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  1. I know this guy. 6 foot at least and hot. Great body too.
  2. The bar chick in shenanigans Irish put told me today the market is definitely reopening !
  3. Great experience yesterday. Arrived from Sydney Australia at 4.30pm, through immigration immediately and waited 10 mins for bag. In the car within 20 mins of getting off the plane. Then 40 mins to Crowne Plaza. So just over an hour which I was very pleased with.
  4. Go to a doctor 0r medical clinic.
  5. Are there any really good drag shows or bars in Bangkok anymore ? . I’m not talking about the lip sinking queens that come on before the shows in Bars but dedicated drags bars.
  6. Just booked Adelaide to bkk return in early December. Business class and cheapest fare was $6500. Pre Covid was always able to pay about $4500.
  7. So are there any beer bars at street level worth visiting in Patong?
  8. I’m lucky to fly business from Australia with qantas most of the time. Always good service and food.
  9. I’m interested in a review of the Banyan Tree. Always wanted to stay there.
  10. Let’s hope that in time it will return to its former glory.
  11. We call him Novax here in Auz.
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