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  1. Has anyone been with Jewerton who until recently advertised on netgay.com.br and also is on Instagram under jewertonalmeida. He looks interesting !
  2. What is the legal age in Brazil, 18 or 16? There is a very cute young guy working at one of the barracas at Copacabana who has been constantly flirting with me. He looks like he could be in his early twenties, but when I asked him , he told he will be 18 in February! I don’t want to do anything wrong, so I am keeping my fingers away ! The least I want to happen is to be locked up in jail or be a target for blackmail . Any advice?
  3. Does anyone know if porn star Andy Star is escorting in Brazil?
  4. Has anyone used Telechapero, when in Spain?
  5. I am soon going to Barcelona and have read a lot about Thermas, which seems like lots of fun. My question is, are there any bars or night clubs with working boys in the city? What about the beach, any particular area? Many years ago there was a bar/ restaurant opposite the opera house on the Ramblas which was known for being frequented by hustlers during day time . I cannot remember the name and wonder if someone knows about it.
  6. From time to time we hear about people who talk about good old times , where Corujinha and Maxim’s were great meeting points full of GP’s. As we know, the places are still there, but GP’s are long gone . If we want to revive old days, we have to tell the GP’s in the saunas that we will be at Maxine’s in the afternoon, pre- sauna and at Corujinha in the evenings , post- sauna. I think the GP’s will come back . Don’t they go where the trade is?
  7. It means ah ta= ah está = oh, that it is, = ok, sure
  8. Is this because there are no escorts in Lapa, or because it’s dangerous?
  9. I know Lapa is the place to hang out at night in Rio. Are there any bars where one can meet escorts? Any streets, places outside ?
  10. Thank you for the info. In what way is he obnoxius? Full of himself , rude ?? Is he still modeling? Is he in the US , or back in Brazil?
  11. Any news what happened to model Edilson Nascimento ?
  12. Just saw his ad on Rentmen. He charges US$ 200 for an in-call, 400 for an out-call! Better to meet him in a sauna and pay 200 reais !!
  13. If he advertises as an escort, can someone please post his mobile number ?
  14. Can anyone give updated info of the escort scene in Zurich? I know Caroussel has closed down long time ago, but how is the Sauna Paragoya(?)? Any other bars, or is it all on internet?
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