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  1. The Generals/senators will do what they are instructed do do from above!
  2. Well. apparently too new to 'the internet' to not understand a word that you write.
  3. Last night. Friday. Looks nice from outside. Very tinted glass doors and windows. Cute waiter on soi dragging in people (half heartedly). The owner/manager, ex from 4Sports, brings a few of his ex customers in. A couple of Thai (Thaniya looking) ladies outside on the terrace. I saw a hugely breasted small Thai lady dragging a large elderly farang in. I think not a bar for 'us'.
  4. Thai logic. Get rat arsed as much as you like on election day, as long as you didn't buy it between 6 and 6.
  5. Not my one! Any other banned day no problem but not election day.. Police very strict (unless it's for them). The trick is to ask the motor bike taxi boys. If there is anywhere, they will know.
  6. Yes, that's the one I'm talking about. As Welcome Bar, it was owned by B.I.B. who then moved to 2nd level Banana.
  7. Tonight another bar opens in the original Balcony Terrace bar(opposite Balcony and next to Circus), not to be confused with the terrace area next to that, now occupied by Jupiter. Since Balcony sold it, there have been several short lived attempts open something. Actually the enduring thing, over the years, there throughout all of the various owners has been VAN TATOO occupying the second level. The bar is being run by the ex barman from 4Sports and his wife (something in soi Thaniya!) It is called 'Infinity'. It's not clear what sort of bar this will be but fears are that Japanese looking Thai ladies will be there to entice Japanese men (isn't that what soi Thaniya's for?).
  8. Don't be so modest --- many other nationalities too.
  9. This thread, initially giving useful information, has sunk to the juvenile playground level of Bangkok Post Letter comments page. Grow up guys.
  10. Actually lived here (central Bangkok) 23+ years and haven't turned my aircon on once.
  11. In other words, traffic will be allowed and pedestrian revellers will be confined to the pavements. Stupid decision. As in other years and some Sunday market days, traffic should be banned till 20.00 .
  12. PS Londoner , there's no such word as falangS , try farang. (no plurals in Thai). Woops sorry I become a pedant again. sorry. OK let the purist let fly.
  13. If you look at the Bangkok Post on line, it will be 32/22. It has been this every day on BP front page for the past several months. copy and paste. (like so much of the B.P. content).
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