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  1. Should've taken typing , I had just finished high school and never took typing. Back then only girls took typing. Back then any man that made it very far in the Office would have a secretary. I got high enough to have a secretary and then BOOM the computer age and word processor. After a computer entered my office the secretary soon disappeared and buckle up bucko it is easy to do your own typing and correct mistakes at ease. BUT I CAN'T TYPE. As I type this I am still hunting and pecking with 2 fingers. Many things have changed since High School, and I still regret I did not take typing.
  2. Yes it is him. He starred with the late River Phoenix. There is one scene were River keeps tweaking Keanu's nipple while they are lying in bed. I remember Keanu had great nipples.😊
  3. Truly very sad to hear this. I also met him in Montreal years ago when several of us would meet there. Sat in many Clubs with him and shared many a meal in his company. All great memories of him. Very sad , RIP my Traveling Friend.
  4. So what is the difference between hiring a guy off the internet or a Club Stage for the same purpose? I am sure you did not take your high priced internet hire to a Motel 6. And if your telling yourself he is not with you because he wants the money then you are delusional. And sadly for you, you really did miss the true meaning of the story.
  5. I got Starz for free as part of my cable the last time I moved about 10 yrs ago. Watched each season as it came out. The Actors illness and death was a big topic of conversation on entertainment sites at the time. You are correct he was a truly sexy man. It reminded me of Actor Jon-Erik Hexum who died in 1984 on the set of the TV Series Cover-up. He dies when he was playing with a blank gun and shot himself. Wading from the blank entered his brain and he died. I was only 18 at the time and had a huge crush on him. He was also very sexy and often shirtless on the show. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon-Erik_Hexum
  6. Your comment reminds me I learned that from my first trip to Bangkok. My first trip to a Thai Boy Club I was a bit taken back and felt uneasy. Attractive Guys parading on stage in skimpy underwear with a number attached seemed like a meat market and I was very uncomfortable. But after talking to the guys I realized, as you stated, many had traveled from country villages to Bangkok for the sole purpose of being a sex worker. And I realized I was not only in a different country but a different culture and sex culture. I actively hired escorts for about 10 years around the world, throughout my 40's and was a very active reviewer at the Old Hooboys site and a few here when Oz first started this site. The last escort I hired was when I turned 50 (2 heart attacks and 4 colon surgeries later I am now in my early 60's). I always stayed in a suite at the JW Marriott in Bangkok (this is important to the story). From my many trips to Thailand the one guy that still sticks out in my mind above all was on one of the first nights of my first trip. I met a cute tall guy at one of the smaller clubs. He returned to my room and after some play we ordered room service. He was truly thrilled and I asked him to spend the night. Then breakfast in the members lounge the next morning. I learned that he was from a farming village on the Burma -Thai border and came to Bangkok to be a sex worker, and had not been working long. His family knew why he came to Bangkok and he sent money back home. It was considered honorable. In the village he made money collecting dry-land fish, from a nearby river, and sold them in the village. For those that don't know, that is fish that remains on land after a river or stream recedes after a flood or high water. He lived in Bangkok with about a half dozen or more other guys where they shared one room. So the night in a suite at the Marriott was a big thing for him. I noticed when he was on stage he wore a battered dirty old pair of white tennis shoes without laces that barely stayed on this feet. After breakfast I asked him if he had other shoes, answer no. I asked the hotel if there was a department store near. There was a very nice one just a few blocks away. I asked him to go with me before he left. He did and I took him up the escalator to the shoe dept and told him to pick out a pair, whatever he wanted. I then saw the perfect picture of the Land of smiles on his face. He kept asking about this shoe or that one, I said whatever you want. I stood back laughing while he was sitting in the floor surrounded by a dozen boxes it seemed trying to pick. I think it brought me as much joy as it did him. He settled on a nice pair of Nikes if I remember correctly. Outside he was still smiling big, thanked me again, bowed and we parted. That night I went back to the small club and as I walked in he was sitting off to the side with other guys, wearing his new shoes, waiting for their turn to rotate on stage. As I sat down he pointed toward me and said something to the other guys. As some of them rotated off stage they come over to me, bowed, and thanked me for being kind to their friend. They did not ask to go with me, instead thanked me for their friend. Now I don't know if he was "desperate", but I do know he was just working to support himself and family in a job he came to Bangkok to do and he thought it to be an honorable job. I had great sex with many sexy guys while hiring, including from a certain Escort Agency in NYC , and remember many of these great encounters. But I remember absolutely nothing about the sex with him. But I still remember his reactions at the Luxury Hotel and how good I felt to make him so happy and put that big smile on his face. Yes he did spend the night with me more than once on two different trips. In those 10 years I hired around 200 guys or so (plus repeats) and had close to 150 reviews on the OLD Hooboy site. I have no regrets nor feel guilty about anyone I hired, did not inquire as to their desperation for funds, and met some truly great people that I had much respect for. I had a monthly regular in Indianapolis I met at a strip club. He was 'str8' but our 2 hr visit made his truck payment each month. His girlfriend had used a strapon with him but he loved the real thing more and was a fantastic bottom. Was he desperate for money? Don't know but he was great in bed and got this truck payment made. He got so hard with a cock in him I think he come out of the deal pretty good. I hired several Escorts that were teachers needing to pay off student loans. Were they desperate? Don't know but they were great companions and great in the sack. Anyone that works, does it at least partly for the money, regardless of the profession. Even the rich.
  7. From reading this article by The Hill's investigative reporter it would seem to conflict with some items in the article you referenced. From reading The Hill investigative article I could understand why there might be a conversation Between the Ukrainian and US Presidents (Governments) concerning the Burisma investigation and possible interference of a former US Government official(s) into this investigation. The Ukraine is notorious for corruption so who knows where this goes. And Yes the US Government, present and past administrations, would be justified in withholding funds over corruption concerns just as it has with several other countries in the past. Link to the Hill article: https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/463307-solomon-these-once-secret-memos-cast-doubt-on-joe-bidens-ukraine-story I do not think this whole mess will help either Biden or Trump. Biden may be the biggest loser though and I'm thinking it may be time to prepare myself for President Warren. In the meantime I wish to hibernate until it is all over. Don't care for all the Hate and fighting.
  8. Yes in Montreal but there was some very firm contact from the dancer. One big muscled gym at Campus would put my cock in his mouth as soon as we got in the back and wouldn't stop until I came in his mouth. Didn't want me to touch him so I just went with it and it happened more than once during my trip. The most embarrassing was at Stock. A dancer was rubbing his ass and hole so hard against the front of my pants I was almost penetrating him and almost came. But I was wearing Khaki pants. Upon exiting the booth I looked down and I had the biggest longest skid marks down the front of my pants, he basically used me as his toilet paper. Covering my front with my hands I excused myself from my friends to my Hotel room to change. Never got those pants clean enough to wear again. BTW i never wore khakis to Montreal again. LOL
  9. KYTOP

    Joe Biden Exposed

    I do not visit here very often as in past years and comment even less. But reading this topic thread for the first time has left me with several thoughts and personal observations. A few thoughts from reading this: Lucky started this thread to state he felt Biden is a flawed Presidential candidate. Back on topic I agree. There are several interesting alternatives that many here and across the country should be researching and see what you find or like in these persons. Warren? Harris? Mayor Pete? Yang? etc... Is some Socialist proposals the direction America wants to go? But this thread turned in to a Hate Trump thread and no debate on not hating him is allowed or you are a racist. (you should use that word carefully). My Mother slapped me across the face the first time I used the word Hate in front of her. "You can dislike something but NEVER HATE" was her advice. I remember this advice more often these last few months and while reading this thread. I neither Hate nor Love Trump and wish sometimes he would just keep his damn mouth shut. But the Trump Hate dominates this thread and from reading it the Hate is so thick I personally just discount many comments do to the Hate that comes from the comments. The loose use of the word 'racist' against those who have opinions you do not agree with has become the New McCarthyism of our day. By calling anyone who doesn't Hate Trump a racist you are not changing their opinions you are just chasing them into the closet. A large number of Trump supporters I know will not put up a yard sign, bumper sticker, admit it in public, nor God forbid wear red hat in public for fear of being called a racist or attacked or their car or property being damaged. These closeted Trump supporters also will probably not properly show up in a poll because they will not admit their support. How this is affecting the polls no one knows. This is America so please Vote for whomever you wish... Biden? Warren? Trump? Sanders? Yang? but please keep your Hate out of your opinion it only makes you look biased and your not winning anyone to your side. As for me I am the voter everyone fears. My votes can not be taken for granted by any Political Party or person. I am the ultimate ticket split er, I vote for Democrats and Republicans (boos and hisses from the gallery) and I have no idea yet who I will vote for. Is it possible I could vote for Trump, yes it depends on the economy and a strong military but I find Yang and Mayor Pete interesting. Sanders and Warren are the same from my view point but I think I'd take Warren over Sanders. Biden he better damn sure have a strong VP running mate, not to be mean but I truly feel he is bordering on dementia. A concern I also have with Trump and Sanders. If Your Hate is visible in your opinions it is still HATE. Is your hate really any different than any other hate? Sadly for many here your Hate is showing and it does not suit you well. Enjoy your debates.
  10. Sex for sale is not a constitutional right rules 9th Circuit Court upholding California's prostitution laws. Interesting articles: https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Sex-for-sale-is-not-a-constitutional-right-court-12505404.php http://reason.com/blog/2018/01/17/no-right-to-earn-a-living-via-sex
  11. I only occasionally stick my head into this site, even though I was one of the first members here. I am just now seeing this for the first time and I am deeply saddened by this horrible news. My thoughts and prayers are for his family and close friends, many of them here. May he Rest in Peace.
  12. Amazon/Bezo is rumored to want to extend its holdings in the Media sector and has started preparation to branch into the online Pharmacy business, insurance plus many other areas. When you have the cash, not just stock paper wealth, a company will put that cash some wheres besides the bank. If they are successful with their planned/proposed expansion areas, yes I expect some Government action in the next few years. I also believe there are Justice Dept lawyers that are looking closely, ready to pounce, when they feel Amazon has crossed the line of too much economy domination. The companies you mentioned do not operate with Amazon's diversity and planned expansion. IBM has had to divest past holdings to steer clear of Government intervention some years ago.
  13. Since I am not a Prime member it takes at least a week plus if I buy from Amazon which, if I count correctly has 7 warehouses less than 100 miles from my home. Bought the grand-kids Christmas toys from Walmart.com and got each item in 3 days w free shipping. The 2 toys I got from amazon, 7 days. Of course Christmas is a few weeks away, so no panic. I believe Mr Bezo and Amazon will soon be the target of Federal Anti-trust Laws, just like the Rockefellers, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, etc... The Anti-trust laws, if applied correctly, are meant to keep anyone person, or Company from controlling an excessive amount of the US Economy. With Mr Bezo and Amazon's continued expansion into multiple industries, don't be surprised when the Justice Dept steps in.
  14. I live about 1 hour from the Ark Amusement Park and all is well, NO Flood. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble. The screen shot in the original post is from pre-opening construction of the Ark from a few years ago. We haven't had enough rain to create a Flood anywhere near here for sometime. 1-2 inch of rain here does not a flood create. I would say Fake News.... even though i cringe when i use that term. Sorry, the place is open and drawing big crowds from all over the USA, foreign visitors, and bus tours from Canada are almost daily visitors. The biggest problem seems to be since the area is so rural, there are few hotel rooms in the area forcing visitors to stay in the Northern KY/Cincinnati area. As for Kentucky just a few facts for you. The University of Louisville and the City of Louisville is considered one of the Country's Gay friendliest University's and Gay friendliest Cities in the country. Louisville has a large Gay population that is fueled from the many rural areas of Southern Indiana and Ky. Kentucky's second largest City, Lexington, has an openly Gay Mayor who is in his second term. I notice much more gay bashing in larger Northern Cities and states than you ever hear around here. I love living in Kentucky and know many very good religious people. So please do not Judge All religious people from the negative examples you can can easily find.
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