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  1. So much change. I do t know if I’m happy or sad or both.
  2. Any news on bars moving, such as Maxis and banana bar ?
  3. There is so much to like about Maxis. First of all is the location, beat place to sit and watch the coming and goings along the whole of Soi T. But it’s more than that. Great staff, cocktails, and food. Its a place to chill in the sea of chaos. I’ll miss it terribly.
  4. Given the demise of Soi T, what are the options for me who just likes to sit and what the world go by with a drink or three a la Maxis. Any suggestions for bars in Soi 4 where I can waste a few hours each night drinking without being disturbed too much ?
  5. Very sad. I hope maxis and Fresh boys is still open when I’m there in mid April.
  6. Will7272


    5 weeks and counting for me. Super excited as well to get back to Maxis for a few drinks and relaxing evenings.
  7. Will7272


    Thanks, didn’t realise Hot Male was open in the arvo.
  8. Will7272


    As a newbie to Bangkok, are there any bars open in the afternoon ? Last time I was there I had a few massages but it would be great to have a few beers in a boy bar. Any suggestions for some afternoon eye candy ?
  9. Will7272

    BKK newbie

    Get to maxis by 9
  10. I was there in October last year. Its my favourite. The boys are bigger and older than those is fresh boys, classic etc. my tip is to get there early, say 9 to 9:30, sit at the seats along the wall right in front if the stage. While there are a few guys on stage the others sit along this wall and its a great opportunity to check out the guys, chat and watch.
  11. Will7272

    BKK newbie

    Agree with the great advice here. As a newbie myself, taking a seat at Maxis on my first night in BKK was the best thing to do. Sit, watch, listen and learn. It was fascinating and if you get the right seat you can get a good look into Fresh boys which was a bonus. Plus the staff there are awesome. I’ll be there again April 19. Can’t wait.
  12. Pattaya intercontinental is amazing. Great pools, food and cliff top bar. No need to leave ! Expensive but worth it.
  13. I should have read the posts on bangkokbois before my visit to Tawan in August. Offed one of the guys, and fell asleep after we had spent some time together in my hotel room. When I woke up, my wallet had been emptied of 15000 Bt and he had left. Newbie mistake, but an expensive lesson to secure cash and other valuables.
  14. Thanks for saving this great site.
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