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  1. I disagree. Their primary readership is expats. If they can help us they should do so.
  2. THAIVISA gives the impression that they do things to benefit expats. Some time ago I thought that I read in their publication that they intended to meet with Thai immigration to see if the situation concerning us could be improved. I wrote to them asking about this and this is the reply I got: Hello Thank you for contacting us. We've never been in discussions with how Thai immigration treat expats, or anyone else for that matter. But we are in talking with them with an aim of improving communication between Immigration and Thaivisa, in particular regarding major changes to immigration procedures. When we have something more substantial to report on this matter, we will post about it in the forum. Kind regards, Linda Thaivisa Support Team What do you think? Are they helping us?
  3. Seems to be a ridiculously expensive place.
  4. martinsen


    z909, I'm 100% with you. I don't like bars full of drag queens or lady boys. I find drag shows totally boring and leave when one starts. Each of us are entitled to our opinions and how we feel about things and I know that you and I are not the only guys who feel this way about this issue.
  5. Wow Rob, you are so correct in this.
  6. Anyone been to Tawan recently? I used to be a real fan of the place but have not been in several years. The boys were OK for that visit but not as great as some previous visits. What is the present status with regard to the boys and the show?
  7. I find it somewhat incredible that you have failed to put Banana Massage on you list. It is located on Sukhumvit 23 and is certainly one of the nicer and cleaner of the massage places.
  8. I don't know where you are from but be prepared for the heat and humidity of Bangkok. You are coming in one of the most hot months. Don't worry about bringing a coat. Short sleeves and light weight pants or shorts are in order. If you are looking for a less pricey hotel than those suggested by others, you could try the Rose on Suriwong. They have a really nice restaurant and a pool.
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