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  1. I’d call the bar “Do Me”
  2. For the uneducated, can someone explain the silicon dick to me ?
  3. Agree. That’s what is missing.
  4. Make Tawan a priority. You won’t regret it.
  5. Just sit by the pool and chill. Beer. Chat. Swim.
  6. I’m a little confused where on a Patpong this will be ??
  7. Please give us an update after your adventure at Tawan.
  8. Totally agree. Gogo bars ok but miss the places just to sit and watch.
  9. Certainly my recent experience in Patong Soi 2 bars across the Soi from Dreamboys P was not positive. I would have thought this a great opportunity for a new stream of clientele, but I’m afraid not.
  10. The worst mamasan I’ve encountered. But she doesn’t care as there is alawys a stream of new customers to accost.
  11. If I handed over cash, I’m sure they would diagnose all my troubles.
  12. Totally agree. My visits over the past 5 years centred on sitting at Maxis, relaxing, drinking, talking and watching. I think this visit will be the last for a while until I hear that there are new placed to sit rather than just gogo bars that are ok, but don’t sustain my interest too much. Given I’m an old fart.
  13. Well they told me I was not gay and that I should stay with them and buy them drinks ! I didn’t mind really except I was trying to see what was going on at DBP and Lucky Boy, crowds, type of people going in etc.
  14. DBP was pretty full Friday night when I was there. The mamasan mentioned to me that a new Dreamboys will be opening next door in coming months. Not sure where looking around myself.
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