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  1. Do you have any review on him, Jasper? Thank you in advance!
  2. Is this the bar opposite Jupiter that has the signage of “Jupiter”?
  3. Should be 5000 for model, minimum tip. Excluding bar fees.
  4. My Hero’s guys are prettt much similar to Prince. Given the price is cheapers at Prince, I would say Prince brings better value. But try both! Then you can compare.
  5. I don’t think so. There’ll be a karaoke session after midnight.
  6. Raya is fine. Never had issues with it.
  7. I noticed Bath is going stronger lately and in few months (or in a year or so), we’ll find 300-500 bath entrance fees to bars are not as affordable as what we feel now.
  8. Their carpet really need some upgrade. Other than that, I think it’s okay and decent enough.
  9. I think it’s called Pulse.
  10. After he joined Moonlight, he rarely works at Prince anymore. I think he worked at Prince as his part time job, before he joined Moonlight.
  11. I recommend you to use cash only, especially at Bars in Silom. I found a very good money changer who IMHO, offers the best rate possible. It’s at Sala Daeng BTS Station. You just go to where the tickets are being sold and it is located right there, the only money changer at the BTS itself.
  12. I dislike the manager though. He seems a little bit pushy and tried to sell their more expensive course like scrub etc. Then when you insisted not to, he finally backed off but started to speak in Thai lol.
  13. I see. Sorry for the confusion as I was made to understand that for a 90 minutes session, the minimum tip is 1500 bath to the boy. My apology!
  14. I see. I thought asnstudent paid 1400 bath as tips?
  15. I thought the minimum tip for 90 minutes massage is 1500 bath?
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