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  1. Really? So what will become of Banana on 4?
  2. Yes he was a partner. At other times he could be seen alone in soi 4 , smoking and with his head buried in huge paperbacks.
  3. Yes the 'small watering hole' never had a name. It was owned by Wirat the part owner/manager/mamasan of Solid. It was the only place in the soi where you could buy a beer for 100Baht. I first knew him decades ago in Garden Bar (above Harry's), then Charlies Bar, then a bar opposite Tawan and then Solid. A lovely bar except when the farang partner was in hogging all the boys or when an evil farang was in who took boys and only paid them if he could make them cry. I saw Wirat last Wednesday and he said that he'd been given till Friday to vacate. I asked what he will do now and he said that he'll have to find a job.
  4. Sadly those premises have, over the years, been inspected as possible venues for something or the other (at one time even a gay hotel) but they were so decrepit they would need to be completely demolished and start again. I don't know how the family would react to that. And it wouldn't be feasible for yearly lease renewal without guarantee that the lease would be renewed the following year.
  5. To be fair these excellent photos are taken in the daytime. Sadly, the view of the Dick's Cafe side of the soi may be similar in nightimes after next weekend.
  6. Not really. If that was the case, they would have called WELCOME BAR in Soi 4 -- Fresh Boys 3.
  7. Heard nothing about Maxis. Banana Bar already have a branch on soi4 -- BANANA ON 4. It's a bit confusing because Fresh Boys (Twilight) is already moving to the Banana on 4 premises on the 4th of April.
  8. One bar (so far) is moving to Patpong 2 -- Dream Boys. It is on the othe side to Screw Boys and looks rathe small unless there is an upstairs. Fresh Boys (Twilight) will open at Banana on 4 on the 4th of April. Also reportedly small. The bars are all rented on a lease so they get no compensation. All they have is their 'fixtures and fittings'. It would cost a fortune just to move to another location -- rent, deposit, key money and refurbishment. As an edit: I've just seen another thread with details and pics of the new Dream Boys
  9. It was there last night outside Banana which is holding it's farewell party on the 29th.
  10. Freshboys in Twilight is moving straight after Songkran to Silom Soi4 above (and maybe associated with) Banana on 4. Freshboys (2) is in Patpong 2 above Screw Boys. No news oabout Maxis. Twighlight Banana is closing on 29th March (see their website for details). Banana Bar Soi Twilight (Suriwong Rd) must vacate the Soi by 31 March 2019 . . . . we invite all our friends and customers for the BANANA BAR SOI TWILIGHT: END OF AN ERA PARTY on Friday 29 March 2019 @ 8pm. Come to farewell your favorite Soi that has been part of our lives for…
  11. Patanawet


    i remember years ago, in Monty's time, There was a rather distinguished looking and sounding Englishman who used to hang around the Sunnee area who wrote on the boards under different names in naughtily undecipherable English. It used to be fun trying to work out what he was saying. Was his name John something?
  12. Patanawet


    Sorry vinapu but I think we all have the right to criticise each other. It looks as if this is only my 4th post but I have actually been on incarnations of this board for a couple of decades. For some reason when the board had it's latest change, I was unable to log in with my original name etc. I promise you that I am really the last person to criticise someone using other than their native tongue, having proved to be a dreadful linguist in two foreign languages (even having lived for twenty years in each country). Oh,and I can't swim or drive a car either.
  13. Patanawet


    I think a form of English IS his first language. He sometimes writes perfect English. I would NEVER comment on a Thai's English. I'm truly grateful when they say to me how good my Thai is when I've only just thanked them.
  14. Patanawet


    Oh dear -- more gobbledegook. Maybe you should read through your messages before you post them.
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