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  1. Buck, you are so correct. Thailand and especially Bangkok, is changing very quickly in many ways and not good ways. Prices for many things are getting more expensive but we are not getting better products. The bars and boys are included here.
  2. I really hope that you enjoy yourself. Thailand, especially Bangkok, is changing and not for the good as far as expats living here. That does not necessarily mean that it is as bad for a visitor. The bar scene has changed a lot in Bangkok. Picking up a boy at a bar is much more expensive. I have not been to Pattaya for several years, but from what I read, it is much the same as it has been for a long time. The bars and boys are much more economical. So, enjoy yourself.
  3. If this news article from the Phuket paper is correct then many of us will have to pack our bags and leave Thailand. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1100302-health-insurance-mandatory-for-long-stay-foreigners-in-thailand/page/37/?tab=comments#comment-14137759
  4. tOol1, thank you for the help. I appreciate the assistance
  5. Everytime I go to this site I must go through the sign-in procedure, look at all the pictures and then select forums then the forum I want to go to. Is there not a faster way to accomplish this?
  6. I don't see any mention of the Rose Hotel on Suriwong. Anyone tried it recently? Nice pool and very nice restaurant.
  7. reader, are you saying there is an Arena massage place on Surawong? I did not know this. Where on Surawong?
  8. I disagree with some of you. The bar should refund in this situation. It is ridiculous to say the bar has no responsibility when a boy fails to perform. They have taken your money and should have a responsibility for the product they advertise and sell ie. time with one of theirboys.
  9. In contrast to many of you I say good riddance to Soi Twilight. Always disliked the places there. Overpriced dumps with aggravating mamasans.
  10. Anyone know what happened to this place. I used to really enjoy it because it was so update, clean and comfortable. Massages were at least OK and the sex part was very good. They now, apparently, offer only regular and foot massage.
  11. I have not been to Jupiter for years and that will not change soon.
  12. martinsen

    New Maxis

    I don't feel that it is depressing. It could well be a change for the better. Unfortunately, price gouging will likely follow wherever the bars go.
  13. I disagree. Their primary readership is expats. If they can help us they should do so.
  14. THAIVISA gives the impression that they do things to benefit expats. Some time ago I thought that I read in their publication that they intended to meet with Thai immigration to see if the situation concerning us could be improved. I wrote to them asking about this and this is the reply I got: Hello Thank you for contacting us. We've never been in discussions with how Thai immigration treat expats, or anyone else for that matter. But we are in talking with them with an aim of improving communication between Immigration and Thaivisa, in particular regarding major changes to immigration procedures. When we have something more substantial to report on this matter, we will post about it in the forum. Kind regards, Linda Thaivisa Support Team What do you think? Are they helping us?
  15. Seems to be a ridiculously expensive place.
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