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  1. I have not stayed in an AirBnB in BKK as I have found the hotels to be as good value for a week/ 2 week stay. I do like having the option of a kitchen and washing machine, but it is so cheap to eat out, that as long as the hotel room has a fridge i can use to keep beer cold then I find i don't use the kitchen anyway. I have stayed in AirBnBs in Chiang Mai which are fantastic value and much larger spaces than in BKK. These places often have "security" at the gate but they have never even raised their head when I walk in - let alone if I walk in with a boy! I did stay in one place in Chiang Mai that had a notice up in the lobby about not allowing short term rentals via AirBnb. This was clearly not monitored at all as there were large numbers of guests in the lobby with suitcases coming and going all the time. I didn't know about the no AirBnB when I booked it and there were no reviews to suggest that there was an issue with short term lets. So, it seems that some places do have "restrictions" in place but probably not monitored in any way. I would certainly back up the advice here to thoroughly check the reviews that have been posted. In my research - utilities tend to be included for short rental periods (up to two weeks) but for extended times utilities are often charged extra but not always. Pattaya, which i have been looking at quite a bit recently seems particularly keen on this - month long stays utilities are charged on top, electricity especially. On the whole though, I find hotels so cheap in Thailand that the potential saving on AirBnb is much less attractive. And there are a selection of hotel options that are really like serviced apartments and have the extra services included.
  2. I stayed at the Raya in April. I had a Grand Deluxe Room which i think was on the 7th floor? It was large, clean, and bright. The room cost me 1450 BHT for the night. They did not do breakfast. After a certain time the main entrance does close and you have to go to the elevator in the car park, but I am sure it went to a higher floor than reception - it took me to my floor and I was definitely higher than the 5th floor. I had a boy come back, the security on the car park gate didn't say anything or even look in my direction. I suspect the price may have gone up a bit now. I found it to be an outstanding choice. The location is pretty unbeatable and even if the price has gone up a bit, I suspect it is still one of the better value options. One think I did like was the ability to extend your check out time for only a small amount. I wish I could remember the exact price (I may have mentioned it in my trip report at the time?) but it was only something like 100 BHT per additional hour. As I had a late flight the ability to stay in the room for another 4 hours for a nominal amount was really welcome! The prices were clearly on display at the reception desk.
  3. My best hook ups during my trip in March/ April this year were not MB on Grindr. I think the ratio of MB on Grindr was still very low as BKK had not really opened up fully. That is probably changing now. Certainly, it was easier to hook up with non MBs than it was to find MB at that time. Boys offering massage were much more common. And as stated elsewhere, with the bar boys still wearing jeans the appeal of offing a boy there and paying the premium cost as if everything were back to normal was much diminished i.e - I didn't bother and actually avoided the experience. I had two meets in particular which were fantastic with non MBs in BKK, both had blank profiles and because of that I nearly passed them by completely. Only after a conversation on the app did I end up meeting them. I so nearly missed out on some of the best meets i have ever had!
  4. I had a very similar experience. I am not one for temples, but thought if there ever was a time that I was going to do Wat Pho is was when I was there in April. The place was deserted and I had a private tour with, at most, 4 other tourists in the grounds. I too had Reclining Buddha to myself! It was good to make the most of the quiet. On reflection, I probably should have made more use of the fact BKK was empty and done more of the tourist sites. Planning my next trip now for November!
  5. Thanks @Boy69! On strength of your recommendation, I have booked a week second half of November in East Suites. Found a a great deal and booked the King Jacuzzi Suite that you mentioned. Free cancellation right up until 28 October so risk free. Just need to actually book some flights now! I will wait and see if a deal pops up!
  6. Thanks for this! I was just in the process of trying to work this out for myself. I have not been to Pattaya and am in the early stages of planning a trip later in the year. I found East Suites last night and wondered why I had not seen them mentioned by anyone as it looks like a really good option. There also seemed to be a similar venue call Inn Residence? Do you know what they are like? I have looked at a few apartments in the area but nothing really blows me away. Yes, there are some very inexpensive options but they are all looking a bit dated and tired - I don't suppose Covid has helped. There are a few high end options but that seems extravagant when compared to the places that you have mentioned. That is why I like the idea of East Suites. I have had apartments (mainly AirBnB) in Thailand before and even though I have seldom used the extra facilities that you get with an apartment over a hotel room (like a kitchen), I really like having the option.
  7. Does anyone have recommendations for sites to book condos? I use Airbnb a lot but wondered if there are other options or sites specifically for Thailand properties?
  8. Yes, when I have been up to Chiang Mai I have stayed in an AirBnb. Are there other sites that you would recommend?
  9. No, I have not been yet and I think it will make the list this time., at least to see what it is like. I have been reading a couple of threads on here about the place. a hotel was telling me that it was high season when I was asking about a potential long stay. They were reluctant to offer any sort of discount. With the restrictions now mostly lifted, I would think that things will start accelerating back toward normal - it is just how long it will take.
  10. I am planning my next trip out - possibly November but it strikes me that is peak season and because I am not really tied to dates, I might ahead out during the shoulder season, particularly as things are opening up. Although what this winter will bring in terms of new infections is anyone's guess. With that in mind, where do people think is going to be the best value? I have been to BKK and Chiang Mai a couple of times and would like to spend some time at least somewhere else. Where am I going to the best all round package and value for money - boys, hotels, bars, restaurants, things to do?
  11. Milk78

    Thai Pass

    Looks like things might get worse before they get better - https://loyaltylobby.com/2022/04/12/chaos-at-bangkok-airport-arrivals-area-leads-to-additional-counters-testing-requirement-possibly-be-eased-soon/
  12. My week in Chiang Mai was great. Lots of great food. There definitely seemed to be more non-Asian tourists in Chiang Mai than in Bangkok. I stayed in an AirBnB which was great. Lots of space, decent Wifi, balcony, washing machine, kitchen etc, and for very little money for the week. I spent most of my time with a boy I met a couple of years ago and with whom I have been in touch with ever since. He is a university student and his English is very good. I met him on Grindr (not a money boy). We spent most days with him coming over to my apartment, going for lunch and then off to an art gallery or other local attraction. It was a very chilled out few days. On Thursday, he had to go home to BKK to see his mum and sister. I had a couple of days to myself so checked out Grindr to see what was about. I hooked up with a few guys over the next three days. There are plenty of guys on the app so didn't have to try to hard to find someone. Lots of massage boys on Grindr in Chiang Mai and the prices are about 50% cheaper than in BKK. One money boy got in touch with an initial price of 2000 thb but i wasn't really interested. He kept trying though and was down to 700 by the time he got the message and looked elsewhere. I didn't really check out the gay scene in Chiang Mai. I did go to Orion Bar which had a cabaret show on at about 9pm? It was empty when i sat down for a drink at 8pm ish but by the time of the show it had filled up quite a bit and there was a bit of a crowd. I like Chiang Mai it is an easy place to hang out and relax. And there are some signs of life returning. Venues appear to be filling up again. There was excellent Thai restaurant near my apartment. They do a Burmese style curry which is one of the best things i have ever eaten. Having been there twice already, I thought I would treat myself on my last night and go again. I turned up to find a queue to get! It was way too hot for me to stand around so found another venue. This is the place if you are interested - https://www.facebook.com/TongTemToh/ It is right next door to an Italian restaurant called Why Not? It is also excellent - http://whynotchiangmai.com/ Back to BKK for one night and stayed at The Raya. What a fantastic little hotel. Very good value, large room and you can't beat the location. I caught up with a forum member for drinks in Soi 4. It does seem to be a little more lively than it was when i was there a week before. Maybe the impact of a few more tourists and Songkran in a couple of days? My drinking partner let me depart early as I had important "errands" to attend to. I managed to hook up with the birthday boy I mentioned in an earlier post. We had planned to meet straight after his work at 6pm but he then had to take overtime at work and was not able to meet until later. Sadly, that meant that our hook up was much curtailed in terms of time together. Still, he was as excellent as the first time we met. My flight back is not until late tonight but it has been a low key day. It is blisteringly hot today and I feel complete; I don't feel the need to be doing much more. Checkout at The Raya is 12pm but you can have a later checkout time at the cost of 100 thb per hour, which feels like excellent value to me. It means I can hang out here and take sanctuary in the air conditioning! I have just ventured out to the @vinapucommended, 5* dining experience, and now back in the room. I have Grindr on and a few messages coming in but I think I am done now, I have had my fill. Some reflections on a couple of weeks back in Thailand: Print all of the documentation out. I can't imagine trying to manage it all off the phone. On the way out my papers were checked 5 times and not all the same combination of documentation. The testing is a nightmare and a waste of time and without a doubt killing tourism. I bought a phone sim at the airport - dtac have a shop by baggage reclaim. It turns out the deal i got was better than i thought it was and no more expensive than buying from a 7-11. I know this because I thought i had only got a 2gb data limit. It turns out it was Unlimited data. My phone had an odd setting which made it appear to be limited to 2gb. When i went to a dtac shop to increase my data she couldn't really understand what/ why I was asking. It was only then i realised my (good) mistake. It was a good job i did get the sim card at the airport, as my first trip outside of my room after Day 1 PCR test confinement, I got locked in a stairwell! Luckily, I was able to phone reception and they sent someone to let me out! Like everywhere else, Covid has hit businesses. That compounded with only a trickle of tourism, many shops, bars, restaurants have closed and show little to no sign of returning anytime soon. Many of the tourist dependent shops have gone - the night bizarre in Chiang Mai is half the size I remember it being and many places even though they say are open in Google have just disappeared. Grindr worked really well for me. Lots of local guys not trade to hook up with. Yes, there are money boys and massage guys on there as well and very easy to find, but plenty of local guys just looking for fun as well. I learnt on a number of occasions to go with the flow. Two local guys I nearly ignored turned out to be two of the best hook ups ever. This is my second time in Thailand and I know that I will be coming back. My first visit, two years ago just before Covid, was spoilt a bit by a heavy cold that I came down with the day before I flew out. It really hit my first week in BKK. This time, once the testing had been successfully navigated, I was able to have a much fuller experience. Yes, there are some restrictions and things not open, but there is still plenty of things that are still standing to enjoy. Hopefully, travel restrictions will ease over the next few months and people will start coming back. I am already planning my next trip out and have got my boss to agree to let me work UK hours in Thailand, if possible for a month. I can think of no better escape from the UK winter!
  13. I was staying at the Banyan Tree in BKK a couple of weeks ago. I had quite a few boys come over, some money boys, some massage guys, and some local guys i met off Grindr - no problems with bringing any of them in. No questions or looks from anyone. I stayed at The Raya for my last night in BKK, having spent a week in Chiang Mai (but in an AirBnB so no issues). In the evening, you have to use the service elevator in the car park. They had two guys on security and again, no questions, no looks, all fine.
  14. I am up in Chiang Mai now and there seems to be loads more tourists here than in Bangkok. Or certainly, more non-asian tourists. My taxi driver from the airport said that things had been noticeably picking up over the last 5-7 days. I am back in BKK for a night next week before heading back to the UK. It will be interesting to see if things have improved a bit in the week that I have been away. I have a feeling they night have.
  15. @vaughn Baan Khanitha & Gallery is very nice. Pricey for Thai standards but the portions are big. Food very good.
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