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  1. At Lucky boys, for a very cute Katoy having a number 1. I always give him tip 300b or more. We just blowing a kiss each other many times. I enjoy to do this :-) and I think I’m getting what I paid for . He is sooo cute :-)
  2. Riz05


    Yes. exactly :-) he got a buzz cut cause it seems like a personal reason.. he is still early 20’s.. it’s good and appropriate for his age. :-)
  3. Riz05


    Yes..I guess he got hair transplant..which Tum really wants .. for him it’s good :-) but for Babe these artificial work was NOT necessary... will ask him what was going on..
  4. Riz05


    Oh, your Mr handsome guy, he’ve been through a lot.. but it’s really good that he is safe!! then he came back to Moonlight? I’v been there couple of days ago but he wasn’t.. will try to see him next month. DrimVoiz, you sound sooo sweet.. I can just hear the sound of u were falling.. it’s wonderful that u had a nice chat with him. Been as a model, it must be proud for him too :-) Soi twilight bars and cafe , yes it’s good memories... good old days..
  5. Riz05


    Hi, hank75 I think I may not the person who stick to one guy. What I value the most is ... ”their spirit “ in order to make me happy:-) quiet dif to explain in English.. but it’s almost like that. Tum is really good in person, family-oriented ..this is what I like him the most :-) For high-paying customers, I think it’s good to satisfy their desires do whatever, use boys and be a sponsor. It really helps them. I guess the night encounter is nothing but a fake. All is illusion. So I wish to enjoy in this fleeting moment as it comes.
  6. Riz05


    Hi, DrimVoiz About Nicky, I saw him last year ..now he left Moonlight or perform sometimes? He looks so sweet indeed, if he were smile maker, u cannot take your eyes off. DrimVoiz..you sound nice :-) I miss the venue in soi twilight ..
  7. Riz05


    Wow, sorry for my font size.. I should be more humble.. I am new comer. He was just laughed my mind changed. He must be good in bed but have no idea cause I won’t sleep with boys. I may not know even half of his charms :-) but it’s ok. For female customer who seek night entertainment in Bangkok, pls visit this excellent venue Moonlight and have the fav boy to sit beside. If u feel chemistry, pls try him off and have a fun!
  8. Riz05


    Hi guys, when I say correctly,I was his customer. People work for money of course. and I ,customer want to spend my money on something worth for paying. Concerned about boys at other venues, they are making so much effort to pleasing the customer incredibly with their price. The reason to visit Moonlight for me now is the existence of an affectionate mamasans, babe’s dance performance:-) and my preference of their business strategy... Owner I would call him “first penguin”:-) Now tum is just a line friend however,he is all the time good man with traditional Thai thought. I appreciate members who replied me a warm words and reading my poor English comment. I talk too much.. so will leave now. Good Bangkok days for all!
  9. Riz05


    Hi, it’s my first time I write to this forum. I am his female customer.. Sorry that I’m visiting.. I guess I am the person who should not come..but pls allow me to say just one thing. In his long gogo life, has to do something he doesn’t want, his emotions has been destroyed. Then yes, he got “Thai business smile” through effort. But as long as he gets twice as much tips than other boys, he should devote to “work “ right? Expectations for the double price.
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