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  1. Pauleiro, thank you so much for all your diaries and pictures! It's like making a travel with you.
  2. Claudio Nasco was the name of the cuban journalist murdered in a motel of Santo Domingo by very young men.
  3. Guadalajara is one of the safest and american cities in Mexico. Don't worry! There are a lot of USA students studying Medicine at a local university. They live in the Providencia district. In Guadalajara there are some pediatricians near the Hospital del Carmen (Providencia neighborhood) that have all the vaccines. You can also ask at the USA embassy in Guadalajara. Good luck and enjoy your stay in Guadalajara!
  4. I'm glad you are okay. Stay safe! Thank you for sharing with us!
  5. Check the Monaga blog dedicated to DR: http://www.monaga.net/index.php/en/blog
  6. I am another fan of Diego! Tomcal, thank you so much for giving us a lot of joy with your pictures and interesting stories! God bless you!
  7. This article in spanish is dedicated to the male escorts of the Malecon (Habana) and how they work: http://www.elmundo.es/cronica/2015/01/18/54b94c6b22601d127d8b4571.html
  8. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us!
  9. Thank you so much for always sharing your pictures and stories! Your friend is like an ANGEL!
  10. Thank you so much for the report and pictures!!!
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