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  1. I just came to this thread and would merely advise that everyone who's sexually active obtain the vaccination. In my county in California, I contacted its health department. The folks never returned my calls, so I contacted a health agency in San Francisco and drove there on my day of appointment and received the vaccination against M-pox. During these times of both covid and Pox, I'd be fully vaxxxed before engaging, but in the end, it's your call, and I am being fully non judgmental.
  2. I appreciated your post, for you shared your experience from a non judgmental, biased viewpoint. Although it's been over a decade since I was in Brazil, it's my favorite country: Rio is my favorite city. São Paulo was way too large for me although I had a guide each time during my three or four visits. I have been in the country (all over) 11xs from 2002 to 2011 and do hope to return in 2024 if my health is rather solid. Muito obrigado- Muito obrigado for your posting.
  3. São Paulo has the largest Japanese population outside of the country; thus there is a Japantown. [...visited a few years back but did not see a lot of Asians in Rio as well as in São Paulo in spite of what I wrote in the preceding sentence.] ...went to two Japanese restaurants that were in my favorite city of Rio de Janeiro though. [There is a member here who is of Asian descent; I can't remember his name, but apparently he's fared very, very well in Brazil based on his previous reports during the past two+ years. I always loved the way he wrote as well as what he reported.]
  4. BlkSuperman, the logo is stunning and quite befitting of your purpose/use. Best to you ----Axiom
  5. I viewed his comment as his being rather facetious....
  6. I am 6'3; thus I need "leg room." For the past ten years, all of my international and long distance flights have entailed my having to travel first or business class. Ah, for the comfort and for my legs. I've gone through brokers or discounters in obtaining my seats and have save some $$$'s in my doing this. The amenities and lounges and professional service have also been quite appreciated. My being comfortable is number 1 when it comes to my long distance travel: domestic as well as international.
  7. Muito obrigado... I enjoyed the read and look forward to your future reporting about your experiences. [São Paulo was too large for me; I had difficulty manuevering which was completely opposite when I was in Rio. ...guess I don't like overly-huge cities per se.
  8. São Paulo has the 2nd largest population of Asians outside of the continent. So I know the Paulistas more than likely have encountered "smooth legs/bodies, etc. Their being unusually interested perhaps was their way of wanting to hook up!!!
  9. Enjoy immensely and take your time in reporting back here. If you choose to relay your great experiences after you return to your home base, I personally can live with that, The times that I traveled to both Argentina and Brazil- I always chose to share my experiences here as well as at, the now companyofmen.com formerly daddysreviews.com or the like after I'd return to home base. Again, make the best of the situation and don't give much thought to us. Take care-- a long time visitor and writer and poster--Axiom
  10. It's June 14, 2022: I read this post on last Sunday, June 12. ...didn't post for I couldn't remember particulars regarding the following recommendation. In your initial post-- you asked for advice, so I'd highly suggest that you venture to Salvador (Bahia), the most African influenced city in "Mother Brazil." When I visited "The Falls" a few years back, I met a Jewish couple who'd been traveling in the country for a few weeks. During our discussion, the wife stated that I must go to Salvador Bahia, for it was definitely a unique place beyond other cities in Brazil. Well, I'd already had included that city during that particular visit, so her suggestion piqued and furthered my interest. While there I had a wonderful tour guide who I'd obtained from a gay tour agency that was based in Rio. Unfortunately, it's no longer, for the popular gay agent is deceased. My trip to Salvador was stellar; it was so great that I went there the second time a few years later and engaged the services of the same guide. Since this apparently will be your first time to that part of Brazil, I highly recommend your taking a few tours with Fernando Bingre (tour guide). I'd recommended his services and expertise to a friend who did visit, and my amigo was highly pleased and satisfied. Prior to Covid, Fernando had a website; today all of his superb information and photos can be found on tripadvisor.com along with his innumerable photos and reviews. Fernando is gay; his mentor and former guide (mine) is not, but he did respect and communicated with me most amicably. When you conclude this impending trip, I personally would appreciate reading about all of your experiences, for you initial post piqued my interests and encouraged me to make the preceding recommendation.
  11. I am here today after being away for awhile. I reread the initial post and desired to continue reading. Unfortunately, I was unable to because the initial post was never expanded. I guess you're absolutely correct, endless dream. Or perhaps something happened that prohibited his continuing to write about his conquests, etc.[ 05/29/22]
  12. Since said individual appears to be a major problem, perhaps he should be given a strong warning by our webmaster Oz. If he continues with his shenanigans--then "BAN" him for this particular site. His actions appear to be detrimental to all concerned.
  13. I'd love to hook up and feast as well as be deeply plummeted by each and everyone of these hotties!!!
  14. Although I can't remember the specific lodgings/hotels where I stayed while in São Paulo some 15+ years ago-- there is a section for São Paulo at this site. A few hotels are listed, but I cannot state if they are gay friendly or not. Check out another site: www.gaycities.com. Click or type in São Paulo. It is hoped that something comes up for your use.
  15. Do a goggle check for Fernando Bingre Tour Guide. He's a tour guide who previously had a website and received lots of great stars and rave reviews on TripAdvisor. ...fluent in English, gay, and comes highly recommended. He should be able to advise you. In fact, you might want to seek out his expertise in helping you with your itinerary. [I am not suggesting that you do this although he's an expert. I arranged his services (on my own accord) for two of my friends who visited Bahia a few years back; they were quite pleased.]
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