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  1. I see! Thank you DrimVoiz!
  2. Hi Witty! Did the lady told you anything about the whereabout of the boys working there? I mean, in the meantime, where are they working at?
  3. Has anyone in this forum ever offed Boom? Tried searching for the same but found no hands-on review.
  4. Fee is 500 bath for Jupiter with one drink last night. Quite high IMHO.
  5. KevKev01


    Yeay! What a good news! Has anybody offed Sunny previously?
  6. KevKev01


    Is Sunny still with Moonlight?
  7. KevKev01


    Is Sunny still with Moonlight? Anyone has ever off-ed him? If you don’t mind, can you share what is his rate for long time? Maybe overnight? How about Tam’s rate? Thanks!
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