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  1. Looking forward to your tidbits about Thailand. I am very interested in your knowledge of the scene in Vietnam, I'm considering a small trip in the future to HCMC and possibly Hanoi so I'll let you finish your reporting and then ask a few questions.
  2. Agreed. It could be a good opportunity for any photographer expats out there, even if it is for a small fee or free it could be a fun side project if you have a decent camera and some skills. I take my X-T30 and a lens or two with me when I travel, maybe I'll offer Paul a free shoot with my very-novice photography skills when I return (if he wants it).
  3. There could be many reasons. It can be a sign of comfort to be able to just sit with someone you know very well already and don't need to make small talk just for the sake of it. They might be waiting for friends to arrive, or maybe he is happy to just not sit alone. I try not to judge others, everyone finds happiness in their own way
  4. Another member reported that Banana Boy Bar is open again (soi 4), when I last visited that gogo before Covid they had more of the cute slim type. I'm not entirely up to date on the type of boys and situation in that gogo at the moment though. You should also try Fresh boys again earlier in the night and you might have better luck, sounds like you might have missed out on the full lineup. Hopefully Lucky Boys will open again soon.
  5. I think I am more on par with the Thai boy sleep schedule in the mornings, often just trying to make it in time before the breakfast buffet closes at 10 am but if breakfast isn't included I won't be out of my room until at least 11 am. I have never been a morning person.
  6. It's times like these I find that I just have to smile. yes, chicken.
  7. I consider myself very spoilt with the options I have outside of Thailand. My city had a lot of international university students from Asia before covid, and although most returned home, I eagerly await the return of what was once very fertile hunting grounds 😄
  8. Firstly, great report. It's a very heartwarming read, I also really enjoy your observations about your relationship and difference in perspective with Bangkok Guy. I found myself wanting to learn some basic Thai to help my communication as well, although I am only 3 months in I have found the option that is working best for me is an app called Ling. I had also tried Youtube and looked for other apps with Thai as an option, but Ling is so far the only one I have found that has helped me gain a few new words and phrases for my vocabulary. There is a Thai massage boy I see in my hometown back in falangland, I'm considering asking if he wants to earn a little extra and spend some time with me to practice when I have a bit more confidence in my tones and pronunciation.
  9. Koh Larn is also a good day trip or overnight destination for Pattaya if you feel the desire for (clean) beaches, the ferry or speedboats take off from Bali Hai pier. I enjoyed a day trip with a boy over to Koh Larn on new years day in 2020 to escape the Pattaya crowds, I would certainly do it again. We took the speedboat option and were dropped at Nual Beach where we rented a motorbike, then spent the day eating at the beachfront restaurants and lounging around at various beaches.
  10. They're both good in their own way, so I usually split my time between them. Bangkok has better attractions for tourist activities and some really great restaurants and shopping. Pattaya gives me more of a holiday feeling for me, it's a more relaxed vibe with a slower pace but can get boring if I stay too long. As a generalization, the twinkier boys in the gogos and non-p4p boys I meet are more attractive in Bangkok. The exception to this was my last trip in April because Pattaya had more venues open so more variety of boys, but I'm hoping that by the time I return later this year things will be a little more 'back to normal'.
  11. When I was there it was still fairly quiet, but I noticed 3-4 other guests who seemed to be long-term stays. I had a room facing the street with that legal office opposite so I could just see up to the corner of Tuckom from the balcony which helped me keep an eye on when the massage boys were coming in for the day. It looked like the room had a fresh paint job, but it was my first stay so I can't say how recently. I had no complaints about my stay, I spend a lot of time at Winner Boys so I will be back to stay there again next time.
  12. https://www.namstaxiladydrivers.com/services I've posted this a few times, but Nam's is my go to for Bangkok to Pattaya and back.
  13. Yes, I stayed there in April
  14. If I'm going somewhere solo I will take mototaxi, 75% of the time I remember to ask for a helmet. Mototaxi's are plentiful in all areas, but I try to pick the older riders because they are usually safer. If I'm taking a boy from one area to another I will usually get a bolt car, the prices are pretty comparable to mototaxi but it just takes a little longer while you wait for them to arrive.
  15. Thanks for the update, was it banana boys bar (upstairs) on soi 4? I think i recall that bar was split in two with an upstairs and downstairs. I hadn't heard that it has opened again, but I enjoyed that bar in 2019 because it had quite a few twinkier guys back then.
  16. When I want to stay near Sunee and the massage places behind Tuckom I stay at Mosaik serviced apartments. In Jomtien Complex I stayed at Agate and Posoiden, I think I liked Agate more just for the price. The restaurant at Posoiden was really good and the owner makes you feel very welcome looking after guests and chatting, so it is a very nice option if you want to spend a little more.
  17. vaughn


    Nam's rates are 1000 BKK<>Pattaya if you're looking at options. I've used them 5-6 times and never had an issue. https://www.namstaxiladydrivers.com/
  18. Great news, one of my favorite bars finally allowed to go back to the gogo setting. I can't wait to go back
  19. Pupen Seafood is probably my favorite restaurant in Jomtien/Pattaya, It's a Thai seafood restaurant with a big menu and a good atmosphere. The restaurant at the Posoiden hotel in Jomtien Complex served some nice German food, but a bit expensive. I'm yet to try Yupins across the soi. Dick's Cafe in the complex is my default dinner option, nothing to write home about but tasty, well priced and friendly staff. Tinnies are my second default when I want western food, I'm Aussie so lots of home comforts to be found on the menu. I'm still searching for a good breakfast menu in the Jomtien area, O Delices was good for coffee and a light breakfast.
  20. That alley was my savior one night trying to dodge a clinger I spotted a few meters ahead 😅 With that said the alley doesn't do much, the walls whisper and everyone knows everything among the boys.
  21. Really good info, thanks for the post and please keep us updated on your discovery as you make your way through the list.
  22. 'The House on Sathorn' below the W Hotel was another favorite dining experience from my last trip, it's a little more relaxed than Blue Elephant but still on the expensive side. Great food and service, in a really beautiful courtyard of a heritage home. https://www.thehouseonsathorn.com/ Worth adding to the list for anyone who hasn't been there.
  23. The green massage is still there, but I think it was closed in April. The shops across the road were open. There were a couple of massage shops open along Surrawong Rd, some more open on Silom soi 6, and I think a shop or two open around Silom soi 4. Things are changing rapidly so I don't want to recount my troubles finding the type of guys I like, but take a walk in those areas in the late afternoon/evening.
  24. I have a new recommendation from my last trip, it's not reasonably priced and more of a stuffy fine dining restaurant. The stunning boy I took with me turned a few heads, the table alongside us had an oh-so-posh British gay couple talking about this 1880s vintage they simply must try. They gave the best side eye glance and disapproving look I'd ever seen haha. The restaurant is Blue Elephant and was one of the best meals I've ever had in Bangkok, highly recommended if you want to try fine dining Thai food. https://www.blueelephant.com/bangkok/
  25. I had to delete my trip report, but because I started this thread seeking answers I wanted to at least provide an update on the Phuket scene in early April. 3 or 4 boy massage shops were open, but only 2 with any real selection. Blue Dolphin massage and 4massage, these two shops are in the middle section of the complex towards the Paradise hotel. Cute twinks were rare, but the boy next door and more toned guys are more common along with some heavier boys. 10-15 boys across both on any given afternoon, prices were standard 300-400 per hour + whatever you arrange with the boy in the room. 5 or 6 host bars are open in the bar street, with maybe 2 dozen boys that stand around in a group (possibly waiters?) at the start of the soi. I didn’t really spend much time at the bars, I went one night at 8pm and there were 6 or so customers spread out along the bars. I seemed to be largely ignored by all but one boy who wasn’t my type. The one boy who sat with me and chatted seemed to be looking to be offed but I wasn't into him and I didn’t really want to walk up and try my luck with the others. The layout is similar to Jomtien complex, with bars lined along each side of the soi. An outdoor drag lipsync show from 8:30-9:00. I left at 10:00, and the bars closed at 12:00 (still under government covid rules). I was told by the boy that Friday and Saturday nights have more people, so I might have just been unlucky. I stayed at Le Meridien Resort Phuket, it was nice and bringing back guests is fine, but it is more of a family-oriented place and not very convenient location-wise.
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