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  1. Err, thanks Michael, but any specifics?
  2. Hi. Are the coronation festivities early next month going to affect the opening hours of entertainment venues/venues serving alcohol? Any anticipated closures? I'm going to be in Bangkok the first week of May - plans made more than eight months ago. Thanks in advance.
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    BKK newbie

    Relax, I think vinapu was just kidding. I also didn't think colmx was being judgmental and was only sharing his perspective on hotels and offs. From his post I didn't get the impression that he was projecting his money issues on anyone or that he even had money issues.
  4. Good luck with the new forum, Michael!
  5. Thanks Sglad. Happy Christmas to you & everyone reading. Hope you have a good one!
  6. Liam18


    That made me pause a bit. Thanks for your thoughtful post Bobsaigon.
  7. Great map kokopelli! Sunee the way it was.
  8. Next to Power Boys at the entrance of Sunee Plaza on the Soi VC side.
  9. Yeay they were there to do the shows but most seemed to have made other plans with their friends and regular customers and were not interested in offs.
  10. True. We went to a couple of gogo bars on New Year's eve last year and all the boys were already with their friends and regular customers. No solo customers in sight. The boys did their shows and went back to their groups after. Thankfully I was with local expat friends. New Year isn't a good time to be alone.
  11. Fantasy for you, nightmare for him. Who cares!! Enjoy it and don't think too mutt!
  12. I enjoyed your report. Thanks, CurtisD.
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