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  1. Agreed! Especially about the attitude.
  2. OMG, my finger is sore from blocking ladyboys on Grindr in preparation of my trip to Pattaya.
  3. Thank you, lifts my spirits!
  4. That African guy looks super-hot, but he ain't coming near my butt with that anaconda ... yikes. My eyes are already watering. šŸ˜‚
  5. Yikes, that doesn't bode well for me. We're almost 2 months later, I hope things have started to pick up again. Otherwise, off to Bangkok I go ...
  6. Can you have dinner in Boyztown? Would love to see the place come alive and see the boys arrive.
  7. I live in Perth, Australia. Definitely retiring in Asia, but that's still a while away, I'm 'only' 48yo LOL At this stage, I'm thinking Siem Reap, but that can change over the years of course.
  8. In July I paid 4800AUD (from Perth, AU), next week I paid 5800AUD and for my trip end Nov I paid 4600AUD ... it doesn't really make sense. I thought Nov would be the most expensive being high season. Time of booking in advance, was about the same. On the other hand, Thai Airways wanted 7000AUD for a direct flight to BKK in Nov ... dreaming ... I will keep flying SIA. Hotels however, wow pricing has gone skyrocket for November..
  9. Okay, so I have been watching YouTube vids and Sunee Plaza bars (Winner and NB) seems scary to get there. Is it? It looks abandoned. Still worth the visit? Do I need security LOL? I will be there on the 26th, other than that, ToyBoys and DreamBoys tickle my fancy. Will go back to BKK early to check out New Twilight, seems awesome. Any info ?
  10. That's $12 plonk .. Lolly water
  11. Got in contact with X Boys via Facebook, response was short but ok initially. I had a particular boy in mind and asked for his name, reply was weird. I asked if the person who was responding was mamasan ... the response was super aggressive "NO, I'M NO MAMASAN, BYE" ... wow. I'll be avoiding that bar, totally not necessary to communicate like that, good grief
  12. Wow, thanks for sharing ... a true eye opener; sadly I fell for it twice since I started going to BKK years ago. At home it's all work and no play, then you go to BKK and it's truly Neverland. I'm going to watch this again before my first night out in Pattaya LOL
  13. I arrive on the 26th but will go straight to Pattaya ...
  14. Love the idea and thanks for the link, Iā€™m sure I will use it!
  15. Intrigued by Nice Boys, has anyone been recently? What kind of guys can I expect there? There seems to be very little info online. X Boys looks interesting too but all twinks? Thanks guys
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