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  1. I grew up in a small city in Scotland, and my brother, who was five years older than me, was also gay, but rather than helping or supporting me through the bad times he made it worse for me. He got married and had two children, while still being even more camp than me. When I came out to my parents in my mid twenties as I was leaving Scotland for the joys of London, my mother's only response was to ask "What about your brother?", to which my only response was "ask him dear". I last saw my brother at our mother's funeral more than twenty years ago. I still hate him for all he did to me. In my teenage years I tried to kill myself three times, once with a paracetamol overdose that nearly worked. I am now in my mid sixties and have lived in Pattaya for eleven years and having a happy retirement after being kicked out of my job for being gay at the age of 52. Sorry for being so boring, I will shut up now.
  2. I don't think Khun Anutin really cares what "smelly farang" think!
  3. Such fun! I was caught in the downpour on Wednesday evening and ended up wading through knee high water in the torrential rain to reach my hotel on Soi Convent off Silom. I was nicely dressed and wearing my best leather shoes. Grump, grump grumble, moan.
  4. I wish he was just a stupid clown, but the Putin creature is a war criminal. That is not a joking matter. While the Russian army continues to murder countless numbers of innocent civilians the civilised world must continue to isolate Russia. The rape and murder of a one year old boy is the report that still rings in my head and makes me sick.
  5. So the Russians are not the only war criminals now. The actions of the military junta in Myanmar are escalating, and the attacks on civilians are reprehensible. The world has largely ignored the appalling events in Myanmar and focused on Ukraine, but both deserve far more attention and the innocent people in both countries deserve our support.
  6. I remember my first trip to Thailand in 1998, with a group of friends who included two veterans of many previous visits, the going rate for short time in Pattaya was 600 Baht. Ah, the good old days!
  7. Thank you fedssocr for the link to Better Burma, they need all the help and support we can give.
  8. Certainly not the time to go to Myanmar now. While the world is outraged by the appalling attack by Russia on Ukraine and the news is full of the war crimes committed there every day, the massacre of civilians in Myanmar by the "army" is largely ignored. After all that Aung San su Kyi has been through is her life, defending her people and their freedom, her imprisonment on fake charges is a disgrace that the world doesn't seem to care about.
  9. I would recommend Krabi, by long tail boat round to Railay Beach, a promontory walled off from the mainland by mountains so you have to take a boat around. No roads so no cars or motorbikes, lots of life though, good resorts and many bars and restaurants. Try Sand Sea Resort for lovely rooms. You can even go rock climbing if you fancy it.
  10. Definitely use Bolt taxi service in Pattaya, far cheaper than Grab.
  11. My favourite is Au Bon Coin, off the bottom of Soi 5 Pratumnak. A lovely setting, excellent food and a unique owner.
  12. I have just been reading about the rape and murder of a one year old boy in Ukraine by Russian soldiers. The Russian army cannot sink any lower, this is genocide. Russia must be isolated from the civilised world for decades to come.
  13. Sadly the bars will all closed in Pattaya on Saturday evening as the total alcohol ban starts at 6pm Saturday to 6pm Sunday for the Pattaya Mayoral election.
  14. I have to admit that the last time I wore a kilt with the sporran dangling in front was at my brother's wedding in 1976! (Fake wedding as my older brother/sister was even more of a fairy than me!!).
  15. I am so shocked TotallyOz, you don't recognise the classic Scottish man-bag??
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