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  1. If you don't tune in to this guy you are missing one hot number. I suggest you try him out. https://twitter.com/THESAVAGEJOHNSO
  2. After trying the suggestions of traveller123 and fedssocr I have reached the conclusion that it is not possible for me to get britbox on my TV here in Thailand. While I was able to register an account in the US I could not port it to my TV. So I Cancelled my account. Still I want to thank those guys who tried to help me with their suggestions:
  3. I have tried your suggestion but have now been thwarted by a requirement that I must pay with a British credit card or Paypal account. I have neither.
  4. I would very much like to subscribe to Brit Box in order to have access to many British TV shows. Unfortunately, they do not allow subscriptions from Thailand. Do any of you know of a work-around in order to accomplish this? Many thanks for any assistance/suggestions anyone can offer.
  5. I very much enjoyed Bucknaway's comparison of the two countries. However, I have never felt unsafe in Thailand. Never been to Brazil and I would like to enjoy all the hot men whose pictures I've seen. Unfortunately, Brazil seems to be unsafe and I'll just pass on it.
  6. I agree with Peter. My experience with Vietnamese boys has always been good to great. They also appear to me to be generally better looking.
  7. Far too often I read news about a farang falling from some upper floor of a building. This seems to go on far too frequently in lovely Thailand. Why is there such a frequency here when I don't hear about it in the USA or other Nations? Makes me wonder if this is not some preferred Thai kind murder. Perhaps I am just too suspicious but it does happen far too often.
  8. Apparently no one has been there. Not really surprising when price is considered.
  9. Clark Gable will always be Rhett Butler.
  10. While I would like to say that I find this incredible, I do not. The Burmese government is like an evil empire and cannot be trusted on any level. Thank you for supplying this information reader.
  11. Do any of you know or suspect that you suffer from Alzheimer's Disease? If you don't feel comfortable in responding here please answer with a personal message to me. I feel that I have the beginning stages of Alzheimers.
  12. I seriously doubt this can be done in four years. It will take more time than that for Thailand's politicos to steal enough money from that project to satisfy their greed.
  13. That sounds quite arrogant.
  14. You are absolutely correct. I just looked into going to China and I was very surprised in what I found.
  15. Going to China by this train is as expensive as any other way. Getting a visa is quite horrendous at present and the cost appears to be quite outrageous. The consular fee is $140 and the service fee is $349. I was shocked when I started to look into a visit to China. It also appears that they are not even granting visas at present. https://mychinavisa.com/china-visas/china-tourist-visa/
  16. It is interesting to note that many Mexicans have large appendages that are more fat than many I have encountered in other places.
  17. kjun12


    Anyone have any knowledge about hiring in Cuba? I have read that it is not possible to bring a boy or man into your hotel. Is this correct? If so, what does one do about this?
  18. Thank you for providing that link. I wonder how much else he will post.
  19. Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to meet with several other members of this site. All meetings were pleasant and comfortable.
  20. Please excuse my ignorance but who is Greta?
  21. kjun12


    Many of the Colombians on Chaturbate are truly handsome. Unfortunately, they are not for hire via Chaturbate. Anyone on here ever heard of anyone successfully hiring one of them and, if so, how was this accomplished?
  22. Thailand does not appear comprehend that the China, as well as the rest of the world is in financial distress and this makes it less likely that foreign investment will dig Thailand out of it's financial hole. This is true for tourism as well. I don't see either as a panacea for Thai financial doldrums. As long as Thailand is governed by military people who have little real understanding of economics we're in serious trouble. Many Thai people are economically distressed and even hungry but the government is more concerned with purchasing fighter jets submarines and other military hardware. Much like children with their toys they don't see the real problems or deal with them. Enough of my rambling.
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