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  1. Just curious about how much do they charge in Brazil? Cheap and fun?
  2. Thanks for the report. Just wondering is The Prince always busy and many customers? Did you wait to pick masseur?
  3. Let us know about the boys in Lucky Boys hahaha.
  4. Thanks, do you remember the pricing rates?
  5. Was Charlee good? Is he the kind that can do overnight and be fine? or he's better at short time
  6. I was wondering if anyone else has experiences with ganymede too. VCK is a popular place but there's so so little about ganymede
  7. Thanks for the info. How are the looking compare screw boys and lucky boys? Are they all average looking or one of the bars is better in your opinion
  8. GPAPA


    Wait, Is Babe chinese? cuz his looks ain't so chinesey
  9. GPAPA

    3-13 May

    well I will be in Pattaya 13-16, and back to Bangkok in May17-23, so...... hahaha
  10. GPAPA

    3-13 May

    hahaha, and because of the recent soi twilight bars moving event. I'm pretty sure everyone's a "newbie" to the new bars and locations. We might be the first ones to experience all the new stuff in May.
  11. GPAPA

    3-13 May

    Well I will be in bangkok May 9-12, but I guess you won't be a newbie by the time lol.
  12. Exactly how I felt. It was really funny to me how the mamasan just went over there and took the boy to me. Though a big awkward but it was a fun experience lol
  13. where did they post this? fb or line? could you link me
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