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    BL8gPt reacted to PeterRS in Soi Twilight 19 June 2019   
    Although I was a prophet of gloom once the demise of Soi Twilight was announced, I am delighted the bars have found alternative accommodations and are still relatively close together. What I miss is the proliferation of beer bars staffed often by very cute guys where one could just sit having a drink at a reasonable price with pleasant company watching the gay world go by. The gogo bars are there but not the atmosphere. Not yet!
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    BL8gPt reacted to DrimVoiz in Bangkok Infinity: The Hottest, Steamiest and Most Scalding Reunion with a Boy   
    U guys want to know the continuation of my report, right? Here we go...I immediately moved closer to Mr. Perfect Guy and gently lean him against the wall saying "u miss me?"...he immediately said "yes!"...to which I responded "seriously?"...he smiled and to my surprise, he kissed me on the lips, wow, I kissed both his upper and lower lips which is slightly open while I can feel his tongue, omg...I leaned closer to him feeling his muscular, hard body...while our bulges was pressing hard to each other.
    Then he leaned me against the wall and started kissing me on my neck...I love how it feels sending shivers to my body...I did the same to him, I really love kissing his neck and even his adam's apple.
    Then, I removed his shirt and when its halfway removed and his arm was raised, I paused a bit and sniff his armpits...what I also love about Mr. Perfect Guy is he smells sooo good, he is hygienic and conscious to his body. I started kissing and licking his armpits, one-at-a-time while completely removing his shirt. God I love his muscular body!!!...his arms, his abs, his chest, his back, his shoulders, his everything, actually, lol...even his exposed armpits which is shaved actually, yum!!! Time 4 muscle worship, yeah3x!!!
    Afterwards, I kissed and lick his hard chest before moving to his nipples which I played and run my tongue to it, while pinching the others, doing it 1-@-a-time also. Then I asked him to flex his arms which are both big and bulky with muscles, veins showing up. I then run my lips and tongue to his biceps and triceps.
    Then, he removed my shirt and run his tongue to my nipples, both of it...wow, it sends another shivers to my body and started to moan and groan. My m*nh**d was hard the entire time.
    After that, I kneel and unfasten the button of his pants, then unzip the zipper of his pants and slowly took his pants down. Wow...he's wearing the undies (or speedo) that they used during the show. I touch his bulge while looking at him. He smirk and then give me a teasing smile.
    His bulge is really hard now. I put it in my mouth while looking at him then slowly took his undies down. His m*nh**d was so hard it almost slap in my face, lol. I ran my hand to it, feeling its hardness and its gigantic size. Then I swallowed it while looking at him, d**pthr**t which I always do. Then I started moving it in and out my mouth, running my tongue to it, I really like to bj him. With the expression of Mr. Perfect Guy's hansome face, he also like it. Then I paused and slap it to both of my cheeks feeling its hardness. He was surprised I think when I look at him. Then, raised his m*nh**d and lick his b*lls, then carefully putting it in my mouth 1-@-a-time. Then I swallowed m*nh**d again.
    Afterwards, I run my lips and tongue to his legs and thigh...wow, he's really flawless!!! Then, I stand-up and Mr. Perfect Guy removed my pants and undies while saying "let's shower" to which I nod.
    We proceeded to the shower and he soaped my body and teasing my m*nh**d, haa haa. I also did the same to him, soaping and touching his gym-fit and muscular body. He turn me around and hugged from behind, feeling his gigantic m*nh**d in my *ss. Then he turn me around again and face-2-face, he hugged me while our m*nhood pressed at each other. Afterwards, we rinsed and dried ourselves with the towels. Mr. Perfect Guy was the first to get out of the bathroom.
    When I got out of the shower room, I saw Mr. Perfect Guy was already in the bed, still with a hard-on and giving me a teasing smile. I got excited and horny at the same time. I walk towards the bed then...<TO BE CONTINUED>
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    BL8gPt reacted to DivineMadman in HOW TO SELECT BOYS THAT PERFORM (DISCUSSION)   
    1.  Don't over-think.  
    2.  Be open.
    3.  Be kind.
    4.  Have fun.
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    BL8gPt reacted to Jasper in Bangkok Infinity: The Hottest, Steamiest and Most Scalding Reunion with a Boy   
    I think I know who is your Mr Runner-up.
    I was surprised to see him doing a big cock show. Somehow I have this preconceptions that only older rough looking guys do that kind of  shows and not pretty ones. lol
    Welcome back Drim!
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    BL8gPt reacted to williewillie in Panorama Bar in Boyztown Closed.   
    Lots and lots of construction materials stacked up outside the shuttered old Panorama.  Obviously,  work in progress.
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    BL8gPt reacted to williewillie in A-Bomb Boys Bar on Pattayaland Soi 2   
    Last night a couple of us did some bar hopping in Boyztown area.
    we went to the 10:20 pm Dream Boys show, which I always enjoy.  We decided to try the 11:50 pm 
    A-Bomb show.  It started on time and featured about 15 lads.  Fairly typical Sexy boy show,  NO ladyboys,
    and a grand finale with all 15 boys naked and hard.  It was a lot to take in with so many guys but no complaints.
    I can report that None of the A-Bomb show boys was in the Dream Boy show.
    The boys did not pour into the audience after the finale for tips.  Earlier, four of them did come off the stage to try to
    bring a customer on the stage.  They succeeded with one  Asian man and were very playful and affectionate 
    with him.  Fortunately, he was not morbidly obese or decrepit as they partially stripped him.  He was a good sport.
    Before and after the show, most of the many gogo boys were shirtless and playful.  Some Asian women in audience.
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in Trip Report June 2019 (I’m a sucker for smiles)   
    Day 3 - after waking up, went for lunch and did some shopping. Walked from BTS back to hotel at about 3pm. Encountered massage boys sitting outside Soi 4. A guy in yellow t-shirt with a nice smile caught my attention. "Massage?" Yes, why not! He led me into soi 4 towards Adam Massage. Very nice interior. Calm soothing music. We went up the stairs to 4th storey. Clean room with standard massage bed. Hole at top of bed for head. Shower rooms outside. Massage guy was very skilled. Strong strokes and some light teasing touching. He was fully dressed throughout but he did ask midway, "You want body to body massage?" I declined as I was saving myself for the night. He was disappointed but continued massaging me professionally. Towards the end, he tried again. "Happy ending? 500 baht only." I said normally i would say yes but today no. After massage, i went to shower to wash away the oil. Went down to pay the lady at counter. 700 baht for one and half hour of massage. Massage guy was standing at door to welcome me out. I gave him 500 baht tip. He smiled happily. 3 other massage guys outside congratulated him. Yes, I am a sucker for smiles!
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in Trip Report June 2019 (I’m a sucker for smiles)   
    Was only supposed to go back to Bangkok in December but managed to get a few days of leave in June. Last minute booking so could not get a room at my favourite hotel, The Raya Surawong. Fully booked! The Japanese must be in Bangkok for a golf tournament or conference. I noticed many Japanese arriving at airport. I booked Heritage Silom instead and I think it’s a good decision because it’s nearer to the bars in Patpong. No need to cross Surawong Road.
    Back in March, I was feeling sad over the final days of Soi Twilight. My trip report from that trip below:
    Here in Bangkok for two days already and am glad to see Twilight reborn at Patpong. My regular boy, Y, has gone back to Vietnam permanently so I would be alone this trip. On my first night, I arranged to meet Forum member anddy at Hot Male. Hot Male is on second floor beside Freshboys Patpong. They have their own bar outside so since I was early, I had a drink and observed what was happening with Dreamboys and Dreamboys Paradiso directly below. Dreamboys had just reopened last weekend and there was a steady stream of Chinese customers going in. 
    A Hot Male waiter struck up a conversation with me, hoping to get an off. But no, I said, let me see go go boy first. Anddy arrived. I paid bill for my drink and tipped Hot Male waiter. Anddy and I then went inside Hot Male. Entry fee of 350 baht at entrance for one drink. The bar inside was average sized. L shaped seating facing a stage but with a column awkwardly blocking the middle of the L. About 20 boys on stage. Only about 10 to 12 customers including us. It was about 10:15pm Anddy and I had a good time chatting and looking at the boys while waiting for show to start. Mamasans were friendly but not pushy. They knew when to leave us alone. Many of the boys were enthusiastic and smiling at the customers. At least 5 piqued my interest. I am a sucker for smiles! And it’s the same for Anddy! He likes the slightly muscular boys with athletic or swimmer body. My preference is for twinkier boys. At about 10:45pm, the show began. Entertaining show with ZERO ladyboy singing! The boys were pretty explicit and showed all. There was even an intense fuckshow involving metal rings hung from the ceiling.
    Halfway through the show, a group of 10 to 12 Japanese customers came in. They seemed drunk but oh what fun they brought to the bar. It was more fun watching them! Two of the Japanese guys got stripped by the others and they sat at the front row in the nude. During the big cock show, they were egged on by the others to go on stage. Stocky bodies but such cute faces! The audience plus the staff of the bar clapped for them enthusiastically. Anddy playfully got up and gave two 20 baht notes to the two Japanese guys. The applause got even louder. The two Japanese guys went back to their seats and the next act in the show proceeded. The younger of the two Japanese guys frequently got involved and went up on stage. In fact, during the fuckshow, he went up and bent over to let a gogo boy fuck him for a short while!
    After the show ended, the gogo boys went up on stage to showcase themselves. Anddy invited a boy with a really cute smile over and they chatted. I was very undecided about who to pick. The Japanese group then got up, paid for their drinks and left. But alas, one of the Japanese guys offed No. 9 whom I had been eyeing before the show! Anddy decided to off his boy. I decided to take it slow this trip. Ok not to have any off on first night. In any case, I had a very enjoyable evening with Anddy watching a really wild but unforgettable show. First time on my part seeing such active customer participation!
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in Trip Report June 2019 (I’m a sucker for smiles)   
    Night came and off I went to Foodland Patpong for dinner before going to Lucky Boys. Invited Anddy and he said he would arrive after 10pm. I entered Lucky Boys at 9.30pm and was led to a front row seat. 20 boys in their custom made Lucky Boy black briefs on stage. I recognised many of the boys and staff from Classic and X-Boys at Twilight. Waiters and mamasans in yellow polo shirts. Mama (or Lucy as some of you know her as) was dressed up as usual.
    The waiter came for my drinks order. I asked or the drinks menu, pointed at Jack Daniel and ask how much? The waiter seemed puzzled because the prices were on the menu. “Bottle,” I explained myself. The waiter then turned the menu over and I saw the bottles pricing. 4000 baht with mixers. I did a bit of mental calculation and went ahead to order it. I was expecting to stay the whole night and with Anddy joining me, I figured it would be cheaper to get a bottle than get individual drinks for us and the boys.
    A twinkish mamasan came over and spoke to me in Mandarin. I replied, “I’m from Singapore. I speak English.” But seeing how he’s actively trying to brush up his Mandarin (to obviously cater to Chinese customers) and due to the fact that I was impressed that he had learnt Mandarin on his own without attending any classes,  I spoke to him in both languages throughout the night. Very cute boy with (you guess it!) a sweet smile. His name is L and he used to be a dancer at Classic then switched to be a waiter and has now worked his way up to be a mamasan. L has a very fun-loving personality. I asked him whether he can be offed. Unfortunately, he said no. I make a sad face. Maybe if we get to know each other better, who knows what might happen in the future?
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    BL8gPt reacted to lotus123 in First Encounters with The City of Angels   
    I arrived in Bangkok for the first time in June, 1997. I had made my very first internet hotel booking for the occasion, securing a room at La Résidence. I think it still exists. It’s a boutique hotel on Suriwong Road about 15-20 minute’s walk from the late lamented Soi Twilight. As a nervous first-timer arriving near midnight, I had booked a hotel car to pick me up from Don Muang airport. I remember marvelling at the elevated tollway, looking at the neon-lit cityscape extending as far as I could see, and wondered whether I had stumbled into a real-life Blade Runner scenario. Once arrived at the hotel, I collapsed into bed and didn’t awaken until noon the next day.
    In the evening, I dined at the hotel. I didn’t eat much, knowing that I was about to set off for my first gay night on the town. Poring over the Silom-Suriwong map in my copy of Gay Thailand (remember that little book?), I zeroed in on Dream Boy Barbeiry, mainly because it seemed I could just walk in a straight line from the hotel to the bar. I will never be able to recapture or re-create the impressions of that walk. The sights, sounds, and smells would all become familiar, but that first time it was total sensory overload.
    When I got to the entrance of the bar, I was ushered in by a tout.  He handed me off to what I knew from my book was a mamasan, who showed me to a seat and took my drink order. I had previously been to a macho dancer bar in Manila, so I had some idea of what to expect. The show, however, was of completely different order than I what I had seen in the Philippine capital. The number I remember was set to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and involved a number of boys in monkey suits who had a mock-brawl and ended up fucking each other. After the show, for which I had arrived just in time, a mamasan explained things to me. She had an eye for inexperience, I suppose. I bought a drink for a muscled lad with a large tiger tattoo. His English handle, unsurprisingly, was Tiger. Tiger eventually returned to my room with me for a short time session. As short time sessions go, it was for rather a long time. He, too, knew what to do with an inexperienced customer. After the ritual showering and a quarter hour or so of inconclusive foreplay, he took charge and became my first Asian top. Even though he was not well endowed, he acquitted himself well and I’ve been addicted to Thai (and other Asian) cock ever since.
    Note: It didn’t strike me as such until much later, but I witnessed something very unusual in the bar that evening. It was a quiet weekday evening and among the few patrons in the place was a very well dressed older Thai woman. She had a khunying-type hairdo and was bedecked in gold jewelry. The staff were extremely deferential to her as she paid her bill, as was the very handsome boy she left with. Never since have I seen an older Thai lady in a gogo bar as a customer, much less offing a boy.
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    BL8gPt reacted to lotus123 in First Encounters with The City of Angels   
    Wow, that map brings it all back in big way. So many places have disappeared. One of my faves in the early years of the millenium was Super Lex Matsuda, specifically when it was being (well) run by Khun Phet. I had a regular there who was the star of the fuck show. He and it were very memorable, but the most memorable evening I ever spent there was during the beginning of the 'Social Order' campaign in 2001. Sex and nudity were briefly banned, so the bars suddenly had to improvise new shows. Khun Phet's solution was to turn the SLM show into a talent show in which the boys, fully clothed, did everything from skits to playing instruments to singing. One boy I'd never noticed before got up and did a haunting mor lam number in Lao, a capella. I've never forgotten it. A week or two later, everything was back to normal.
    Apologies for going off topic...
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    BL8gPt reacted to anddy in Bangkok's Best Gay Fuck Shows   
    they were both a bit stocky, yes, but young and the more active one actually had a kinda cute face.  He was quite active with his "role" of getting on stage, often intensely encouraged by the boys, but for some reason he remained completely limp the whole time. Even when trying (and with help from a boy) it didn't grow a bit. Pity, but great fun nonetheless. He even went so far as to be fucked by one of the boys after the official fuck show ended.
    You'd think this is a totally unique, one-off experience, but boy (3 years experience as a bar boy) told me that it does happen, usually with Japanese. So much for reserved Japanese culture haha
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    BL8gPt reacted to jason1975 in Bangkok's Best Gay Fuck Shows   
    HOT MALE !!!!!
    5 reasons
    1) No ladyboy singing.
    2) Lots of cocks on display.
    3) Real fucking.
    4) Boys with smiles.
    5) Mamasans who are not pushy.
    And a 6th reason is customers who strip naked and join in the show! 
    I kid you not! Andy and I just witnessed it tonight.
    By the way, entry is by coupon. 350 baht for one drink. Off fee is 500 baht.
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    BL8gPt reacted to speedoo1 in Moonlight Gogo Bangkok   
    New model, Mr Boss looks great. Much more my style than the other big beefy guys/models.
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    BL8gPt reacted to vinapu in First Encounters with The City of Angels   
    My first  encounter with Bangkok scene was back in November  2001, post 9/11 attack when planes were flying half empty and tourism was yet to recover . Our  Thai  747 from Los Angeles to Bangkok  with stopover at Kansai (Osaka) was barely 1/3 full and it made to one of most comfortable transcontinental trip I ever took having 3 seats to my disposal. Only inconvenience was arrival at ungodly hour but taxi driver made  good introduction to  a scene.
    We barely moved from Don Muang when he asked me if I want a girl, ‘no ‘ answer was immediately countered  with  ‘ if you want  boy , I have one for you “ so I know gay paradise is not stuff of legends. But I did not take  his offer if only because my usual dislike of using of intermediaries.
    Those days Dreaded Ned website was our Bible and I studied it before setting for that trip so in the evening I took BTS / that trip was only one ever I stay in Sukhumvit area / to Patpong to survey the scene there.  Wandering here and  there I finally arrived  to my chosen bar , name long forgotten which was located along the Rama stretch where BBB Inn is right now. I’m pretty sure at that location them was massage called K-something  and my bar was where Take a-Nap hostel  is now as I clearly recall there were few steps down inside.
    Not that I entered immediately. Like every novice worth his name I was circling  back and forth and it took probably good 10 minutes walking back and forth along the stretch before I braved in. Timing was good, place was packed, show was going on but mamasan found me a seat, brought my drink  and chatted me up. Being inexperienced I confessed it’s my first  day of first  trip to Thailand and his bar is also my first.
    It was not actually bad idea as he explained me everything, that boys with numbers on the stage can be taken, off fee needs to be paid, when I said I can’t take boy to my hotel he said that boy  knows where  rooms to be rented by the hour  are and what price would be and most important that boy expects a tip between 1000 and 2000. Only thing left out was short / long time distinction.
    Seeing that I can barely breath with all those sensation  he took a lead and  told me that I should take boy number this and that because he is very popular and I will be happy with him.  He showed him to me on the stage , muscular and tall,  I smiled which was taken as approval and before I could say  something boy was sitting beside and it did not take much before he turned very clingy so we both knew deal is sealed.  I was ready to go but both gentlemen told me to wait because special show will start now.
    Yes it was legendary acrobatic Bangkok   f***k show, I don’t recall top but still remember that bottom was very attractive muscular guy. Almost as attractive as one which was forced upon me my that enterprising mamas an. When couple started their tip collecting tour  among audience and they stopped right in front of me armed with visible 100 baht note,   part of their act  was done on my lap , to this day I don’t know why I did not get heart attack from excitement as it’s  one thing to hear about those performances but another to have it actually performed right , say, almost on me.
    I don’t even recall mamsan soliciting any tips from me but he walked us both to  a door wishing  us nice evening which was bound to happen hell or high water  because my new companion was actually 100 % my type. Tall,  muscular but not overbuilt and smooth like baby and looked mid-20 for me , now knowing that Asians are looking much younger to our eyes I think he was probably even older .
    We went to short time rooms on ground level of Suriwongse hotel , I don’t recall what was price but definitely nothing eye-popping. 
    It did not take much time for us to undress and land in the shower only to realize seconds later  that there are no towels.  But system worked because  in the same second it was knock to door and some loud scream translated by my guy as towels arrived. Without second thought he went as he was , in Adam’s dress to collect then  at the door enforcing my impression that we are not in place for shy people.
    Next 2 hours  were heavenly but moment I remember the best came at very end. I remembered mamsan advice about tip 1000-2000 and was not in the mood to economize so pulled  4 500 baht notes / there was no 1000 bill those days, at least I don’t recall seeing one that trip / and handed over to  a boy who made sound I can hear to this day. Embrace was one of strongest ever and parting kiss was longer than eternity .
     I thought it was  just part of decorum and only later  I learned that 2000 those days was considered generous overnight   tip and for those 2 hours 1000 would be making boy smiling broadly. Lesson learned and I haste to say it was pleasant one. Boy made me happy and I managed to make him happier still , it cost me  a bit but did not made me destitute.
    Next day I was flying to Phnom Penh , when I returned  I decided to immense myself in pleasures of massages discovering HIS and Arena in the same plaza and later on Aqua Spa and never returned to that bar. Next year it was gone for good but I still recall that happy sound by the  boy overpaid by farang without a clue  
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    BL8gPt reacted to Jasper in DREAM BOY opened 14 June 2019   
    Drink 450 baht
    As mamasan informed me the other day, Dream Boy Bangkok opened today.
    The bar is fairly big Perhaps twice the size of old Twilight bar upstairs.
    Seats are all new and comfortable sofa type.
    I didn’t see anyone smoking at show time 10:30-12:00.
    The bar was surprisingly full 40-50 customers.
    There is a large stage at the back of the bar but the view is obstructed by the huge structural column in the middle.
    The boys wear white shorts and not underwear like Twilight days, all shirtless.
    The boy are mostly muscular older guys.
    There were only 20 boys parading when I visited and maybe 5-6 boys sitting with customers.
    If they insisted on employing only Thai boys as advertised outside, I am afraid the bar would struggle to find younger boys and average age gets higher.
    After parading on the stage, they come down to the floor and walk among customers so easier to contact directly with them.
    Shows are almost exactly the same as the old bar including ugly lady boys exposing cocks.
    They did have a fuck show.


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    BL8gPt reacted to PeterRS in Bangkok nights (trip report) and more   
    Thanks for your comments. I have singled out the two main issues for i believe there are two simple reasons. Economics being one. Failure to adapt being the second!
    Because for decades, well - at least two and a half decades, the bars survived well using one business model, they failed to adapt as their traditional customer base declined. This is a point you made some years ago. This model depended on lowish drinks prices and a goodly number of offs each evening/week. As has been stated on this forum before, until the early 2000s that base was largely a mix of westerners and Thais. From my observations, the Thais were the first to drift away, followed much more gradually by some of the westerners. I cannot pinpoint exactly when this occurred. Perhaps it was during the first Thaksin era Social Order campaigns in the early 2000s. As a result, the number of offs started to decline. To make up their revenues, owners started upping drinks prices. I believe this was the first time red flags were waved about the gogo bars perhaps facing long term trouble.
    Soon after this, the number of tourists from neighbouring Asian countries began to increase dramatically. Some obviously were gay guys wanting to sample Thailands gay scene. The ethnic customer balance began to change. From my occasional observations, the first of this group appearing in the bars were either solo travellers or small groups of friends. Most came from the richer countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan etc. For them higher drinks prices was no obstacle. Their objective seemed less in finding a boy to off. It was to experience the gogo scene and have a bit of fun. Many of these guys preferred to hit the increasing number of gay saunas and the massage spas, have sex there and then move on to the gogo bars later in the evening just to have a drink or two and see the shows. After one or two shows during their visit, the bars are forgotten in favour of the dance clubs like DJ Station. From other non-Thai chat rooms it is obvious that saunas, massage and clubbing remain of far greater interest to the solo/small group gay Asian travellers.
    So the number of offs dropped even further, other than perhaps at high season weekends. The result was that off income declined further. Instead of experimenting with different business models, most of the bar owners resorted to the traditional remedy. Bar prices had to be increased yet again.
    Fast forward a few years and mass tourism from Asian countries begins to flood Bangkok and Pattaya. A large percentage of this lot is on group tours for whose members gogo bars are a new and different experience. As spoon rightly points out, their home societies are more conservative. So even for the women, the sight of scantily clad boys and a few enviable erections is an excitement they can enjoy and talk about with all their girlfriends back home. Gay guys are probably also part of these tours. For them going into a bar with others from their group can mean their sexuality remains hidden. They are just enjoying a night out with their friends. Will they come back again, this time on a solo tour only to spend time in the bars? I think this is unlikely. 
    For the future, I believe the gogo model is unlikely ever to return to what it used to be 25 years ago. The bar owners have to make money. They have been caught in a spiral of their own making. They have no choice but to cater to the new customer base. In my view that will continue, at least In theory, to depend on Asian guys and Asian women. This is the group with cash for whom it matters little if the off price is 1,500 baht short time or 3,000 baht short time. It also matters little if the boys up there on stage are Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese or Lao because an off is not the objective. It is the women flashing 1,000 baht tips for the flash of a smile and some gentle attention from the boy of their dreams in Moonlight 2018 that are likely to be increasingly seen in bars. The danger then is the gogo bars become much more like the women only male escort bars in Japan. But that is a different topic.
    The one unknown I cannot fathom is: what happened to the western gay tourists? With the total number of tourists to Thailand having expanded humungously over the last quarter century, there should, again in theory, be far more solo western gay tourists coming to Thailand for the first time for whom the traditional gogo bar model ought to remain a key part of their vacation. Has word got out that the bars are just too boring in this era of much greater gay freedom? Or has a vacation in Thailand  become generally too expensive? Or do we yet again place the blame on the apps?
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    BL8gPt reacted to Boy69 in A-Bomb Boys Bar on Pattayaland Soi 2   
    I understood the owners of BBB now are Chinese so they probably have no difficulty to bring large chinese bus tour group companies to their bar. If they have large groups on regular basis why should the boys bother they can be fully dressed and don't have to make any efforts for the customers...
    Once BBB was the best bar in Thailand for me, Now there's no point to visit there anymore.
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    BL8gPt reacted to macaroni21 in Bangkok nights (trip report) and more   
    As the saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack/Mack a dull boy". 
    In Bangkok recently for work, I made sure my evenings were free. Then tacked on a few more days in Pattaya. The first of four trip reports is up at http://shamelessmacktwo.travel.blog with one new report a day. Beware  -- these are long reads.
    Sunday evening upload: Bangkok bars
    Monday evening upload: Bangkok massage
    Tuesday evening: Pattaya bars
    Wednesday evening: Pattaya massage.
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    BL8gPt reacted to forky123 in Pattaya May/June   
    999 Massage (Jomtien Complex)
    Unfortunately my back has been playing up so I’ve been avoiding aggravating it further but finally decided to try this place. Set up like a standard massage place with chairs downstairs. Probably 12 guys available and decided on a one hour aroma massage so as not to push it. Upstairs lots of cubicles but not floor to ceiling. No shower before (or after ). Boy seemed to know what he was doing massage wise though was wearing underwear and T shirt. Very quickly realised there would be at lease a Happy ending as he pressed his crotch into my feet and hands as the massage progressed. Although the massage was reasonably good, it certainly didn’t last an hour. The boy gave me an exquisite BJ however so I wasn’t complaining.
    This may be my last massage of the trip. My back is pretty bad and I need to avoid making the trip home a nightmare. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to spoon in First Encounters with The City of Angels   
    My first time visiting is actually recorded as a trip report here, at it was in November 2016. 
    I prefer massage over going to bar, so on my first day, i got a foot massage at wat pho and gay massage at arena. That night i still went to my first gogo bar visit as reported below
    Couldnt get to sleep even though i wanted too. So I just lay down in bed and watched tv until its almost 10pm. Its time to finally go to tawan. I am glad that tawan is out at a different and quiter road because as i passed by soi twilight, i can only imagine the annoyance walking through a bunch of punters when all u want to do is cruising the road. Not much of cruising in front of tawan though. Still hesitates whether i should enter so i walked on the other side of tawan bar. As i passed the door I immediately turn right and went inside rightaway. This is it, today i am no longer gogobar virgin lol. Mamasan immedeately show me to the nearest sit to the door, i scanned quickly through the bar and see some empty seats at the back and asked to sit there. Mamasan nodded, and seat me asked my drink order and pay right away. Seems like a lot of people were already here waiting, though i wouldnt say its a full house. I am glad that i chose my seat where its at the corner but i can still see the stage and enjoy the show. Next to me is one very old chap wearing slacks and shirt, and already a boy no47 sitting next to him talking and flirting. I kinda like that boy as well, but seems like he is occupied. Having seated at the end, i can just observed the stage and the customers alike. And since not many new comers actually asked for seats at the end of the bar, i got the table to myself, and some of the boys actually hanged out at these corners too. The boys are already on stage taking turns to gain attention. I immediately recognised one of them, tong the mr thai, thanks to this forum. He is in great shape and one of the biggest muscle guy there that doesnt have tummy. Half of them are already bearish type, a few have no defined muscle but majority have well defined muscular abs and pecks.
    The show is about to start and i saw one guy, darked skin, which later i found out he is no45. His body, abs and ass is definitely to die for but his look resemble someone back home that i actually hate lol still good looking though but i feel weird haha. He ended up seating to my right at some point and i just couldnt start a conversation.
    Ok back to storyline. So I seated next to this old chap, and after no47 get on stage, immedeately some other boy (not to my liking so i dont remember his number) and the. Another boy seat next to this boy, which is just beside me.
    I keep my cool and just stare at the stage, and the show is about to start. The lights is out and comes no 45 getting ready to go on stage wearing this studded skimpy undie with penis head exposed. And i noticed the boy next to the old chap also took his out for the chap to play a bit. Just a lot of teasing, touching. The other boy starts to try talki g to me but he is not my type so i just say i wanted to just enjoy the show. He obliged but did touch me a bit again after a while, playfully, but i still insists.
    The show was quite revealing, im pretty sure many here have already explained. Theres flexing show, where they took off their undies in the end, some very show bj show (no45 on stage receiving but he is the only one with his face showing, wouldve been better if he cover his face since i just cant shake the resemblance), then some body wave dancing shows (2 of them wearing the greco wrestling outfit, one of them is no 47, very hot) then theres this short 3some sex show, no actual penetration though but no 45 is in it as the pretend bottom. Another short snm show with oil, hot oil with wax, blindfold, and a rubber paddle. Jerk off show with 3 guys.
    After the end of the show, the guys all come back on stage, not all. No 45 seats to my left resting, and I immedeately blushed lol couldnt talk to him and definitely not offing him but god his body and ass is to die for. No 47 comes to his old chap but this time 3 other boys are there so he goes in front of him, rubbing his hand on the chaps legs and then goes under his shirt touching is nipple. After a few while the old chap left without off anyone, and i dont see any of the boys gets any tips or drinks. I actually feel sorry for them, especially 47. At this point i already decide not to off anyone, but no47 did glance and smile at me. I just watched a different direction and i see him going the other way. More people leaving, and i decided to leave as well. I did tip 100 for the the guy during jerk off show. And the drink charge, no one else. No off since i got to wake up early for ayutthaya tomorrow, and i already have a very satisfied massage session. Otherwise, i wouldve off at least 3 of the guys i saw today. All 3 of different size. Tong which is the largest, didnt see him do anything today, but he dont really need to i think. No 45, just for that ass slightly smaller build than tong, and 47, which is rather skinny but fair and smooth skin, japanese look, and very nice attitude based on how he treat that old chap.
    Im pumped to go again tomorrow, and maybe finally gets the courage to off longtime once. We'll see. If not, maybe next trip. Dunno if i want to go to other gogobar yet.
    Overall, i like the show and glad that i went tonight. There is this almost chubby guy with chinese look doing the show though, dont like him at all, he did the snm show as the master and the pretend sex show as the top. Totally a turn off, maybe he is the owner or something lol
    And yes, i did finally go back to tawan amd off no47 on a different night of the same trip, my first off and only off of that trip. 
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    BL8gPt reacted to GWMinUS in First Encounters with The City of Angels   
    It was most enjoyable to hear the story about your first encounter in Bangkok. I hope others will contribute!! To that end, this was my First Encounter in Bangkok...
    Mine is about a tiny bar across from Tawan. My first visit to Bangkok was in 2001. I was lucky to have met a German man on Yahoo Chat. We met at the Tarntawan and set out to do the Bars!! We went to Tomahawk Go-Go, which was directly across from Tawan. It was tiny place with banked seating along one side of the room and a small platform on the opposite side where the Boys came out to dance.
    One of the Guys dancing caught my eye and after he left the stage I ask the Mamasan to bring him over for a drink. As an aside, the Mamasan was Lek who later managed Soild and recently the small bar in Soi Twilight. So the young guy arrived and sat with me. But something did not seem quite right. We talked, all the standard questions. And then I excused myself to go to the toilet. It was toward the back of the Bar when the Boys hung out between their moments on the stage. A path was cleared for me to the toilet, I relieved myself, and when I came back out I saw standing there the Boy who I had really been smitten by earlier. What was going on?? Well it turns out it was his younger Brother who Lek had brought over!!!
    We quickly cleared up the confusion and both understood my preference for the older Brother. So off we went to Tarntawan for an excellent night!! The Boy who I will call “T” was a dream. He had a great body. Beautiful smile. A huge cock.  A nice tattoo. He did everything!! He loved to smoke and be smoked and he even had me fuck him!!! Well I fell in Love!!! Too bad I had a long-time Boy Friend back home in the USA…
    Just to complete the story. We met several times on future trips. And I always enjoyed our time together. Went on several trips in Thailand. He had two sons he was raising himself. His younger brother was Gay and had a Thai BF. Now many years later, my Guy is in his late 30s and still looks good. He worked as a Mamasan at Boys Bangkok. And the last time I was in the Bar he took me down the Soi to meet his two sons who work in other Bars. They are both grown, equally handsome, married, and have children.
    Too bad I have not seen Grand Dad in several years. But the memories are still the best!!
    Hua jai kong pom ben kong koon!!
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    BL8gPt reacted to anddy in May 2019 Trip Report   
    As solution to this is to write the report outside the forum website in whatever word editor you use on your phone/tablet/laptop, and then, when finished, just copy and paste it into the forum. This is particularly useful for lengthy posts like reports, as it also allows you to take a break from the writing and save a draft, to be completed later
    looking forward to extra insights
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    BL8gPt reacted to ggobkk in May 2019 Trip Report   
    It's about 4am, Sunday, in California as I keyboard this.  I am a slow adjuster to jet lag...so my solution is to ignore it and take lots of naps which gradually fade into a full night's sleep.
    So back to reporting.  As noted in a previous post, I had finished my Wednesday and most of Thursday (my last full day in Thailand) report and was editing it as Michael took the site down for maintenance. Thus, in a microsecond, my most witty comments, phased in poetry, and full of meaningful insights disappeared into the ether.
    Guess, it's back to slogging out some clumsy prose.  When Noo left it was close to noon and my friend Ya arrived in a taxi to whisk me off to the Intercontinental Resort for a major lunch at the Infiniti restaurant over looking the sea from an angle that keeps the view away from Pattaya's main beach.  The resort is on a series of hills and so we opted for the golf cart to bring us to the restaurant.  We ate and talked for more than tour hours and then back by golf cart to Ya's waiting taxi.  He hires one as he needs it on an on-call basis for half a day at a time.  He then showed me the properties he is managing and I was reintroduced to some of his friends.
    Bu the time I was back at the hotel, I just had time to stop in at Next Tailors and pick up the shirts I had made.  30 minutes later, showered and changed, I join with two other hotel guests (they are from Germany) and we are seated at an outdoor table for the monthly Poseidon Wine dinner with seven courses and seven separate wines pared to each course.
    The dinner was limited to 30 but there was no official starting time, so my table (of early arrivers) finished just before 9.  I had no evening plans, checked my phone and found a message from Sophy.  That was enough to put me on the baht bus.  About a mile from Jomtien, four guys join the bus.  Convivial, they were asking where the other passengers were from.  There were only three of us, a couple from India, and me.  When I said, USA, they introduced themselves with their name followed by "terrorist".  They were from Iran and were in a good mood.  I said that while i was from the USA, I live in California which is part of the USA that didn't vote for Mr. Trump, then they told me I could add terrorist to my name.  They were pleased ot know I had been to Tehran and there were lots of sloppy hugs of international friendship.  They got off for Walking Street, I went a little further and disembarked and walked a few paces into Toy Boy where Sophy  was waiting.  He was shirtless but had his pants on rather than briefs.  David was on stage, as was Aun - who I was interested in on another night.  Aun sat with us.  He is Thai.  Nothing clicked.  If it had, I would have checked with Sophy about a 3 way.  We had done one with another Cambodian from @Home in Jomtien last November.  No need to check tonight.
    Sophy and I headed out to the Jomtien and the hotel.  It was a good time with a few adaptions and we are past the stage of preliminaries.  On the way out of Toy Boys, I gave a red note to David.  
    Sophy left before dawn...actually several hours before dawn.
    Thursday, is my last full day in Pattaya and Thailand this trip.  Mike's Pattaya taxi will pick me up early Friday morning to take me to BKK and then onwards via Thai and United air.  
    Whoops!...can't go to the beach - it's raining.  Went to Delicies for a pastry.  Still raining.
    Decide to pack.  Rain breaks about 1pm, so I head out to do a daytime visit to the Night Market and pick up two small souvenirs, then I walk to Central World and after a stop at Starbucks, walk around the mall and am bored.  Used the restroom...Starbucks works quickly.
    Walked back along the beach in the direction of Boyztown/Walking Street.  In Boyztown have a massage with no HE at Scandia.  Actually a fine massage.  My original but vaporized posting has the masseur's name.  I did not keep my notes...so, sorry.
    I then caught the baht bus back to Jomtien as the rain returned.  
    I packed, mostly eveything I brought is now laundry.  While not Vinapu as his micro packing, I can easily get everything on the plane as carryon - I won't as I my luggage is comped by my airline status and leaves me plenty of room on the plane.
    I wasn't sure what to do on my last night, had a drink with the owner of Poseidon and talked about the ebb and flow of the tourists seasons.
    I texted Sophy and David...they came out and we had dinner at Sandbar restaurant on the beach.  David has more English than Sophy but with my Khmer Google Translate we managed.  We went back to the hotel...but that, folks, was it...no last night in town wild escapades, just a nice time with two very nice guys who had given me great pleasure.  We parted ways with promises to keep in touch.  (so far a daily Line GIF).
    I went to bed, got up and got on my way.
    And, that's my report.
    PS - I think I may  have one more installment in me...more about things I learned or observed that didn't fit into the narrative.
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    It’s Wednesday and almost lunch time.  Ya, known to many on the Forum, as one of the early and incredibly helpful and popular Siam Roads guides, has retired from guiding and is managing properties for farangs and expats in Pattaya.  We’ve agreed to meet up for lunch today. That gives me a chance to catch up on my reporting before he arrives.
    Before I begin, let me recommend Nathan_B’s post about Pattaya.  He captures the mood much better than I ever could and since we share most of the same opinions about the venues, it does away with the need to describe the clubs and staff. Sunnee is almost hopeless, but not completely as there is the chance that.someone from the past will reappear.  
    It’s important to underline and shout out that it is slow season...even in Jomtien which has its new Jomtien Walking Street signage, a majority of the tables and chairs are empty.
    My days have been somewhat routine.  Go the beach in the morning, red and blue umbrella section just past the old restroom/new storage facility.  Once there I settle in and then have a massage on the sand.  The section hosts shade my pale body with umbrellas. Last year, on both visits to Pattaya, Noo was my masseur of choice.  On Sunday, I couldn’t find him and didn’t see him walk by, so I went with Thim.  OK massage, so I repeated with him on Monday.  Of course, Noo now appears.  I tell him what happens, book him for Wednesday back at the hotel as the beach umbrella sections are closed on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Thim is a no - show for our agreed time, so I Line Noo, he arrives, massage begins and Thim shows up.  At this point I remember how good Noo is with massage and say “sorry” to Thim.  Noo, by the way, could easily work at Tawan given his physique.
    After, my morning massage, I relax, have some fruit drink - usually watermelon, and watch the passimg scene...most of the folks sheltering within the blue and red zone recognize one another after a couple of days, folks have the same chairs, some have new boyfriends some return with their regular companion.  There is a Russian family that comes down to the beach every morning, five of them,leaving their bags at the foot of a palm tree and go in the water for a half hour and them pick up there stuff and head back to wherever.  
    I then head back to the hotel, shower, maybe take a nap.  Catch up on internet - it’s all sort of boring, and - for. Me - that’s a good thing.  I go for a walk around 3, stop at some of the Jomtien Complex bars as they are setting up and the boys are arriving to work.  I learn but am not surprised how hard it is to find customers in the slow season who will take the guys off or even tip them when they sit with them and go through the routine “where you from/stay/for how long?
    While Fah massage has closed, two newer massage places have opened, one next to Fah, the other a few paces on the left - next to the show that sells condos and swimwear, - as one leaves the Venue.  I didn’t try either.  Tuesday, I had a great massage from one of the bar boys at CJ...he contacted me on Romeo, I recognized from the photo that he was working nearby, so went over and chatted, told him I didn’t want to off him, he suggested massage, I agreed and we arranged it Tuesday, which was yesterday.  So Tuesday was a beach massage and in the room massage double.
    For meals, I’ve has some street food, been to Super Issan, had breakfast pastries from  Delice (next to Fah’s old location), Poseidon, and Yupin. The last two provide food in the grand old style, generously portioned and heavily sauced.  I’m not sure if that is a recommendation in this day of healthy eating, but it was good tasting.  Patrick, the gray eminence of Yupins is a charmer.  Tonight, is the monthly 6 course wine matching dinner at Poseidon andI’ve booked a space.
    That boring part of this report  is now out of the way, so to discuss my evening activities, I spent a good portion of Monday night in Boyztown.  I visited Dreamboys, X Boys, Cupidol, looked in at BBB, and, again note that Nathan_B has a report that I can only echo.  I do note that Cupidol’s mamasan continues to drive me crazy.  Observation, customer mix is more farang than Asian.  Definite change from Bangkok.
    Monday, after my wandering, I ended up at Toy. Boys.  I was looking for the glasses wearing Cambodian boy, I saw the night before while waiting for Sophy.  Manager said the boy was off on a short time, if I cared to wait.  I responded, with a maybe tomorrow comment.  Sophy had been onstage but the opposite side from where I was seated, when the rotation brought him into view, I called him over.  Rather than go to Jomtien, we adjourned to Toy Boys private room and enjoyed ourselves/each other.  Until that night, I didn’t know there was a private room available.  Live and Learn!
    Tuesday night, I went in earlier to Boyztown as suggested by the Toy Boy manager. I was so early (8:40pm) the boys weren’t even on stage.  Manager quickly remedied that.  Other customers followed me in.  The object of my interest arrived about ten minutes later.  Manager tells me he is a “newbie” ;from Cambodia.  As soon as he’s clocked in, Manager brings him over.  He is short and thin, and feline in his moves.  Just sitting down, he works his body into mine and puts his head on my shoulder.  We agree on the off and head to Jomtien.  His name is David, some English.  Hold hands on the way to baht bus, and entwines with me on the ride.  He’’s 23  but looks younger - I did a passport check.
    David tells me this is his third day working at Toy Boys, he came from Cambodia five weeks ago and worked in a Jomtien restaurant the first month, some of his friends had “lot of money” and he decided to work  where they did.  
    Once in the room he undresses me as if it was part of a staged event, button by button with a kiss each step.  The top of his head comes up to my chin. He tells me I am large, probably because he’s now taken off his glasses.  When he is naked, I tell him he is large and HE IS.  Up to this point on this trip I though Shy from Moonlight was tops in this area...David wins.  
    Another thing, for someone in the work for 3 days, he must have had a great trainer as he has no inhibitions nor any limits that we could find.  Since he is a fraction of my age, he had a level of energy that is amassing.  Once we have reached a point of exhaustion, he asks if he might stay the night.  I agree.  And, after a rest, we go back to our activities.  This will happen one more time in the morning before he leaves at 6:30.  He was with me for more than 8 hours.  
    Three hours after David departed, Noo was in the room for my morning massage....
    OK... I’ve caught up.  Only two days left...
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