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  1. Basically, Milly Bobby Brown was one of the keys in taking a massive production and turning it into forgettable nothing, both exactly the opposite of Jenna Ortega at the center of Wednesday.
  2. So I'm a fan of just about everything Sherlock, though my favorite remains Jeremy Brett's. I hadn't got around to watching Enola Holmes but saw that the sequel was out and since it was just two movies instead of two series I settled in one bored night to watch. I think this is probably the worst Sherlock Holmes property I've ever seen. Thoroughly mediocre in every way. Milly Bobby Brown is meh and her talking to the camera is off-putting pretty much every time. Helena Bonham Carter has basically no lines, and Sherlock is a beefcake instead of a heroin addict. And of COURSE they have to blow their load in the 2nd one (honestly surprised they waited that long) with Moriarty.
  3. The show is entirely predictable young adult fair, basically CW but somehow worse VFX. Except... the star nails the role so perfectly you keep watching for the couple moments every episode she SHINES.
  4. The Matt Baume Youtube channel has a lot of fascinating gay history and the occasional rememberance:
  5. Having finished it, hmm. Lestat has gone far past impishness and now seems unredeemable... which given his prominence in later books seems problematic. Shouldn't the vampire Armand be threatening and powerful?
  6. Americans are generally tired of Trump's schtick and if we never had to hear his whiny voice saying something moronic again it would be too soon. Example?
  7. Have watched the first 4 episodes. I was expecting/hoping for more gay, as my straight friends watching it say it's very gay. Meh. No glimpse of Grey Worm's grey worm. One kinda mediocre sex scene (Gray Worm is more skinny than defined). As a Rice fan... I like Louis being black, it fits in pretty well and adds something to the story. Claudia... I wasn't looking forward to the storyline and pathos. I actually like this actress but... she's 19. They've aged up the character to 14 which was nearly an adult back then. There's no time she isn't passable as a woman. It completely destroys the entire point of the character. For comparison, Kirsten Dunst was 10 and the character was written as 5 years old! Love Bogosian in it, Lestat's actor is HOT shirtless and almost the right amount of impishness. Not sure about him carrying future installments. Maybe if he has a lot more sex. (Also, Rice vampires didn't have actual sex, did they?? Thought the makes couldn't get erect what with no blood pressure...)
  8. Cracker (UK with Coltraine, not the US abortion) has got to be one of the best police procedurals of all time. If you like cop drama and haven't seen, you're in for a treat! To hell with Hagrid, that was the role of a lifetime.
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