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  1. i didn't consider Phuket either. I like to have fun with boys (twinks) and did go tot Pattaya already many times. But now I want to go somewhere elsein february/march next year. I was considering Samui, but Phuket is maybe a better option when you are looking for some (easy) fun!
  2. Hi can anyone give me information about the gayscene in Chiang Mai nowadays? Massage (twinks) and gaybars? I will visit Chiang Mai in november, during Yi-Peng festival and want to have some fun also!
  3. I thinks it is quite far from the Jomtien complex, too far for walking I guess. So not my choice!
  4. Thanx, I did find it, worthfull information!
  5. where can I find these posts from Min?
  6. On my bucket list? A 3-some for the first time in my lifešŸ¤«
  7. I prefer Rambutan, because of the good reviews on booking.com!
  8. Hi are there any gaybars in Phnom Penh (PP), where boys are willing to be offed? Just as you have in (for example) Pattaya, Thailand? Or are there better ways to meet gayboys in PP? maybe apps? For me the first time I (a man of 60y) will visit Cambodia in november! I will stay in Rambutan hotel PP Thanks for your advice
  9. Hi i cannot choose between the Agate hotel and East suites in Jomtien, Pattaya. How is their joiner policy? I want to stay near the boyscene in Jomtien.
  10. I did book the East Suites for november I hope everything will be fine at that time.
  11. I just booked the East Suites for april/may 2020! Thanks for all the advices!
  12. Do they not ask to check in the boy?
  13. The Cambodian boy did have an overstay, his entry date was 26th of august 2019. He did tell me he lived already 15 years in Thailand, he now is 24!!
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