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  1. Personally I wear mask in Thailand in airplane, skytrain, metro. But not anymore in other places. Not in street, not in restaurants or bars and not even in shopping malls. It is correct all Thai still where their masks EVERYWHERE. But I can't be bothered anymore. Full vaxed, new less harmful variants... There must be a point to live our lives again as much "normal" as possible.
  2. Sorry I don't remember his tag nr. But for sure you will recognize him by his smile... He does not participate in big cock show or any other act in stage. Only just parading on stage. Remember he is still a shy guy...
  3. Part 24: Second chance on the cute waiter in Pattaya... After 5 nights in Bangkok it was time to move to Pattaya for the last few days of my stay in Thailand. On Tuesday night I fly back to The Netherlands. I booked a car with Mikepattaya. From my hotel in Silom to Jomtien Complex it was 1200 baht. Because I was curious I checked prices in the Bolt app just before the driver picked me up. I was shocked to see Bolt was so much more expensive than the taxi service of Mike Pattaya... Because most of the time Bolt is cheaper. See screenshot: I was meeting @bkkmfj2648 for dinner and to catch up about our adventures and gossip. We than went to Boyztown. As you can read in part 15 of my trip report I had some unfinished business in Boyz Boyz Boyz with a waiter I had the hots for but didn't off last time because I thought with asking 3000 baht they were ripping me off / overpricing. I got a lot of reactions from you guys about this. Understanding the higher rate because he is waiter and not barboy, and also tips about how to deal with this as maybe the fact that a papasan was involved the price was inflated by the papasan. We arrived in Boyztown around 10pm. Had a quick look already in Boyz Boyz Boyz but is was very quiet. Only 2 customers sitting inside already. So we decided to sit down on the terrace of Castro first. Plan was to do a bit of people watching. But there was not much to see... Also on the terraces and in the street only few people this Sunday night. It was 11:30pm when we went in at Boyz Boyz Boyz again. Surprisingly the bar was full of guests. While we didn't see much people entering from our spot on the terrace. The guests somehow seemed to be appeared from nowhere... I was happy to see the cute waiter was on duty. We got seated and drinks were ordered. Cute waiter was busy attending two seperate groups of customers. Drinking a lot of shots from them. When I went to the bathroom, he also came to pee. And that was when he recognized me. This was my chance. So I directly asked him if he wanted to come back to my hotel with me. He checked what I wanted. I asked whats he having in the menu... Kissing oke sucking oke. No fucking. So actually same info as he gave last time. Perfect. He told me he is very shy guy. And he actually only went home with customer one time before. Not only because he is shy, but also because he is afraid of what customers would want to do with him. I comforted him that I was oke with what he just said, so that I would not expect fucking. Back in the bar, he came sit with us. Time to talk business. Reminder: last time, via papasan, they asked 3000 baht for me to take him to my hotel. Now, speaking directly to cute waiter, he lowered his price to 2000 baht without me having even to negotiate. Oke. That's a deal! In the meantime another waiter/papasan plus a mamasan had started talking to @bkkmfj2648. Trying to convince him to also take a boy home. Already being a bit drunk, he felt for buying both the papasan and the mamasan a drink on his costs. Soon we decided to leave as it was going to costs too much money to continue this way.... Hahaha. Arrived in Agate hotel, cute waiter and I sit down on the balcony for some smalltalk and he wanted to smoke / vape. His English was good enough to have a nice conversation. He is from Bangkok (his mother, cat and dog still live there) but came to Pattaya because according to him more work here. His tactics in the bar: just being cute and go for the groups of customers and try to get as many drinks and shots from them as possible, so he can live form the drink incentives and tips he's earning. He is gay but not on Grindr or any other app bevause he is "afraid" of the gays in Pattaya. After work time he likes to hang out with friends at the beach in Jomtien. For even more drinking. Time to take a shower together. Now cute waiter wasn't so shy anymore. We soaped each others bodies. And started kissing. To the bed. More kissing. With tongue. He was pretty good. And also he sucked good, eager and deep. Again: nothing shy about this boy in bed... His shyness had completely disappeared. He even went naked on the balcony of my hotel room to smoke / vape. According to cute waiter it was because when he is with somebody he likes, he is not shy at all. Only when there are many people (and his friends) around, like in the bar. You know how they always say you should never meet your hero as chances are it wil only be disappointing? Well... I had doubts about going back to cute waiter after the failed try to off him last time. What if he's not interested anymore? Or he is disappointing in bed because I have high expectations because I think he is so cute? I'm glad I did go back for him and had the guts to try to off him again. As it turned out I could make a good deal with him and also the time spent with him was very nice, enjoyable and horny.
  4. I agree with you. As I actually just wrote in my trip report. Didn't even mention the higher cost of getting a boy from a bar instead of Grindr in my report. But you're absolutely right about that. For me reason was also that I was getting tired of the same acts in the shows over and over again... Haha.
  5. The only place I still wear a mask while in Thailand now, was on planes and in the skytrain / metro. As these are the places where you get in close contact with many people. But walking in the street, in shopping mall or 7eleven I didn't put on a mask. While almost all local people still wear their mask ANYWHERE. Even outside. Only exception was the gogo bars, there the boys didn't wear masks. Hahaha.
  6. Part 23: The Dutch speaking hot Thai boy During the day I was visiting the old part of Chinatown in Bangkok (Talat Noi) just for a walk and look around and have an afternoon snack. I found a very nice cafe, build in an old Chinese mansion: Hong Sieng Kong. They have a big terrace with view over the river and the inside of the place is beautiful. That's what I like about Bangkok. Even if you've been there already a dozen of times, you will always be able to discover something new. Later that day I would do another great discovery; a Thai/Dutch guy that was prefect in bed... Lol But first I have to confess something. The night with Indonesian boy going from bar to bar a day earlier was fun again. Was nice to have some company and talk in between the acts and during the boyparade about which boys are hot. If you go alone you off course still have papasan or mamasan that is willing to talk to you. But you can't say you think a boy is looking good because he/she will directly insist you invite the boy over for a drink. Somehow the other nights in Bangkok I didn't really feel going to the bars anymore. The past weeks I've been visiting the different bars a few times. It's the same show every time. Having to sit out hours of mostly horrible "entertainment" and to be lucky that somebody you like will be in the boyparade later. Off course this can be solved by going to the bars earlier. And find your catch of the night before the shows start. But it was already past 10 o clock when I realised this. For sure I will be back in the bars during a next trip to Bangkok, but probabaly this holiday it was a bit of an overkill for now. Plus I must say that during this trip in Thailand, I've had the nicest experiences and best sex with guys I've found on Grindr. They were better than the boys I took home from a bar. With the beste example being Ukrainian guy I have written about. Since about 3 weeks I was chatting on Grindr with a very hot boy. Seeing his profile pic and bowing my weak spot for 6packs, you will understand why I contacted him: And the profile text of this 26yr old stud made it even more interesting: My first thought was: let me be your daddy... Lol. I am from The Netherlands, so that this guy was mixed Thai / Dutch made it very intriguing. I needed to know more. He moved to The Netherlands when he was 6 and when covid hit the world somehow he ended up in Bangkok. Liked it so much there that he decided to stay. It was so strange to be able to speak my own language, Dutch, with this guy that looked very much Thai to me. But yeah if you looked good you could tell it was a bit of a mixed breed. Besided the 6pack I already mentioned, his main features were a bubble butt and blonde dyed hair. When we entered my hotel room he immediately started kissing me in a passionate way (with tongue). Nice big full lips. He took some coconut oil with him for a massage. And he proved to have excellent massage skills also. The right pressure, taking his time. It was so relaxing I was almost falling asleep. But when he told me to turn around and I was reminded of what a hottie I had in my room, I became active again. Lol Dutch Thai had a submissive side. He loved sucking my dick long, good and deep. Than he asked me if he could ride my dick. Of course I had no objections. In several positions I used his bubble butt as a bouncing castle. I cum in his face and mouth while exactly at the same moment he sprays his cum all over his 6pack. HOT. Another look at his 6pack... So... Yeah... Another amazing discovery via Grindr. He asked a bit more than the average Thai moneyboy, but he was the 3000 baht worth!
  7. Haha. I totally understand you. For me seeing those jupiter boys in real was like entering a candy shop... But I was disappointed by their attitude, lack of interaction with the male audience and unavailability... See this part of my trip report.
  8. I had to do some last minute rescheduling last week. When I checked hotel rates the Ibis Styles Silom was actually cheaper than most other options. Even Tarntawan was more expensive. D Varee Express was the only oke option that was having lower prices. But I wanted to try out something new. How come none of you corrected me here? Telephone Pub doesn't exist anymore, it's now Circus. And on my picture it was clear to see I was sitting in the other side of the Soi. In Balcony Bar... Stupid mistake of me. I had doubts coming to Thailand in September. But when I booked my flight ticket I could only use the special rate for fully refundable ticket till end of September. That's why I booked it anyway. To be honest till now it was all oke. In the 23 days I'm now in Thailand, only on 3 days (or actually evenings / nights) the rain was interfering with my plans. It is wise to book a hotel on walkable distance from the bars you want to visit if you come in rainy season. As it is true to getting a taxi in rainy weather in Bangkok is impossible...
  9. Part 22: Visiting the bars again... It was not raining at 9:30pm. But just to be sure I decided to take my umbrella. I wouldn't get stuck somewhere again for hours when it would start raining again, like yesterday evening... I first did a quick walk around to see what the atmosphere was tonight. I looked like everybody stayed in yesterday and was desperate to go out now. It was more busy than any other night in Bangkok I was out this trip. Heading into Patpong 2 and one boy from Freshboys recognized me. "you like muscled gay boys, we have tonight!" and he also remembered me falling down the stairs the last time I was there: I told him I was waiting for a friend. On grindr is was chatting with a guy from Indonesia. His first time in Bangkok and was excited to go to the gogo boybars for the first time. But also scared to go alone. So I offered to go together and show him around. When he arrived we went into Freshboys first. Ten good-looking boys on stage in white sportshorts, no shorts. Same like last time I was here, and also the show was almost the same with the same acts. My stalker guy had sent me message on grindr that he now works in banana, so I knew is was "safe" for me to come to freshboys without this guy asking for my attention and an off. The 10 boys on stage where all more hunk than twink. If you really like skinny boys, this was not the place for you that night. For me on the other hand there were at least 4 that could be offed by me. But. The night in young and I still need to show Indonesian boy the other bars. When we came outside, we see that it started raining very hard. Good thing is that you don't need to get wet to go from Freshboys to Hotmale... You just walk through covered. In hotmale I counted 12 guys on stage. More of them than on my last visit were shirtless. Still wearing pants instead of just underwear, but at least some more skinny was visible on stage. As last time almost all boys wear pants and shirt. My off from last time, Mr Cutesmile, was also on stage shirtless. When he reconized me he had that price winning smile again on his face and he kept looking at me. So I invited him over and directly told him I was not going to take him to my hotel room tonight because I was showing my new Indonesian friends around and also I like butterflying. But I bought him a drink and gave him 200 baht extra tip for his time during which we touched and he massaged me a bit. Boydrink in Hotmale is as expensive as your own first drink: 400 baht. I'm not very generous in general with boydrinks. But i always thought a boydrink is often a bit cheaper than your own first drink? There was another boy on stage that I had the hots for. A bit muscled off course my type of guy. But soon he disappeared off stage, came back fully dressed and left the bar. Probabaly got an off via an app or something. It was still raining hard. But only a short run across the street to DreamBoy was oke not to get too wet. When I walked in there was some nasty odour. Like sewage smell. I noticed the same already few weeks ago when I was there. But it seems to be a recurring problem there. Drinks cost 450 baht, just a bit more expensive than the other bars in the Soi. Around 20 boys on stage in jeans and shirtless. Most of them a bit on the rough side with their appearance. Also this was how I remember it from last time, and I reported about that also. Tonight in DreamBoy was the first time during this holiday that the music was really too loud in a bar in my opinion. In Freshboys we already did see some sucking in the shower during their show. In Hotmale we were in time for the big cock show. But the Indonesian guy was really chocked bt the acrobatic fucking in the DreamBoy show. Haha. Poor kid. First time in gogo boy bar... Somehow I always find the unreachable guys the most attractive. It's always the top/men that I want. Because I am top myself. Or in this case in DreamBoy: the unavailable sexy DJ/light operator. Partly dyed blonde hair, wearing a cap. Shirtless. Hot body. But never goes home with (male) customer. I know some of you will say: they all have their price... But didn't try any further after this info from papasan. I can only hope that when DreamBoy moves to the new location, the seating will be better. This giant pole in the middle is blocking view on part of the stage from almost everywhere you sit. Can't really remember how the seating was in the old Luckyboys location where DreamBoy is moving to soon. Before we knew it, show was over and it was just 20 minutes before 1am. Closing time of the bars in Patpong 2 still 1am.Thay sign announcing late show in Freshboys is indeed old sign. The papasan became very pushy in DreamBoy asking me which guy can take care of me tonight. I hate it when they become so pushy. Doesn't work for me. So instead of taking a guy from the bar I decided to see if a nice bottom I was chatting with earlier, was still available and online on grindr. He actually was. After waiting around 15 minutes for the rain to calm down a bit, it was time to get the umbrella out and walk back to hotel. Where only 5 minutes later my bottom for the night also arrived. So in the end, a very nice night. Even in spite of the rain.
  10. Part 21: Stuck in rainy Bangkok... Yesterday evening just after I left my hotel to go for dinner, it started to rain. Decided to quickly find a dry place to shelter. So I went to Telephone Pub in Soi 4. Here I could have something to eat, drink, watch what happens in the soi and wait for the rain to hopefully stop falling soon. Stuck in Telephone Bar because of the rain But that didn't happen. It rained hard. And for a long time. The streets started to flood. Food thing the terraces of the bars are a bit higher than the street itself. So I ended up being stuck in Telephone bar for a good two hours until it started to rain less and it was oke to try to run in between the raindrops to another place. By that time the rain had killed my mood. So also that night no naughty bar visits for me... Another drink on the terrace and than an early night for me this time. During daytime I like to be out and about, walking around Bangkok with some music or podcast on my headphones. Today I decided to check out the “Green Mile Bangkok”. This elevated walking path connects two of Bangkok’s big parks, Lumpini Park and Benjakitti Park. The latter one recently had a new expansion: the Benjakitti Forest Park. It’s a beautifully designed urban wetland, with skywalks and paths running through and over a manmade nature reserve. It really looks nice. Benjakitti Forest Park The Green Mile itself is a fun place to stroll along and look down to watch daily life pass by. It gives you another look at Bangkok. Not the concrete urban jungle of skyscrapers, but old houses here for decades and more recent shacks in varying states of disrepair, backdropped by the spires of modern Bangkok. The Green Mile While I'm writing this, I am chilling at the rooftop hotel pool. And whatever happens tonight, rain or no rain, I will have to visit the gogo bars! I only have two night left in Bangkok and can't leave without my fair share of naughty bar visits... Lol
  11. See this part of my trip report. I can confirm big sign of DreamBoy being put on the old Lucky Boys building...
  12. Part 20: A submissive Ukrainian guy... Had my first day and night back in Bangkok again. And as I planned to hit the gogo bars again as soon as I was back in Bangkok, that didn't happen yet... But I did have some of the best sex I ever had... Off course I went for a quick walk trough Patpong2 during the day to see what's happening with Dreamboy. And yes, also yesterday they were doing some work inside the old Lucky Boys (the floor that is painted in rainbow colours on the outside) and hanging a big new Dreamboy sign. As @zoomomancs reported he did see them working on that sign already on September 16, I wonder how many days do Thai need to put on 1 sign...? 🤔 I wonder why DreamBoy wants to move. Ok, the venue is bigger. But on the ground flow where they are located now, I think is more easy to do your pr and get people in. In the new location you need to persuade people to get up that small stairs first... Did anybody hear anything about new (later) closing times by the way? Because on the sign of Freshboys I did see they have also showtime at 1:10am, while few weeks ago closing time was 1am. Or maybe its just still an old pre-covid sign... By the way I like how their second showtime is not at midnight, but at 0:05am... 🙄⌚ As I said, I didn't get the chance to check this out myself. It was my plan to go to the bars last night. But... I was chatting on Grindr to a very naughty boy from Ukraine. So naughty, I decided I needed to try him instead of going to the bars and get an Asian boy... After the black mb in Phuket, it was now time for a white mb... Haha. Good for the diversity of my conquests during this month in Thailand, besides te many Asian boys. Ukrainian boy was asking 2000 baht short time and up for a lot of things he told me: He was also looking nice: So you understand: I needed to invite him over to my hotel room. We agreed to meet in the hotel lobby as a keycard is needed to get in the elevator in Ibis Styles Silom. He looked exactly like on the pictures. And as soon as we closed the door of my hotel room behind us, he kissed me. Deep, passionate and with very good use of his tongue. Wow. I could feel his already hard cock against my body. As I walked so much earlier that day, my feet were hurting. So he offered me to give a nice foot massage. I'm always up for that. As touching / massaging my feet makes me horny. Well, I was not the only one getting horny from touching my feet. So did he. And soon he was not only massaging then, but also licking them. And that's how I met the submissive side of Ukrainian boy... He liked it when I slapped his face and body with my feet. We went to the shower. A lot of kissing and he sucked me long and deep. He asked me to slap him in his face with my hand and choke him a bit. I didn't do that too hard, but a bit in a playful way. At one point he was laying down on the shower floor, wanting me to put my feet and toes at his mouth so he could lick them again. We continued our escapades on the bed. Again lots of deep sucking, kissing, slapping, spanking and some chocking. He was very much enjoying it (and so did I) and really submissive. The fucking was also great. He riding my cock, and after that he went on all fours so I could really fuck him hard. He insisted that I would cum in his mouth. So just before I had to cum, I took of the condom and shot my load in his mouth. He said it tasted good. 💦 After the sex he stayed a bit. He spoke good English so we could have a nice conversation. When the war in Ukraine broke out, he was on holiday in Turkey. He decided not to go back to his country because as a guy he would be forced to fight in the army and would have no chance to get out of Ukraine anymore. He decided to come to Thailand as it was a place where he could live cheap. He now travels between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur every now and then (for example when visa runs out). In both places working as mb to earn enough for his living costs and also to support his family in Ukraine. As the only white mb in Bangkok, there is good business for him. Most of his clients are rich Asian men. For them a white mb is a novelty. He is oke with doing this work. As actually he likes making sexual fantasies come true, it turns him on also and he really likes being submissive. So the feeling that I got from him that he was also enjoying out sexual adventures was right. It was not good acting skills from his side, he actually likes it. Besides one of the best sexdates I ever had, it also gave me a good feeling. That somehow I was helping suffering Ukraine also a bit with my "donation" as part of money spent on the mb will go to his family in Ukraine. 🇺🇦 So actually I gave him a nice tip above the agreed 2000 baht. Better than indirectly funding Poetins war by renting a Russian mb, right? oh by the way I don't want to start a political discussion here... please. Well, as you can read above I did indeed already have a lot of fun in the big shower with Ukrainian guy... And indeed it's big enough for four people actually... For who likes a shower party.
  13. Part 19: Back to Bangkok As I wrote earlier I had a few days break from bars and boys. It is 10 years ago that I visited Ayutthaya so I figured it would be nice to get there again. Found a really nice guesthouse, stayed there two night while during the day I was rediscovering some beautiful temples. The guesthouse is Baan Tye Wang. Anybody visiting Ayutthaya I strongly recommend this place. Modern nice rooms looking out on garden and river. The rooms have outdoor shower. The guesthouse is run by a very friendly lady who speaks enough English to arrange things and give some information. Breakfast was simple, as to expect in place like this. Evening before you choose what breakfast you want and they make sure to make it for you. Standard fresh orange juice, coffee, tea, milk with cereal, toasted break with jam on top or your chosen breakfast. I choose for fresh fruits and a croissant. The guesthouse doesn't offer dinner, but the lady gave me good advice and arranged tuktuk and I had a lovely dinner. The same friendly tuktuk driver (its the fixed driver for this guesthouse, a couple - man and lady - who drive the tuktuk together) was driving me around Ayutthaya to see all the temples the next day also. Arranging an official taxi from Ayuttaha to Silom would have costs 1200 baht, but even in Ayutthaya the Bolt app is working very well... So eventually I only paid 800 baht for the drive to Bangkok. Earlier in my trip report hotel choices is Silom were discussed. There's a new hotel just opened recently: Ibis Styles Silom. And I decided to check in out for the next few days. Conveniently located on Silom Road, few minutes walk from Sala Daeng Skytrain station. Next to CP tower actually. So very good located to the main gay areas: soi4 is just on the opposite side of the road, and so are the entries to Patpong2 and the soi where Tawan is located. I asked to allocate me a room on the outside of the hotel as I had read online that rooms on the patio side of the hotel can have some noise pollution from the hotel patio and restaurant. The modern rooms are nice and colourful. And with the hotel still being brand new, everything is very clean and almost untouched and unused. Onl ylittle downside: like almost all modern hotels you need a keycard to access the elevator. So you will need to meet your (Grindr) boy outside or in the lobby to bring him up. I always like then option to just let hen come directly to your hotel room. I expect no problems bringing boys back to my room actually. As this hotel hosts a monthly rooftop gay pool party every first Saturday of the month. So it must be a very gay friendly and welcoming place. Anyhow, I'm sure this was a good hotel choice for me for the coming nights on Bangkok... Let's see what adventures will happen this time.
  14. I thought this was a post about tips on Pattaya... Not a discussion about races, discrimination and who's right & who's wrong... I think there can be two opinions on almost all things... A bar I think has a nice atmosphere, somebody else will find too loud. A boy I think is sexy, somebody else wouldn't even pay attention too. And a Soi that somebody else finds dangerous, you maybe will feel completely safe in. Also it can be all about what time you are where. If somebody is in a Soi where a lot of motorbikes dangerously drive/race around doesn't have to mean somebody who comes there the next day has the same expierence. I see this forum as a place where people can agree but so can think different about things. Like hotel reviews where somebody writes its a horrible hotel while the next guest writes its a fab place to stay... It's all about perspective, expectations and feelings. I've read on this forum for example that Dreamboys in Bangkok would be the bar with the best boys. For me it was the least favourite place when I made my round in the Bangkok bars two weeks ago... I don't go and write other poster was wrong and he must have been making it up. I just give my own opinion about my visit. It's all about respect.
  15. Sorry to hear your bad expierence with the two Vietnamese boys. I myself had some very pleasent moments with Vietboys and other men in this forum also I read. So yeah I think the right conclusion is you were just unlucky. Don't think you can say in general Vietboys are bad... After all you only tried two... Can't really call that representative research. If I have two bad expierence with guys with black hair, I don't go out posting that all guys with black hair are bad... What I'm trying to say is maybe you can make your postings a bit more nuanced.
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