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  1. They sure do have full service. I didn’t wanna have it that’s why I didn’t mention. Not because the please is bad it was just because of my random mood not wanted to
  2. Oh yes I loved that place. I found it on my own tho, never seen any recommendation about this place. I had good massage and teases there.
  3. Last time I visited Jupiter and asked to book Arm and boom, the mamasan told me they are already booked. And I ask about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, mamasan told me that they are all already booked and I gave up lol since I had a 4 days trip. I forgot to ask about pricing tho since they are the top 1 popular in the bar. They go with female customers so much that I haven't spotted them with any male customer once.
  4. Thanks. Are you still in bangkok? how long did you plan your trip
  5. Hi Jason, have you seen the boy named Yoyo in Ganymede? Is he good looking irl or he's the viet guy you were talking about
  6. Did you come back for a show later? Usually gogobars close at 1 so it's pretty rare they start at 1am
  7. Dammm. So unlucky I won't get a chance to experience it. what a shame
  8. I haven't been to Maxis before but is there something so charming about this place? Everyone seems to enjoy it, and unfortunately I won't have a chance to try it since it seems like soi twilight is closing down before my May visit.
  9. hahahaha Thank you for the advice, but do you have any experience with saunas? That's the only thing I haven't try in Thailand and will do. And I'm not sure how is it like, is there gonna be many people and young or?
  10. The female part I believe it's because most of the farang female came to Thailand for tourist. And some of the gay men (Like me) come to Thailand with a major purpose of going to bars or offing some boys. And the aesthetic standard in Asia is more about skinny and twinky. I don't see many of the westerner females are interested in tiny body boys. I would say that's why we have a lot more Asian females customers in Thai gogobars.
  11. Is Bali expensive? Do you have other thoughts on the living(travelling) quality there?
  12. I was joking, but thanks for the recommendation. And you got the x-boys part right. The tall skinny old mamasan there wasn't my fav. Constantly asking for tips and that annoys me a lot. I just so hope that bars will be reopened already in new area when I arrive. otherwise it's gonna be a bad trip since my plan is staying there for too weeks
  13. THERE IS A 27 PAGES thread named Moonlight here. what are you talking about hahahaha
  14. well I guess some of our people just like to show off. It's been a cultural thing so I understand it tho totally don't like it
  15. I thought x-boys is one of the biggest in soi twilight. What are your recommendations on other bars? Since I've only been in jupiter and x-boys for my last 4 days bangkok visit. It was too short for me to discover more bar. Though I'm not sure if soi twilight will remain open in my May visit but still wanna hear some recommendations.
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