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  1. but as I remember Clinton did push through before the election a $1.6 Billion "AID" package for Russia or something. There was a lot of disappointment with Russians that the US was not accepting their offer to join NATO and other western organizations after Gorby had pretty much given away everything there was to give (including eastern Ukraine). They were really worried the communists would be voted back in. Yeltsin and Putin had to appear to denounce Gorby to have a chance. In 2020 Putin had to denounce him to win. Then the US made a conscious decision it wanted Russia as an enemy not a friend. Ridiculous. . https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1993/04/05/yeltsin-gets-16-billion-in-us-aid/8f07ebfc-97bd-41aa-b93a-7c26cb495880/
  2. I don't really care whether you are a Republican or a Democratic or a Whig fascist or that you you can repeat verbatim the regime's current narrative of why we need a WW3. You don't know or want to know the history of the actual facts because you only want to know the facts the regime tells you. You're scared to death to dissent or think independently because that could make you an outcast. You're a 1933 German and you'd gladly light the ovens if the regime told you to. But you'd do it in a rainbow t shirt to show you're cool.
  3. my idea of fascism is the definition of fascism. and fascist robots like you who don't care how many people you kill are the smug evil that will come back on all of us.
  4. someone has to confront fascists with what your support of war and death looks like.
  5. https://nsarchive.gwu.edu/briefing-book/russia-programs/2020-11-02/putin-clinton-transitions
  6. It's nutty to you because you're so far out of touch with reality. As many are unfortunately because of censorship and propaganda narratives 24/7. Germans felt exactly the same way in 1933 so you're not alone. In 2023 the narrative is all that matters and becomes the Truth. But your support of death and killing will come back on you as it did the Germans.
  7. If you don't know anything about the 1996 Russian election why do you assume it didn't happen? Is it because that's not in your mind-programming the regime finds convenient? If it's not in the current best narrative spin it didn't happen? An unquestioning cog is a happy cog ?
  8. I don't think it was much of a secret that the Clinton administration pulled out all stops to get Yeltsin and his deputy Putin elected in the 1996 Russian elections over the communists. Even today there are still articles one is allowed to find on google that speak of how many "private" interests funneled money to them in the election and how Clinton promised $1.6 billion in aid to Russia to help them get elected over the communists. At that time they both were eager to join NATO and mesh in with western society as fast as possible and American corporations were buying up Russian companies at rock bottom prices with Yeltsin and Putin's blessing. Afterward is when the US pulled the rug out from under Russia and decided that not only must the Soviet Union be dissolved but that Russia itself must be destroyed, like Iraq, as a functioning powerful rival to US interests in the region (and the world). The destruction of Russia has evolved into official US policy today. Even Chekov and Tchaikovsky are banned in the hate Russia narrative. The war with Russia is fast passing any rivalry or containment phase into actual hot war. I personally see it as analogous to WW1 when the stalemate was untenable to the west and America went in to force an unjust peace that led a few years later into the deaths of tens of millions in WW2. And I personally also see it as ironic that the west's probable best hope in the future war with China is an alliance of the US and Russia including Europe against China. The "encirclement" of China with US allies is failing miserably. Forcing Russia into China's arms as an ally is going to become the latest really stupid strategy of American "strategists". And that's saying a lot as arrogant and stupid as they've become. But I get really mad at my country continually starting these major wars and killing millions of people in furtherance of these nebulous "American interests" Albright talked about justifying killing a half-million babies. Yes, Yeltsin and Putin were our boys.
  9. and something for the joy fascists get from the grief instilled in any of those who dare stand in the way of the empire. Dead babies do it best , as you know, and as our beloved Secretary of State Madeline Albright said, sometimes a half million dead babies are just justified in furthering American interests.
  10. and I know most of the fascists relish or have the some of the most prized jewelry of the war-mongers; Vietnamese ear necklaces. since you killed 7 million of them, there should be plenty of ears for all.
  11. a stack of death soldiers for pro-war fascists to enjoy. IDK but you can pretend they're "the other side" if it makes you come faster.
  12. Putin and Yeltsin were supported financially heavily by the US in the elections to defeat the communists. Polls in Russia show strong support for Russian action in Donbas. Both are easy enough to google if you aren't a brainwashed war robot. You're personally a very obnoxious person in the way you attack personally online instead of discussing issues. Facts don't support your poisonous hate so you spew venom. Typical.
  13. Putin is a weak leader who was installed by the US as a puppet and he is seen as weak by the Russian people. He did nothing when the US killed 200 Russians in one day when they attacked ISIS. He played around with Trump when the US did that and while Zelensky was killing 14,000 ethnic Russians in Donbas. The opposition to him is much harsher on the war with the US and Ukraine. Be careful what you wish for.
  14. The nice thing about the CIA running the news (excuse me, ex-CIA officers being the political writers) at the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc is that the subscriptions are now $1. Much cheaper than before they were regime -run. Cheap Wordle !
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