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  1. i always tip the waiters/Bartenders and locker room attendants! pointe has one waiter in particular who is very good(and is a good waiter! LOL) junior doesn’t pay him to be a waiter there but he can go up to a room with clients and keep what they pay him! it evidently works for both because they have had this arrangement for over a year! and i think he is the best waiter at any of the saunas!
  2. in 22 years of going to Brazilian saunas i have never tipped! ever! just saying!
  3. !I am going back to Rio the end of May but for only 4 days! I now can fly free(except for paying the taxes due on the ticket) and since i now live in So. Florida is is a 8 hour overnights flight so i am going to try and go monthly! i met several new guys on my last trip in March and decided to go spend a long weekend with them! i got a different apartment in Ipanema then usual with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms across the street from the beach on Posto 8! since i am always on a late night flight i pay for the extra day so i can stay until evening before leaving for the airport.
  4. one of the São Paulo guys staying at my apartment this week runs a profile on grinder that generates 3 to 4 clients a day l He is a Top with a 10”’dick with a 8-1/2, circumstance! He is always hard and doesn’t usually use medications ! really nice. guy, he comes back to the apartment around.9ish and joins us for dinner, he also likes to sleep.close and cuddles up tight! the boys working at the clubs all want to have sex with him so it’s been great going to the saunas with him! there has l been lots of : and 4 ways the past week!
  5. Oz they are guys who no longer work in the saunas or relatives of boys who did and they introduced me to their brother/cousin/friend
  6. over the years in going to Brazil i have done 3 sets of identical twins. several sets of brothers and uncle nephew(they were always like jus one or 2 years apart in ages). all were fun, i have stayed in touch with many of them.
  7. i got to Rio last Friday morning and was staying in a different Airbnb in ipanema then i usually do because the one i stayed at got sold! By 3:00 pm i had 2 cousins show up and the fun began and hasn’t ended! i have been to Brasil somewhere around a 100 times and this is definitely one of the best trips ever! 2 Brazilians came up from SP to stay at the apartment for the week. Pointe sauna was packed Friday night and had a lot of new faces! Saturday was also good there, Sunday i had a party at the apt. for 10 guys and monday back to pointe. Tuesday i went to 117, but while it was fairly packed there was a lot of the same faces i have seen for quite a few years there and 117 tends to get more muscled BB types(although it still draws from all groups i prefer the guys from Pointe but this can change fast so it’s worth checking out both places! this trip i have probably done 35% sauna guys and z65% non sauna guys. but there were a lot of new faces this trip!
  8. Tomcal

    RIP Kadu

    Kadu was a really nice guy and it’s a shame this happened to him! RIP Kadu!
  9. Ahh…no! i have a cuban guy here right now that i really like!’ but i have booked a return trip to Rio and SP in mid March!
  10. I have found my best 2 airbnb thru friends who had known these apartment’s and the mgmt and knew i would like them! i think the doormen like meeting so many new guys while i stay there! lol i got back to Ft. lauderdale today and this was a great trip although shorter then i usually stay for - just 6 days! the next day my Brazilian friend was sitting having lunch and there were 2 guys with him one of whom i didn’t recognize, it turns out he had just gotten to Rio and was going to stay with a friend but it didn’t work out so he needed a place to stay for the night…after seeing this 6’1”, blondish/brown hair, 22 yr old and talking a while i said he could stay in my apt that night and he was really happy to be able to. i told him there was a extra single bed and that i had some friends coming over so he wouldn’t be able to l be there until after 11:00pm he said no problem! He turned out to be a treasure! when he got to the apartment my two guys were just leaving so everyone got to meet! When the door closed he kissed me and you can guess what happened next!! we finally got to bed about 1:30 and at 4:00 am i felt him stirring and wanted to have sex again and then again at 9:00 am! i was worn out before the day started! He then made the bed did the dishes and cleaned the apartment! He is a keeper for someone!, He stayed with me the next 3 nights!
  11. i got to Rio yesterday and my Brazilian friend had 4 Brazilians at his house so i spy the afternoon there 😈! we went to pointe at 6:00 and i did a message/sex session with one of the masseuses , then i was a chloe muscular guy who i never saw before, he said he just got to Rio from SP and had never been to pointe before! We went up to a room and he was amazing! a really nice guy! i am seeing him again tonight! after leaving pointe we hooked up with 3 of the guys that had earlier been at my friends apt., i had sex with two of them(it was a great 3 way, then one stayed and spent the night with me. He left at noon today and is coming back tomorrow. A guy who i originally met 15 years ago at 117, is driving uber now and he is coming over to spend the night, after i get back from pointe. i love ❤️ Brazil!!
  12. i just got back 2 weeks ago and i decided to go back the 8th of December for a week! the reason being i won’t be able to go the last half of December, January or February and March is 3 months away! Plus i had such a great time this last trip i talked myself into a quick trip back! (plus i met one particular guy i wanted to confirm he was as hot as i remember! 🤣 i am also staying in Copacabana for the first time in 12 years. i found a great apartment at a even greater price! My first 10 years i stayed only in Copa and the last 12 years i have only stayed in Ipanema(and is still my favorite) i have only stayed in Airbnbs since 2010 and definitely prefer them to hotels!
  13. Monday Wednesday Fridays best at Pointe imho! Sundays, Tuesdays and Saturdays best at 117! Bangu 45 minutes east of centro old open air sauna but can be fun! best night is Sunday!! I am not a fan of MM which is more a drag queen club, old and in Centro! but we all have different types/preferences! so your mileage may vary!
  14. I should have said that SPOT is a very gay friendly place! but it is not a gay rewsturant but frequented hub many gays!
  15. i l left for SP Friday with 3 guys from. Rio!! i have rented the same place. there for a number of years i you have the house and it’s a modern design snd perfect for 4 persons. We were at Lagoa Friday night and it was packed! we left about 9:00! and went to “SPOT” the bar/Restaurant that is trendy.
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