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  1. Make sure your connection to Bangkok is still there. I had a very strange go round with United in that my connection they provided from HKG to BKK kept disappearing from my reservation. Happen several times and they were less than helpful at the Premier Desk. They seem to think I should talk to the airline they booked me on about the problem. I told them it was their responsibility to solve this issue as I paid United for transportation to Bangkok. I finally rerouted via Tokyo and will terminate my future dealing with United. Found out later from another United agent they have some weird computer problem that does not secure your connecting flights on other carriers if they rebook after initial booking. A supervisor has to do something special in the system. The whole thing is bizarre and I can no longer trust United which ends 30 years of travel history with them.
  2. Another great report Wynter11. I agree with hank75 and appreciate your writing style as well as the content. Thank you!
  3. Great report please continue to keep us updated on your visit!
  4. Excellent report z909. Well organized and information provided is very helpful. Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the excellent report. Very much appreciated.
  6. Anyone stayed at the Rabbit Resort recently? So they still allow joiners meaning can I bring Bar boys back to my room?
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