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  1. A friend waiting on a gay cruise in BCN went to Thermas yesterday Saturday July 2 at about 2pm and said it was horrible. A few older guys and 3 twinks who looked very young. Let's hope for better.
  2. Erotic Gigolo seems to be hot too.
  3. When Club Tobi was open the rate was 80,000 for 30 minutes. What happened to the gay sex hotel on 57a across from the hustler bars?
  4. earlier. 3-21? 12-22 weekends? surely Thermas will revive soon. there's a big young crew coming onboard.
  5. On the other site I started a thread "Prague (and Zurich)" back when most of the visitors in Zurich were Czech. (Their agent, a former Czech Bel Ami worker moved there). That's no longer the case. The Czech guys now travel and work Munich, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, Paris and other cities as well and Zurich gets Brazilians and guys from several places now. Escort work in Prague is scarce so most of the Czech escorts (most of whom live a couple hours out of Prague) don't advertise there.
  6. There's a huge Prague thread above that covers all.
  7. Most of the Czech guys who advertise or visit Zurich live around Prague but usually don't advertise in Prague. They also advertise Berlin, Hamburg, Munich , etc. as most of their income is traveling trips. But when they are home they're certainly available even if not advertising as being in Prague. I keep the Hunqz ads of the better ones and they constantly change cities on listings.
  8. Zurich is different than other Swiss cities, especially in being extremely expensive. Oerlikon with it's train station and skyscraper Swisshotel adjoining might be tempting and cheaper than Old Stadt. IDK. With Uber so expensive I stay in the center. The thing about Zurich to escorts is that it has a large number of clients but the fee is just 150 and mostly outcall. Turnover matters.
  9. Decide who you really want to see and in what city and pm me and I'll send you social media. Also many Czech porn stars are listed on Porn Base Central with their porn and real names and ages and links to their personal social media.
  10. I haven't been to Budapest since Action Bar closed. My understanding is Vienna is on-again-off-again but there's usually a hustler sort of bar there. Bratislava has always had a gay bar with some action that was out of the center, but I never went to it. Dom Ully's real name is Vit and last name similar and pretty well-known around Brno. He stopped advertising. He's a perfect little bottom. Gordy in Ostrava is also pretty well-known and doing porn again but not advertising. My close friend Thom Jacobs of BA lives in Olomouc. I'm usually in contact with these guys (not Gordy).
  11. The photos are just examples of the selfies from elevator mirrors I've notice are a trademark of escort ads.
  12. Funny how in Thailand "Money Boy?" is used and is highly offensive while in Czech a polite "Masseur?" or even a very polite "Escort?" is rarely too offensive. I'm thinking 9 times out of 10 it's the guy who is timid about asking for money for sex and is relieved if someone breaks the ice on the $ subject first. But politely. In Medellin guys on Grindr post "Prepaygo" over their photo (technically a prepaid cellphone card). In the US the polite euphemism has become "masseur?" while many guys online swear they're just "fitness trainers".
  13. Brno/Olomouc/Ostrava are close and strung between Vienna and Krakow. There's an express bus that connects that string of cities every day. Many of the Bel Ami guys are from that area. My friend "Roald Ekberg" from BA is on that bus now headed to VIE airport to come visit for 3 months here in DC. His brother is still in Olomouc. The best "attraction" in Brno/Olomouc is the porn star Vit Ully. Cute as a button little guy who while straight and a soccer star, is an ultimate sweet bottom. "Gordy" (forget his porn name) is a ranger in Ostrava, and 5* "Tom Rogers" of BA is also in Olomouc/Brno. All ready and eager. (they usually have to drive 3 hours to Prague for a date. Budapest used to have the world's best live sex show bar (Action Bar) but it's closed. David Sweet is advertising. Darius Ferdynand is back living there. Bratislava is HQ to BA and some of the older guys live there. There is a gay bar there with a little action. Vienna is big and varies a lot. If you link to some of the guys who live there but date they will love getting someone they don't have to travel for.
  14. I hope the guys haven't gone up in price as much as the Scheuble ! For a usually expensive hotel with rates that vary a lot nothing beats a tower room facing old city in the Marriott. Taxis are so expensive taxi fares will double the cost of further hotels. Great you can tram.
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