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  1. I’m interested in a review of the Banyan Tree. Always wanted to stay there.
  2. Let’s hope that in time it will return to its former glory.
  3. Wow. It looks tiny 😞
  4. We call him Novax here in Auz.
  5. Will7272

    Tawan bar

    Well I’m not coming back to Bangkok until Taiwan is open.
  6. Thanks. Probably don’t want to get to Bangkok until Tawan is up and running and a few of the bars in Soi 4.
  7. Any current news about the bar scene around Silom. Are any open yet, busy ?
  8. As an Aussie I’m planning to return to BKK in may next year. Hope entry and quarantine will be eased by then. Hoping the old bars like Nature boy and the muscle bar will be open.
  9. Hope it will survive until us aussies can get back there.
  10. Sounds perfect. Can’t wait to get to Tawan once flights resume from Australia. Love the men there.
  11. The Australian government is saying at least 12 months before international travel will be opened up. So mid 2021 before I can get back to BKK
  12. I’ve always wondered what goes on inside Golden Cock as well.
  13. I can confirm that Qantas have grounded 10 of their 12 A380 fleet until further notice and stopped all flight via Singapore. Flights to BKK halved.
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