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  1. Yeah, I've always figured America's Hat is only 5-10 years behind the US in the everything turning to shit category. Though at least they'll come out ahead in Global Warming (until all those filthy immigrants from south of the border start streaming in...).
  2. More armed gays is the American solution, sure. Except for two things: Even in places where CCW (Carrying a Conceded Weapon permit) is legal/commonplace, it is never legal to do so while drinking and many places ban them regardless. Basic understanding of statistics. We are already a community with sky-high rates of depression and related drug-use, self harm and suicide, if it's easier (due to immediate access to a firearm) then vastly will more succeed--never get a chance to reconsider. A gun in the home is much more likely to be used against the owner or their family than the right-wingnut fantasy of heroic self defense. I truly wish every single "pro-gun" person was made to understand the rates of accident, suicide and domestic violence when a gun is added to the home! This is one of several reasons I don't support giving guns out to teachers or anybody else like free doughnuts... They will literally increase the death rate of whatever population you're discussing. -
  3. Seriously, use sealed bottled water, ffs. Hell--half the Grindr guys that come to my place in LA do! Buying a 24 pack near your hotel is a good idea as soon as you get there anyway.
  4. We have never been safe, some delude themselves to think they are, and in some liberal bastions it's easier to maintain the illusion. There was only one religious nutjub at WeHo pride a couple weeks ago, how long until he or someone like him decides a gun will get more attention than his current failing shtick? I'm not saying be afraid or hide away, I'm saying go out, be bold, but also be ready to fight for yourself if it comes to it or at least be extra aware of your location, the people around you, and how to leave. _
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