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  1. Certainly my recent experience in Patong Soi 2 bars across the Soi from Dreamboys P was not positive. I would have thought this a great opportunity for a new stream of clientele, but I’m afraid not.
  2. The worst mamasan I’ve encountered. But she doesn’t care as there is alawys a stream of new customers to accost.
  3. If I handed over cash, I’m sure they would diagnose all my troubles.
  4. Totally agree. My visits over the past 5 years centred on sitting at Maxis, relaxing, drinking, talking and watching. I think this visit will be the last for a while until I hear that there are new placed to sit rather than just gogo bars that are ok, but don’t sustain my interest too much. Given I’m an old fart.
  5. Well they told me I was not gay and that I should stay with them and buy them drinks ! I didn’t mind really except I was trying to see what was going on at DBP and Lucky Boy, crowds, type of people going in etc.
  6. DBP was pretty full Friday night when I was there. The mamasan mentioned to me that a new Dreamboys will be opening next door in coming months. Not sure where looking around myself.
  7. We just need a beer bar or just one bar in Patpong to take the place of Maxis and be a meeting point etc. I tried a couple of the existing ones, particularly the one opposite Dreamboys P, but it’s not the same and I got tired of being harassed by the old ladies that frequently these places. I just wanted to be left alone to see what was going on !
  8. Which one is on the road level ? I walked past the other night and it was empty, only a few guys on stage in white baggy underwear. Not that appealing and the door lady was a bit pushy. Agree they need to work out what roll they want and work to that. Also turn down the lights for some mood.
  9. Yep, did it once. Never again. I’ll stick with Bangkok and Pattaya.
  10. Last night I ended up at Dreamboy Paradiso. I was walking past on my way to Jupiter and there was a group of boys outside that made me stop and go inside. Hot boys ! The place is small with tables down each side and a central walkway to the stage. About 8 guys onstage, topless and with jeans on. But no twinks here, well defined and muscular guys. I sat right at the back near the door to get a view over the entire place. About 10:30 there was three separate drag shows. The place was half full and most like me were disinterested in these lip syncing ladies. But within 20 minutes or so they were off stage. Then the boys were out. Show was ok. The usual big cock show, dancing etc. then boys out again for a parade. It was better than expected and in some ways I like the small venue as it feels more intimate and you can see all that goes on. Some familiar faces on stage including on guy from Tawan. Might just pop back tonight.
  11. Kicked off Monday night with a few drinks at The Balcony bar on Soi 4. Not to bad and friendly and attentive guys out front. Then on to Fresh Boys above the Banana Bar at about 9:30. I’m the only customer for the 30 mins I’m there. Smallish group of twink boys on stage looking disinterested. Next to the other Fresh Boys in Patpong 2. A few customers this time and a couple with boys sitting with them. I think a better selection of boys here and I enjoyed the show. Early night though as I have a hacking cold. Bugger. Still thinking about option for tonight, maybe Jupiter!
  12. I arrived last Friday evening from Australia via Malaysia airlines, 7pm. I was dreading the airport and freeway congestion but all good. Through immigration, collected my luggage and into my pre booked car within 30 minutes. A record. Then the roads were empty. Into the Crowne plaza in Silom 35 mins later and into my room by 8:15. WTF ! So some time for a quick walk around to survey the new venues post the demise of Soi T. I’ve previously posted my love of Soi T and especially Maxis. But the Soi was more than that, it’s was self contained. Bars, gogo shows, massage and boys. Nothing better than my evening ritual of sitting a Maxis each evening watching the coming and going at bkk massage, fresh boys etc and downing a few Long Island ice teas. I digress. I headed to Patpong 2 to survey the set up. So ok there the new placed, dream boys Paridiso etc and screw and fresh. But there is no atmosphere. No bar to sit and watch. Well there are bars of course but nothing appealing. Anyway I sat at one of the bars next to screw boys and downed a few beers. Then back to my room about midnight for some sleep. Should mention that it’s fucking HOT. Never known such heat, even in the evening so that is slowing me down a bit during the day. So to Saturday night. I started the evening in the hotel club bar. Free drinks from 5 to 8. Bonus. Then off to Soi 4 which I’ve not explored before, only a visit to Jupiter last year. I was in search of a bar to just sit for a while as I like to do. It was early ~ 8:30 and the Soi was a bit quiet. First stop was banana bar. I was the only customer, with 4 waiters busy on their phones when I sat down. Drink ordered, but no atmosphere here. Waiters too engrossed in their phones to even get passing customers attention. Only positive was watching the arriving boys for the upstairs venue, I recall fresh boys venue now ? Anyway I then moved on to Telephone bar. It’s was starting to get a little busier and I got good seat to survey the Soi. Waiters were attentive and friendly. Stayed about a hour and will go back tonight. Next into Taiwan. 9:30 ish and only a few customers. Drinks 500 bt. Outrageous. A few chunky boys on stage but nothing outstanding to speak of. Other guys sitting round the place on their phones. Didn’t stay for the show, just a bit sad for a Saturday night. But on exiting the place a guy I’ve seen before from one of the massage places adjacent to Taiwan grabbed me. The is very handsome and soon lifted his T-shirt to show me his muscular stomach. He then grabbed my hand and pushed it down his jeans. Nice. If only I was younger, fitter and not so drunk it would hav3 been magic, but I gave him a few hundred bt and went back to my hotel alone. But he made this old dude happy for a minute or two. Off to check out Fresh boys in Soi 4 tonight.
  13. No too much muscle around last night.
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