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  1. "Darius" (Peter) is even shorter. So many of these porn stars are very very short in real life. Makes their dicks look bigger too. And too small to ever "gape".
  2. I think the peak of his ca-rear was bottoming for Tim Kruger and for Patty O'Brian and some friends. https://gay0day.com/videos/107511/british-darius-ferdynand-enjoying-2-dongs/ When he's not available Vit Ully usually is in Czech and they are clone bodies, sex, etc. (I think both are married with kids?)
  3. Ah yes, I think that's what he wanted that decade. Have you ever dated "Vit Ully" from porn and Czech? He's physically and sexually almost identical (or was before "Darius's" bulging new muscles). Vit's a sweetheart.
  4. and one Hungarian who moved to London "for work" is "Darius Ferninand". He had gone back to Budapest but evidently is back in London and today sent a photo working out. Definitely not over-the-hill and getting muscley. I doubt if he needs to advertise.
  5. The chat guys I know of all work in Prague now. I think it's at the penthouse apartment because "Bruce Harrelson" who chats for BelAmi, often shows the terrace of it on his social media.
  6. I can see his big mirror propped by the bed and a shelf full of lubes.
  7. damn. I should have copied his contact information.
  8. US joins the long list of countries where the regime locks the opposition up.
  9. At my age a set of teeth like he's got would cost a fortune. Something he'll never afford in Germany where 100 is top rate.
  10. Cute as a button new guy only 21 in Berlin. The standard rate is obviously still 100 ! And he looks younger. https://www.hunqz.com/escort/FINMAKELOVE
  11. And I thought picking were getting slim in the trade for gay men. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/aug/04/florida-sea-turtles-female-global-heatings Global heating means almost every sea turtle in Florida now born female
  12. tassojunior


    Except in practice that leads to how you know someone does not have Monkeypox. Best course, no sex.
  13. tassojunior


    Just what we need after HIV and Covid. Another reason to not have sex. No wonder so few guys are getting into the business. If you thought the CDC was over the top on masks and covid, here's their "Don't Have Sex!" MonkeyPox advice: https://www.cdc.gov/poxvirus/monkeypox/sexualhealth/index.html
  14. tassojunior


    DC has the highest % of monkeypox in the US so I got my shot yesterday. In DC you register online and my appointment choice was sent to me in 2 days. Tiny needle. They said ideally get a 2nd shot in 30 days. 24 hrs and no reaction so I'll now schedule my 2nd covid booster.
  15. And the US regime knows fully well that Xi is up for re-election to another 5-year term and will have to show force. At minimum it will set the mainland and Taiwan at each others' throats again. What the US wants. Forget any Medicare or healthcare increases for US citizens; we've got two very expensive proxy wars to wage (but no US troops will die). Sec. Austin & his Raytheon will rake in the $zillions.
  16. I honesty don't think many presidents lately are more than public faces of an administration and Biden especially is basically a good teleprompter reader. No way could he find Taiwan or Ukraine on a map (neither could Trump). Pelosi didn't just decide Taiwan was more inviting than Hawaii this year. Blinken and the CIA and State planned this out carefully, right down to the partial, lukewarm, almost separation from the executive. Hundreds of people rehashed this theater for the public in advance (certainly no other government believes the separation line). Taiwan is being encouraged to go to war with China and the US will foot the bill and then some. Just like Ukraine. NeoLibs think they're geniuses at plotting. It's not genius when you're so transparent. Caitlin Johnstone (check twitter) has become a very popular and concise writer on the sudden rightward change in America and manufactured consent. Today she wrote on this issue: https://caitlinjohnstone.substack.com/p/the-anti-china-brainwashing-is-working?r=19f8t&s=r&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=direct If someone criticizing the most dangerous agendas of the most powerful and destructive government on earth looks like "Russian propaganda" or "Chinese propaganda" to you, it's because you yourself have been brainwashed by propaganda. The best case scenario for Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan visit — the absolute best case — is that it ratchets up cold war tensions with China that threaten us all and benefit ordinary people in no way. The worst case scenario is as bad as anything you can possibly imagine. They use propaganda to facilitate war, but they also use war to facilitate propaganda. Keeping the wars going helps the propaganda machine spin war as something normal and expected and to be continuously prepared for. It acts as an immunosuppressant against the public's natural, healthy rejection of war. The more normalized war becomes, the more suppressed our collective immune system's rejection of it becomes. War is the absolute worst thing in the world. It's the most insane thing humans do. The most destructive. The least sustainable. The most conducive to human suffering. Only by very aggressive narrative management can the public be dissuaded from insisting on peace.
  17. You state the obvious which I'm sure the US regime knows. Obviously it wants to start a proxy war which it will pay for, just as it knew moving missiles onto Russia's border and proposing Ukraine for NATO would provoke a proxy war. (Today there's even stories that it was the US that stopped Zelensky from honoring the Minsk agreements). The rationale is that fighting proxy wars may cost a lot (all US wars do) but they weaken adversaries to American hegemony without costing American lives, which is politically costly. Or maybe they really do want all-out war. When even Kissinger says you're pro-war crazy, you're past lunatic. Pelosi unnecessarily being sent to Taiwan just to stir up conflict fits that theory.
  18. This pegging will make the next two seasons of The Crown interesting.
  19. No, China has not dropped a thousand nuclear bombs on the US so far.
  20. China has been the world's most powerful country for much of human history off and on and is again. It's in recession from a covid epidemic just now and more important, it still only has a fraction of the nuclear warheads that Russia and the US do. If it had Russia's #1 arsenal of nukes, it would be different as the US is a distant #2 without hypersonics. (for a small fraction of our military budget, Russia gets much better product, especially nukes). For many years there have been "back channel" discussions between countries to set up theater for the public on the order of "if we do xyz what is your public response going to be and how should we time it and what will your ultimate action be?" negotiations. That's civilized and avoids unnecessary conflicts. From what I hear from friends now the Biden administration has lost almost all back-channel communications or doesn't want to use them to show strength (take your pick- I tend to believe the latter- it's intentional). That is extremely dangerous.
  21. 99% of international drama is theater now as huge diplomatic missions are in touch with each constantly, pre-agreeing how much one side can posture and what the consequences from the other side will be beforehand. That's why it's so amazing how poorly the US is gaming it's moves in this administration. The Russian and Chinese responses to US proposed moves are "sure go ahead and do xyz, if you're that stupid, you will regret it". And we do end up in disasters. I can't believe the US regime honestly is as intent as it seems to have a nuclear war but it certainly acts that way, as if the US is not the most important thing to protect in the world. I have to think it's just incredibly bad gamesmanship and foresight. But that's a huge problem too.
  22. I doubt anyone cares what they think, this is major-power war gaming. They're pawns.
  23. Could Sexy_Phil (Hendric Bjorn from Bel Ami) from Czech be in Zurich? I know he usually works there for the agent but I know the agent also runs come-on ads (for very good guys). The photos in this ad are different people but maybe Fillip wants to avoid certain people or something. IDK. I guess I could social media him but I hate to. We've only dated 3 or 4 times but he's in the group I see constantly (there's issues between him and Pavel). The ad reviews mention Dominick as a friend from 2019 when they were both working there. I'm concerned it's an old Sexy_Phil ad of the agents' where he's trying to be vague about the guy he sends. (blond, slender, abs). https://www.romeo.com/hunq/HornyBoy020 Here's a couple pics I took of him and a modeling one and a Hunqz one. Sweet guy (and expert pianist)
  24. yet another Medellin hottie on Chaterbate (does anyone there do anything but CB for work?) I'm sure very approachable but a wad of fur down under. https://chaturbate.com/connor_wesley1/
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