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  1. Indeed it is rude but no more rude than the driver taking me for a mug. Actually having said that, I have rarely had drivers take me for a ride (no pun). Maybe I just live somewhere convenient for them to get a further fare OR maybe the nice smile I give them at first (really).
  2. Yes. As I posted above. I pointed out how crowded it was last night and earlier I said it reopened last Friday.
  3. Agree 100%. Never take a taxi from those parked outside a popular bar area or hotel. As Londoner said don't get in a taxi offering you a fixed price. Open the car door - state your destination and say ""meter". If he says meter no work or any other excuse smile and say "fuck off". If you were talking about taxis from soi 4, cross over Silom and try a taxi from the left hand corner there.
  4. Malaysia is walking distance or a 40 baht taxi ride from Silom and steps away from Babylon. The outside terrace by the fish pond and many of the rooms have been refurbished.
  5. Plus the commission he got from the bars for taking you there. Take care and listen to others. A good bar to try is Lucky boys in Patpong 2. Just politely brush aside the mamasans saying your''re only there for the show and don't want a boy (even if you do). I too liked Fresh boys, especially the waiters near the door. It is loosely family owned by the same people from Banana Room Club and Welcome Bar (host boys) in Silom soi 4.
  6. Flames ? Is than an innuendo? Or should it be flags? If so the flags have been there a while. One is the 'pan sexual' flag and the other is a lesbian flag. Last night Sunday, it was really packed out and some performance still going on when I left the soi at 1:45. They certainly got the word around quickly when they re-opened the other night.
  7. So much to comment on. First, NEVER talk to a tout! This may be why you paid 300 in Super A (that is the price if you go in a tuk tuk . He gets commission for bringing you.) Don't pay more than 150 at Super A. Ask price from doorman and barter if necessary (applies in every bar). Most bars are asking 350 per drink but some like Jupiter and Tawan charge 500. I stayed a few years ago at BBB. Very overpriced. Room clean enough but as stated earlier 'run down'. Cable TV terrible unless you like German or Thai channels or straight porno. Have a look at Malaysia Hotel --- not the gay paradise it was years ago but still very friendly now -- and inexpensive. Search this and other boards for advice and talk to other expats or visitors. Balcony was a good start to talk to people and free cabaret shows on Fridays and Saturdays. As an irrelevant comment --- when Super A was upstairs, I got my feet soaked because the down pipe on the urinal was not connected to anything!. Have fun.
  8. I'm told they will be opening again tonight (Friday). They must have finished their renovations
  9. No. That's my shower.
  10. I don't think a fire because there were no flames to be seen. Probably an overload due to all the electrical lighting and gadgets. Closed again tonight.
  11. I suspect something more serious.
  12. Anyone have any idea why The Stranger Bar in Silom Soi 4 suddenly closed yesterday for 'renovations--- Coming Back Soon"? I'm told that during the afternoon, staff turned up to find it closed.
  13. The weather will certainly be better then. Now my soi has turned into a raging torrent (slight exaggeration) but there is a nam tuam up to the top of my shoes. Book early if you're coming at the end of the year.
  14. Straying from the title of the thread a tad, I heard last night that Panorama is closed at present being renovated. David has gone back to England where he discovered that he had cracked a hip in his recent Pattaya motorcycle accident. I have read on another board that Panorama has been completely gutted prior to it's reopening as CASTRO ll
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