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  1. I see no 'remember me' option anywhere.
  2. This is Bangkok Bangrak district. Tonight, Friday, normal till midnight then midnight close. Tomorrow, Saturday, open but soft drinks only till midnight-- then at midnight normal service till closing. Sorry but don't know about gogo bars. DJ Station closed tonight but open again at midnight Saturday. Balcony will have it's usual cabaret show tonight that will finish before midnight. Sorry if this offends anyone in Pattaya as being irrelevant to them.
  3. No you don't disappoint or surprise me. I hope you realise that there are many who did not have the forethought that you have had. Many others have been with companies that cancel policies after 70. Good on you for finding one that doesn't. I wonder what your premiums will rise to at 70.
  4. I wonder what your opinion will be when you reach 70 years and cannot get or afford health insurance here. Most insurance companies refuse applicants over the age of 70.
  5. What is a papasan? I thought it was a sort of chair.
  6. The Stranger was only closed for two nights and was the open again looking just as busy as normal. It was closed again last night apparently because of some Drag Race Final somewhere. And for Will's question --- it is a small (one shophouse) bar - the ground floor being for customers and the upper mezzanine or minstrel's gallery as the stage for a troupe of three or more drag acts. The acts are live interactive patter with the audience and mime. There is a DJ. They quote free admission but a compulsory purchase of two drinks. The bar gets very packed (bursting to the seams) with many straight couples and gays . They have a very active presence on Facebook. Digressing a tad, Banana Boys (Freshboys -Twilight as was) started out last night with a sign outside saying 'any drink 250 Baht', later to be replaced with 300 Baht per drink.
  7. All the bars on soi 4 are regularly (if not frequently) inspected by the fire department to ensure that there are sufficient illuminated exit signs and extinguishers installed. Perhaps there need to be stricter regulations.
  8. soi 4 is NOT a death trap. One would hope that in the event of a serious fire that the family would open the gates to their compound giving two directions of escape.
  9. Yes indeed, it was only closed for two nights and now seems to be as busy as ever. I wonder why you say that it is not popular with other soi 4 businesses. It brings lots of people into the soi, giving atmosphere.
  10. Yes and soi 4 will be dry of water as last year. Last year soi 4 was packed from 17:00 till closing time. Everybody wanting a break all the madness a few metres away on Silom. For details, see The Balcony pub newsletter.
  11. On what do you base your "may mean or etc..""? I can assure you that all bar owners that I know have heard nothing. Or are you basing it on the last election 69 years ago?
  12. The 'mamasan' was Wirat. He went on to run his own bar next to Scorpion in Twilight. I saw him last week the day before he had to vacate his premises. His future? "I'll have to find a job".
  13. It was so sad to see last night, the night of their anniversary, the performers and staff of Strangers sitting outside the closed bar for photos clutching anniversary bouquets. Strangers is a VERY popular drag show bar with shows every night. I fear they will have no work for a while yet. What happened? Early yesterday evening, before opening, smoke was seen billowing from the bar. Staff from other bars tried to enter with fire extinguishers but there was too much smoke. Not too long later the fire truck arrived with lots of firemen (and one fire-woman). A lot of excitement as they went in in gas masks and paraphernalia. Then after a while they took a powerful water drenching machine in. Completely doused the place and eventually left. At no time were there any flames to be seen and it looks like it might have been an electrical fault (only my guess due to the amount of lighting and audio equipment in there). Thankfully there was no sign of anyone being injured. Eventually several high hatted Bangrak policemen arrived and retired to upstairs in Telephone for what reason I know not. So last night, the bar was in darkness and cordoned off. I repeat again my sympathies to all the staff and management and hope that they are soon back in business.
  14. I think X-boys moved to 'soi Wall St.' If so that bar is indeed big but through several incarnations was never successful. It originally started as a lady bar by the owner of the soi. Good luck to X-Boys.
  15. Yes that's true, I remember and Wirat was a mamsan there. But talking of small -- have you been to Nature Boys? I suppose what I was saying about the new premises' being small was comparing the turnover for the owners compared to that of late.
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