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  1. I was spoiled with the old Club Tobi in Medellin and the Rio saunas, but St. Moritz is more a hustle than anything I'd call sex. Even more so than the other saunas in Bogota that are honest about having limited erotic interaction.
  2. I'm not sure the exact % now but most Medicare in the US has been pushed into Medicare Advantage programs and Kaiser is among the "best". But since the covid lockdown Kaiser has not really opened back up much. My doctor told me that she's one of the few out of 10 in her office who come in at all anymore, everyone else working totally remotely with phone or video visits. Specialists are taking months to get appointments with. Yes, I'm concerned. But for Olddaddy, I would think a photo and phone visit would be a good start.
  3. I don't know about AUS but here in the US everything is video or phone visits, at least in group health plans. I'm a firm believer in going to a general GP first because even though they're not a specialist they know 100 times more about something like this than most of us do. If you take a couple good photos you can send them to your GP for advice and my experience is the GP will on their own forward them to the specialist if they think it's at all warranted for a higher opinion. The alternative in the US is to go to a covered Urgent Care (not Emergency). I'm in Kaiser HMO and they have their own urgent care but actually seeing a doctor, in a doctor's office, is getting very rare.
  4. I'll be on the side of ordinary Americans who want to live their lives not in a fascist surveillance military state of warmongers eager to exterminate people by the million. Blinken has the blood of one million Iraqis on his hands and he doesn't care how many million peasants die for his super right-wing world domination goals for the master race. bullshit. I live in and care about the US and I'm concerned that we've become a surveillance military state with no unauthorized opinions allowed now and constant lies drilled into us 24/7. as Noam Chomsky just said, America has become the most propagandized country in the world because we don't realize we're being propagandized. other countries like China and Russia know they are and can look to different sources. we don't know we're lied to 24/7. we trust our government and it's media. terrible mistake. sorry if being a party to killing millions of people is your goal. it's not mine or that of most normal people.
  5. remind me when the last time was that "Putin" exterminated another race in the millions like the US? If anything the western Ukrainians and Poles are just still pissed at Russia for coming through in '45 and letting all the Jews out of the ovens. This war between the US and Russia will just escalate as all do.
  6. what do you call 7 million Vietnamese or 1 million Iraqis? A good start?
  7. I don't have to support genocide because I'm an American.
  8. It's more amazing that so many countries did not obey the US at the UN this time. Before the Iraq extermination of 1 million non-whites, the US spent months arm twisting every country to get approval by the UN for the extermination. Remember Biden, Bush, Hillary, Cheney, Powell all exclaiming how it was certain Iraq had WMDs and we would immediately be greeted with parades as liberators. More important, every country has $$ incentives put to them to support the US. In fact this time countries representing the 90% of the world's population that is non-white are not on the bandwagon. Their people know NATO is the ultimate white supremist organization in the world. NATO is the whites of the world asserting their control of the world.
  9. I'm sure you know Austin is on a leave of absence from his company Raytheon which is the largest military company. War makes his stock soar.
  10. The Donbas has been fighting for secession from Ukraine and to rejoin Russia for many many years and there was a peace treaty in 2014 that Ukraine signed to recognize Donbas autonomy. After the coup in Ukraine organized by the US Zelinksy was voted in as the pro-Russian candidate. However the US decided it wanted war and Zelensky turned on a dime (after buying a multi-million dollar beach house in Israel on his government salary.) He sent troops in and 14,000 people in Donbas were killed by Ukraine. The US wanted a war to weaken Russia as an international competitor to Wall Street hegemony. The US wanted as much death as possible and as much war as possible to that end. Just like Iraq. Every death in the war is more money in Secretary of Defense Austin's pocket. The US killed by genocide 1 million people in Iraq and 7 million exterminated in Vietnam. It holds the record over Hitler for the most people murdered in the past 100 years by far. Killing is America's biggest industry and America wants a World War now for some reason. Somehow they think that's good for Wall Street. (It may be as long as Wall Street relocates).
  11. Cold is bad enough but at least there's layered clothing. People with respiratory problems and the elderly can die from high heat/humidity. Little enough oxygen in what we still call "air" as it is. I bought a 10" fan I carry in my carry on and have plugged in by the bedside all summer trips since many hotel chains here have upped the temp in summer too. If the EU doesn't want us flying in Europe but using trains I wish they would get shuttles from airports to train stations and new user help. I've always hated CDG and used to live by Schiphol in Amstelveen. But I'm routing all my Skyteam trips now through CDG instead because of the AMS mess. Rather risk French strikes than that.
  12. The EU (and Nederlands government) want to stop flights within Europe to save the environment. Schiphol put a $250 tax on my friend two weeks ago for a flight from AMS to Prague to discourage air travel within Europe. (the fee was lifted 2 days later but it's supposed to go back in). In the meantime they are not making it any easier for tourists to use the trains. But they are serious about stopping as much intra-Europe air travel as legal no matter what the loss of jobs or tourists. This summer they required hotel thermostats during the heatwave to be changed to go no lower than 80F (27C). The folks running the EU are batshit crazy.
  13. Paragonya seems to be closing for construction for a while. I wonder if the upstairs cruising and cubicles will stay after re-opening. (bad at German)
  14. the price matters most for whether it's their "special" day when admission is free and they are packed with hot guys.
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