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    I tried freshboys, had a mix of twinks and twunks, 1-2 hunks, good mix of ages, decent show. 1 very pushy mamasan! Ugh, at least the others still decent. Tried the Gboys show after at 1am, not worth haha; my boy told me its because many boys got offed, maybe.
  2. sgdan


    Also, any recommendations for places to visit tonight
  3. sgdan


    On a side note, was glad to see babe in moonlight last night; his dance was really hot . But nicky’s shower scene was so unerrotic though, not sure if others feel that also haha
  4. sgdan


    I recently visited the new(?) G boys at wall street soi and was wondering if anyone understands t How that place works? When i visited on wed the place was practically empty except for one other person. 350 for entrance and an extremely watered down. I offered 16 a drink(350) only to find out that he was more of the DJ there and not part of the show. Was a very sweet guy and pleasantly surprised to find out that he is gay. As it was my first time, i made a mistake of assuming their second show was at midnight only to find out it starts at 1am...The other boys there also seemed quite bored as there was really nothing much happening, inaddition to a very nosy mamasan conatantly inturrupting my conversation with my chosen guy(wasnt very pleased at this point); i decided to off the boy for a ST (500 off fee + 1500) they offered rooms nearby for 600. I think the best part was probably when we arrived at my room and he offered to bottom or top depending on what i wanted. Anyone else tried G-boys and had the same experience?
  5. Ohh not really into those painful kinds of play, more of the kinky kind like edging? Where i jerk the boy close to orgasm but deny it, when he finally shoots he will feel so good. Are they open to this kind?
  6. I will be travelling to BKK in Nov with some friends and was wondering if there are any bdsm related bars in silom? Alternatively, are the boys in the bars (Nature boys, dreamboys, moonlight, hotmale) open to be dominated? Any advise will be helpful, thanks!
  7. Indeed this thread is so very informative yet recent, as a newbie in this area I greatly appreciate the detailed responses and tips for venturing into the nightlife in Bangkok. Just one thing, am I allowed to jerk off the boys within the bar (or will different bars have different rules? Namely: dreamboys, moonlight, Hotmale bar, jupiter2018), then leave a decent tip for them; and allowed to sit there just to fondle each other (around 20 mins?), before moving on to the next boy?
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