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  1. Great report @vinapu. It’s very useful to have such a detailed report, especially for people like me that have not visited PV. I look forward to reading your report on the gay scene.
  2. Strongly agree. I know of 2 major crashes in recent years by AF where pilot errors were the cause.
  3. That brings back memories @tassojunior. Years ago, I had a date with him in Barcelona. He was visiting and he wanted to hookup with an older man. As I’m a top only, I was what he wanted that evening.
  4. I believe so @Olddaddy. She’s the great-aunt of a friend of mine. IRL she’s just as crude and salacious…which I find a bit much. It’s as if she is trying deliberately to shock others, rather like an immature teenager running off at the mouth.
  5. I find that comment odd. There are various model agencies in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. You would of course have to explain what you want and pay their full fees. If you want to find someone ‘on the cheap’ then the suggestion above is good as would be searching through Instagram for willing guys.
  6. Beautifully put @floridarob I wonder if I can get that embroidered on pillowcases…
  7. I sympathize with you @floridarob but there’s no reason to feel awkward. I was brought up to ALWAYS drive my date home at the end of the evening. Or at least, to offer cab fare home.
  8. Good for you @12is12 It is an efficient way to find a guide and get some company when you visit a country for the first time. And I agree that it avoids wasting a lot of time in the first few days somewhere by endless online chat. I did this also on my first visits to Argentina. I found 2 guys who on paper were promising and the suggested fee was reasonable fee (with me picking up all costs). One was Marcelo (proficient in English, goodlooking but very argumentative) but I dropped him when I found he’d tried to cheat me with a grossly inflated restaurant bill. Marcelo was still active as a guide for foreign visitors 5 years ago. The second guy was Alexis (no English, short but muscled blond) who was pleasant, informative and helpful. He insisted on walking me back to my hotel after our first dinner…eagerly stripped off, sucked me off and stayed for breakfast.
  9. Nice of you to say @Latbear4blk but I always figure “What’s the worst that can happen?” When I talk to a stranger, I say something and then ask him a question. It can be something as silly as “I really like those shoes (in a nearby store window). What do you think?” If the guy is not interested, he may ignore me and move on. If a guy is interested, he makes some reply and we move on together…
  10. I keep it simple and easy @davet and I smile. One early afternoon in BA I saw a cute young man on the street as I was walking into a supermarket. I saw him again when I was selecting some wine. So I smiled and said I was looking for a good bottle as I’d been invited to a dinner party. I then asked him what plans he had for the evening. We ended up going back to my place. Another time, it was late afternoon (the hour of ‘merienda’) when I was on a busy street and a handsome young man asked if I was “free”. I didn’t want to make assumptions so I invited him for a snack. As we talked, I said “I like a younger man” and smiled; he was a quick study and said he liked an older man. I was shy as a teenager but one day I decided it was stupid to be shy. So I made myself talk to strangers and ask questions. IME most people are friendly and happy to talk.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to write @Latbear4blk about the current situation in Buenos Aires. I haven’t been back in some time and I’m intrigued by your observation. My view over the years of visiting regularly was that the legal sex industry in Argentina continued to thrive, either despite or because of the bouts of rapid inflation and the economic crises. Admittedly I had considerable success with what I term ‘amateurs’. They were young men that I met on the street, at the gym or in the malls. Some seemed to be especially interested in meeting a foreigner, an older man. Some even made the first approach. It helped that I speak Spanish and I dressed well. But I recognize that for them my prime attraction was my enhanced economic and spending power as a foreigner. Nonetheless, I met a wide range of middle-class, employed young men as well as handsome university students. I was happy to entertain them of an evening and pick up numerous dinner checks, as many proved excellent companions. And I have fond memories of taking the very best guys on trips with me, away from Buenos Aires to beach resorts in Uruguay and Brazil. It would be a real shame if times have so changed that presentable, young Argentine men are no longer interested in spending time with foreigners and earning some extra cash.
  12. I’m glad that Morocco has proved so enjoyable for you @bert but will you elaborate please? Are you fit-bodied, handsome and young, so there’s no obvious discrepancy between you and the Moroccan guys you meet? Where do you go with the guy to have fun - your hotel, his place? Do you negotiate all the details beforehand and agree on what you’ll do together?
  13. Will you expand on this place, please @Menaughty? Location, hours and details of what may be expected/negotiated would be appreciated.
  14. Just a note of caution to add to the recent posts on the Yellow Fever vaccine. It is NOT recommended for people aged 60 and over (as are many posters on this site) and various other groups of people. The side-effects are serious and can prove fatal.
  15. Thanks for reporting @Latbear4blk. I’m wondering about the currency situation. Did you offer to pay with US$ in cash? What did you find the effective exchange rate to be? Is there a good, reliable place to exchange dollars nearby?
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