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  1. I can't wait, I'll be there on Friday and no doubt ... like a kid in a candy shop, a few minutes away from my hotel room ...
  2. I'd rather have my dinner-gut subsided prior to hitting the bars ... it's big enough at normal levels. No need to re-inflate trying to catch the ideal one!
  3. Now that one is very high on my list Drim, just behind Moonlight
  4. Not exactly getting warm from watching their FB videos, seems kinda awkward. Especially the seating layout .... hmmm, definitely not high on my list to visit.
  5. BenG1000


    But Charlie doesn't speak English right?
  6. BenG1000


    OMG please tell me I do not have to sit through one of those fat atrocities trying to (karaoke) sing, to get the guy I want ... it's burning holes in my cornea and will probably make my ears bleed as well. I hate karaoke LOL
  7. your contribution is amazing
  8. Massive thank you to everyone who helped me prepare for the MB experience. Ready to fly the nest and stand on my own feet! Cheers boys
  9. BenG1000


    Thanks Hank! as always a source of valuable info!
  10. BenG1000


    LOL and nobody breaks the rules right; don't pull this cord ... and everyone pulls it
  11. BenG1000


    Does anyone have any pics of some of the floor models? Do they just wander amongst the guest or do they parade as well? Cheers
  12. BenG1000


    How tastes can differ hey ... much like Q over the other twink
  13. Hey Jamg03s, I'll be in BKK from the 3rd - 13th, staying at Le Meridien. Let me know if you want to meet up .... I'm new to all of this as well though
  14. hahaa, I know that but I'm also a sucker for conversation unfortunately
  15. Hey guys, Any tips on a translate app? From what I hear, lots of boys do not speak English very well. What is everyone using to chat with these guys?
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