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  1. Unlucky me, just been there but only dance show, no have towel show or flashes, however the atmosphere quite good, will visit again next time.
  2. Is Jupiter have any sexy show or towel dance back available?
  3. How many boy joined in big cock show? Do you stay till their midnight show? I wanna visit the midnight show but not sure if that a full or short show.
  4. I been hotmale last night and found there is a guy with cute smile, not sure if he is Mr. Cutesmile that you mentioned in review. Lean muscle and short, gold color hair with cute smile, however he been booked by a guest after the parade.
  5. Sound interesting, so the bottom also a muscular guy? I pass by there Sunday night around 1130pm the staff told me show finished and open the door show me a look, plenty of customer inside however only two guys on stage.
  6. Is their show same as previous or any new show? How many boy in big cock show? Can't wait to visit 😍
  7. If you can share the number of Mr. Cutesmile and if he join the big cock show? Can't wait to visit in late October soon
  8. Sound something different compared to June, is that Big Cock show they completed naked or with underwear? If you mind to share the number of Mr. Cutesmile to catch a look next visit.
  9. Great report, may I know if Jupiter have any sexy show like towel dance back on stage? Never been Banana, will give a try next time.
  10. White shorts on last weekend.
  11. How a wonderful birthday and extra miles from hotel staff make it perfect, Happy Birthday! I been Beiyoke for a dinner buffet few years ago, overall experience are great.
  12. I think the number is a typo, around 25 boys as I was there last night for a short stay, a lot of customers. I was told by hotmale staff now they have a midnight show, did not get much info as I rush to go but glad to heard that.
  13. Agreed with 930pm, if too early some of the boys are still on their way to bar.
  14. yp11

    Silom bars

    Which bar have the more handsome face based on your visit? In last visit, only freshboy bar BC show with full nudity, other bar wearing underwear not dare to show all
  15. Is New Twilight have any nudity show? What is the show time? Regretfully nowadays no bar offering midnight show.
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