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  1. Hi all. I have saved Hot Male as "want to go" in my google map. But seems google map tells that Hot Male is permanently closed
  2. I went to Jupiter on 31 Mar 2019. 2 guys withdrew my attention; #21 and #71. #21 looks like Head & Shoulder model, while #71 has the resemblance of Alex Yoong. #21 never did a stage show, except parading. While #71 did 2 sexy shows in which my nuts burst twice. Although I found Jupiter offers more handsome guys than Moonlight, I like Moonlight more because the stage is nicely viewed, Mamasans were all friendly and the staff were energetic & jovial.
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    Hi guys. I went to Moonlight on 30 Mar 2019 and this particular guy withdrew my attention. I saw the glimpse of his willy while he was doing towel dance. Anybody knows his name and his rate? I forgot to ask mamasan. The next morning, I text Moonlight through Line. Despite my text had been marked "read", no response until today. Thanks
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