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  1. We will miss you likeohmygod and all your witty and informative comments !
  2. I am also thinking of going to Porto Alegre and to visit Mezzaninu in December. Mezzaninu is celebrating 15 years of operation October 15th. Mezzaninu was so much fun with so many gorgeous boys when it started and during many years after
  3. I went to new Lagoa in Consolaçao yesterday which was a saturday. I was a bit disappointed, keeping in mind the former Lagoa location : the main room is much smaller and bar and kitchen occupies à large part of the room ; the layout of the building (4 floors) is confusing : you always wonder where you are ; there is consequently a lot of stairs ; there are not as many boys as in the past (linked to the size of the room I guess). But it is clean, the food seems to be as good as before, the rooms are new, most (all ?) with showers, the common showers are visible from the main room and it is a permanent show to see the boys showering. For the customers, there is a shower which is partially hidden. It is a shame that some boys use this particular shower ... I stayed at the Heritage hotel, which is 5 minutes walk to the hotel and very nice. Sujinho ("little dirty") is a restaurant on Consolaçao which is opened very late and which is well known among Paulistas. Worth discovering the coffee shop and the main restaurant on the other side of the street.
  4. Has anyone information on saunas in Lisboa, in particular the Trumpeta sauna. Are there rentboys there ? What is the current rate ? Orelse, where to find boys ? Thks
  5. A gay brothel in Cologne, Germany. I did not go there but it was mentionned to me in a recent conversation. I checked and it is still open after pandemia. Prices : Some boys look nice ! Anyone went there ? Any comments ?
  6. I stayed there also (Villa Emilia). Quite nice and close to Termas.
  7. Alitalia acronym is : Always Late In Take-offs Always Late In Arrivals
  8. I started some limited list in the past, after my first trip to Brazil, but there were no many contributors ... You can find other useful words in this thread Aproveita !
  9. Madrid is full of snow now. It did not snow that much in the last 50 years ! Time to have fun in the snow : snowmen and more !
  10. Hello I reported on BH as others on this forum. I had fun in the sauna Olimpo (even though there were not as many boys as in Rio or SP. But one good boy is enough. The friend I was travelling with was not lucky since he did not find the twinks he likes). I was lucky also to meet a RB who was staying in the hotel I was in (very close to sauna). I did not spend much time in BH since it was a base to go visit Ouro Preto, Mariana or Inhotim. No boys there, but nice places, worth a visit.
  11. Lol : one year is long enough
  12. In October 2019, I wrote a thread called "Cuba summary" summarizing what was written on this site on this destination and joining my own comments. For me, boywise, at present time, Brazil is much easier and better than Cuba
  13. And hopefully many more bitches ? I had great time in Salvador for boys, tourism, food, ... (see report on BT). I wish I could go back to Brazil this year but now in lockdown until ? Have fun !
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