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  1. His Instagram account/page is rather impressive. If I were traveling to Rio de Janeiro, he would be my choice.
  2. His lame, despicable ass should be put "UNDER THE JAIL" and left to rot!
  3. If he were a bit taller, I think he'd seek my interest. Other than that--he's a gorgeous hunk.
  4. Just a "friendly reminder." Enjoy your stay but remember to USE YOUR BIG HEAD vs the smaller one at all times. All of those gorgeous, gorgeous men who seem to be prevalent in so many areas in that country can be a mighty overwhelming. When I visited Manaus and the Amazon, I stayed at a nice-sized lodging that was managed by the mother of my guide who was connected to my then, but now late gay travel agent who was in Rio de Janeiro. On my second night after dinner, this hunk and I sat around and conversed. Sometime during our conversation he mentioned that he has had some older gay men who hit on him. He expressed a slight disapproval. On three occasions while he and I were together, this gorgeous "chunk" or "hunk" had me frustrated as well as desirous of him, but I kept my senses and respected him. One day after he and I had spent approximately four hours trekking through the forests/jungles, we returned to our lodging; this strapping handsome man's tee shirt was drenched with so much sweat that his tee shirt clung to his body showing off his gorgeous abs, etc. Damn, I was at wits end but cooled it. On another occasion he and I took a small boat and traveled on the Amazon River up to the hotel (that's on stilts and is the only one of that type of lodging in the jungle. This young man was highly respected at his former place of employment and was lauded by all who came to speak with him. He and I toured the grounds, and at one point he took me into a smallish triangular building to explain its contents and meaning. ...can't remember if it had plants or what. But I do remember that when he sat at a post to rest. He invited me to do likewise; I did but I kept a slight distance from him. Jhonny was too, too hot to trot. I did not want to embarrass myself and ruin my stay at the pousada. On a return at dusk (it was dark)--the boat stopped while we were in a somewhat shallow spot (if I can call it that) of the river. I freaked because I can't swim. Jhonny managed to get it started; we returned to the lodging, showed in our separate areas/rooms and readied ourselves for dinner. On my last day, he had wanted to give me some computer discs of certain aspects of my stay/adventure. I sat beside him at his desk and typed something. While at his computer and key board he complimented me on my speed while at the keyboard. I thanked him, but having him that close to me was mighty, mighty tempting for me to have just grabbed him and began kissing. Until this day while I reflect, I don't know if he were being his true self or if he was teasing and tempting me to want him sexually. I do know that he was one gorgeously handsome guy who I did desire but did as advised by others: "Use your big head vs the smaller one." Upon my leaving the jungle onward to Manaus to board my plane, the driver of the jeep was too, too, too gorgeous beyond belief. For almost 45 mins. to a hour-- he and I sat side- by-side, he with his gorgeous physique, and I being annoyed with self by my inability to converse since I do not speak Brazilian Portuguese. Well, the "big head" kept me from being acutely embarrassed as well as from perhaps being beaten up. It also has kept me from acknowledging some sad, sad stories from the guys in order to get some R$ from me while I've visited as well as from when I've returned to the States. TO ALL: This is NOT a hi jacking of Kvaughn's post!
  5. One of the first guys (Trilingual from the other site) who introduced the majority of us "old timers" to Brasil and its offering wrote and encouraged us to tip a GP if he stayed with a tentative client more than 20 mins. At that time--the going rate of the tip was R$10. The base fee for playing was R$50. When I was there during my 12 trips from 2002-2012, I would heed to Tri's suggestion and felt damn good about it as well. I often tipped the towel guys as well, for during those times these guys did NOT beg for tips. If all goes well, I hope to return to Brasil and to Rio de Janeiro and perhaps São Paulo and Salvador (Bahia) in 2024. I managed to experience those three cities and others from 2002-2012, and have very positive and fond memories.
  6. ...more hot guys and an increase in clients. ...experienced a while back and had a wonderful, memorable time. Carnaval is held during high season.
  7. I thought this would be helpful: make sure you have given yourself a good douche prior to your first experience with your "being on the bottom bunk." Continue to practice this procedure as you advance in this most pleasurable activity. Take note of Florida Rob's advice regarding your NOT goings.... That helped me when I made my first visit to a Rio sauna "back in the day."
  8. EXCELLENT and enjoyable Read. Muito obrigado. REMEMBER that it's summertime in Brazil and tourist season as well.
  9. Yes, yes, yes, and I've missed tremendously. Hope to feel many of these in 2024 or 25 if not before.
  10. ...love hearing that sweet and very mellow response. ...oh so friggin' sexy.
  11. Are you trying to pick a very unnecessary fight? Or are you being facetious?
  12. I echo the words and advice of Latbear4blk and the other poster. If you do not know much, if any Brazilian Portuguese, that is one reason for those words. And although you're excited now, you'll be doubly excited once you venture into these "dens of pleasure." As I was advised many years ago, enter the saunas, do a quick tour of the place (preferably without company); enter the main room, find a place where you'll feel comfortable, and observe. When the guys approach you, treat them courteously; if they spend 15 mins. or longer with you, and you're not interested, offer a drink. Also, if they spend that much time and you relay that you're observing--give the guys a small gratuity upon his leaving you and your table. [That advice was given to me many moons ago.] Don't go with the first guy who offers himself; think with your "big head" NOT with your "smaller one." Again advice that I followed during my eleven visits a few years past. Have fun; return and bask in the afterglow and prepare yourself for your second visit. Remain safe in all areas.
  13. I was there a while back and liked every facet about this hotel from the service rendered from those behind the front desk, my calls to my room regarding my guest ( a hot masseur who visited me), the proximity to the clubs/bars, the price per night, etc. But again it was some 14 years ago. FloridaRob is a great one to give salient advice, for he is definitely a "world traveler" who can guide one positively.
  14. I just came to this thread and would merely advise that everyone who's sexually active obtain the vaccination. In my county in California, I contacted its health department. The folks never returned my calls, so I contacted a health agency in San Francisco and drove there on my day of appointment and received the vaccination against M-pox. During these times of both covid and Pox, I'd be fully vaxxxed before engaging, but in the end, it's your call, and I am being fully non judgmental.
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