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  1. well so far Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have all been great nights at the saunas! Last night Pointe was packed full! as was 117 on Tuesday night! tonight thursday might end up being the slowest…we will see!
  2. i arrived here sunday morning at 6:30.am and arranged to get in the airbnb i always get early! one of my guys showed up at noon and then at 5:00 i went to 117 and surprisingly it was very busy. Met up with 2 guys there one new and one i knew and had a great time hi , got home and went to bed! Monday i i had 2 appts and then went to pointe as Juior asked me to pick something.for him and bring it from the states. it was very busy at pointe and again i did a 3 way with one person who was new and one i had known. I got home at 9:00 and met a guy who i have known for a number of years and we had dinner and then spent the night! today Tuesday i had several appts at the apt and then came to 117 where i am now…
  3. 2022 the only saunas to go to for escorts that have a decent selection depending on the day are Pointe202 and Club 117 , i am going for the second time this year the last week in April
  4. you can get more if you have a higher withdrawal rate on your account, also if you are limited to a $1,000.R per withdrawal you just put your card in a 2nd time and get a additional $1,000.R that way i put the additional $R in a hiding place in the room, and since i am there whenever ”guests” are there i have never had any thing stolen and if they did the max they would get is $1,000.R but in 100 trips in 21 years i have never had that happen also i stay in Airbnb rather then hotels.
  5. do your cv basic homework! it has been stated here many times including a couple of weeks ago when i was there!
  6. typically the saunas are less busy on Saturday and Sunday nights, not empty but 1/2 or less full. Still fun
  7. The saunas (17 and Pointe were both busy except for sat night and sunday night when they were about 1/2 full
  8. Lagoa was very busy on the nights i went.
  9. i am back home in Ft Lauderdale from 7 days in Rio and 5 in SP! I felt The saunas were back almost to their Pre covid days! most nights they were busy! i had 4 guys staying with me in Rio, one couple from SP, a guy from Uruaguay who i have known for 4 years and a guy i have known from Rio for 2 years. i was to leave on Sunday so i went sunday morning to take my Covid test and went back to my apt to meet up with some of the guys, 4 hours later i got the results…Positive!!! i had no symptoms and i did not want to stay in SP for 10 more days before i could be tested again! So i cantacted a guy i know who would retest me, since i was sure it was a false positive! I boarded my flight back home that night!! it paid off making friends over the past 21 years!
  10. At the age of 13, ready to “win in life”, Júnior Barbosa (47) left the small town of Cedro (Ceará) heading for São Paulo and, later, for Rio de Janeiro. He slept on the beach, in squares, went hungry, became a prostitute, was a street vendor, sold “hotspots”, did a little of everything until he became one of the biggest businessmen in the gay nightlife in Rio de Janeiro. For over 20 years, Barbosa has owned one of the best-known saunas in Rio de Janeiro – and the only one in Copacabana – but the path has been arduous. His three-story house is a stronghold of young men and visitors from all over the world, including famous people. In a chat with the staff of GAY BLOG BR, Barbosa recounted the difficulties of the past and his trajectory until he became a successful businessman in his segment in Rio. A vida no Ceará era muito difícil… Era, pois vim de uma família humilde, e éramos em seis irmãos. O sonho de todo nordestino é morar em São Paulo, só que quando cheguei, passei perrengue pior do que no Ceará. Quando cheguei, morei na casa de uma tia. Sofri humilhação e descaso. E comecei a trabalhar com tudo que aparecia: fui balconista, faxineiro, passei roupa nas confecções do Brás etc. E chegando ao Rio de Janeiro, como foi? Eu acabei me envolvendo com a prostituição na Avenida São Luís e um agenciador perguntou se eu não queria ir para casa de uma amiga dele, travesti, no Rio de Janeiro. Na época eu não sabia o que era uma travesti. E vim para o Rio, morando no Baratão 200 [edifício na rua Barata Ribeiro com 507 apartamentos onde, no passado, ficou famoso por aparecer na televisão em programas de investigações policiais]. Acabei sendo explorado por ela também, e eu era quase um “escravo”. Comecei a trabalhar para pagar o aluguel dela e todos os seus gastos. Além disso, ela quase não me deixava sair do apartamento e eu ainda dormia no chão. Foram só três meses, mas de intenso sofrimento.
  11. i asked every guy i ran into and they all said they had but only one had the booster
  12. i am only in SP on Thursday to sunday usually I can only comment on Thurs -Sat nights! they have been good the 3,different times i was in SP this past year! but also i was seeing guys i know well for the most part!
  13. Not really masks are worn everywhere but as soon as you get in the bars/restaurants etc they came off
  14. i came down to Merida this weeek and it has been good! Grindr is alive and well. 2-1/2 or 3 years ago i was down here and meeting a guy for dinner while waiting for him at the house i was on grindr message me and said hey you like you’re pretty close to me and I looked and I said It looks like you must be less then a block away! so i opened the door and look down the block and there are some standing there good looking guy and he was waiting to eat so he went to the house we sat on the couch and you’re just ourselves and within about two minutes it was my dinner date! so i invited tge third guy to dinner with us! we had a good time at dinner but they both had to leave to go home after dinner your flash forward to three years later I Kept in contact with both of them and saw the one guy who I dated several times in the ensuing two and a half years and the guy who had walked near my house moved to mexico city we talked occasionally but we never got to see each other again until this week! every three or four months we message each other but now he’s back in Merida going to visit his family so last night we finally met again. He has a car so he picked me up and FloridaRob was having a party so we went there and had a good time! He slept over but had to leave at 7:00 this morning. so i went to give him some cash and he goes “what’s this for?” I said “in case you need some gas money”? He says “I don't” and handed it back to me! this is not the first or second time this has happened to me here! btw he is from Tobasco state and has a big dick!
  15. That has statues about the same! Mondays you option is poine202 as 117 become a Women’s night(formally it was closed on Mondays). Tuesday is the biggest night for 117, Wednesday it is Poijte all the way! Thursday is a crapshoot either is so/so Friday. can be god at pointe don’t know about 117 i have never been there on a Friday. Saturday is usually slow. Sunday should be decent at 117
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