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  1. I don't have any advice on how to handle it when you bet him to your place and see it for the first time. However, you are correct that it is not a pretty thing to see. So, I agree that it can be repulsive.
  2. While Thailand is not a third world country is is at best second world. As long as Thais cling to their culture they will never have a first class place to live. Unfortunately, their culture is bred into them and not likely to change anytime soon. I have never met a people who like to beat around the bush more and who have to dance around any and every issue. No confrontation. Just talk and talk and accomplish nothing.
  3. First hotel I stayed in when I first came to Bangkok. Unfortunately the bed covering was filthy and I moved the next day and have never been back.
  4. Well, a big THANK YOU for all of this vital information. It is greatly appreciated. I really hope that the 90 day online report works for me.
  5. We obviously disagree but this does not make either of us authoritatively wrong. Try it for yourself and decide.
  6. My recent experience with Prince is high-price and poor service. This was not always so but it was on my last two visits.
  7. My boyfriend: lizard have no boom translated to resort has no broom
  8. Hi vinapu, My problem with Prince is that I feel that I only got a fair deal the first time I went there two years ago. The last two times I have been there were bad. The massage was not at all good and they even cut the time short. Also, they are too damn expensive now. My Hero boys were sub standard in looks in my opinion and they have gotten more expensive. Perhaps I was just spoiled by the good days at Hero.
  9. This site provides some excellent and accurate reviews of massage places. Check it out. https://m4m-massages.com/shop-specifics/
  10. Located on Silom, just passed Naritiwat Road, this place consistently has about 25 hunky/muscular boys who do what most people are looking for in a place like this. Good sex and a reasonable massage. Parking is available in the basement of the building. Unfortunately the physical place itself is quite grungy, run down and not at all attractive. While I won't call it dirty, it is not pleasing to the eye and not comfortable. Since these things are important to me I have recently avoided the place but if you don't care about this then give it a try.
  11. Do you occasionally speak English?
  12. Are these now the rates for Bangkok bars? 1000 for offing a boy and 3000 for the night to the boy?
  13. I know some of you disagree but I think Prince and My Hero are not good places and I will not go back to either of them.
  14. Never was a favorite place for me.
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