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  1. Thanks a lot for the input. I went over to Pattaya this weekend. Arrived saterday late afternoon and back sunday. I ended up picking Jomtien based on the input on this and other forums. When looking for info, many sources seem to be negative on boystown and sunee, whereas many are quite positive about Jomtien. I ended up at @home, got a place at the bar, quickly got connected with a guy, stayed there for a few hours, got completely wasted, woke up with the guy next to me this morning, fooled around a bit, then back home. It was an interesting experience - especially since the magic of going to the bkk gogo has disappeared over time. Dont get me wrong, i still like to go, but i am in the phase where i have few favourite owners/mamasans and boys, so all becomes a bit more predictable. i was all nervous on my way walking from the hotel to jomtien, even so that i decided to pass by the street first, make a little tour, then come back - like a full newbie ;-) that similar kind of excitement when I went the first time out in soi twilight in Bangkok.
  2. Dear forum, I am an expat living in Bangkok. I have some exposure to the Bangkok gogo bar scene (somewhere 20-ish nights in the last year). Reading this forum, more and more i am thinking it might be worthwhile moving to Pattaya for a weekend. I have read through many of the posts here on Pattaya, and some of those were very helpful in building an understanding on the scene there. Still, I would like to ask a question to the forum: in bkk, i mainly like moonlight and dreamboy. I am more attracted by manly guys, and one of those fools that like to engage with them, e.g., go out with them and their friends before taking them home. Given my profile, what would be the best bars/districts in Pattaya? many thanks.
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