, etc.  They would move from person to person after receiving the requisite tip.
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    BL8gPt reacted to gayinpattaya in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    The story of Paul is funny. Known him a good few years and he's always great to talk to. He has his ears to the ground and not much gets by him. He was a little hard up a few months ago, but I helped him get a job at Dorothy's. He stuck it out the best he could, but one of the owners there makes things very difficult. Hopefully Paul has struck gold working for Bishop Ron at Coqtales, despite the pay cut.  
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    BL8gPt reacted to gayinpattaya in How did you celebrate this New Year period Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 ?   
    New Years was a good time in Jomtien Complex. I started at @Home Bar and worked my way up to Cocka2 Bar for the countdown. It wasn't as exciting as previous years and that's because of the stupid roof preventing fireworks on the bridges. The area around Sun Bar got very lively after midnight, but it was too loud for most farang. The boys were all having a great time though. 

    It was good to see Jomtien Complex back to full on new years celebration. The street was very busy with hardly any seating anywhere. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in Tawan Bar   
    not that lately but I was there several times during my 3 foray into Thailand in Oct and Nov plus had few reports from friends who are not contributing here.
    Bar is busy and full most nights, not shockingly tall order considering it's such small space but still busy.
    During day there's massage service in one of rooms upstairs , with at least one, later during day possibly more , guys offering service. 
    As before it's by a mile friendliest bar of them all , because of both guys and performers attitude. Boys are as before circulating freely , soliciting drinks and tips ,   asking ' how are you ' , shaking hands, allowing hugs and it you are generous , discrete touch here and there. Refusal of tip or drink  is taken in good spirit but they may approach you again later on, with better chance after you soaked in the atmosphere , beer and drinks enhanced. If you offer them a drink  they may be quite clingy and adventurous and you may find your hand to be where you always dreamed to place.
    Performers, usually 3 ladyboys  are entertaining but , unseen anywhere else , personable. During and after performance having chat with customers, asking where they are from etc and no , not asking ' do you have tip for me". So in short , whether you like guy on offer or not it's fun to be there.
    In the washroom there's attendant who will help you with paper towel and massage f you for few seconds expecting green note in exchange but will not kick you if you economize.
    There's no such thing there like fully dressed guys or some in jeans, all wear proper attire i.e. not much and toward end of day , after show one may see few on the stage wearing Adam's and Eve's  dress. There's big c...k show  with guys soliciting and occasionally some risker performance during show. 
    You can count on 10-20 boys on any given night , including resident twink, Mas. Keep in mind he is twink in Tawan' s sense, not skeleton in urgent need to fortified meal.
    Being muscle bar  one can't expect  guy being too young as  developing musculature , not to mention beer belly requires some time and effort.
    As for quality it goes full spectrum  from work in progress, through  well developed and maintained to overbuilt and perhaps outright fat  and in need to finding day time job.
    Some may even be close to applying for pension.  
    Saying that I find at least half of them offable by me and other half I don't even look at,  were mostly seen by me as offed by others so really what does it mean attractive ? 
    Go and see for yourself to assess that part. 
    That doesn't differ from other bars as everywhere you will find guys you like and others you don't.
    They may expect bit higher tips than everywhere else with exception of Jupiter or Moonlight but like everywhere it's between you and boy. One of their guys  I met in the soi after bar closed  declined to go LT for anything less than 4000 even if choice of catching somebody at that time was not high.
    After bar closes some of guys may be drinking in the corner outside so one may try his luck there but you better be sure those are boys from Tawan to avoid embarrassment and possibly navy colored  eye.
    So if you like young , fit and handsome you may do better in Jupiter or Moonlight, if you like body mass and in some cases steely muscles attached to bit older guys , all in funny and non nonsense environment , Tawan is still unrivalled IMNSHO. This is only bar when guy on the stage may come down just to shake your hand if recognizes you  and return to his duties. Of course all that friendliness caries price tag  as you will be solicited for tips somewhat more openly but as I said above , you won't be scorned or treated with face if you decline .
    I wish  that such system existed in Moonlight , Jupiter and BBB , in fact all other bars , where guys would circulate freely instead hiding in the nooks and crannies glued to their phones and coming out only for their parades on the stage.
    I'd venture to say  that some  may not like Tawan boys but still will like Tawan bar, after all no screeching ladyboys , screaming your girls and sourfaced farangs there.
    More questions, ask  
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